Stop Playing Politics With Our Culture, Monarchs Told

OSUN State traditional rulers have been told to be prepared to contend with the wrath of
the gods of the land if they would not stop playing politics with the arts and culture of their subjects in their respective domains.

The charge forms part of the reaction of the people of the state to the much flaunted Festival of Yoruba Arts and Culture (WOFEYAC) being packaged to re-position the place of the arts and culture of the black people of the Yoruba nation in the world’s cultural collections.

WOFEYAC which has held meetings in some major cities in the south-west of the country is however said to be playing to the gallery of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), the government party in the Yoruba states, save Lagos State.

Fingers are pointing at the party’s tactical hijack of the arts and culture platform to launder the image of the ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo, which sources said, explain why non-partisan but critical traditional rulers, stakeholders and former and serving governors in the south-west have avoided the Yoruba arts and culture festival at the global level.

In a survey conducted by OSUN DEFENDER, the people of the state of Osun took a swipe at the politicization of the arts and culture considered as the heritage of the people, and flayed the philosophy of the organizers of WOFEYAC.

The people decried the various meetings that have been held towards organizing the arts and culture festival, and said “the meetings are put in place to perpetuate the interest of the PDP,” warning that the bank-rolling of the much publicized WOFEYAC by the rattled governor of the state Olagunsoye Oyinlola carries with it the anger of the gods of the land that could be visited on the collaborating partisan traditional rulers.

Meanwhile, arrangements to have this year’s Osun Osogbo festival are in top gear, as the 14–day festivities are billed to take off in the last week of the month.


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