Stephanie Okotie Reacts, Blames Chris and reverts to maiden name Henshaw

Although divorce or separation is not honorable to women, since the marital blessing between Chris Okotie and Stephanie has lost its efficacy, many unwholesome tales have trailed their separation.

What transpired since the funky Pastor of Household of God Church announced that separation, which he said was due to irreconciliable differences, has further dented the image of the perennial presidential candidate. PPP gathered that few days after the separation, gorgeous Stephanie reverted back to her maiden name, Henshaw.

She also allegedly posted on her facebook wall; “Twenty years I have known a man, 15 years we have been the closest friends. I prepared all his meals for 10 years, including the four years we were married. The day I was asked to leave, I prepared his meal, served it and left.

“For the four years, he never fell ill, but today I am called all sorts of names-a witch and a mermaid. I have served Jesus with clean hands and a clean heart. I have loved all that has come my way and if I do not live through this pain and hurt, as sure as Jesus lives, my children will see my vindication.”