Students President Appeal to Osun state workers

students mobilizeThe National Association of Osun State Students'(NAOSS) LAUTECH chapter president, Mr. Babatunde Hafeez Olanrewaju hereby appeal to the leadership of the NLC & TUC to reconcile with the state government.

At this point in time we cannot remain watching with grave concern the indefinite strike been embarked upon by the workers in the state.We cannot afford to fold our hands and watch this mindless destruction of the future of our brothers and sisters in affected institutions across the state.

We are aware of the implications which the 18000 minimum wage demanded by workers across board will have on Osun state students,the public waiting for the dividend of democracy and the economy of the state at large.

The executive governor of the state, Mr RAUF said, the monthly allocation from the federation account to the state was in range of 1.8billion totalling 2.1billion. He said the workers will gulp 1.9billion and the state will be left with just 200million which he said is not enough to run the state affairs, the workers should pls be considerate.The Osun state government claimed to have accepted d new minimum wage principle and agree to pay from level 1 to 7 and pend that of 8 to 17 till the finance of the state is improved.

To this effect, the authorities concerned should discuss and negotiate with the leadership of the workers in an atmosphere of utmost honesty.We finally appeal to well meaning Nigerians,religious leaders and opinion leaders to join in appealling to the workers in the state to resolve the conflict between the workers and the state government.Mr RAUF should please be given breathing space,to move our enviable state forward. Aluta continua

16 thoughts on “Students President Appeal to Osun state workers”

  1. who is fooling who?the issue of 18000 thousand naira acrossboard is dose not suppose to bring conflict,even i don’t see anything related to conflict,the NLC and TUC are demanding for their legitimate right,tell AREGBESOLA that he can never rob PETER to pay PAUL,i reserve my comments for now.

  2. Hi Mr president(omo aregbe) i op ur father is farmer? Govt are complain that their is no sufficient money bt they find money to please themselves. U beta tel them to answer this pple

    1. it pains when educated elite sound this way. every Nigerians can never be government workers now when government pay salary with the whole monthly allocation then do they impliment other social service that can join all citien togher, NLC &TUC needs to be considerate and let every body enjoy the devident of democracy we are all Nigerians wether government work or private work.

  3. I am surprise to hear this from SUG President (Omo Aregbe) how much did u collected frm dem?i dont think u av a parent, the money they collected from Fed Govt every month is 3.9Billion naira president tell ur father (GOV) to pay this money or else ………………….. strike continua

  4. I’m a graduate and one day you too will graduate Mr. SUG president. Then I believe you will tell the state government to use part of your salary to feed the masses, although you too might become like the hungry politicians; but I would rather you do not. There is money in this country, tell all these politicians hiring you that they better exhibit Gods’ fear in them or else……….., at least this money is for the masses why should they be telling us that their is no money. When it is time for elections, they will all promise heaven and earth but let them get there,they forget their maker. JUDGEMENT day is coming soon.

  5. pls let us mind what we are going to be writing here because to be the head is not easy.let us support this government for a better tomorrow.

  6. Let thanks our governor for the approver of new 18,000 minimum wage. It not easy to pay the money in this state, there is not enough resources that is bringing income to this state. I don’t know how it would not affect other project. All is well

  7. It is rather sad, to see some of the comments particularly Mr. Idowu damilare and mr. Lanre. dont forget d law says the goverment should pay minimum wage i.e anybody who is paid under 18000 should be brought to minimum of 18000, and not what the union are clamouring for. but the governor in his magnonimity has given them a relativity on their salary.
    . and dont forget we have to carry out development in the state if we want to move forward. The summary of all these is for us all to appeal to workers to return to work. also dont forget the 20000 workers are a fraction of all citizens of osun. we all must make our sacrifices for osun to move forward.

  8. my fellow people don’t let this people deceive us again,they don’t reduce their own salary then why worker?. Dis worker are they not working or they don’t have children and family to feed?,they said the allocation the fedral government are given them is too small,now the fedral government now double their allocation and now they are still 18000 minmum salary, no work.this people want to destroy our life,well, they want us to be illetrate and thief so they can deceive everybody.i stop for now

  9. Raheem from Obatedo Osogbo working in Lagos. Let give thank 2 God and our Gorvernor Aregbesola 4 d minimum wages approved. Both NLC and TUC shoul not pally with FAILED party (PDP) 2 disturb state of living spring’s (OSUN) health, because I RAHEEM is coming to serve it better after gain much experince from LAGOS like Gorvernor Aregbe. Eko o ba je o, Osun o daru o.

  10. Hi mr presido, i dont expect any educated person to say such a word talk less of a student i’m very sure u are speaking for ur belly but not for osun state student.

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