SPL Chief Welcomes New TV Deals

Scottish Premier League chief executive Neil Doncaster believes their latest television deal with ESPN and Sky proves Scottish football is a product worth investing in even in a difficult economic climate.

The SPL announced on Monday they have agreed “substantially improved terms’’ with the broadcasters in a deal which takes effect from the start of next season and runs until 2017.

Doncaster is pleased the new deal will offer some extra financial stability to their 12 top-flight clubs for the next five years.“It’s nice to talk about some good news stories in Scottish football,” he said. “It’s not often the case that we are here to do that but we are and that’s great news. It’s the financial stability that our clubs are crying out for.

“To have Sky and ESPN contracted for five years from 2012 gives our clubs the stability in a difficult economic climate and to plan for the future. It’s a new five-year deal from 2012 to 2017.

“It’s still the same 60 live games that ESPN and Sky show at present but it’s improved terms. It’s substantially improved terms financially.

“I can’t give the precise details as to what the deal is worth but there will be more money coming into the SPL as a result of the deal. It’s greatly encouraging and I think it shows the real confidence that exists, that Sky and ESPN have in Scottish football. It’s real testament to the work that our clubs are continuing to put in.’’

Doncaster also expects the announcement to boost the SPL’s search for a new title sponsor, after confirming less than two weeks ago that Clydesdale Bank will end their current sponsorship at the end of the 2012-13 campaign.

He said: “It’s vital to have a robust broadcast partner announced before you start the search for a new title sponsor. The timing is not of our choosing but the reality is, with Clydesdale Bank having made their decision, this puts us in a really good position to go to the market.
“It’s only been a couple of days.

The search starts now. To start the search on the back of a robust new contract with Sky and ESPN is the best possible way to do that.’’
Viewing figures have increased by 28% over the course of the current contract.

And Jeroen Oerlemans, vice-president and channel manager at ESPN Europe, Africa and Middle East, sees no reason why the popularity of Scottish football cannot continue.

“The SPL teams in general are very popular. It’s the same with Celtic in the Europa League, there’s a similar trend,” he said. “There is no real reason why that should diminish.

We think that the SPL is a fantastic property for us. The game in Scotland is becoming increasingly popular and ratings have gone up significantly.

“We are pleased to extend our deal with the SPL and really happy to continue providing a product for our Scottish brothers and sisters. We’re not going to say anything on the figures involved but it reflects positively on the increased value of the game. Everyone was very pleased with what was on the table.’’