Senator Yerima divorces 17year old Egyptian wife, marries another 15yr old

Sen. Yerima

Former Zamfara state governor and serving senator of the federal republic of Nigeria, Sen. Ahmed Yerima,divorced 14 year old Egyptian girl named Marian after three years of marriage and marry a new wife.

The reports says


, Sen.Yerima and four men, said to be members of the Zamfara State House of Assembly were in Egypt a few weeks ago for the wedding fathia of a new bride said to be 15 years old.

Marian who is now 17 and a mother of one, is believed to be the daughter of the former governor’s driver whenever he visits Egypt. The reason he divorced her is to enable him take a new wife as he’s not allowed more than four wives.

The Senator is alleged to have married and divorced a few women in the last few years but has never changed his first three wives, only the fourth ones.

Sen. Ahmed Yerima this year was strongly against the deletion of the section of the 1999 constitution which pegged the official marriage age in Nigeria as 18 year, saying it was anti-Islam.

34 thoughts on “Senator Yerima divorces 17year old Egyptian wife, marries another 15yr old”

    1. may God help him.He is unaware of his bad actions especially towards these girls and same curse might follow his daughters if he doest change.

  1. Women has now become clothes, change then after two or three years for new ones! These are the people who make mockery of Islam. Rather, it’s a cultural thing, and definitely, not religion. Hopefully, he’s sending them back to school after marrying them. The Egyptian should ban Yerima from exploiting their girls.

  2. yerima is simply a paedophile. He should stop making excuses in the name of religion. its a shame embarrassing the country for his sexual urges

      1. By 1930, early marriage was encouraged because of the low life expectancy experienced then. People especially women did not live long as a result of several diseases that could not be cured simply by a visit to the hospital. Many died from tuberculosis, malaria, birth defects, tetanus etc. You can’t compare it to this modern day. Even developed countries like Australia, Norway etc practiced child marriage but have banned it. There is no reason for child marriage now.

  3. Yerima is nt a rational human. Hw can someone divorced his wife bcos he wants 2 take another one. Dis is stupidity & unislamic. Dis act is hausa culture, Isam doesn’t support dis act.

  4. …he is just selfishly parochial. Religion is made for man and not man for religion. More so he is not doing this in Gods name not even in Allahs name. There are other gods (paedophile god) demanding him to do this periodically. There are many satanic spirits that people serve in Gods name.

    1. And why do you have to blame Islam? Do not forget that people always mix culture with religion. Are there not Muslim in other parts of the country? Are ther child marriages in those part? It’s the Hausa culture to marry young and it is not Islam.
      Islam gives right to women in a country and culture where women are considered as worthless objects. Islam teaches to protect the weak, respect women.

    1. This is really painful. What happens to the girl. May Allah forgive this so call senator yerima. Some stupid parent will still give there daughters to him. May Allah save us from evil men.

  5. u people hv something behind all the abuses & insult u r showering Islam & Muslims in totality. what do u hv to say to the lesbian,homosexuals, ritual killers, sex workers(which most of ur girl childs r doing while at schools) pre marital sex etc. Abi na Islam u hate or what?

    1. Homosexuality, Pedophile, ritual killing, commercial sex worker have their head quarters in Islamic Nations. They only try to cover up

  6. Its sad that a serving senator in Nigeria can do this evil. What can a 15year old know about marriage. This is evil and insane. Gender-based violence is obviously still prevelent even in high places. Its important we begin to train our daughters to reject this evil in the name of marriage. He surely doesnt have the fear of God.

  7. Why are you losing sleep over this paedophile? He’s a wicked, heartless occultic man… Clearly, you can’t keep wasting little pretty girls’ lives in the name of Islam and go unpunished… I pray someone does that to your daughters and your daughters’ daughters… Nonsense…

  8. Why leave our children a money orderCountry Center Khanka Agayoobah where Mr. Ahmed sani Yerima took advantage of the poverty and the young age why knocking the men Stgall for small children

  9. Did not take a look at the above and married another girl from Egypt and called / aya rabyaa farok …resident egypt .caty cairo elqlag …. I swear by God that he is married from the date of February 2014

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