Soyinka @80: Why I’m not afraid of death – Wole Soyinka

wole -soyinka

wole -soyinka
One of the most admired and respected Nigerians, Nobel laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka turned 80 today (Sunday), July 13, 2014. Reflecting on his life at the 80, Soyinka in a recent interview spoke about his upbringing, death, life after death, religion and a host of other topics. According to the nobel laureate, he is not afraid of death as it is no respecter of anybody.

Watch the full interview below:

He also said he does not believe in life after death.

When asked his religion, whether he is an atheist or traditionilist, he said believes all religions are equal as long as they serve humanity. Yesterday, in Abeokuta, Ogun State capital, a birthday lecture was organised by the National Association of Seadogs (NAS) in honour of Soyinka. Congratulating Soyinka on his 80th birthday, President Goodluck Jonathan, in a statement signed by his Special Adviser Reuben Abati, applauded the octogenarian for his dedication and commitment not only for the sake of arts, but also for the promotion of democratic principles.

The poet, novelist and playwright who is known for his harsh critic of military, corrupt or inept governments, has around 30 published works to his name, most of which satirise Nigerian society.


4 thoughts on “Soyinka @80: Why I’m not afraid of death – Wole Soyinka”

  1. Wole Soyinka is one rare person that God has used to showcase the impact of Yoruba cultural values. Soyinka’s works incorporate valuable Yoruba cultural ideas to transmit important messages to the entire world.

    Unlike many people that say one thing but do the opposite, Soyinka has lived a life full of many great examples. He towers above the greediness that makes many people lose their credibility.

    At 80, as Baba Soyinka rejoices, every rational person, irrespective of his or her irrational hatred for him, should realize that the giant has done more for the country than many of those who take the centre-stage of affairs at the national level in Nigeria. Soyinka is local, national, and international, and he remains credible every second. This has been so for decades.

    As Yoruba would say, Baba, have this from me: “Agba yin a dale! Ajinde ara yoo maa je. Ibi a foke si la o maa boke o! Kokoko ni t’Ogun agbede!.” Congratulation on your birthday, Professor Soyinka!

    1. Mr. Bayo, well said. Prof Wole Soyinka has done his service to humanity. He is an embodiment of truth, justice and integrity. He has been on this journey for decades and would continue until his last breath.

      Prof agba yin o ni baje o. Awa naa a dagba to yin. Nigeria ko nibaje nigba tiwa o.
      Bayo , O to ojo meta o. Se Alafia ni owa aburo mi. I am visiting Dallas from Nigeria. I will soon be heading home soon. My email [email protected]

    1. Dr. Why, there is little or no difference between the Yoruba concept of life after death and the one Islam mentions. Those who do evil will receive their punishment and those who do good deeds will be rewarded. Here is a Yoruba song that echoes it:

      Bee de bode,
      E o rojo.”


      “At the point of exit,
      You will give account of your deeds,
      And get what you deserve.”

      Soyinka might have read about Islam. He is not ignorant like many people who use one eye instead of two to examine situations.

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