Six Years On: My Pact With The People Of Osun State, By Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola

On September 1886 at a camp between Okemesi and Igbajo, the armistice ending the twenty year civil war in Yoruba Land (KIRIJI), our Obas, Generals and Leaders pledged themselves to the pursuit of PEACE, PROGRESS and PROSPERITY among the children of Oduduwa. This grace we enjoyed till about 1962 when the Western House of Assembly was sacked and…”
November 29, 2016 12:54 pm

On September 1886 at a camp between Okemesi and Igbajo, the armistice ending the twenty year civil war in Yoruba Land (KIRIJI), our Obas, Generals and Leaders pledged themselves to the pursuit of PEACE, PROGRESS and PROSPERITY among the children of Oduduwa.

This grace we enjoyed till about 1962 when the Western House of Assembly was sacked and the Federalism which gave the Yoruba room to pursue the promise of KIRIJI was terminated in all but name.

The end result is that today as we approach the 2007 general elections, peace, progress and prosperity can no longer be taken for granted amongst us. There is imminent fear of
(1) Political disenfranchisement
(2) Economic Stagnation
(3) Socio- Psychological Insecurity

The above are the reasons I have decided to run for the Office of Governor in the heartland of the living spring-OSUN STATE.

What I offer you therefore can be termed Government Unusual- a Government totally committed to unlocking the latent potentials in our people, a phenomenon unknown in Southwest Nigeria since the glorious days of Chief Obafemi Awolowo.

What obtains today is a ruling class tainted with greed, avarice, ineptitude and barefaced terrorism while our people continue to languish in hunger, insecurity, disease and squalor.

My mission and ambition are to restore to the people, a state of peace, and opportunity for progress and room for the pursuit of prosperity in our time under a people friendly government I give you Six-Point Integral Action Plan, to the intent that they constitute my articles of faith concerning which I want to be held accountable at any time during my stewardship
Banish Poverty
Banish Hunger
Banish Unemployment (Create work/wealth)
Restore Healthy living
Promote Functional Education
Enhance Communal Peace and Progress

Vision: To make Osogbo the second hub in international trade in goods and commodities in the Southwest.

Osun people’s natural affinity for commerce has been dampened over the years by unfriendly and unfocused economic policies of government thereby popularising poverty amongst a people, who are naturally hardworking, industrious and adventurous.

Our purposeful government of AC shall revitalise commerce and restore wealth back to the land through:
• Market friendly policies that will revive the customary activities in Osogbo and other towns in Osun
• Promotion and support of activities focused on wealth creation for our people
• Transformation of Osogbo into an International market where good will be procured at prices comparable to any other part of West Africa

I shall increase the internally generated revenue of the state and also improve in mileage on every kobo accruing to the state by;
• Ensuring real time on line access to actual position of the state finances to prevent misuse and other forms of abuse by receiving agencies
• Reducing leakages in the tax collection and administration process
• Running a transparent and accountable government, ensuring prudent management of the state’s resources
• Ensuring that the funds of the state are used for developmental purposes
• Create viable Public/Private sector partnerships to jump start the economy
• Our overall goal is to reduce dependence on federal allocation as a means of funding the government

Vision: Our government shall banish hunger in Osun and enhance wealth through massive increase in food production and agriculture.

Every farmer shall sell his products and be prosperous. The labour of the farmer shall no longer be in vain because we shall provide assistance and support to farmers in finding and exploiting profitable markets for their goods.

We don not presently grow enough food in Osun to feed us round the year and this should concern a government that cares for its people.

Our government shall support farmers to attain increase in food production, better storage and delivery. We shall provide assistance to farmers in exploiting profitable markets and markets opportunities for their products.

To maximize the benefits of resultant massive increase in food production, we shall improve
• Access roads and general transportation to even the most areas of the state
• Storage process and capacity
• Processing of agricultural produce
• Rural electricity and water supply

• Encourage production of cash crops which can enhance farmer’s income and provide basis for an effective agro-industrial society in Osun State
• Specifically to vigorously develop extensive farming in palm trees to create a fully integrated oil palm processing industry
• To target an capture minimum of 10% of the multibillion naira per day food market of neighbouring states
• Support cooperative efforts of farmers
• Be a catalyst to the development and promotion of micro, small and medium enterprises that will exploit available raw materials
• Set up price support scheme for farmers through commodity exchange board

No job loss, more jobs.

Osun people are peaceful, dignified and hardworking people who desire and deserve gainful employment for their children and themselves. Rather than policies that will create employment and wealth for the people, the policies of the PDP government in place serve to enrich a few at the expense of the majority of our people.

As part of our GOVERNMENT UNUSUAL programme, I Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola make a Pact with you the good people of Osun State, in the presence and by the grace of God Almighty that our government shall create immediate Employment for 20,000 people within our 100 days in Office.

5,000 of these places shall be reserved for those who were retrenched and are still willing and able to work.

As a people-friendly government, our policies shall help to
• Create economic environment that ensures availability of jobs for all Osun Indigenes
• Establish one LIFE ACADEMY in each of the three Senatorial Districts for the building of life skills in out of schools youngsters as well as adults seeking alternative competencies
• Promote labour exchange centres to facilitate employment of graduates from our Life Academies

There is the need for a civil service reform that will not lead to any loss of jobs as I Rauf Aregbesola do not believe in laying people off in the name of reforms.

Our reform will make the work environment more conducive, stimulating and development oriented.

Bonuses, incentives and regular awards shall be instituted to promote a culture of excellence in the civil service along with prompt payment of salaries, allowances, leave bonuses and year end performance bonuses.

Promotions and comprehensive salary reviews and increases shall be regular Internal and external training, work exchange programmes and overseas training shall be actively reinstituted for comprehensive human development in the civil service.

New Tutor General / Permanent Secretary Cadre shall be created for Teachers in new education districts for better school administration.

We shall institute Home Ownership Scheme for public servants and also support and encourage their backyard food production business ventures.

We shall do a comprehensive review of civil service names and conventions as part of our efforts to create a people friendly civil service.

Appropriate nomenclature will enhance accountability and promote public access to the services of the ministry. A citizen with a complaint on blockage of drainage will find a Ministry for Roads and Drainages easier to identify with than Ministry of Works, a Ministry of Human Resources and Development will more appropriately communicate its services than a Ministry of Establishment.

Vision: Tourist’s cradle in Africa
Osun State is the cradle of Yoruba people and our rich culture; the opportunities for wealth creation in Osun State through tourism have been underexploited. We shall:
• Develop Osun State tourism potentials to its fullest to promote employment and wealth among people of the state
• Encourage development of Yoruba museum and World Heritage Centre at Ile-Ife
• Encourage programmes that nurture and promote arts and talent.
• Enhance the image of traditional rulers and institutions
• Mobilize our traditional rulers to showcase the state’s tourism potentials to Yoruba in the diasporas (eg Brazil Cuba and West Indies)

Vision: Roads to and in all towns and villages in Osun. Road construction and maintenance shall be used to generate employment for Osun State Indigenes
• Community-based road maintenance units will be established to ensure timely repairs and reduce overall maintenance costs
• Development and regular maintenance of urban and rural roads to get top priority
• Access roads to evacuate agricultural produce shall be constantly improved and expanded
• Create partnerships with the private sector on road development and provision of infrastructure.

We shall produce a transport master plan to provide direction for development of the sector The safety of the lives of Osun indigenes is of great concern to us. We shall
• Reduce to the barest minimum, road traffic accidents within 6 months on all roads starting with Federal roads
• Create a motorised division of the Osun troopers to patrol roads to prevent accidents on the highways and organise rescue and recovery operations

Europe, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and now China have made life for their people permanently comfortable through innovation, research and development, thrift and hardwork.

We Africans but especially people of Osun State are thrifty ( a ki se oni nakuna) and hardworking (ati agbe atonise owo lo la imele si aid anile Yoruba) but we have been backward in looking forward We have not been innovative enough, we have not invested in research and we have not developed the fruits of innovation and research. In other words we remain backward, poor unscientific and losers (eni igbehin) among the family of nations.

It is a matter of concern that our leaders do not care or worry enough about these issues.

I care and am deeply concerned. As your new Governor by God’s grace through your votes, I rauf Aregbesola will do everything possible to:
• Create awareness and dissatisfaction among all in Osun State about our position among the world’s people and the need to move up the ladder of human ascent and development away from permanent and persistent poverty
• Ensure that ideas with original creativity are tapped for the enrichment of all
• Give real importance to education with skills development so that we can make what we need and become more competitive in the world as a people by creating skills and development centres in Osun State
• In these centres we shall teach men and women to think with their hands, sharpen our already proven entrepreneurial skills and stop Nigeria from importing:-

I shall turn Osun State into a creative agro-industrial zone God willing.

Key to banishing unemployment permanently anywhere is promoting conducive atmosphere for manufacturing and production. Our Government shall:
• Develop integrated industrial estates for mini, micro and large manufacturing enterprises in the three senatorial zones of Osun State
• Provide the estates with infrastructural facilities that reduce the cost of setting up industries (roads, electricity, water, telecommunications)
• Provide incentives targeted at attracting manufacturers /investors
• Develop skilled personnel through our Life Academies, Universities and Colleges to service specialized industrial and manufacturing needs

Vision: To work to save our people from all avoidable deaths due to accidents, emergencies, poverty and inadequate facilities.

To achieve this for all and particularly our children and senior citizens, we shall:
• Provide effective and available health care for all
• Provide efficient accident and emergency ambulance service
• Provide primary health clinics within 10 kilometres radius of every Osun town, with special attention to the needs of children, women and the elderly
• Provide functional general hospitals within 20 kilometre radius of human habitation
• Provide referral hospitals within 30 kilometre radius of human settlement
• Establish free blood pressure checks in conjunction with private organisations at every local government office
• Undertake special programmes for the upgrading, retaining and working comfort for all health personnel
• Encourage and nurture alternative medical therapy. Free treatment for malaria to children below age 18 and senior citizens (60+).

Vision: to embrace current scientific methods in controlling the generation of waste and the conversion of waste- to- wealth.

The state of the environment especially waste generation, management and the embarrassing filth in our communities demands special attention. The AC government shall:
• Encourage all houses in Osun State to have a modern and affordable toilet facilities through a special scheme
• Provide private sector driven waste management and beautification schemes to rid our communities of filth which threaten public health
• Beautification of town centres as starting point of urban renewal.

Work with the private sector to establish appropriate waste-to-wealth projects under a composite waste management policy.

Vision: Water for all in the State of the Living Spring.

It is a painful regret that most cities in Osun do not have potable water running at any time and Osun is the State of the Living Spring!

Our Government will do everything possible to bring potable water to all parts of Osun State and correct this anomaly.

All abandoned water schemes shall be reactivated and seedily completed.

Our AC Government shall
• Help Osun indigenes realise their dream of house ownership or rehabilitation of failing structures through deliberate programmes that improve their income earning capacity
• Support mortgage schemes that make house ownership pocket friendly.
• Actively support research and development on the use of local materials to force down building costs.

Electricity for all shall be the creed of AC Government in OSUN. We shall:
• Ensure that electric energy is available in the State for domestic, commercial and industrial activities.
• We shall endeavour to provide electricity to all villages, hamlets and farm settlements in the State.
• Private sector-led power agencies shall be encouraged to set-up energy station in the state.

Security of lives and properties are of paramount importance to us.
Our Government shall:
• Have special programmes for the police and neighbourhood security outfits
• Provide special allowance to all security agents deployed to Osun State and enhance their operational facilities for efficiency
• Respond to the operational needs of security agents through provision of mobility, communication gadgets, protective gears and conducive working environment.

We shall improve capacity of fore services to respond to emergencies.

Our Government will promote physical exercises as a deliberate policy which will form a crucial aspect of our healthy-living programme. This is in keeping with the adage that a sound mind only resides in a sound body.

Vision: Eradicate the frustration of youths caused by education that does not lead to employment.

To achieve this, the government of AC under Rauf Aregbesola shall:
• Provide free education at all levels in Osun State focus on functional education. Education that makes one useful to himself and society.
• Improve incentives to teachers and work with the nut to restore the dignity of the teaching profession. Restructure administration of school management and create Tutor Generals (Permanent Secretary Cadre) from amongst head teachers in three educational districts which we will establish.
• Fix all collapsed educational infrastructures in all the schools.
• Support with modern teaching aids and well-stocked libraries.
• Ensure cooperation with parents and teachers to improve discipline and morality.
• Introduce non-partisan community based governing boards for all schools.
• Reduce number of students per classroom immediately.
• Introduce home development plans for teachers who wish to build houses in their home towns, through access to special mortgage packages.
• Promote mass adult literacy and numeracy programmes.
• Promote and support special programmes that give special attention to education of girls and women.
• Establish institutions that impart life-long skills for all, in and out of formal schooling.

• I am committed to ensuring that an Osun State University takes off on a sound footing and becomes a first class institution with linkages to renowned universities in the developed world.
• I will make every tertiary in Osun State an independent degree- awarding one.
• Encourage use of services of retired, but not tired dons and administrators, from reputable institutions.

Vision: To restore the bond of trust between the Governor and the governed.

Over time, people have disconnected from government because those in authority have not shown enough concern about their welfare or actively engaged them in formulating policies that affect them.

Our Government shall restore partnership between government and the people through:

Osun State is blessed with a large pool of elderly folks who are invariably well educated, have enjoyed successful careers, travelled widely in the world, but are currently reduced to irrelevance in the society.

Our Government will support the formation of non partisan community based sages councils, capable of providing guidance in management, moral and ethical development in our society Our Government will seek elders’ guidance and advice as inputs to our policy formation and implementation. Government will support the senior citizens and help in their management of socio economic problems peculiar to the group (pensions, health, education).

People age 30 and below constitute the majority of our population but unfortunately are often frustrated and unfulfilled as a consequence of intolerable social and economic policies Our AC Government shall support the creation of non partisan community-based youth councils to provide a platform for them to articulate and work out solutions to various problems confronting them.

Our Government will encourage cross fertilisation of ideas between the Sages and Youth Councils through creation of physical facilities for sporting and related activities We shall reinstate the abandoned ‘boys and girls clubs’ and name them Omoluabi Boys and Girls Club to perform roles similar to boys and girls scouts, boys brigade and more.

An attribute of good governance is to promote justice, equity and fair play amongst citizens of the state.

Government of AC will ensure speedy access to justice by all individuals in Osun State, by reforming the courts system and procedural rules, introducing alternative dispute resolution (ADR) mechanisms and free legal services.

To complement these AC government shall improve welfare packages of Judicial Officers and upgrade courts with modern IT and communications facilities.

Our Government will restructure OSBC to:
Ensure its professionals are motivated and continuously trained for competency.
Provide digital equipment and infrastructure upgrade to conform to international best practices in broadcasting.
Exploit its tourism promotional capacity and capability.

Consumers deserve to have the best goods and services at the best price and not have to pay more for goods and services than their counterparts in other parts of the world.

Our government shall support the establishment of a Consumer watch agency and also cooperate with organisations that have similar objectives of protecting our people from unfair business practices.

In all the above and above all these I intend to run a people-friendly government, a government of the people, by the people FOR THE PEOPLE. A GOVERNMENT UNUSUAL in this land Infrastructures and facilities for reaching, advising, guiding, warning me will be given constant nurture.

Your vote is what will make me Governor on the 14th April under God’s guidance.

Outside these, I have no rigging machinery and will strongly appeal to you all Osun voters to fight and defend your votes.

Do not sell your votes and our future to a money bag or vote people who do not care enough about our future as I passionately do.

If you let them buy your vote or deceive you to vote for them, you will have locked us all up for the next four years of poverty, confusion and insecurity.

Give your vote to me Rauf because I am entering into a pact with each and all of you as your read this, that I and my colleagues shall work in all honesty, tirelessly to bring marked improvements to your life.

A part of this pact you will be able to see in 2011 that your children are better educated and have jobs, farmers, artisans, traders are more prosperous, general quality of health has improved and you are no longer afraid to go to the hospital.

Osun will again be producing food enough for its people.

Through my Government Unusual, I shall work with and for you to create wealth through our toil as our father and mothers did to make us prosperous until 1962.

Only you and I can bring change through new ideas and work.

Oluwa Olorun a ti wa lehin
Oodua a fun wa se
Eje ka le ise wogbo
Ka le osi sonu
Kaiye dara fun wa t’omo t’omo

On 14th April, please use your vote to make me Governor. Sweep the Government of Poverty away from Osun and with God Almighty on my side I shall put smile on your faces.

This is my pledge my PACT with all you people of Osun State.
Eje ki a see bi won sen se e
Ki oba a le e rib o se nri


Download the document here: my-pact-with-the-people-of-osun-state-english-version

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