Just In: APC Sweeps Historic Osun Local Government Parliamentary Election

The Osun Independent Electoral Commission (OSIEC) as announced all the 389 candidates of the All Progressive Congress (APC) as winners of the contested, Saturday Osun councillorship election.

Releasing the official results to newsmen in Osogbo on Sunday, the Chairman of OSIEC, Mr Segun Oladitan said 318 out of the candidates were however returned unopposed.

Oladitan said 128 of the unopposed returned candidates were from Osun Central Senatorial District, while 117 were from Osun West and the remaining 73 from Osun East Senatorial District.

He said the remaining 71 other candidates that added up the total councillorship seat figure were the ones voted for at the poll on Saturday.

He said 52 of the voted candidates came from Osun East,13 from the West while the remaining six came from Osun Central Senatorial District.

Oladitan said as published in the newspapers and as announced by the commission during a press conference, all the names of all the APC candidates (as published) are hereby declared as winners and returned as councillors of the state.

The OSIEC Chairman, after his announcement and declaration, issued certificate of return to all the councillors, both elected and unopposed .

OSIEC had earlier announced that 318 candidates of the APC were contesting unopposed, leaving only 71 wards to be contested for by the remaining candidates.

OSIEC also stated that elected councillors would be running a parliamentary administrative system at the local government, where the councillors would elect a chairman from amongst them.

Modakeke Returns Ten Wards To APC And Aregbesola

It is now clear that Modakeke is the base and source of the Progressives in the state of Osun and the South West.

We all witnessed it in the last local government election held on 27th January 2018 where APC recorded all glory in the process.

Although it is not a news that the PDP said that they will not participate in the process but APC Modakeke defeated all political parties that participated in the process.

Accord Party is just like a baby that is yet to born in the city as they don’t have any political structure and political planning is their major problem.

Kudos to our APC leaders and stakeholders in the city that shows their face before, during and after the assignment Alh. Fatai Kolawole, Alh. Wahab Adetunji, Hon.Wale Amusan Alh. Bisi Kolawole Elder. Kola Olabisi, Eng. Tayo, Kehinde, Dr Egunranti and many more that we can’t mention here God will reward you all… Thanks

Yekeen Abayomi Fatai (Oranmiyan Coordinator, Ife East Central Lcda, Modakeke)

2018: APC Urges Candidates To Embark On Intensive Campaigns

…says party will not cajole votes for candidates

By Nofisat Marindoti

Ahead of the governorship election in the State of Osun, the Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, APC, in the State, Prince Adegboyega Famodun has charged all candidates to embark on intensive campaigns so as to be victorious in the election.

Famodun stated that was because the Party would not use any extra electoral process in assisting any of its candidate in the forth coming Local government election in the state.

Prince Famodun disclosed this in Osogbo while addressing APC Candidates in the election.

The Chairman explained that the achievements of APC government in the state would place all the candidates in an advantageous position ahead of other parties.

Prince Famodun argued that despite paucity of funds, the State government of Osun was far ahead of its contemporaries in the Country in the implementation of numerous projects.

The Chairman disclosed that the party was being challenged in some parts of the state, debunking the notion that the election was being boycotted by opposition parties.

Speaking in an interview, the Secretary of the APC in Osun State Honourable Ayobami Rasak Salinsile disclosed that out of 385 Wards in the State, oppositions are challenging APC candidates in 125 places.

Honourable Salinsile expressed confidence that APC would emerge victorious in all the Wards.

LG Elections: APC Tags PDP’s Accusation Ignorant

By Nofisat Marindoti

The All Progressives Congress, APC, in the State of Osun, has tagged the accusation of the factional Chairman of the Peoples’ Democratic Party, Chief Soji Adagunodo as a patently ignorant statement.

Adagunodo had accused the APC of planning to conduct an illegal council election on Saturday 27th January.

In a statement signed by its spokesperson, Mr Kunle Oyatomi, the APC said the state Governor, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola should be commended for introducing the parliamentary system.

According to the statement, “That’s a patently ignorant statement to make. APC is a political party and has no legal authority to conduct local, state or national elections. There are independent agencies set up by law to do that.

“We do not know how old the PDP factional chairman is. If he were grown up enough by 1960, the parliamentary system of government would not have been strange to him. That was the system Nigeria was using until the military intervened in our polity in 1966.

“It was the military who imposed the system on Nigeria and that system is practically ruining the Nigerian economy.

“Today most states of the Federation, including Osun are struggling to pay salaries and run the expensive presidential system, which Nigeria is not rich enough to do.

“Now if you have a governor or a government that has responsibility for local government, deciding that it would be cheaper for it to use other methods than the presidential system, nothing in the Federal constitution stops the responsible authority from doing so.

“The PDP is not a particularly creative institution especially in the state of Osun. They are into politics for their personal gain and not because they want to serve the people.”

With Osun APC 2018- The Future Is Bright

By Sodiq Lawal

Fellow brethren, It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.

Nigeria is out of recession! So, let all men of goodwill clink glasses in celebration of the valuable worth of a
country that will neither wear out nor rust out!

Having said that, to say that all is well with party politics in State of Osun, especially, as 2018 draws nearer, depends on which side the observer is looking at. Like Siamese twins, things are scarily looking up for the ruling party and the opposition is closer to fire than it is to frying pan.

The political lion and the economic bear are strategizing; even the wolves and the hyenas of our ethno-religious belongingness are waiting in the wings, desperately hoping to devour whatever remains of the country called Nigeria. It is therefore time Nigeria’s David woke up to the responsibility of killing the uncircumcised Philistines before they kill Nigeria dead. In my considered opinion, such an important task must start from the State of Osun! For all, I care, Peoples Democratic Party ,(PDP) brought us to this sorry past and it should not be allowed to take us for collective amnesiacs.

All about Osun is not a tale of woes. As a matter of fact, the state has gone too far to look back and credit must be given to the forward- looking governor. Within a very short period of seven years, Aregbesola has given a new hope of a state gloriously conquering, not miserably failing!

For example, while the state continues to pay sufficient attention to the education of its students, every teacher on its payroll now knows that he or she has the potentials to rise up to the topmost level of his or her career. Through activities of the Osun Broilers Outgrowers Programme Scheme, OBOPS, the state has not only “placed Osun second to Oyo State in broiler production in the country” , “about 1,000 farmers and over-3,000 food vendors” have also been gainfully employed.

In Osun, cases of Poliomyelitis are now consigned to the past due to the administration’s effective and extensive immunization initiatives. It will also interest readers to know that the state came 9th in the just- concluded National Youth Games with 9 Gold (including 3 Non- Scoring), 5 Silver and 4 Bronze medals, the first of its kind in a long while.

In ‘Crying: The Natural and Cultural History of Tears’ , Tom Lutz wrote: “Professional mourners have not so much disappeared over the last millennium; they have simply donned robes and stopped crying.” To be fair to posterity, it is because of who we are that we are where we are! For example, even if APC is such “a coat of many clouds” and PDP, “a blind giant groping in the dark” , have we ever tasked those condemning the Muhammadu Buhari-led administration to contemplate Nigeria’s present state had Goodluck Jonathan remained in power beyond 2015?

On the other hand, how do we draw a healthy line of distinction between social welfare and ‘stomach infrastructure’ and why should a man with the handkerchief be found in a sweating mode? Again, who is a better politician: one who builds bridges across the Niger through massive investment in his people’s future or one who merely ‘constructs bridges’ across the stomach?

Well, Aregbesola’s strides in the midst of the opposition’s brickbats bring to memory the Story of the Twelve Spies. Of the twelve sent out to “explore the Promised Land and give a report to Moses and the people” , only two – Joshua and Caleb – actually came back with a report of hope and possession as contrasted with the frightening arrogation of largeness, fortification and power to the city and its occupants by the other explorers. But then, God’s promise of giving the land to His chosen ones was not unfulfilled. Even at that, my Bible didn’t tell me that the spies’ return to the Wilderness of Paran at the end of their assignment put a lid on the plight of the Israelites on their way to New Jerusalem. May principalities and powers, assigned to rubbish our leaders’ efforts, backfire!

No doubt, the only party where lies effective transformation like we all are witnessing today in the State of Osun is the All Progressives Congress (APC). The current situation in the state of Osun is progress in all her Sectors. From infrastructural development, to agricultural development, to education, improved health sector, Urban renewal, job creation, youth and women empowerment and many other developmental projects.

With all sincerity, what we need now is continuity to the effective transformational plans of the present Government led by Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola. He is a good leader which he has demonstrated over the years in deeds, words and actions.

Undoubtedly, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola has brought to the doorstep of every household a dividend of democracy. He has made Osun a reference point to effective developments.

It might interest us to know that apart from Lagos State, Osun remains the only State that has concentrated the largest chunk of her resources to bring meaningful development on education. Ogbeni’s administration has constructed new 70-State-of-the-art educational facilities for elementary, middle and high School Pupils/ Students with a complementary renovation of additional 1,500 Classrooms. Timely approval and construction of over 1000kms of rural and Urban roads, programs such as O-YES ( Osun Youth empowerment Scheme) has produced 40,000 jobs to teeming Youths in Osun, which has drastically reduced the unemployment rate according to publication of the National Bureau of Statistics as also recognised by the World Bank.

Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola has consciously improved Osun in all sectors, hence, the hope for Osun State lies in the continuity of the present APC government and adequate support to whoever wins the ticket to succeed the Governor in Office.

APC Remains The Party To Beat In Nigeria – Oyintiloye

By Nofisat Marindoti

A member of the State of Osun House of Assembly and the Chairman of the Assembly’s Committee on Information,
Hon. Bosun Oyintiloye has posited that the ruling party in the state, the All Progressives Congress, APC, still remains a party to beat not only in the State but throughout the country.

“You learn success and failure not only in life but also in politics, you learn from mistakes and adopt a system that makes you take advantage of your experience. I disagree with you that APC is not popular, It still remains the party to beat not only in Osun but the nation.”

Oyintiloye said this during an interview with journalists in Osogbo, the state capital on Friday.

Expressing his gratitude to God for his current social status, Oyintiloye said he had learnt that for any task assignment or profession, there is the need for perception to be clear, adding that one must know the fundamental of what the assignment demands or entails.

Oyintiloye who listed his achievements, stated that as a law maker, he has contributed his quota in business of representation, law-making, and community development.

“I have ameliorated poverty, made myself abundantly available for my people, empowered rural farmers, awakened hope among youths, created opportunities, build confidence and inspired change.

“With every sense of modesty I have impacted on my constituency in divers areas, I have sponsored four bills including the Osun historical sites, structures and items designation and preservation bill 2016 which will pave way for the proper preservation of Yoruba’s historical facts, details and items for the coming generation.

“I have moved a motion on suspended Federal Government projects across the state which is about N20.318 billion. These projects includes road infrastructure, water schemes, and housing, as you are aware some of the projects have been awarded as far back as 2008 and have either been abandoned or slowed down owing to non-disbursement of fund by the federal government.

“Though I am a lawmaker, I have taken bold step to complement the efforts of the state government, especially in the area of human development, capacity building and infrastructural developments. My impact can also be felt in the area of security as I facilitated in the restoration of the Police’s Armoured patrol vehicle to Ibokun

“I believe semi urban communities deserves beautification and face lifting, this motive inspired me to embark on reconstruction and beautification of Obokun roundabout as well played leading role in the renovation of the Ibokun ancient palace.

“In addition, I have renovated over 16 shops and constructed an ultramodern 12-room shop at the Ibokun Central Market and built 8-room stalls in Ibokun Daily Market for the teeming market men and women. In Ipetu-Ile markets, I renovated 40 stalls of market buildings; in Ikiyinwa, I constructed market structures of 10 shops among others, for the betterment of our industrious people.

“Not only that I facilitated drilling of boreholes and hand-pump wells across Obokun State Constituency and installation of transformers in Ajebandele/Oja Tuntun and Kojegbin communities among others.”

Asked about his major challenges as a lawmaker, Oyintiloye said he does not have odd challenges and had always managed the ones he has normally.

“I do not think, I have odd challenges per se, just normal basic challenges, really, I got to learn the rope, procedures and proceedings, lobbying, external communication, managing information, social listening, disseminating information, initiating bill and all the rests.

“Nothing odd, nothing strange. You need to learn how to make yourself to be understood, you need to challenge misconception and listen to and respect the opinion of others. Generally speaking, maturity on the part of leadership and colleagues in the assembly paid off.”

Osun LG Election: APC Urges Unity Among Aspirants

By Sodiq Lawal

As Osun State Independent Electoral Commission(OSIEC) prepares for the upcoming Local Government elections, the All Progressive Congress, APC, Ife Central branch, has indicated its willingness to work with all stakeholders within the party towards a successful outing on January 27.

In a release signed by the Secretary of the party, Hon Adekilekun Lateef, the party urged all members and aspirants on the platform of APC in Ife Central to work together in-spite of their little differences.

According to the release, “the success of our Party in the coming Local Government election should be our common goal. It is obvious that Ife sons and daughters trust in our ability to deliver quality
development at the grassroots and we can’t afford to fail the people.”

“Our appeal is that we do not allow the same mistake repeat itself with the forthcoming LG elections. The APC has all it takes to win elections in Ile Ife if only we will put the interest of the party and
the need to alleviate the suffering the masses first”.

However, Osun State Independent Electoral Commission (OSIEC) had insisted that the January 27 date fixed for the local government elections in the state would hold despite current litigations.

2019: APC South East Caucus Adopts Buhari

The All Progressives Congress (APC), South East zonal caucus of the party on Sunday at Uburu, Ohaozara Local Government Area of Ebonyi adopted President Muhammadu Buhari for second term.

The adoption was the high point of the outcome of the South East zonal caucus meeting held at the home town of the Minister for Science and Technology, Dr Ogbonnaya Onu in Uburu.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the meeting was attended by top party chieftains from across the South-East geopolitical zone.

The decision to adopt Buhari for a second term was contained in a five-point communique issued at the end of the caucus meeting.

The communique was jointly signed by National Vice Chairman of the party South East and zonal publicity Secretary, Mr Emmanuel Enukwu and Mr Hyacinth Ngwu respectively.

The document commended the President for infrastructural development of the South East zone, job creation and empowerment programmes.

The communique also lauded Buhari for appointing people from the zone as chairmen and board members of federal boards and parastatals.

“We appreciate the Igbo’s growing support and interest in the ruling All Progressives Congress.

“It is our unshakable belief that the quest of the Igbos for the Presidency is achievable in the shortest time only in APC and that time is 2023.

“We pledge our unalloyed loyalty to APC led Federal Government under Buhari and we hereby unequivocally and unconditionally assure the President of our support for his reelection for a second term in office in the 2019 general elections.

“The party in South-East commends the President for all the projects the government is executing in South-East particularly the abandoned Enugu-Onitsha and Enugu-Port-Harcourt high-ways, modernised second Niger Bridge, coastal and in land rail lines among others,”

The caucus in the communique further commended the leadership of the APC and maintained its unalloyed support and confidence in the leadership.


APC Admits ‘Challenging’ 2017, Promises ‘Brighter’ 2018

The All Progressives Congress (APC) has assured Nigerians of better days in 2018, following the challenges the people faced in the outgoing year.

The party said this in a statement signed on Sunday by its National Chairman, John Odigie-Oyegun, with less than few hours to the end of 2017.

In its New Year message, the APC thanked Nigerians for supporting President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration and asked them to be hopeful of brighter days ahead.

They also called on the people to join the Federal Government in its bid to build a new Nigeria and complement the efforts to tackle corruption and other challenges facing the nation.

According to the APC, President Buhari has recorded a number of achievements since he assumed office in 2015 in line with the party’s campaign promises to the people.

Read full statement below;

Our great Party, the All Progressives Congress (APC) welcomes all Nigerians to the 2018 New Year.

2017 was indeed an eventful, yet challenging one for many Nigerians. We thank Nigerians for their continuous support and prayers for the President Muhammadu Buhari administration and indeed the Party. We urge Nigerians to collectively look to the New Year 2018 with renewed optimism and vigour. Brighter days are ahead of us.

Indeed, the collective task before us is converting our country’s potential – derived from size, demography, human, and natural resources – to greatness. While the task may seem onerous, it is achievable. With the right ethics, morality, attitudes, and priorities, we will get out of our current societal morass that has found expression in our economic challenges, bad politics, ethno-religious divisions and other negative aspects of our national life, sooner than skeptics believe is possible.

We are acutely aware of our current national challenges, particularly on the economy. However, we assure Nigerians that the administration is not asleep, but working assiduously to address these challenges and meet the expectations of Nigerians. We remain focused and solidly committed to delivering on our Party’s 2015 election promises which were largely hinged on curbing corruption, restoring the economy and the security of the nation.

Happily, the President Buhari administration is making good progress and already delivering on many fronts such as restoring our country to its deserved standing among the comity of progressive nations; fighting corruption and repairing our value system; diversifying our economic revenue base, creating jobs and economic opportunities for Nigerians; bringing succour to the insurgency-ravaged North-East; reforming the oil, defence, pensions, and other critical sectors; creating a world-class transport system, among others.

We can only downplay the ramifications of corruption at our peril. Corruption has for long enabled its perpetrators to divert resources for delivering development to the citizenry and as a result bred discontent, which religious bigots and ethnic jingoists take advantage of to create insecurity and other societal malaise. Therefore, the solution is the enthronement and entrenchment of quality and accountable leadership in governance.

We should continue to support the administration’s development efforts for the country. The Economic Recovery and Growth Plan (ERGP) should be supported by all as a basis for realising social inclusion objectives, such as employment generation and eradication of poverty and inequality. Such safety net initiatives as the Home Grown School Feeding Programme, conditional cash transfer scheme, and N-Power will guarantee that the poor and vulnerable directly benefit from economic development.

Let us join in the effort to build a more vibrant nation that every Nigerian will be proud of. Let us join and support the President Muhammadu Buhari-led APC administration in the ongoing task of building a new Nigeria for our progress, peace, unity, and prosperity.

Once again, our great Party sends warmest greetings to all Nigerians on the occasion of the 2018 New Year.

OPF Congratulates FG, APC On Board Appointments

… advises better party/government synergy

Osun Positive Force, a socio political organisation in the state of Osun congratulates all members of the All Progressives Congress(APC) on the recent appointment of party faithfuls as Board Members and Board Chairmen into Federal Government Agencies and Parastatals.

The Founder and Leader of the Osun Positive Force, Dr. Ajibola Basiru said he is happy that members have been recognized for their dedication and hard work for the success of the party at the 2015 elections and he hopes that the FG will continue to include more members that are qualified from the APC into the Government they all laboured for.

Furthermore, on the discovery that few recently appointed members are already dead and that some have switched allegiance from our great and progressive party after the 2015 elections and compilation of the initial list, OPF advised that the party should not be seen as a strange bedfellow to the government so that these lapses could be avoided in the future with synergy between the central and state party structure on the one hand and the federal Government on the other.

Osun Positive Force wishes everyone a Happy New year 2018 in advance.

APC Prays For Yusuf Buhari’s Speedy Recovery

The ruling All Progressive Congress, APC, has prayed for the speedy and full recovery of the president’s son, Yusuf Buhari, who was involved in a motorbike accident on Tuesday.

The party disclosed this via a statement signed by its National Publicity Secretary, Bolaji Abdullahi, on Thursday.

The incident which occurred on Tuesday in Gwarinpa drawn has attracted a lot of goodwill messages from Nigerians towards Mr. Yusuf, who is currently undergoing medical care at Cedarcrest hospital in Abuja.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the first family following injuries sustained by Yusuf, the son of President Muhammadu Buhari in a motorbike accident.

“The APC family is relieved that accident was not fatal. We pray Yusuf makes a speedy and full recovery,” the ruling party said.