Osun PDP Rally: A Carousal & Show Of Shame By Adeboye Adebayo

I was monitoring closely the supposed political rally that the People’s Destruction Party, PDP intends to organise in the state of Osun for obvious reasons. In their wisdom, they felt that Osun will be the most strategic place to hold such rally and pass their message across to the nation.

I give it to them for the first time because they realised that the first election won on the banner of APC by the party was Osun 2014 which enthroned my political mentor, leader as the Governor of the State of Osun for the second term running after a rigourous battle for the soul of the state but they met “Oko Iya Won” and us; his lieutenants battle ready and lo & behold, we won, God gave it to us despite their antics and devilish show of strength.

Had  APC lost that election in 2014, that would have been the end of it. So that, they realised and decided to come and throw their supposed political rally here in Osogbo to prove a point and bring a fight to the domain of one of the major pillars of the APC in the country, a good strategy I must admit but a woefully failed implementation.

I had thought they were coming to town equipped with facts on how to govern better than us, I had thought they have employed some research & strategy experts who will assist them on how to seriously analyse the situation on ground and proffer alternative solutions better than ours because I know none of them from head to tail has the capacity to do that. I had thought they have changed their approach towards doing things because of all they have passed through over the years among themselves since they lost power, but alas!!!! These people have not learnt any lesson nor they have devised new and workable strategy.

No wonder, when I went to Freedom Park on Friday night to see their “IGG, that is Initial Gra Gra!!! preparation” my mind was initially telling me that men, we have trained this idiots with this “Kirakita”, I must prepare for constructive engagements on my platforms, newspapers’ stands, inside korope, on Okada and on the streets but there was a second thought on my mind that do these people have the capacity to beat what is on ground in terms of noble achievements of Aregbesola; the massive road construction & rehabilitation, massive Schools buildings and conducive environment for learnings, provision of massive health facilities and care at all levels, award winning and UNESCO recognised Opon Imo, creation of employments for over 40,000 youths through the first & second batch of the OYES, security of life & property and cordial relationship and understanding with the labour unions and the state workers which led in appreciation of their sacrifice to the rehabilitation of Workers’ Drive. My mind was asking me that do these people have the capacity to beat all of these among others.

But Alas!!!!! I was disappointed again. When they all checked in on Friday evening in the hotels around the town, I discovered that they brought in a lot of money, they were drinking, winning and dinning, a lot of young ladies, girls were called in to enjoy with them and caress them through the night. As usual, they brought immortality, disgusting attitudes to our land again, they came to destroy the ethos of omoluabi running in us, they came to destroy the principle of “Apalara, atelewo eni ki tan ni je” that is running in our veins by distributing  200 naira to buy presence at their supposed political rally. They are indeed agent of destruction; People Destruction Party; PDP.

On Saturday morning, my Okada man picked me, we rode around the town to see how things were going, I saw the supposed participants, attendees at GRA, at Oke Fia, at Ogo Oluwa, at Old Garage, at Dada Estate and other places already drunk to stupor, fighting themselves as early as 9:00am when the day was still very young.

Young people under the age 18 were mobilized from various part of the country to come and participate at a price of 200 to 500 naira per head. I was like whaaaooo!!!!, these people have not learnt any lesson.

At the freedom park, they found it very difficult to tell the world what their intentions were, rather their disappointed Chairman, Secondus was shouting that they were on rescue mission without telling us who is to be rescued from whose bondage.

He said they will take over power in 2019 without stating how they intend to do that, no plans, no strategy, no manifesto but just noise as usual. They don’t know how to tackle Aregbesola over his achievements in the state because there was no one to analyse to them the situation on ground in the state, they were just shouting, making noise like drunken persons which they are.

The worst thing that happened to them was that the people of the State of Osun were watching them from afar, all the vehicles hired by Rafiu Adejare Bello, Kayode Oduoye, Adeolu Durotoye, Dancer Ademola Adeleke and host of others were many with no occupants to the venue, it took the intervention of Mr. Sorry, Chief Adewolu Ladoja from Ibadan to rescue the situation by mobilising the poor people of Ibadan in luxurious buses to the venue to shore up the attendees despite billions of naira put on the table by the billionaire from Ede for that purpose.

At the end of the day, it was discovered that it was supposed to be a political rally but it ended up to be a carousal where all of them were drunk and the statement that “Leyin Ademola, Adekade lo’ku” ignited a serious fight among the aspirants where machetes and other dangerous weapons were wielded which led to many injuries, that is very usual in their character and very many injured persons were hospitalised, property destroyed and they littered everywhere with dirts in their usual way.

Thank God for the numerous members of APC who trooped out today to sweep away their bad omen from our land.

PDP has always been a disappointment and that, they will always be.

Somebody claims two politicians decamped, I didn’t notice anyone.


Adeboye Adebayo is a Consultant on Media, Research, Strategy & Governance, a chieftain of the APC and a Raufist to the core.

Osun Local Governments’ Administration: Aregbesola’s Goodwill For The Youths And Challenges Of Grassroots Governance By Adeboye Adebayo

Let me use this medium to heartily congratulate the 389 councillors/local parliamentarians recently elected in all the wards in the State of Osun and I wish them all a successful tenure.

I also congratulate the State Executive Council of our great party; All Progressives Congress, APC as led by its Chairman, Prince Adegboyega Famodun and amiable Secretary; Alhaji Rasaq Salinsile for their efforts day and night which made our party to come out all victorious at the poll.

I must not fail to specially and wholeheartedly congratulate my mentor, leader and political father Ogbeni Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola on whose goodwill and unprecedented achievements in office we are able to achieve the feat.

During a stakeholders meeting of the All Progressives Congress, APC around June, 2017 in Lagos, the National Leader of the APC & Principal of the formidable Asiwaju Grassroots Foundation; AGF, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu appealed profoundly to the leaders of the party in Lagos State to please consider the youths and women in their arrangements for the then upcoming Lagos Council poll. The election was conducted on July 22, 2017 and the consideration of the youths as clamoured by Asiwaju Tinubu were there for you to judge.

Aside our own Asiwaju, a lot of people in the polity have been clamouring for participations of youths in politics, a lot of political parties had used the phenomenon to ride to power without the goodwill to assist the youths to power in this our environment of impossibilities. 

But by his antecedents, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola has always been a lover and helper of the youths to power. The memory is still fresh of how he helped a young man of thirty years old to become the Executive Secretary of one of the largest local governments in Nigeria some years back and numerous others at various levels till today, especially in his current cabinet in the State of Osun as Commissioners, SSAs and SAs contributing their quotas to the developments of the society among other obvious evidences of constructively empowering the youths.

But of note, is the high number of youths that were considered for the Councillorship positions and eventual emergence as the Executive Chairman in our various Councils, Council Development Areas and others due to his goodwill and believe in the abilities of the youths to deliver the dividends of democracy at the grassroots bearing in mind the enormous challenges attached with .

Ogbeni Aregbesola unlike many political leaders in the Country today did not pay a lip service to the clamour for youths in power and I say a very big kudos to Oga for this and humbly urge other leaders in the polity to emulate Ogbeni Aregbesola and sincerely do all within their powers to assist the numerous capable youth in politics to power.

Now that Ogbeni Aregbesola in his goodwill and benevolence has helped numerous youths into power at the grassroots, it is their duties to proof to the World that indeed they have the intellectual capacity and wisdom to bring about better governance at the grassroots knowing fully well that their tier of government is the closest to the people and the electorates, the populace and the entire people of the councils are expecting high performances from them in line with the principle of progressive governance as being exhibited by Ogbeni Aregbesola in the State.

The performance of the youths in power today will be the yardstick to measure practically the abilities of youths to be in power tomorrow and failure by them today will shut doors against the youths yearning to be in power tomorrow.

They must roll up their sleeves and begin to make bye laws and policies to complement the good works of Ogbeni Aregbesola in the area of improving the internally generated revenue of their local governments not through force, as forces are not in the tenets of democracy but through persuasions, public enlightenment, discussions and other reasonable education and engagements, through that our people who are not lazy will be willing to pay since it is for their own development.

Also bye laws and policy implementation should be geared towards primary education and adult literacy programmes so that the consciousness and understanding of our people will be improved and this make them easy to govern, remember the saying “Education makes people easy to govern, difficult to enslave”.

Policies at the grassroots should also touch other areas like Agriculture and rural development, market coordination and expansion. Primary health care services is the duty of the governments’ at the grassroots while secondary and tertiary health care services are for the States and Federal governments.

Healthy collaboration with the traditional councils will go a long way in amicable resolution of disputes among the local people. Rural-Urban drifts should be discouraged through provision of basic infrastructural amenities.

The challenges of governance at the grassroots are enormous not in the State of Osun alone but through out the World but they are all surmountable through effective collaboration between the Chairman (Prime Minister) his cabinet members who are bye laws executors/policies implementor and other parliamentarians who are to make bye laws, do oversight and monitor the implementation of the laws and policies of local governments, as it affects the people. 

Working together is the thing, being on the same page for better governance is the deal. By this among other things, the trust reposed in them by the electorates, by our party and the goodwill of Ogbeni Aregbesola will not be betrayed.

I wish them all the very best in office, I pray God to continue to be with all youths in government and I thank my leader & mentor; Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola so greatly for his support and believe in the abilities of the youths to deliver despite all odds including youths working against themselves.

Adeboye Adebayo is a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress; APC, The National Publicity Secretary of Asiwaju Grassroots Foundation; AGF, Leader of youths, a Tinubuist in principle & ideology and a Raufist to the core.

Adelani Baderinwa: Celebrating A Steadfast & Humane Political Leader On His Birthday By Adeboye Adebayo

Egbon, your birth some years back gave an unnoticed remarkable sign of greatness to the World in its entirety and to humanity in general and since then, your life has been a huge lesson for the reasonable humans in the World but it is only those that can decode what life is all about in real sense that will understand your kind of person; who you are and what you stand for. You are different things to different people, a lot judge aright while many judge you very wrongly, most of them not because of their fault but they don’t have the grace and capacity to understand your personality, they are just assessing you from afar.

Honourable Adelani Baderinwa; the Honourable Commissioner of Information & Strategy in the Government of the State of Osun under the able leadership of our indefatigable achiever; Governor Abdulrauf Aregbesola is indeed an epitome of steadfastness, embodiment of loyalty and indeed an exemplary role model.

Your long soujorn and consistency in politics despite all odds is a book that I am currently reading, your relationship with many of us; young politicians is still making us stand.

Your character of being humane,(ah!! Egbon Lani is humane and very humble) humble and accommodating are second to none. 

Your words of encouragement and that of inspiration that you always reel out to us out of your personal practical experience made you a worthy leader among your peers.

Your hands of fellowship, hands of assistance no matter how difficult, your readiness to go extra miles to achieve result for others are other special characters that one cannot ignore about you.

No wonder, you have recorded a lot successes in your career as a professional journalist in Oyo, Ekiti & Osun State(s) and as a thorough bred politician in the State of Osun. Having the ears of the likes of Baba Omo Kekeke is not a joke, no but hardwork, consistency, loyalty, humility, readiness to serve and indeed ability to learn and to deliver under any condition of the environment. 

Also securing a Commissionership post at this crucial time of our government when we are winding down and our political tendency must continue, at a time when the opposition has taken their madness to the next level of physical destruction of public facilities, at a time when our government needs all image enhancements we can get to show case all numerous, timely and remarkable achievements of our government in all facets and sectors, is not by sheer luck but hard works and glaring ability that you have the capacity to deliver and the strategic knowledge to deploy your media arsenal appropriately to achieve desired results and that is one of the major characteristics of a good leader, not ordinary leader but a good one.

No wonder our government now relatively enjoy the respect, understanding and cooperation of media practitioners in the state and beyond.

Leader, as you are celebrating your birthday today sir, I join Ismaeel Usman, Ayobami Agboola, Isaac Adelowo, Lukman Lawal and other well wishers in your life to celebrate you today and wish you the very best life can offer you and your entire family.

I also pray that God in his infinite mercy will continue to be with you, guide you and protect you in all your endeavours in and outside office.

I also use this period to pray for your boss, your leader, our father, our mentor; Ogbeni Aregbesola that God in his mercy will grant him the grace to end his current tenure well, by the special grace of God, Ogbeni will never fall or be disgraced politically or otherwise in the State of Osun no matter the antics of the enemies within or without.

God in his mercy will grant Baba Bisi Akande and Asiwaju Bola Tinubu a long life and prosperity in good health and sound mind so that together, they will put this country to a desired position among the comity of nations very soon. (Amen)

Many happy returns sir.

Adeboye Adebayo is a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress; APC, The National Publicity Secretary of Asiwaju Grassroots Foundation; AGF, Leader of Youths and a Raufist to the core.

Empowerment Programmes: The Tale Of Two Senators By Adeboye Adebayo


Empowerment programmes, people call it poverty alleviation programmes that is meant to empower the vulnerable class of the society to be self sufficient, self reliant, self confident and live a sustainable life devoid of joblessness and begging for them to be self dependent like it is embedded in the life more abundant policy of the late sage; Chief Jeremiah Obafemi Awolowo of blessed memory.


In the present society, empowerment programmes has become a political tool in the hands of politicians, old & young, including myself to seek favour of the classless class of the society to achieve our goals in getting to a political office or to be relevant while in the office.


In as much as some unscrupulous political elements want to bastardize the so called political tool, it has remained a viable way of genuinely getting our people across the poverty line and that has contributed in no small measure to the recent ranking of the State of Osun as the 2nd wealthiest state in the country under the leadership of Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola through the numerous empowerment and poverty alleviation programmes & policies of his administration, of many state and federal lawmakers in our great party; APC and many of our Governorship aspirants which has indeed progressively changed the classless class of many of our people in the State of Osun.


But of note is two events that went viral in pictures, testimonies and video last weekend on social media where two Senators had empowerment programmes for their constituents in different qualities, quantities, contents and for different reasons.


Distinguished Senator Babajide Omoworare representing the good people of Osun East Senatorial at the weekend constructively empowered over 100 people from Ijesha land by training them how to manufacture some of our daily used products like soaps, cake, candles, perfumes, deodorants and other daily used products. The over 100 people were trained to manufacture the products, they were given materials needed for the manufacturing of those products, they were given needed kits to start on their own and money to kick start their businesses.


With this, they have become producers of daily needed products within their environment with a very big room for expansion and improvement.  They individually can also become employers of two or three labourers or more each based on how well they can develop themselves and Osun people, trust us, we know how to make fortune from little opportunities since we have all naturally and practically become Omoluabi courtesy Aregbesola.


With this long lasting gestures from Distinguished Senator Babajide Omoworare, these 100 women can feed themselves, buy their cloths without waiting for any politician to give them rice or Ankara, they can pay their rent and send their children to schools.


Also at the weekend, a video become viral on the internet where another “Dinstinguished” Senator Iyiola Omisore; an impeached deputy governor in the then Osun state was distributing a bundle of 5 yards Ankara and 2000 naira to Osun women in the name of empowerment. In as much as I don’t to refer to the past when the same man was sharing “rices” on air, I want to say with high level of responsibility that this is an insult on the personality of women in the State of Osun, they are virtuous women for God’s sake that have dignity and command respect, it is absurd and very irresponsible for “Distinguished” Senator Omisore to be insulting them by taking advantage of their current situation of vulnerability  asking them to line up and be giving them 2000 naira whereas his colleague constructively empowered them and taught them how to fish for the rest of their life.


In comparing the two scenarios, it is deduced that the PDP & its members in Osun have still not learnt their lessons, they lack basic idea of how to govern people by providing critical infrastructures and enabling environment for business to thrive and bring about flourishing home grown economic developments which will encourage our people to contribute willingly to the growth of the state by paying their taxes as it is under the current administration of Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola.


Whereas Osun APC through the initiative and benevolence of Distinguished Senator Babajide Omoworare has shown that we are really the progressive party that respect people especially women and the vulnerable, we don’t insult them by sharing ” rices” or Ankara or 2000 naira notes but we encourage them, give them necessary infrastructure, create enabling environment, support them with training and necessary facilities to stand on their own and become employers of labour in line with the thought of our father, our leader; Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu when he says “Our vision must be geared towards improving the living conditions of our people and we must encourage them to conquer poverty ”.


Osun APC through Babajide Omoworare has done just that over the weekend while Iyiola Omisore insulted the ever hardworking, diligent and resilient Osun Women.


Adeboye Adebayo is the National Publicity Secretary of Asiwaju Grassroots Foundation; AGF, Leader of Youths and a Raufist to the core.

Re: Open Letter To Hon Lasun Yussuff By Adeboye Adebayo

By Aderemi Ajala

This is a rejoinder by the Director, Constituency Relations Office of the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon Lasun Yussuff to an Open Letter Written by Comrade Adeboye Adebayo published on this platform earlier today.

Below is the Rejoinder:

It is quite unfortunate that some of your so called political elites are just ordinary pundits who fail to understand the concept of development in the 21st century. And instead of showing efforts to learn, they continue to wail and make noise premises on their shallow intellect.

Ordinarily one needs not to respond but for public interest, i think I have to further elucidate on the position of Rt. Hon. Lasun Yussuff on governance and development in Osun State.

The points being raised by Rt. Hon. Lasun Yussuff in his Eid el kabir press conference are very clear.

These are:

1. That there has been progressive decline in our education system in Osun state. This is very obvious. No matter how we manipulate data, parents who have their children in public schools know what they are experiencing. They know how difficult it is for their children to access books in schools; they know how difficult it is to meet the quest for quality uniform; they know how difficult it is for their children to pass final year examination from secondary schools. Parents are aware of the fact that their children have not benefitted positively enough from many of the recently initiated education programmes and policies in the state. They equally know how much they spend on re-preparing their children in extramural classes only to enable them pass WAEC and NECO. In short the story is not also different in the state own tertiary institutions with incessant strikes. In Lasun’s ideas, these crises did not just begin but progressively it has reached its peak that it requires serious and urgent attention. To Lasun Yussuff school building does not automatically translate to knowledge and quality learning. Good incentivised teachers, students and parents that have great hope and confidence in government, availability of learning materials accessible to learners and teachers are much more important to quality education. According to Lasun Yussuff he has recognised all these pitfalls and this would be parts of his focus for redress as governor of Osun State starting from 2018.

2. That the infrastructural development in Osun is not linked with economic development. Roads, bridges and school buildings are not to be constructed in isolation from the economic interests of the people. To Lasun Yussuff much of infrastructural developments in the state ought to have been initiated where they would spur economic development. Specifically if much of those infrastructures are done to link rural communities where agriculture could take place, more impacts would have been felt on economic growth. Lasun cited that if Gbogan- Orile Owu- Ijebu Igbo road; Osogbo- Iwo road; Ara- Ejigbo road; Ejigbo- Ife odan- Owu Ile road; Ikirun- Ada- Igbajo- Imesi road; Ife- Tonkere- Akoda road and Ede- Sekona road for examples are done, these roads would have sparked more agricultural development compared to Gbogan-Osogbo dualisation and the overhead bridge in Gbogan. When wealth is created through agriculture, the proceeds can be channeled to luxury projects.

3. That women are not yet properly linked with development agents in the state of Osun. Since women form almost half of our population and also more entrepreneur than men, development assistance must be channeled to more women than men.

4. That agriculture remains the economic mainstay in the state and that sector is yet to receive a very serious attention. Lasun believes that agriculture should take larger percentage of annual state budget and should be scientifically pursued through snergy between serious private individuals and the government.

5. That our development drive in the state of Osun is not properly infused with local contents. Lasun believes that more local contractors should be engaged in government projects and local resources that will reduce cost of project execution should be engaged in government projects.

In addition, Lasun is of the opinion that a serious government would not at this particular time of dwindling incomes draw six or ten point agenda. To him only three focused and holistic agenda is enough. To him his focus is on accelerated development through quality knowledge in agriculture and sustainable rural livelihood. On this concept his governorship focus is on Education; Agriculture and Rural Livelihood.

Wailers should therefore note that governance is a continum and the necessity for change either constitutional or otherwise is a recognition of human limitation in government. The previous governments have their limitations, thus a change is desirable to leaverage on the legacies of the previous governments; correct their mistakes and introduce new ideas that can guarantee positive and sustainable livelihood in society.

Dr. Aderemi Ajala, SA to the Hon. Speaker

Rt Hon. Deputy Speaker Sir; On Your Claim Over Infrastructures And Economic Developments In Osun, I Rule You Out Of Order

By Adeboye Adebayo


I crave the indulgence of my numerous readers to please permit me to wish Hon. Lasun Yusuf a happy 57th birthday in arrears again through this medium, many happy returns sir.


Rt Hon. Suleimon Olasunkanmi Yusuf, the Ikolaba of Ilobu land and the deputy speaker of Nigeria’s House of Representative is indeed a great man. My path crossed with his on several occasions but the closest one was at the early years of this administration when we shared the same flat at Government House Annex, Oke Fia, Osogbo alongside Distinguished Senator Mudashir Hussain among other respectable old and young men for several months before he relocated immediately he was declared winner of 2011 House of reps election.


During our stay together, he used to discuss issues with us and we really learnt a lot from his experience as a politician, we had a lot of hope in him as young and upcoming politicians though those hopes were dashed but we still respect him.


I could also recall many of my encounters with him whenever I went to consult with the Symbol occasionally at the Providence House, Lagos during the struggle of mandate recovery, Engr Lasun Yusuf then was always around and all my encounters with him then were always memorable, anyway all those are history now.


I have indeed been following his many moves since he started the pursuit of a tall ambition of becoming the Governor of the State of Osun, he is still consulting with Oba & Chiefs, he has visited a lot of people and places, though he has not told us in clear terms his blue print agenda of how he intends to take Osun to greater height knowing fully well that Aregbesola has already made the State great among the comity of states in Nigeria despite an unexpected limitations in resources. And I have constantly asked about his plan and agenda in concrete terms for the people of the State of Osun but nobody has been able to tell me.


However, I took time to study his interview to the press on the sallah, Ileya celebration day when he hosted a number of newsmen to a luncheon in his country home in Ilobu and I discovered that some of his assertions as published by some news media are false and misleading which is unexpected of somebody in his class.


In the said interview he described Osun as being in crisis and education in shambles, saying that infrastructure development has not led to economic development.


His words,“In Osun Education is no longer there, people talk about infrastructure, infrastructure that is not target at economic development is not infrastructure, once you cannot link both together, you don’t know what you are doing”


My Deputy speaker sir, I beg to disagree with you on this because under the leadership of Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, the fortune of the State has shifted from being a civil service state to a commercial state with high potential of being an industrial hub due to massive infrastructure developments embarked upon by Aregbesola.


Egbon Sola Fasure in his recent press statement on behalf of the government reeled out the data of how the educational sector under Aregbesola which you described as being in shambles has indeed produced better results compare to other states in Nigeria in terms of WAEC, NECO, JAMB, NABTEB & other internal and external exams, Osun in terms of rating is up the ladder comparing to what was obtainable before, due to the policy of Aregbesola’s administration in the State of Osun.


Also emphasis cannot be over laid in the achievements of Governor Aregbesola’s policy of tablets of knowledge; Opon Imo which saved the parents of higher schools students of thousands of naira that would have gone to textbooks and also an exposure to a computer device at that level of education is indeed a privilege that the students will continue to cherish.


The school buildings with modern laboratories and library facilities and enough space for recreation activities are some of the experiences the students will never forget in a hurry, our pupils and students have never had it so good.


Mr. Deputy speaker sir, you will concur with me that a square balanced diet meal being given to our elementary pupils throughout the state on daily basis despite the unfortunate economic downturn have indeed raised their mental alertness, well being and prepared them adequately for the greater challenge of higher & tertiary education.


Sir, you will recall many of us that went to public schools in our days had no children playing materials to play with except sand and milk tins unless those that had the privileges of attending private schools with exorbitant fees but today in the State of Osun under Ogbeni, the story has indeed changed, that even the private schools are now loosing pupils to the public schools due to massive education infrastructures put in place in all our elementary schools throughout the state.


It is worthy of note that Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola has been a recipient of several awards and invitations from Harvard University, United Kingdom House of Commons, United Nations and several other International organization for his robust and productive policy in the education sector. Such education sector that recorded those feats cannot be described as being in shambles, you are wrong there sir.


Chief Ikolaba 1 sir, on infrastructure developments leading to economic development, I quite agree with you that if both didn’t link, the executor does indeed not know what he is doing but this time sir, you are damn wrong because Aregbesola indeed knows what he is doing and I will narrate it sir.


Aregbesola’ s infrastructure developmental plans are all in tune  with economic development. There are numerous instances but permit me to give few as I don’t want to bore my readers with too long epistle.


From the popular Oranmiyan House, if you are going to Ayetoro, Stadium & co, you don’t need to pass through the ever busy Olaiya & Old Garage junction, just branch through Gbodofon to Jolayemi to Gbemu to Oluode before you know it you are already at Boreepo in Ayetoro and to straight to stadium.


If you are residing at Oke – Onitii in Osogbo and you want to go to Abeere, you don’t need to go to Oke Fia or Igbona, just enter Ring road to Lameco to Dele Yes sir junction, straight to Ataoja High school, before you know it, you are in Abeere.


If you are residing at Olude area, new Oba road and you want to visit Ota- Efun area, just link the Newly constructed Ayekale road before you know it, you are there, instead of passing through Ring road to Stadium.


If you are residing at Ilobu and you want to visit Aregbe, Ogo-Oluwa areas, just manuover your way through the unmotorable Ilobu – Osogbo federal road, once you reach Lameco junction, instead of you going to Oke Fia to Olaiya, no!!! Just enter the good roads of Oroki Housing Estate to Tinumola, to Capital Hotel Junction, turn at Gazal Hotel and enter Awosuru, before you know it, you are there in your destination.


Permit me to leave my narratives with this four instances like I said earlier, there are numerous instances scattered all over the states with the same economic gains & developments as I am about to explain concerning these four instances.


All the link roads I mentioned above are newly constructed or rehabilitated roads by Aregbesola and all motorable which saves time and they say time is money and once time is saved, money is saved and when money is saved, economy is grown & developed. Our people now have quality times to spend on economic viable things unlike before when they spend all times on roads for lack of good road infrastructures or because of holdups.


Also when you ply good road infrastructures, your vehicle maintain its state whereby you also save money from incessant buying of spare parts or visitation to mechanic workshops which also allows our mechanics to diversify as many of them now engage in one extra business or the other as car owners seldomly call them on phone to attend to their vehicles because Osun now enjoys good road Infrastructures. I know many of the mechanics who have increased their source of income by engaging in small scale fishfarming through the Agricultural policy of Aregbesola.


The good roads infrastructures also save money through conservation of fuel as the driver has no reason to be changing gears frequently once you are plying good roads infrastructures like that of Lameco to Dele Yes sir junction straight to Ataoja High school.


Also these particular instances of infrastructures building I narrated have also led to economic gains, developments and growth for our people as adjoining property along those roads are up in value, many housing units are springing up, Petrol Stations, Gas Stations, Petty trades, Farms, Factories are all springing up by the roads sides which are bringing more money to people and the State through taxes and acquisition of property and title documents.


Also in the rural areas, Aregbesola good roads infrastructures have made it very easy for farmers to bring their produce with ease to the urban centres with no wasting of time and at affordable price.


Under the Road Access Mobility Project alone, Aregbesola has constructed, rehabilitated or improved well over 100km of rural roads which is verifiable among which but not limited to are; Iwo – Pataara 12km rural road, Orile-Owu to Ago-Owu to Ogedengbe 29.7km rural road, Mokore farm settlement to Shasha 18.6km rural road, opening of Esa Oke to Esa Odo 6km rural road which is impassable for farmers in that area for many years which made them to abandon their farms. Alaguntan Forest Reserve Road which has 5,000 hectares of farm land cannot be accessed until he was also opened by Aregbesola and many more plus very many repaired bridges and River crossing which includes but not limited to; River Orufu on Iwo-Pataara road, River Omi with two reliefs and channelization and Four box culvert on River Oba along Idi-Iroko and Akinyele Villages to mention but a few.


All of these are many infrastructures building efforts of Aregbesola among very numerous others which have indeed brought a great economic gains, growths and developments to our people.


Like I have always maintained, anyone that wants to succeed Aregbesola as governor must have his or her own clear cut agenda to build on his already laid foundation of taking our State to a greater height among the comity of States in Nigeria. Condemning Aregbesola’s good works for political reasons will never earn anybody Osun governorship because ordinarily, our people are wiser.


If I will rate or categorize the governorship effort of Honourable Yusuf into a contender, a pretender or a jester, because he is my leader as in a leader of our party who deserves my respect now and always, he is not a pretender and also because he has NOT come out in clear terms with his agenda for the people of Osun, he is not a contender.


So Mr. Deputy Speaker Sir, because your assertion that Osun Infrastructures building are not leading to economic developments is not true, I hereby rule you out of order, I rest my case for now.


Adeboye Adebayo is social and political analyst, a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress, National Publicity Secretary; Asiwaju Grassroots Foundation, AGF, Leader of the Youths and a Raufist to the core.

APC’s Ban On Campaign Stopped Jesters, Noisemakers From Distracting Aregbesola – Adebayo Adeboye

In this interview, Comrade Adeboye Adebayo, a chieftain of the ruling All Progressives Congress APC in the state of Osun and National Publicity Secretary of Asiwaju Grassroots Foundation (AGF), speaks on Governor Rauf Aregbesola achievements, Osun forthcoming governorship election and other sundry issues.



What’s your assessment of Governor Rauf Aregbesola’s administration in Osun State so far?


The Governor has done pretty well in his sojourn as the Governor of the state in the last 81 months or so. He has done a lot in the area of rebranding the state to the state of Omoluabi where everyone sees him or herself as an Omoluabi, displaying the traits of Omoluabi anywhere we find ourselves, we are all conscious of our actions and inactions within and outside state as an embodiment of Omoluabi, we must represent very well. Also in terms of building infrastructure, the Governor has ensured that all the nooks and crannies of the state including rural areas have benefited from one form of road construction, rehabilitation as the case may be. Good schools with serene environment are scattered all over the state with good educational contents for the students and also a balance diet meal per day being given to primary school pupils have indeed raised their mental alertness. Creation of Jobs through OYES programme, 40,000 of hitherto jobless youths are off the street working. Jobs were also created with advent of O’ambulance

Services with which lives are being saved on daily basis especially on our highways and indeed on any emergency calls where lives were involved. There are lots of programme that you also know in Agriculture, Security, Health, Tourism, Sports and many more, the Governor has done greatly well and for me and other citizens, we are fine and very ok with his performances.



Critics of this administration have found a great sin for the government in the areas of half salary and poor education. Do you feel this government should have done better?


There is no doubt every individual will always want to do more in an adventure but availability of resources always hinder us from even performing to our own satisfactions atimes. I don’t understand what you mean by poor education, as far as I know and see, Aregbesola administration has indeed done well in revamping the education sector of the state with obvious results. On the salary issue, I really fault the claims of the critics because we should all be thanking the workforce of the state for showing love and understanding, for their believe that Osun must indeed grow beyond being called a civil service state hence they enter into an agreement with the government through a committee headed by our revered labour leader, Baba Hassan Sunmonu on the modulation of the payment of salaries and other emoluments for workers with clause that the arrangement will always be improving as the money accrued to the state is improving. Do not forget all these that you people are calling half salary is not that half, it is only the most senior civil servants that are collecting half of their pay, the middle cadre collecting 75% of the pay and while the lower cadre collecting the full packages of their pay 100%. So the critics should be reasonable enough to join us in praising Osun workforce for their cooperation with Mr Governor and his team.



The 2018 elections is fast approaching, has key political gladiators in the state to your opinion started building the momentum with sterling agenda for the State? 


Yes we have a lot of political gladiators showing interest but non of them from within and outside the governing party APC has shown his plan on how to constructively take Osun to the next level, I mean building on and continue where Aregbesola will stop after his tenure come 2018, maybe they are waiting for the party to lift ban on the campaign to avoid unnecessary heating up of the polity. Though some of them are serious, some noise makers, some are rabble-rousers and some are just jesters.



Your party, the All progressives Congress APC, recently lifted the ban on campaigns by would be aspirants, do you think it’s right placing a ban in the first place? 


I don’t think the ban has been lifted, has it? Yes it is very right to place the ban in the first place to avoid unnecessary distraction for the incumbent government and also to avoid heating up the polity unnecessarily. Yes it’s damn right.


With the ban lifted, how soon should gladiators swing into action? 


Yes if the ban is lifted I expect the serious ones among the gladiators to swing into actions immediately by telling us their agenda for development, while rabble-rousers will continue rabble-rousing, the noise makers will continue making noise while the jesters will fade away.



Who do you think should be the next Governor of Osun State? 


The next Governor of the State should be God-ordained, he should be a person that fear God and loves humanity. He should also be man of the people not arrogant nor a pretender. He should also be ready to build on what Ogbeni has founded and like Ogbeni, he must believe that power is indeed responsibility and that politics is only useful when it is directed at serving humanity and solving people problems.



Do you also agree to the fact that Osun West Senatorial District is the next in line to produce the next helmsman of the state? 


For me personally, I don’t believe in zoning, I believe in the capacity of the people, I mean individual wherever they come from to bring development, progress and growth to our state. But the party guidelines will state the position of the party on zoning and everyone will abide by it but for me, I don’t like zoning.


Do you see the Peoples Democratic Party as a party that can take over the reins of power from the ruling party? 


No no no, no way. The PDP has done enough damages to the land as a whole and I think Nigerians starting from Ekiti to Osun both in 2018 elections and to the general elections in 2019 will start rejecting them as ever. The party is a disaster and bad omen; you should not be talking about it. God forbids taking over by them, hell no, never.




Between Hon Lasun Yussuff, Alhaji Moshood Adeoti, Alhaji Gboyega Oyetola, Barrister Kunle Adegoke, Hon Sunday Akere who are all card carrying members of the APC, whom do you think the cap fits? 


You want to put me into trouble with this. From the names you mentioned, there is somebody who the cap fits, there is one who the cap is too big for, there is another one who the cap does not fit but other cap will fit his head, there is one who the cap does not fit and there is another one who we cannot try the cap on his head whether it fits or not. We should not try it in my opinion but all I pray God himself in his mercy chooses for us so that we all will not regret after all.



To you, with the current political brigandage between Fatai Diekola, Ajibola Basiru, and Asiwaju Tunde Badmus over who controls Osogbo’s direction in the forthcoming elections mean? 


None of them to me has the capacity to control Osogbo’s direction; they can only control some fraction of the city. However, the generality of Osogbo people who are accommodating, not self-centered, not ingrate will definitely reward Governor Aregbesola with their support and votes come 2018. I know they will definitely go in the direction of Mr. Governor, Osogbo has never had it so good like this, see massive infrastructure development everywhere, recreation centres and other beautiful things and sights. Do not reduce the narratives of Osogbo’s election direction to an individual or group of people but massive good works of the governor in the city will give the said direction and trust Osogbo people, they are not ingrates.



As an experienced politician, do you think Rauf Aregbesola has got the ability to manage the pending political crisis in Osun with the array of gladiators racing for Abere? 


God in his mercy who is the Supreme Being that controls the affairs of the earth will definitely guide him, support him and indeed give him adequate wisdom to manage successfully what you mean by pending political crisis which I am not seeing. I believe Mr. Governor has the ability to manage any crisis politically, so no cause for alarm.



Modulated Salary, Bad economy, Pensioners Untiring Protests and The Hunger in the land, will APC reclaim Osun in 2018?


See all these things you have mentioned are not peculiar to Osun even Ondo, Kogi States are currently discussing modulated salary payment with workers, Benue workers are currently on strike on the issue of salary, ASUU and the Association of Resident Doctors are up in arms against Almighty Federal Government because of salary and emoluments issues so why the hullabaloo is so loud in Osun. Bad economy is a national thing, Osun or Aregbesola does not run economy policy for Nigeria. We have all attested to it including you that the protesting pensioners are political tools in the hands of the opposition as part of their own strategy and so all of these cannot in anyway affect the result of the election after all, all of us including APC members and leaders at all levels are affected by outgoing economic recession. So for Osun 2018, our great party APC will come out victoriously at the poll and the feat will be repeated in 2019 by the special grace of Almighty God.



Are you in support of Youths getting elected into public office?


Yes, why not but we need to prepare ourselves more adequately intellectually and otherwise in terms of weapons not arms or ammunition but all ideals that will enable us to stand and win elections in this country. As a young man, I just lost a well fought local government chairmanship election in Lagos, heaven didn’t fall but great lessons were learnt. So Nigerian youths should not allow the fear of unknown to debar them from taking risk of participating in a contest to a political office in Nigeria, our colleagues are doing that very well in other African Countries and abroad. They say it is good to risk as a young man, if you win, you can lead, if you loose, you can guide. As a matter of fact, I am an advocate of a man Governor & a Youth deputy in this Osun 2018.



In two sentences, describe President Muhammadu Buhari and his government in the last 2 years?


A man who meant well for the good people of Nigeria and willing to change the tide positively but being resisted by evil forces that does not want our country to grow, God will help us to survive.


Source: Citymirror