Rumble At Osun SARS

Falcon and falconet appear to be operating from different wavelengths at the Osun State Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), as some operatives reportedly planted by the erstwhile Officer-In-Charge (OC), Mr Agbanajelu Jude were hell-bent in destroying the current OC, Akinlolu Okunola.

OSUN DEFENDER gathered that the aggrieved boys, as members of squad are popularly addressed by their superiors, reportedly decided to pick bones with the OC, because, according to an authoritative source, he was not ready to be a tool in the hands of any politician.

It would be recalled that the Jude-led SARS was everything against the police job. The members of the squad were not better than political thugs in terms of conduct and duty, for but would not wear police uniforms, they used cutlasses to torture suspects and carried out extra-judicial killings with impunity.

It was learnt that the fear of the Jude-led-squad that was able to drive fear into the hearts of the citizens through raw brute, was later covertly converted to extortion of some unsuspected members of the public, who had matters with the squad.

SARS that was infamously known as a debt-collector political thug and unrepentant human rights violator, was later reformed by Okunola into its original status, a situation that reportedly upset the disgruntled boys, who vowed to engineer the exit of their boss.

OSUN DEFENDER further gathered that the boys loyal to Jude reportedly petitioned the police headquarters in Abuja, detailed some trumped-up allegations against Okunola, thinking that his (Okunola’s) fate would be determined in absentia.

According to our source, the police officer was invited to Abuja for questioning over the petition that was later found out to be frivolous, and Okunola came out unscathed.

Information however, has it that the disgruntled men have been arrested and are still undergoing interrogation as at the time of filing this story.

In a related development, some of the inside sources, who confided in OSUN DEFENDER said that some politicians at the corridors of power are not comfortable with Okunola’s gentlemanliness.

It was further learnt when the OC/SARS refused to play ball with some politicians from the ruling party; who then craved the indulgence of the state helmsman to speak with the state embattled Commissioner of Police, (CP) Mr. John Moronike on the need to create a special squad that could be used to settle scores with their opponents.

An intelligence report at the disposal of OSUN DEFENDER showed that with a little pressure and persuasion, the CP caved-in and created the Eagle Squad initially headed by the governor’s man Friday Jude.

Despite the fact that the crime rate in Osun State is not in any way at a threatening stage, Eagle Squad could not refrain from its nuisance value, as the overt acts of the old SARS has not only been resuscitated but have also donned more brutal face.

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