Rivers Assembly leader arraigned for attempted murder


AFTER eight days in police custody, the Majority Leader of the Rivers State House of Assembly, Mr. Chidi Lloyd, on Wednesday, finally appeared before a High Court in Port Harcourt.

Lloyd, arraigned on six counts of attempted murder, conspiracy, assault and malicious damage, arrived at the court about 10.52am accompanied by riot policemen and other security operatives.

Clad in blue attire, the lawmaker limped as he entered the court premises, supported by two unidentified persons.

The offence of the PDP lawmaker, who was reportedly involved in the fracas in the State Assembly on July 9, 2013, the prosecution said, was contrary to Section 320 of the Criminal Code Law, Cap 37 laws of Rivers State of Nigeria 1999.

Lloyd allegedly hit his fellow lawmaker, Mr. Michael Chinda, with a fake mace during a fight at the Assembly chamber.

During the hearing, the prosecution counsel, Mr. Donald De-wigwe (SAN), objected to the state Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice, Mr. Worgu Boms’ plea to take over the criminal proceeding.

De-wigwe argued that Boms could not take over the court proceedings since there was no proper arraignment of the accused before the court.

De-wigwe said, “Judicially, the argument does not stand. It is not a law of today. The issue is that whether or not there is a criminal proceeding before the court. Until plea is taken, there is still nothing for the attorney-general to takeover.”

Referring to legal authorities to defend his argument, De-wigwe said the attorney-general’s attempt to take over the criminal proceeding of the court was premature.

Boms had earlier noted that Section 211 of the 1999 Constitution, as amended, empowered him to take over the case.

Noting that the measure was necessary in the interest of justice, the Attorney-General insisted that the alleged offence was against the state.

He added, “I stand here by the powers conferred on me by Section 211(1)(b) of the 1999 Constitution to take over the prosecution of the matter between the Commissioner of Police and Chidi Lloyd.”

Also, Lloyd’s lead counsel, Mr. Beluolisa Nwofor (SAN), who objected to the appearance of De-wigwe and other lawyers for the prosecution, explained that as private lawyers, they needed to obtain a fiat from the state Attorney-General to prosecute the matter.

Nwofor said, “I object to De-wigwe’s appearance for prosecution. He is not a police officer, but a private practitioner. The law requires that for a private practitioner to appear in a criminal charge by the Commissioner of Police, he should tender a fiat from the Attorney-General of the state.

“I urge the court to expunge the appearance of all the lawyers announced by the SAN, except J.C.A. Ideachaba, a Superintendent of Police, who filed the information.”

He argued that the letter presented to the court by De-wigwe was not enough as far as the law was concerned.

De-wigwe, however, disagreed saying the state Commissioner of Police initiated the charge not the state Attorney-General.

Justice Nyordee adjourned the case till August 6, 2013 to rule on the submissions of the opposing counsel as it concerned the declaration for a takeover of the criminal proceedings by the Attorney-General.

Meanwhile, there was tight security at the court premises as security operatives frisked all that entered the courtroom.

by Chukwudi Akasike

Source: PUNCH

17 thoughts on “Rivers Assembly leader arraigned for attempted murder”

  1. This whole thing is one sided.What happens to commissioner mbu who ordered the wikes tugs into the assembly.For those that watched the saga.Chidi Lliod was first attacked.So he acted in self defence.Chidi you are suffering because you did not allow them to impeach Amaechi.They could have hosted the five anti-Amaechi lawbreakers in aso rock long ago.Endure the pain and stand by the develoer Amaechi

    1. To me i think nigeria will be tired of dis anarchy system of govt. by mr. President. Rivers Attorney General don’t agree with them section 211(1b) of the 1999 constitution as amended gives u power to take over the aclaimed criminal proceeding against chidi Lyod, please save his life from pro jonathan/wike lawyers o.

  2. As long as the inspector general of police can only be appointed by the fedral govment, there wnt be justice in thet agency.

  3. Very pathetic that after the National Assembly’s resolution that Joseph Mbu (partisan CP of Rivers) be redeployed.. D IGP still failed to re-deploy that politician called Rivers CP.. Back to the matter, Police failed to forestall and manage that crises to be escalated up that extent.. If not what on earth will grant 5 lawmakers out 35 to impeach a sitting speaker? That’s a question that’s beg For answer.. Another question that begs For answer.. What was the security details attached to the State House Assembly doing when miscreants gained access to the legislative house? My conclusion on this issue is that, the police had an ulterior motive of legalizing illegality in the state b4 the fracas ensued.

  4. And for the justice system in Nigeria, why should the Justice adjourn the case till August 6? In civilized countries, this case will be given accelerated hearing. The adjournment should have been for 24 hours to allow counsels to make some consultations.

  5. Mbu or whateva he is called shud be driven out of Rivers state by the people since the deaf IGP has refused to redeploy the useless man… Abi people no dey that state? Una wan allow d man spoil una state for una? Chai!!! Dis cannot happen in my state.. Arant nonsense! As for the presidency, we know they are behind this crises.. President Joe is culpable and he cannot deny it.. I regret dat one vote wen I giv am as dat was my first time of voting for PDP.. Can’t wait for 2015 to correct my mistake

    1. It’s a pity the way we play and or read politics in nigeria. Every body is accusing the presidency for amechi,s rudness. It is just like what happens those days when a senior brother would beat the junior one who cries out to attract parents and neighbour,s attention . Their verdict was always dont you he a small boy.?.without considering the offense committed. My own verdict on this matter is that amechi should go and appologise to the president and those he hurt in the state.he should also go air to appologise to the people of river for the unnecessary pain and panic he has caused them.. Amechi is a very stubborn and arrogant man. Certainly if amechi was the president and governor behaved the way he is behaving now he will take it. Amechi was not voted for by the rivers electrolate

  6. His programme has been more less populist programmes. Pls let him go and beg For forgiveness and repent of his bad manners.

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