Osun Did Not Spend N4.6bn On Trailer Parks – Baderinwa

The Commissioner for Information and Strategy in the State of Osun, Mr Adelani Baderinwa has refuted claims by the opposition Peoples Democratic Party that Governor Rauf Aregbesola’s administration spent a sum of N4.6bn on the construction of Trailer parks in the state.

This is contained in a statement issued by the Commissioner in Osogbo on Thursday.


It has come to the attention of the State Government of Osun, the false and unfounded accusation against the noble person of Governor Rauf Aregbesola on the planned construction of four trailer parks in some parts of the state by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

PDP in its usual arbitrary manner falsely claimed that Governor Aregbesola awarded a N4.6bn trailer parks that was not executed.

To set the record straight, the state government wishes to state that no kobo of the state was spent on the proposed trailer parks, the government had no financial commitment to the execution of the contract, and it had been terminated for a very long time.

The contract was awarded on concession to Safeway Track Solution Limited in 2011, following the proposal it presented to the State Government.

The concession agreement was signed on 30th November, 2012. The concession agreement was that the company was going to be fully responsible for the project financing; therefore, the government had no any financial commitment to the project. And all necessary facilities would be provided by the company in each of the parks that were to be built in Osogbo-Ikirun road, Osogbo-Iwo road, Osogbo-Ilesa Road and Osogbo-Akoda road.

According to the concession agreement, the concessionaire (Safeway Track Solution Limited) would build, operate and transfer the facilities to the state government after 25 years. Before the transfer, the state government was to have 30 per cent of the total profit earned while the concessionaire was to have 70 per cent.

The only commitment of the state government to the planned park was the provision of Land which was provided to the Safeway Track Solution Limited by the Ministry of Works. The total cost of the contract was N4.6bn, including the value of the provided land which was N320 million.

It is on record that the contractor worked for sometimes before challenges set in, which prevented further work on the project sites. Base on the inability on the failure of the concessionaire, the government terminated the contract. That is the facts of the contract.

The PDP had been known for mischief, frivolous allegation and deceit. The party has failed in its deliberate attempt to misconstrue the concession agreement of the planned trailer parks. The PDP knows the fact, but yet went ahead to be telling cheap lies. It amounts to irresponsibility and outright absence of conscience for the PDP to be misinforming the general public. This is not how to do opposition; it is simply a dubious character.

The administration of Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola has been transparent and prudent on contract award of contract and the governance issues. He has been able to manage the meager resources of the state for unprecedented and surprising development of the state. It is worthy of note that Osun did not witness any meaningful development when the PDP government that got huge amount of money was managing the affairs of the state. We urge the PDP to stop this campaign of calumny and fruitless effort to smear Aregbesola’s good image.

No matter how devilish they could be, the people of Osun have chosen to continue to supporting the government of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the Aregbesola’s administration. The PDP should for once live a truthful life.

Adelani Baderinwa
Commissioner for Information and Strategy
State of Osun

Osun Commissioner Chides Former President Jonathan, Says Aregbesola Most Successful Gov

The State of Osun Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Mr Adelani Baderinwa has chided former president Goodluck Jonathan for describing Governor Rauf Aregbesola as a failure, saying that the governor is the most successful, popular and acceptable in the history of the state.
Baderinwa maintained that Aregbesola has done creditably well with the people of the state with many incredible dividends of democracy in their kitty, as well as development that forms the basis of its future greatness.
He stated this while addressing members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) at the weekly Ward 4 meeting of the party in Ikirun, Ifelodun Local Government, on Sunday.
The Commissioner averred that Aregbesola has applied high level intelligence and creativity in solving most human problems as would be expected of a solid administrator of a political space, noting that only a former president that failed woefully in the delivery of good governance would consider Aregbesola’s administration a failure.
Baderinwa was apparently reacting to a statement by one Ikechukwu Eze, who claimed to be the Media Adviser to former president Jonathan, where he made attempt to rundown Aregbesola’s administration.
According to Baderinwa, Aregbesola has been most successful in meeting the needs of the people in terms of what is the essence of governments which ultimately is the wellbeing of the people.
He stated that Aregbesola’s performance and efforts have been well appreciated and acknowledged by rationale and reasonable people from across the world, as many accolades and honours had been poured on his administration in recent times.
Baderinwa said: “Only supervisor of an administration that milked Nigeria dried and bastardised the economy can afford to say the kind of balderdash published recently concerning the administration of Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola.
“It takes a former president who governed Nigerian in prosperity with nothing to show for it to assume that all public office holders are like him, and it is a sad commentary on the manner of personalities governing Nigeria.
“With the many credible organizations using scientific basis to acknowledge many programs and projects carried out by the Aregbesola government as either the best or second best in the country, one wonders the state of mind and rationality of some people to have described Aregbesola government as a failure.
“Perhaps, reference to some of the well acknowledged and copied innovations of Aregbesola will put a lie to the irresponsible contention of former president Jonathan’s aide and his ilk.
“Osun was rated one of the five (5) states in the lowest unemployment rate in Nigeria by the National Bureau of Statistics in 2013, second only to Niger State in the Poverty Index by the National Bureau of Statistics, ranked second in human Capital on Nigeria’s first sub-national competitiveness index released by the National Competitiveness Council of Nigeria.
“Osun has the lowest Poverty Index level – Statistician General of the Federation, Dr. Yemi Kale in December 2017. The state ranked 2nd Richest State in Nigeria by the United Nations’ Multi Dimensional Poverty Index in 2017. In a recent United Nations publication, Osun came second after Lagos in the result of a national assessment for 2014 on infant and maternal healthcare delivery.
“Osun is 13th Most Safest State in Nigeria – National Bureau of Statistics. In the data released by the NBS for its crime statistics for 2016, the state was ranked on the 13th position with an 0.94 index. This is just a few of the national and international commendation and appreciation of Aregbesola’s government.
“If the President Jonathan administration had not mismanaged the country’s resources, Aregbesola would have performed more excellently well because there would have been more resources to deliver good governance further.”

Osun Govt Calls On Citizens To Register, Collect PVC

Barely 24 hours to the end of the Continuous Voter Registration exercise in Osun state, the state government has called on every eligible voter to participate in the electoral process by registering their names with the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) for voter card and collect their Permanent Voter Card.

Speaking through the Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Mr Adelani Baderinwa in a press statement on Sunday, the government said registration and collection of PVC is an important aspect of election that requires the participation of every eligible voters.

Baderinwa noted that the essence of public holiday declared by the government tomorrow, Monday is to allow government and non-government workers to register for voter card and for those that had registered to collect their PVC for them to be able to vote on election day.

He urged people above 18 years old not to be nonchalant on the CVR and collection of PVC, stating that tomorrow, Monday, is the last day for the voter registration exercise as declared by INEC.

For those whose PVC had been defaced or lost, Baderinwa implored them to go to the INEC registration centres in their various areas to register afresh, just as he warned against double registration, describing it as criminal.

He said: “The government calls on every eligible voter to go and register for voter card and those who had register should go and collect their PVC for them to be able to perform their civic responsibility when election comes.

“Voter Registration and collection of Permanent Voters card (PVC) are important and strategic to electoral process and have capability of strengthening democratic governance.

“Voter registration helps to facilitate the credibility of the electoral process and democratic governance and that is why the government found it imperative to create ample opportunity by declaring tomorrow, Monday, a work free day which is the last day for the eligible voters to register.”

Baderinwa added: “All residents of the state who are 18 years and above and are enjoined to go to the nearest registration centre in their areas to register their names for voter card.

“A voter that has left his or former residential area should approach INEC office in his or her new area for transfer of voter card to enable him or her vote in the new residing area.

“The Continuous Voter Registration had started on Wednesday, April 11 and will end tomorrow, Monday, April 16.

“Since the continuous voter registration (CRV) is periodic, the government of the state of Osun, therefore, considers it as imperative to dedicate a day for fresh potential voters to register for their voter card and for those that had registered to collect their PVC to enable them exercise their franchise on election day.”

Osun Govt Assures Residents of Adequate Security of Life, Property

The state Government of Osun has assured the people of the state of adequate security of their lives and properties.

Commissioner for Information and Strategy in the state, Adelani Baderinwa said the government has not relented on its efforts to providing maximum security and ensure peace and harmony in the state.

Baderinwa attributed the peaceful atmosphere of the state to proactiveness and security consciousness of Governor Rauf Aregbesola and the social justice being rendered by his administration.

He stated this while answering journalists’ questions on Monday while speaking on the recent security breach of multiple bank robberies in Offa, Kwara state that led to several deaths and loss of huge amount of currencies vis-à-vis relative peace been enjoyed the State of Osun.

Baderinwa maintained that the essence of governance is to ensure peace, harmony and security of life and property of the people, stating that Aregbesola had taken the bull by the horn in ensuring that every citizen of the state is protected and people could sleep with their two eyes closed.

According to Baderinwa, Osun is being rated one of the five top most peaceful stated in Nigeria because Aregbesola’s administration has been putting in place adequate security measures that make it difficult for crime perpetrations to thrive.

He said: “Aregbesola was perhaps the most prepared person for governorship position. He had his practical manifestoes for the smooth running of govt.

“One of the Six Integral Action Plan of Aregbesola’s government is Communal Peace and Progress. Essence of government is to ensure peace and harmony and social justice in the land, and that is what Aregbesola is offering the people of the state

“Aregbesola had been proactive on provision of security of life and property of the people in the state. And that is why we are enjoying peace in the state of Osun. He procured and distributed 125 security patrol vehicles and 25 Armoured Personnel Carrier to security agencies in the state to enhance security of the state.”

Baderinwa commiserated with the Kwara state government, the Olofa of Offa, Muftau Gbadamosi and the Nigeria Police Force on the robbery incident that claimed about 30 lives.

The commissioner speakers further: “Provision of security in every society begins with ensuring protection of lives and properties and putting in place social justice and equity that ensure youth engagement. These two aspects of governance are strategic to curtailing crimes in the society, and I am happy that Osun people know that Aregbesola has ensured social justice and engaged the youths positively.

“The Nigeria Peace Index in its report released last Friday rated Osun the most peaceful state in Nigeria based on the level of poverty, crime rate, level of education, rate of human rights abuse and level of Incarceration.

“We cannot deny the fact that Osun is among the top five states with least poverty rate, our education system is second to none in Nigeria and there is almost lack of abuse of human rights in the state.

Besides, the Aregbesola’s administration in 2012 procured and distributed 125 security patrol vehicles and 25 modern Armoured Personnel Carrier to security agencies in the state. This has enhanced security of life and property in the state.”

Baderinwa tasked the people of the state on community policing, saying that security is a collective effort and required the corporation of all stakeholders.

He urged the people to be vigilant and conscious of everybody in their neighbourhood, just as he assured them of adequate security of life and property.

Group Felicitates With Osun Information Commissioner On Birthday

By Nofisat Marindoti

An online group based in the state of Osun, Progressives e-Group has felicitated with the State Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Mr Adelani Baderinwa as he celebrates his birthday.

The group described Adelani as a thorough-bred journalist, professional image maker, cool headed strategist and a complete gentleman.

“Mr. Adelani Baderinwa is a man we find ourselves in a dilemma on how to eulogize appropriately because he is a man of many parts, professional class and indelible marks. The cerebral Ikirun born senior journalist is not only an administrator per excellence but also a practical model of omoluabi ethos which the state of Osun is building into sociological system and structure of her citizenry.

“The former Senior Special Assistant to Governor Rauf Aregbesola on Media is no doubt the best Information Commissioner Osun has ever produced both in experience and engagements. With less than a year in office, he has effectively and efficiently projected Osun to the world using our strength to outshine our challenges and our successes to silence our detractors.

“The former Chief Press Secretary (CPS) to Chief Adebisi Akande between 1999-2003 in all measurements is a personality we can happily labelled as our boss, adviser, benefactor and all time associate due to his deep passion and numerous support towards growth and advancement of our group. As the popular saying goes. A son is the secret of his father. We are not too surprised that all the good attributes of Baba Bisi Akande is not only radiating in you but also flowing to numerous others who are fortunate to work under you.”

The group thereby wished the Commissioner long life, sound health and endless prosperity to the service of his hometown – Ikirun, Osun, Nigeria and humanity in general.

Adelani Baderinwa: Celebrating A Steadfast & Humane Political Leader On His Birthday By Adeboye Adebayo

Egbon, your birth some years back gave an unnoticed remarkable sign of greatness to the World in its entirety and to humanity in general and since then, your life has been a huge lesson for the reasonable humans in the World but it is only those that can decode what life is all about in real sense that will understand your kind of person; who you are and what you stand for. You are different things to different people, a lot judge aright while many judge you very wrongly, most of them not because of their fault but they don’t have the grace and capacity to understand your personality, they are just assessing you from afar.

Honourable Adelani Baderinwa; the Honourable Commissioner of Information & Strategy in the Government of the State of Osun under the able leadership of our indefatigable achiever; Governor Abdulrauf Aregbesola is indeed an epitome of steadfastness, embodiment of loyalty and indeed an exemplary role model.

Your long soujorn and consistency in politics despite all odds is a book that I am currently reading, your relationship with many of us; young politicians is still making us stand.

Your character of being humane,(ah!! Egbon Lani is humane and very humble) humble and accommodating are second to none. 

Your words of encouragement and that of inspiration that you always reel out to us out of your personal practical experience made you a worthy leader among your peers.

Your hands of fellowship, hands of assistance no matter how difficult, your readiness to go extra miles to achieve result for others are other special characters that one cannot ignore about you.

No wonder, you have recorded a lot successes in your career as a professional journalist in Oyo, Ekiti & Osun State(s) and as a thorough bred politician in the State of Osun. Having the ears of the likes of Baba Omo Kekeke is not a joke, no but hardwork, consistency, loyalty, humility, readiness to serve and indeed ability to learn and to deliver under any condition of the environment. 

Also securing a Commissionership post at this crucial time of our government when we are winding down and our political tendency must continue, at a time when the opposition has taken their madness to the next level of physical destruction of public facilities, at a time when our government needs all image enhancements we can get to show case all numerous, timely and remarkable achievements of our government in all facets and sectors, is not by sheer luck but hard works and glaring ability that you have the capacity to deliver and the strategic knowledge to deploy your media arsenal appropriately to achieve desired results and that is one of the major characteristics of a good leader, not ordinary leader but a good one.

No wonder our government now relatively enjoy the respect, understanding and cooperation of media practitioners in the state and beyond.

Leader, as you are celebrating your birthday today sir, I join Ismaeel Usman, Ayobami Agboola, Isaac Adelowo, Lukman Lawal and other well wishers in your life to celebrate you today and wish you the very best life can offer you and your entire family.

I also pray that God in his infinite mercy will continue to be with you, guide you and protect you in all your endeavours in and outside office.

I also use this period to pray for your boss, your leader, our father, our mentor; Ogbeni Aregbesola that God in his mercy will grant him the grace to end his current tenure well, by the special grace of God, Ogbeni will never fall or be disgraced politically or otherwise in the State of Osun no matter the antics of the enemies within or without.

God in his mercy will grant Baba Bisi Akande and Asiwaju Bola Tinubu a long life and prosperity in good health and sound mind so that together, they will put this country to a desired position among the comity of nations very soon. (Amen)

Many happy returns sir.

Adeboye Adebayo is a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress; APC, The National Publicity Secretary of Asiwaju Grassroots Foundation; AGF, Leader of Youths and a Raufist to the core.

The Worse Is Over In Osun – Govt

The State Government of Osun has declared that the worse is over and there is end in sight for the financial crisis that had been strangulating governance in the state.

Commissioner for Information and Strategy in the State, Mr Adelani Baderinwa on Thursday said Osun has moved far away from Egypt and moving towards economic prosperity which will enhance governance.

Baderinwa who spoke on a television programme on the report of a Financial Derivatives Company (FDC) that ranked Osun as the second wealthiest state in Nigeria in 2017, stated that Governor Rauf Aregbesola has invested heavily in the economy of the state in terms of infrastructure and social intervention.

Besides, Baderinwa said the price of crude oil has been improving which will bring more money to the cover of the federation and the state in return.

He described the FDC report as genuine and credible, maintaining that it is the manifestation of delivery of good governance by the Aregbesola’s administration.

According to Baderinwa, the report attested to the fact that Aregbesola has been able to affect the people positively even in the face of financial quagmire.

Baderinwa said: “I want to believe and say that, by the grace of God, the worse is over in the state of Osun. We have moved far way from Egypt in terms of economic development. We are moving towards economic prosperity in the state, courtesy of Aregbesola’s ingenuity.

“Nigeria has moved out of recession and the price of crude oil is increasing. More money would into the account of the federation and the state in returns.”

Speaking on the FDC report, Baderinwa said: “Whatever anybody might say, there are some reasonable people out there that appreciate Aregbesola’s financial engineering system; his judicious management of the meager resources of the state.

“The report is genuine and credible. It reflects the fact that Aregbesola has been able to affect the people positively in the face of financial crisis.”

On the 2018 governorship election, Baderinwa expressed his optimism that the people of the state would not elect anybody that will stall the development of the state, urging the people to be conscious of governorship aspirants who want to manipulate them into taking wrong decision.

“Osun people acknowledge and appreciate Aregbesola’s social programmes like O’ MEAL, OYES, O REHAB, O’ Ambulance and thus they would want the programmes to continue. So, they will be mindful of who they want to elect; they will not elect anybody that will draw the state back.”

Celebrating Aregbesola’s Success, Achievements

By Adelani Baderinwa

There is no gainsaying the fact that the State of Osun has been witnessing sparkling infrastructural and socio-economic development since Ogbeni Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola took over the mantle of leadership on November 27th, 2010. The all round progress and transformation of the state is incontestable.

In all ramifications, Aregbesola has delivered the dividends of democracy to every household in the state with either the infrastructure projects or the social security programmes.

The unprecedented development of the state does not just happen by accident: It is a well thought-out programme embedded in the green book titled ‘My Pact with the People of Osun, in which we have the Six Integral Action Plan for the delivery of good governance. The action plans are: Banish Hunger, Banish Poverty, Banish Unemployment, Promote Healthy Living, Promote Functional Education, Promote Communal Peace and Progress.

Pertinently, the seven years anniversary of Aregbesola’s administration calls for reminiscences: before his coming, there was dearth of infrastructural development in the state. Osun was stagnant; hunger and poverty was ravaging the state, security was at its lowest ebb, unemployment rate was high for the state and there was absence of social security for the citizenry.

But Aregbesola’s emergence restored hope for a new Osun. Aregbesola redefined governance and offered exemplary quality leadership. He fought poverty, stagnation, lack of political will to build strong foundation for good governance. The 14th President of the Philippines, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo said in her speech:  ”We have to be bold in our national ambitions. First, we must win the fight against poverty within the next decade. Second, we must improve moral standards in government and society to provide a strong foundation for good governance. Third, we must change the character of our politics to promote fertile ground for reforms.”

In his first 100 days in office, Aregbesola rolled out Osun Youth Empowerment Scheme (OYES) which absolved 20, 000 unemployed youths for two years, and another set of 20, 000 youths, rounding the figure to 40, 000. Each OYES cadet earned N10, 000 monthly. In every month, for each set of the OYES, a whopping N200million goes into circulation, reshaping the economy of the state.

Aregbesola is leaving an indelible footprint in every aspect of his governance. The achievements recorded in education sector and infrastructure development are remarkable and unprecedented. With the seven years of Aregbesola’s noble reign, more than 900km roads have been constructed. This include the dualisation of Gbongan-Akoda 30km road which hosts the beautiful Bisi Akande trumpet bridge at Gbongan junction, the 320.39km inter-city road development, the 90.505 intra-city roads development and the 17.40km Oba Adesoji Aderemi road, 40km Dualisation of Osogbo-Ikirun-Ila-Odo-KWSB and 2.80km Olaiya-Itaolokan road projects.

On education, Aregbesola’s success could not be overemphasised. The current administration has aggressively embarked on the construction of state-of-the-art 100 Elementary Schools, 50 Middle Schools and 20 High Schools. More than 20 Elementary Schools, 22 Middle Schools and 5 High Schools have been commissioned while the High Schools in Iwo and Fakunle Unity High School in Osogbo have been completed and ready for commission.

Aregbesola’s government repackaged Osun Free School Feeding Programme now known as O’ MEAL. More than 262,000 elementary 1-4 pupils in all public schools in the state are being fed with healthy and nutritious food and fruits. The programme drastically increased the enrolment of pupils in the public schools. It has also earned Osun numerous national and international accolades and awards.

Of course, the Osun Ambulance Service is another successful strategic social intervention programme for humanity service. There is no how you will assess Aregbesola’s administration without giving thumb up on flood control. He has saved lives and properties from destruction and flood havoc through dredging of streams and rivers and channelisation of drainages.

Osogbo, the capital of Osun for the first time, now has a befitting look of a state capital. Osun and Osogbo specifically used to be a rustic environment but reverse is the case today. The environment is now clean. The Nelson Mandela Freedom Park was a filth to glitz for anybody that knew Ojurin before being transformed to an amazing aesthetics recreation centre. Ogbeni Aregbesola is crowning his achievement with the construction of MKO International Airport at Ido-Osun. Osun has never had it so good!

Ogbeni Aregbesola is a man with incontrovertible record of good governance in the State of Osun. I, like several others, in and out of Osun, acknowledge his achievements. No patriotic Osun indigene/resident will deny these blessings wrought on our state through Ogbeni’s fertile mind and creative hands. To think otherwise is insanity. Ogbeni is an enigmatic character well appreciated by the high and the mighty, even from faraway lands.

It is crystal clear that Aregbesola has raised the bar of governance in the state of Osun, getting a person to continue the development stride will be a herculean task going beyond pedestrian, sectional and nepotistic considerations. The best to do for the progress of the state is to make sure that a person that is going to succeed Aregbesola has passion for development like the governor.

The Aregbesola’s administration is already a success.

Baderinwa Charges Journalists on Balanced Sensitive Stories

Journalists as the fourth estate of the realm and watchdogs of the nation have been advised to always balance their stories when reporting sensitive issues.

The Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Mr. Adelani Baderinwa gave this charge while playing host to the Managing Director, Independence Newspaper, Mr. Adedamola Ogidan in his office.

The Commissioner said that, it was high time that journalists refrained from financial inducement and political influence while reporting, in order to protect the ethics and ethos of the profession.

Mr. Baderinwa eulogised the Management and Editorial Board of The Independent Newspaper for a virile, informative and balanced reports which are the bedrock of reasonable journalism. He took time to explain the giant strides of Ogbeni Aregbesola’s administration in the State of Osun which he ascribed to be a product of prudent financial management which led to the payment of modulated salaries which will soon be corrected immediately the financial resources of the State improves.
The Commissioner enjoined the Management and Editorial board of the Independent newspaper to give positive, un-biased reports about the State of Osun in order to erase the wrong notions that might have been planted in some people.

Earlier , the Managing Director, the Independent newspaper, Mr. Adedamola Ogidan said that, the visit to the Commissioner and Management of the State of Osun Ministry of Information and Strategy was borne out of the need to inform stakeholders of the emergence of The Independent newspaper from the hitherto nomenclature of the Daily Independent. He also said that, the State of Osun is one of the States the newspaper believes in, especially in the areas of physical and human development coupled with the relative peace that pervades the State. Mr. Ogidan pledged the commitment of his media outfit to objective, unbiased and balanced reports about the State of Osun and all other States in the country.

Osun’ll No Longer Rely On Fed Allocation in Five Years Time – Commissioner

Osun state government has said that it has put in place policies, programmes and infrastructure that will totally liberate the state from the shackles of the federal allocation which has for sometimes been deciding the progress or otherwise of majority of the states in Nigeria.

Foundation for economic prosperity, according to the government, was gradually being built in Osun and was working assiduously to attain a glorious height economically.

The state Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Mr Adelani Baderinwa stated this on Sunday while addressing members of a socio-political organization, the Young Mandate Group in Osogbo.

Baderinwa said Governor Rauf Aregbesola’s administration has provided and invested heavily on profitable and lasting infrastructure that has been enhancing and continue to uplift the economy of the state.

He maintained that good infrastructure is the bedrock of socio-economic development, explaining that the massive road construction put in place by Aregbesola’s administration have been connecting people, drive commerce and maintain global competitiveness.

Baderinwa noted that the road construction would in no time reduce costs in many economic sectors in the state by providing better accessibility to markets, increasing employment, bringing in foreign investment and improving global presence in the state.

The commissioner said Aregbesola has laid solid foundation for economic development of the state and his efforts have been yielding positive result with the recent agreement of Turkish government to partner Osun on trade, commerce and industrial revolution.

Baderinwa stated that the Turkish government has agreed to support the state at completing the MKO Abiola International Airport in Ido-Osun, stating that the airport when completed will aid the state’s economy.

Aside the airport, Aregbesola said Osun economy will in no time receive boost when the $30.5million contract won by the Osun RLG/Adulawo Technology Company for the supply of Terrestrial Broadcast Set Top Boxes flows into the market.

Baderinwa noted that the 15-year-old moribund cocoa processing industry in Ede has been revived by the Aregbesola’s administration, disclosing that a Chinese company, Shanghai Golden Monkey Group was ready to invest N10billion into the economy of Osun state through cocoa processing and production.

The company, according to Baderinwa would have the capacity to provide 1,000 jobs for the unemployed youths in the state in the next two years when it begins full production.

According to the commissioner, aside road construction and investment in company, construction of markets by the Aregbesola’s administration has been aiding trade and commerce in the state, saying that new markets like Aje and Ayegbaju International markets have expanded economic activities.

Baderinwa submitted Aregbesola has laid foundation for economic development, stating that in the next five years the economy of the state would be sustainable and make the state independent of federal allocation.

The commissioner stated that Aregbesola’s administration recognized agriculture as a strong pillar of economy, hence his commitment to promoting agriculture and food security through intervention programmes like Osun Rural Enterprise and Agricultural Programme (O REAP) and Osun Rural Access and Mobility Project (O RAMP).

He said the O REAP and O RAMP programmes have afforded the farmers opportunity of getting the farm produce into the markets with ease with the provision of compact roads, curvet and bridges in all the villages across the state for smooth transportation.


Osun Is Now Economically Viable – Baderinwa

State of Osun Commissioner for Information, Mr Adelani Baderinwa has left the status of a civil service state which she used to be before the advent of Governor Rauf Aregbesola’s administration and is now an economically viable state.

He stated this on Wednesday while addressing members of the Mandate Women Group who paid him a courtesy visit in his office.

According to Baderinwa, Osun economy has improved, saying that the economic development of the state is evident with the establishment of companies and revival of industries and opening of bank branches across the state.

Baderinwa said it would amount to mischief for anybody to continue referring to Osun as a civil service state, maintaining that small and medium scale business, companies and industries are growing steadily in the state.

He stated that the state government through the Osun Micro Finance Agency and the Ministry of Commerce, Corporative and Investment were providing soft loans to traders and business owners in the state to strengthen their trades and businesses.

The commissioner disclosed that the state owned investment, the Osun Investment Company Limited (OSICOL) has recorded over 700% turn over in the last six years, saying that its fortune has grown from about 300million in 2011 to about 2.6billion in 2017.

Baderinwa added that the 15-year-old moribund Cocoa Processing Industry in Ede has been revived by the Aregbesola’s administration, disclosing that a Chinese company, Shanghai Golden Monkey Group was ready to invest N10billion into the economy of Osun state through cocoa processing and production.

The company, according to Baderinwa would have the capacity to provide 1,000 jobs for the unemployed youths in the state in the next two years when it begins full production.

It should also be stated, the Commissioner said that a computer manufacturing company, the Adulawo/RLG in Ilesa just won a $3.2million dollars contract from the NTA/NBC to produce the digital switch over boxes aside its production of telephones and other computer accessories which has positively rubbed on the state economy.

It is also on record that the volume of trade in the state has increased geometrically and the positive ripple effect will soon be felt by all indigenes and residents of the state.

He maintained that in spite of the economic hardship that crippled the finances of the state, agro-industries, small and medium scale enterprises survived and are booming in the state due to the friendly environment and encouraging economic policy of Aregbesola’s administration.