State Of The Roads In Osun

In the maladministration gone mad that is Osun State , wonders never end. To say that Osun State has never had it so bad, is to understate the case. ‘Calamity Oyinlola’ has proved beyond any iota of doubt that he is the past master in how not to govern a state.

The complete collapse of Osun State’s infrastructure is in itself a wonder to behold. The collapse is total, ‘school buildings’ that are inhospitable, hospitals that are malfunctioning and so forth. These are terrible times for the long suffering citizens of Osun State. Going through the pictures of dilapidated classrooms and collapsing roofs and buildings carried in this newspaper on the 3rd of September, 2008 , reveals just how callous the Oyinlola administration is. It is all very convenient for Oyinlola and his kleptocracy. They can put their own children in private schools or send them abroad. Presumably, the rest of the population can go hang.

If the pathetic state of the educational infrastructure scares some people, how will they react to the state of the roads? The state of Osun State roads simply beggars belief. Death traps and not roads will be a more sensible description. In a developed democratic polity, the Osun State Government will by now have been deluged with a barrage of ‘class-action’ law suits by accident victims. The constant frolicking by Oyinlola’s do-nothing administration means that the alarming number of accidents do not mean anything to this insensitive do nothing government.

All the township roads are in a pathetic state of disrepair. Pictures of the state of the roads in major townships such as Osogbo, Ile-Ife, Iwo , Igbajo, and so forth tell the same story. Oyinlola’s maladministration certainly does not think that any sort of social contract exists between it and the people of the state. This might have something to do with Oyinlola’s lack of electoral legitimacy. It has everything to do with the impostor governor’s lack of preparation for office. Learning on the job in such a serious post is always self-defeating. Given Oyinlola’s previous disastrous outing in Lagos State, we can see that the man simply does not have the intellectual preparation, let alone the administrative acumen for office.

It is unfortunate that all this is happening at a time when the state’s coffers are very buoyant. Subvention from the federation account has made the state very comfortable. If Oyinlola doesn’t have the wherewithal in terms of initiative to beef up Internally Generated Revenue (IGR), at least, he can drink from the federation account. He has certainly been milking the state dry, but he is clearly impervious to creative thinking otherwise, there are proving viable options to use infrastructural development. When he was governor of Lagos State , Alhaji Lateef Jakande initiated and used the direct labour agency to good effect. The intervention of the agency helped to create a cost-effective mechanism for infrastructural development while also creating much needed employment. Oyinlola does not have to re-invent the wheel he only has to dust up the books and look at what Jakande had done in the past.

In addition, today, we have new initiatives in terms of the creative use of public-private partnerships as a tool for infrastructural development. Lagos State and some other states such as Akwa Ibom are exploring this new area. Certainly, the legitimate governor-in-waiting, Engineer Rauf Aregbesola would have repeated the can-do attitude he brought into infrastructural development in Lagos State. It is a shame that Aregbesola is not there already with the magic wand. Oyinlola does not have the focus, the inclination or the capacity for sustained hard work needed to fix the crumbling infrastructure of Osun State . The sooner he gets out and let someone with a mission blessed with a vision take over, the better for Osun State.