State Of Roads In Osun

FIRST and foremost, let me express my profound gratitude on behalf of the down-trodden masses of Osun State, for championing our course in the content of your fast-rising newspaper.

As we groan daily under the jack-boot of Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola and his Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) collaborators, your medium has been serving our source of hope for a better tomorrow. For this wonderful role, once again, let me say thank you.

However, kindly permit me to air my view on the state of roads in the state, since the unfortunate inception of Oyinlola-led administration in 2003. I make bold to say that Osun State had never had it this bad, even when men of Oyinlola’s professional colleagues, the military were at the helm of affairs.

Since the unfortunate misadventure of the PDP under Oyinlola into governance of the state, state infrastructure and social amenities have virtually broken down, while the government of the day has no tenable explanation on how billions of naira accruing into the state treasury found its way into private pockets.

Worst-hit of the PDP mis-rules in the state is the road network, which has become more of death traps with each passing day.

Across the length and breadth of the state, the abound roads on which millions of tax-payers’ money have been expended without any commensurate quality of job done on them.

Since 2003, the embattled Oyinlola administration has spent more on road construction and rehabilitation through numerous contractors, who have eventually been found to be ordinary conduit pipes through which money is illegally siphoned into private pockets.

The sad aspect of the road works lies in the fact that no sooner are these roads constructed or rehabilitated than they started showing signs of getting deplorable, thereby rendering money spent on them useless.

A clear case of such waste of tax-payers’ money is the timeless dualisation of Osogbo-Akoda road project that was initially billed to have been completed within a period of nine months since 2004. Four years later, the road project is still very far from being completed.

Another case of clear waste of money is the popular Osogbo-Iwo Road on which over six hundred million naira had been expended for rehabilitation. The road has become sudden night-mare for motorists plying the road in view of its deplorable state.

I therefore call on the state government to act promptly on these roads to make them motorable.

•OLADIMEJI KUNLE, Alekuwodo, Osogbo, Osun Sta2008/12/roadnetwork1.jpgte.

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