Still on Why Osun Workers Must Call off their Strike…

Dear Editor of Osun Defender, I want us to look at the issues very clearly. There are 20,000 mainstream civil servants in Osun. Osun has a population of about 3.9 million people. By the workers claims, the state gets 3.9 Billion naira every month as total revenue.

Salaries and wages alone take 1.8billion naira, we are not told what goes to pension and gratuities monthly, Overhead; that is the cost of running government etc. Government said outstanding as at June 2011 on gratuities alone was 2.4billion naira but 150million naira is allocated monthly to gratuities while 400million naira is the monthly allocation for pension.

When you add this up you have 2.35billion Naira going to 0.5556% of the population out of 3.5 Billion naira. This means 60.256% 0f the state resources going to less than 1% of the population!

It is simply inccredible! Let us imagine what is required to get portable water to the citizenry, roads, clean environment,health care infrastructure and drugs, education infrastructure and materials, agricultural supports for massive food production, industrialization, sports development, commerce promotion, urban renewal etc. We have not added the cost of the unique youth engagement programme of the state of Osun called OYES; which draws 200million naira monthly as allowances to the 20,000 volonteers who are used for public and social works and services.

Please do not forget the 18.3billion naira loan which Oyinlola took at the twilight of his tenure and for which 615 Million naira was monthly paid until March 2011 when Ogbeni refinanced it with the First Bank and crashed the cost of servicing to about 65million naira monthly. Government is not however saying it will limit permanently the benefit of workers to what it is offering. No, Government says let us have a salaries and wages commission composed of workers representatives, Government and professional consultants that will regularly review revenue and regulate wages without rancour.

Without prejudice, there should not be further acrimony in Osun. 1.2 billion naira already offered the workers is reasonable for the time being. This is 30.77% of the revenue to 0.5556% of the population. When you add pension and gratuities it becomes 44.87%. Subventions to tertiary institutions in the state are not included in this analysis so far. Remember that there are two Polytechnics, two Colleges of education, one College of health technology, one jointly owned University and one solely owned University.

All told we are looking at another monthly commitment of about 800million naira, as subventions. I honestly urge our labour leaders to rethink their hard line and call off the strike. The real truth is that the minimum wage act for all intent and purpose is for the vulnerable junior workers.

Ogbeni has shown considerable commitment to labour and his gesture must be appreciated please. He needs the support of all to raise the IGR of the state from the miserable 300million naira level to an appreciable level that will support the huge financial needs of Ipinle Omoluabi.

Labour activism is required to block all leakages in revenue mobilization. Productivity must improve for wages to meaningfully increase.

By Ifadiya Akinade

48 thoughts on “Still on Why Osun Workers Must Call off their Strike…”

  1. All this na cheap story all i will just advise d governor is to pay d minimum wage for all workers and keep all the stated analysis.Before d governor start d O yes programme what he promised was dt dr salary will be deducted from his security vote,so why d complain at this period of the strike.Mr.Governor…..please pay the money it is now law in nig.

    1. Samuel,And tell Oyinlola to vomit the 18.2billion naira he swallowed. Let us be reasonable for once. How on earth can someone take loan that we will be paying an interest of 605million naira every month? Definately he is mad!

  2. Well, nat every1 is fully acquitance of ds bt i urge mr Gov to generate more internal revenue in order to fufil his promises

  3. Ati oyinlola ati ogbeni aregbe, na God go purnish u people, eyin oloriburuku, oloshi, alainikanse, ole, ole, jaguda. stop lying 2 us acn, stop deceiving us pdp, stop writing rubbish osun defender. in jesus name God wl purnish u all.

  4. that discussion or analysis is for you not ours, all i just know is for you to prove that you are capable of ruling Osun by paying that minimum wages

  5. Ogbeni Aregbe,pls try to find solution to this matter bcos if u continue explain this matter never expect every1 to reasoning with u, then as a muslim ur house is nt settle and u traved to saudi for umrah (S.A.W) not support these…pls dont tanish Islam.

  6. Does he (Ogbeni Raufu) thinks we’r daft in Osun State? To hell wif him &his agenda, he called sum pple thieves,now he is dia we’ll c wot hapen. He shuld sit down in Osun& focus on settling dis rancour wif worker. Oyin’s regime wasnt like dis.

  7. Am just appeal to both govmt and workers to consider d future of d state. Not evrybody understand admnstratn dt is y we lack bhind. After ds, workers shd fight 4 price control instead of d present bone of contentn. Pls, cal off 4 d sake of coming generatn.

  8. My comment goes thus, b4 any 1 should fault gov. 1 should av fact not just criticism. I believe Mr. Gov has did fair/gud 4 d workers compare 2 other States. Let compare we av 36 State in d country @ least if 10 States av started paying d 18,000 over d board then u can fault others. Labour leaders remember death & fear God dnt be biass. Osun adarao… Ede onibajeo…

  9. Every generation out of relative obscurity has a mission,is either to fulfil it or fail it. With due respect SIR MR governor if u like u can fulfil it or fail it. We av heard all ur story but my question still remain dt is it d right time for u to travel? Wen all d pple dt u are leading are suffering. Despite d fact dt u dont av a gud reason for u nt to pay d 18 minimum wages, u still added to ur problem by travel to meka claiming dt u go and worship God wen d pple dt u are leading are suffering. With due respect sir, my advice for u is to think about ur action and ur step. And remember dt d pple dt elected u in, has d power to elect u out wen u did nt answer their prayers. Thanks.

  10. i wl apreciate mr gov 2 urgently meet labour leaders nd setle each oda,by nt been bias osun state can nt pay acros board bt dey want ogbeni 1 on 1,any oda thing its political statement.ondo,oyo,kwara nd ekiti wht dey pay now is nt as gud to wht osun govt ofered(check d fact).lets move ahead.

  11. to be factual wit dere no strike during oyinlola regime and he travelled?i think we shud put personal and sentiment away from dis issue..anyway d development of d state shud be d aim and objective of both ogbeni and workers.if osun is good is good for all of us and its bad its bad for all of us..Lagos is good today not only BRF is living dere i want us to move round d table wit gov and make a negotiation on dis issue.remember good roads,educcation,avoidable water,claen environment and so on will be for all d citizen in d state including workers…osun a dara oooooo

    1. Mr turaya……pls tell me the time when workers were on strike in osun and oyinlola traveled abroad,let say d fact and speak d truth.Stop beating about d bush, take d bull by d horn please……..

  12. Engineer Rauf,may almighty God whom u cal unto when d wicked one want 2 snatch ur mandate and took it bak 4u work&lead u tru out ur regime. Try 2 know dat no mata how human being wil remain dsame. Tak 4 instance d isrealities in scripture(exodus 2/11-15)despite d fact dat moses had passion 4d way Egyptians are affilicting dem and fight 4dem they stil ask him who has made him judge over them. Sir ur victory is certain only be strong and courageous becos I personally know and those of realistic fellow minded dat God himself ordained u 2rule osun,so dnt listen 2 any sambalat&tobiah they cannot do the best but critizising the one who want 2 do.{SHALOM} KOLADE ADEWALE.University of uyo,ossceila orangun std center. Guidance&Counselling dept. 08033750339/08094822528

  13. Let’s ask our self a question what is osun income if labour shd force the gov to pay what the state can’t afford I think we will have our self to blame,bcos the state can decide to implement laws that may be inconvenient, and my fear is that the tuition fee might increase so let put some thing into consideration before it get to late the gov have tried labour pls be lenient

  14. At kolade……..who asked u to put ur number in d comment,no wonder u also want political contract;definitely u will do worst when you get to the post.Cover ur face…………oshisco

  15. Why is Osun state workers use to be the problem of any good governance that imerge in osun???or are dey used to be politically motivated in there actions???I remember during Bisi Akande regime thesame people start d problem of his govt which he remains d most achievable governor osun ever had.i stand to be corrected..Now is Ogeni who is seriously ready to move d state,@least to mention in few in just a 8month he had provided 20k jobs,reduced tertiary tution fees rebrand osun of which he promised more of good things to dis little state but here come an obstacle again…Ogbeni Lord Jesus is with you keep on i want you to know sir,that Akande left b4 dey know is value but we have learn our lesson,we will know your value even more than lagosians know BRF…osun a dara ooooooo.

  16. All comments good, that is diversity in human beings. As for our Governor:
    Always seek guidiance from Allah; No One, I repeat, NO ONE can satisfy human being, afterall the great economists say “Human wants are insatiable”. Do your best and leave the rest. Let posterity judge you. If your focus is meant for 99% of the population out of which almost 79% of them is supported or assisted by1% civil servants, then do the wonder, God will help you. But remember time is fast going o!
    Dear Osun workers, e jebure o!

  17. Consider this suggestion: Propose to the house a 50% cut in the allowances of the Political Office Holders (POH) calling themselves People’s Servants (including you) Sir. In a very transparent way, show the workers and Osun people how you are going to share this among them. If the house refuse to pass the bill because they will be affected, then we will know that our rep. are not there for us! Osun must move forward please! Challenge your commissioners to form a think-tank for your administration or resign!A tree cannot make a forest O! Pls find solution to this crisis!

  18. The Gov,pls Sir the student in every polythenics,colleges of Education is at home,wasting their time and age.pls we need lastly solution it may not be 18,000 for the minimum level but let it be accross the board and the levels.This is what causing obstruction when i interviewed some of the work.They told me loud and clear that mr Rauf approach 4rm only level one to seven.that from Level 8 upward.the stage is nothing to write home about.Going to market cost of materials is high due to minimum wage.

  19. With a due respect sir, ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in the moment of comfort but where if stand in the period of hitch. Philosophical quote, now Ogbeni, it is hightime you showed us how skillful you are; now that d entire state is in state of anomy because of purported issue of minimum wages rocking d whole state.the people are not only soffaring but also kwaring. Please prove ur skill before people will starting cast vote of incompetence!

  20. Uncle Aregbesola! Morning to you Sir… One thing dat I wil like you to understand is that Ogota ogo ota awon workers, owo alaru a pe. It is better you cooperate with the Labour b4 ki everything to da ojuru.

  21. Well, every1 has spoken d way they understood d issue. What i want to say regarding d gov’s ummrah is dat it is a religious rite which he has bn doing over a long tym ago. Wit prayer, all is possible. Concerning minimum wage, osun state is not for workers alone, and not only workers voted 4 him. If minimum wage will make d tuition fees of osun st institutns increased by 500% as experienced during oyinlola’s time, then let give it a rethink. Why is it dat workers strike for salary increment alone, and not for increased schl fees, poor electricity, bad roads et.c. May God guide u through governor of d masses.

  22. gud morn sir,i want to apeal on behaif of naoss to pleas find time to solve dis issue with labour pls all NLC for d sake of d future of d citizen of osun state,future of osun citisen lies on ur hand.our amiable in d name of almight allah pls av mercy on urs,allah will guild you wright to move osun to d higher like BRF in lagos.Jasakumunlahu kaeran.osun adaraaaooooooo odigba

  23. Mr.Gov i beg wt d name of ALLAH d issue of strike is 2oo lng,do al ur possible best 2 adress ds mata,u av bein approach ds issue in 4 wy bt al are futile.Pls!! Let try anoda wy of approach d strike.My own likely suggestn is dt if govmt can pay minim wage across board it wld help mata.tnx

  24. Dear brothers and sisters in Osun State, am not here to plead with you but to advice u to exercise more patience with Gov. Rauf Aregbesola. With his great achievement in Lagos, prove to me that he will sure deliver his people to the promise land. Don’t forget that he inherited deep wound in the government from the previous administrations. Huge debts and poor infrastructure and so on. For him to succeed, he needs the full co-operation of you all. remember your children and future of your state. Is too early to judge him, why not give him an opportunity to prove himself. May Almighty God continue to be with the Governor and the entire good people of osun State. Ameen.




  26. The NLC and others are just bein selfish, it even look very funny to me when I read some peoples comment. You are asking for the payment across the board, you don’t care about the welfear of other peoples in the state. NLC should not be sentimental . Lagos state that get money from alk cardinal points is not paying across the board. Pls save the live of Nigeria Students. Some of this workers are even due to be sacked. They are many at OSUN STATE POLYTECHNIC,IREE.

  27. E TI TE!!!Not even FG is paying across the board so i dont know why osun workers are so stubborn to coperate wit ogbeni..i want all osun people to know dat Poverty Developement Party is d one sponsoring dis pipu to remain adamant and dats how dey did in we remember?.Do we know dat if school fees increases now in d state dis useless pipu will not talk and dey have children among dem oo..anyway dis govt has come to stay noting will stop it..God bless osun.

  28. this governor is a sick bastard. your state is on fire and you are joyriding around the world with the state money. the only reason u will not see a governor in the for a long time is because he is sick. he went to saudi to seek medial attention not for small hajj. why is he not back yet? another yaradua in the making. do you see how lean he was in the picture with mayor of Medina. later i realized King Abdulaziz Hospital and King Fahd Hospital are both in Medina and they are famous for treating people with life treating diseases. someone said he was lean cos of ramadan period, hmmm, give me a break. why ajimobi is not lean? they are both beside the mayor. someone please wake me up when governor aregbesola is back from his fake hajj cos osun is in slumber right now.

  29. People are regrettin for supportin Aregbesola. Osun people voted ACN.. not dat they are fools but they want positive changes. I dnt like oyinlola but he hates strike. Aregbesola is a sign.of big failure to osun. He will surely fall without notice.

  30. @Ajisekola or wats ur name… u are a fool for supporting aregbesola’s idea. eru olosele (politicians’ slave). i can see dat u are enjoying ur rice and 500naira they are giving u. God wil punish u and ur heartless governor

  31. sir for the sake of we student in osun state, solve this problem bcos educational sector at osun is very slow and the l abour them selves should be considrates so as to move osun forward…. I pray God help you also

  32. Let face d reality. This ogbeni rauf can’t offer us anything. Today saudi tomorow india…when is he going to stop this rubbish for God sake. May be dey should swear in her deputy, she can offer us something better than dis

  33. anyody dat mention oyinlola regime shud pls tell us his achievemnt as a gov in osun state…i know dis people who are abusing ogbeni are PDP supporters,and a failure man always look for d failure of others…anyway OSUN A DARA OOOOOOOOOOOOO NO MATTER WHAT U TINK OR SAY,AREGBE AS NEVER BE A FAILURE AND HE WILL NOT BE IN OSUN..always have it in mind dat OSUN A DARA OOOOOOOOOOOOOO..

  34. Let Osun PDP themself probe Olagunsoye 18 billions loan, because 615 millions loan repayment monthly is too small. Pls the loan balance should repay back to Osun account for the staff salaries and other activities.

  35. The problems we have in this state is that,most people don’t try to ask what is exactly going on,i believe in one thing if you are on your right, then you don’t need to ask for bribe,but most follower don’t know anything,is only what they put in there mind is what they broadcast outside.My advice to the government is to let the people of the state know what exactly happen,because if government put all money to the salary alone,what would be the benefit of those are not work in civil service?am very sure that ignorance people is going to abuse me for the message through there own comment but i don’t care

  36. some people said that they regret putting Aregbesola is government,the Yoruba people use to say something: Enu olokunrun ni o fi pe iku fun not a politician,during this Aregbe regime by the special grace of God i will build my own hose and get a new car,in sort new…new thing wil happen in my life

  37. during anybody’s regime those that want to do good will do good, its not about what you confess ( thats a different title, maybe for positive thinking class) .but word in town is that all major contractors and consultants and what have you are all from lagos so osun’s money is goin to lagos once they get paid. even non-resident govt officials with out of state accounts move money out of the state. what it means is that the money that is supposed to be circulating within the state is all going out and the grassroot will suffer cos they really depend on it. i dont want to go into economics here. but for the effect of major payment being paid to out of state people who wont spend in our local market or give aid to local people, you have to go to markets and SMEs and ask what their turnover has been recently. dont forget that this forum is not only for ACN and PDP, ,, ACCORD is here, LABOR is here and those of us wey no get time are also here.

  38. Pls,Governor remember we student are nt enjoyin our study in osun nd we are suffering 4 gud four mnth now.pls do something remember ur children are enjoyin d best education,y will ours be difficult.pls find an evalastin solution to this strike,we trust on u Acn.pls

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