Stalled Development In Osun

To say that the imposition of a do-nothing Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) administration on Osun State has been a calamity is to state the obvious. The opportunity cost has been unacceptably high. Indolence best personified by the helmsman, Olagunsoye Oyinlola has led to a loss of opportunity for greater investments in schools, healthcare, roads, social and community development and so forth.

To buttress what is a well accepted truism, an NGO, the Peoples Welfare League (PWL) has lamented the state of underdevelopment in Osun State. A spokesman for the NGO, Mr. Biodun Agboola succinctly stated this as he decried the poor state of infrastructural facilities in the state, saying that “the essence of creating the state has been negated.” Very well stated.

The state government has simply gone to sleep, while every aspect of economic development and social enterprise is in an alarming state of decay.

This cannot be entirely surprising. The PDP had neither a mass support base nor any discernible programme of social and economic regeneration when they muzzled their way into power. Indolence, sloth, high living and cavorting with those of easy virtues had hardly helped. The overall lack of focus based on the absence of even a rudimentary programme of action has left the state comatose. ‘Politics’ has now replaced administration as the sole purpose of governance.

To make matters worse is the insufferable posturing of the ‘governor’, the remarkably indolent Olagunsoye Oyinlola. It is a well stated truism that when the fish is about to spoil the rot starts from the head. Not much is to be expected from the fun-loving retired brigadier-general.

Morning, after all harbingers the day. In his days as governor of Lagos State, he simply made a mess of the job. Now, if the fellow cannot get his act together in superlatively endowed Lagos, what is he supposed to do in poor Osun State? By the time he left, Lagosians had no option than to heave a collective sigh of relief at the departure of the worst administrator in the history of the state.

The problem, of course, is that Oyinlola simply does not have a rudimentary grasp of what administration entails. This is strange, for afterall, the man rose to become a brigadier-general in an admittedly derailed Nigerian Army. The avatar, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, once said that it takes the deep to call upon the deep. This is true. This is why Oyinlola cannot assemble a sensible team. Lacking both intellectual depth and resources, he cannot but surround himself with loafers, the indolents and the opportunists.

Even with a programme the team presently assembled cannot possibly impart good governance on the state.

What we are seeing in Osun State is a tragedy. The lives of millions of people are being toyed with. So are the prospects of another generation. In the last ‘election’, the good long-suffering people of the state were denied the right to vote in the candidate of their choice.

That candidate being, the superbly prepared Engr. Rauf Aregbesola campaigned on the basis of a meticulously prepared programme and the people warmed up to it. There was great expectation in the air. For like his counterpart, Dr. Fayemi in Ekiti State, Aregbesola knew that a sensible diagnosis should precede treatment. The duo represent a throwback to an earlier glorious period. An epoch when programmes and manifestoes mattered. A period when the welfare of the people was the main reason for political activity and involvement. It was that golden era which produced the ‘can-do’ governments of the fifties and sixties and the effective governors of the LOOBO states between 1979 and 1983.

We can still recreate that era. To do so will mean that the sanctity of the ballot box must be respected. This is for a reason. It is not likely that the people will entrust a mandate to the incompetent and ill-prepared. The electorate have an instinctive feel as to what is good for them. To get Osun State out of the rot it is stuck in, a period of seriousness as well as circumspection is called for. The state needs a man with plan who is blessed with a vision. Engr. Rauf Aregbesola is such a man. He will, without an iota of doubt, move Osun State. He has demonstrated in previous assignments an enviable tenacity of purpose as well as the capacity for hardwork.

The people of Osun state have every reason to demand that the mandate which they freely gave to Aregbesola should be restored to him. They cannot with a sensible solid alternative to misgovernance and maladministration continue to suffer misrule and incompetence.

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