Revisiting Dis(Honourable) Osun AC Lawmakers


NIGERIA is a great country, a nation of nations, a state of anything goes. We are rugged and blessed with thick skin for suffering. This is a country where oddities have become part of our daily schedule.
No wonder, the president of Credit Card International was quoted to have philosophically waxed that there are three species of human beings in the world: The Whites, The Blacks and The Nigerians. An assertion that was strongly advocated by a fable told by a friend.

It was related that a thief-catching machine was invented in America and when it was time for experimentation, three countries were selected: America, Ghana and Nigeria. In the United States of America, within 30 days, the machine had caught 5,000 thieves. In Ghana, the machine caught 5,000 thieves within 30 minutes, but in Nigeria, the so-called giant of Africa, the machine was stolen within 30 seconds of its arrival.

I know you will be wondering why I am lacing this piece with sarcasm, especially on the land of my birth, Nigeria. But you will pardon me because it’s not in my intention to bore you with what you know. What you are about to read below is about the proverbial orange fruit, which attracted clubs to their mother tree. (Omo Osan ti ko ponpo ba iya re).

In a straight jacket, it is about the nine lawmakers, two artful dodgers and the credibility of the Action Congress (AC) that produced them for the Osun State House of Assembly, where corruption seems to have become a stock-in-trade.

Let it be known that the AC lawmakers ding-dong attitude on the corruption-ridden Constituency Development Funds (CDF) has violently dragged me out of my humble shell. For once, I bow and tremble for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP’s) lawmakers especially the powerful speaker Adejare Bello.

IF you are Bello’s adversary, you may not want to agree with his submissions on various issues, but on the issue of CDF, the lawyer-turned politician appears like a soothsayer. In an interview he magnanimously granted OSUN DEFENDER sometimes in September, he brilliantly x-rayed the lack of liver and unprincipled nature of the AC lawmakers. Yours sincerely, I found it out to be true, absolutely true. All hail Mr. Speaker.

Get me right, I am not exonerating the PDP lawmakers from the fraud called CDF, but I decided to keep mute on their case because they never for once created a ‘holier than thou’ impression. Meanwhile, we all know what the PDP stands for.

According to our dear Nobel Laureate, Emeritus Professor Wole Soyinka, “PDP is a nest of killers and vipers.” According to Senator Nuhu Aliyu, it is a party of fraudsters and corrupt politicians, and according to the chairman, Board of Trustees (BOT) former President Olusegun Obasanjo, it is a garrison party with do-or-die manifestoes”.

So, flogging the PDP lawmakers on a fraudulent CDF is like blaming a thief for stealing. “Hope is a very good breakfast, but a bad dinner,” so says a philosopher. The hope of the good people of Osun State who freely elected 11 members of the opposition has been dashed.

The Speaker, Adejare categorically said that the AC lawmakers were hypocrites, double-dealers, betrayers and lilly-livered because they put pressure on him in the first place on the constituency largesse, and that he was forced to take them before the governor, who was reluctant in releasing the slushed funds to them.

Mr. Speaker insisted that the moment they found out that the money had been paid into their personal accounts, some of them started mobilizing to sites, and started the God-forsaken projects of theirs, only to turn back 3600, refunding the money and went on a massive blackmail of the deal they actively participated in.

Hear him: “But I have stopped blaming the AC lawmakers because I knew that some of them could not manage to produce N5,000 for electioneering, let alone prosecuting the demanding campaign in the last election and those who pay the piper dictate the tune.”

Besides, did you watch the last Open Forum, that propaganda machine of the embattled governor? If you watched it, lucky you, but if you missed it, it is a pity, because the AC lawmakers shamelessness were displayed in the public glare and I know quite sure that the morally-bankrupt legislators have succeeded in securing a space in the incinerator of history for themselves. Now, let us see how they will go beyond their present level politically.

In the constituency booty: Ipoola Binuyo, representing Ife North, Laide Ajibola, Olorunda, Razak Salinsile, Iwo, Akintunde Adegboye, Osogbo, Biodun Awolola, Egbedore, Najim Salam, Ejigbo, Samson Fafiyebi, Obokun, Ademola Ajiboye, Ila State Constituencies collected N10 million each, while Kamil Oyedele, representing Irepodun/Orolu State Constituency collected N20 million.

Make no mistake, the slushed funds were remitted into their personal salary accounts, just like the ones rejected, a case study of a dog going back to its vomit. And am sure that the result would either be substandard projects or a complete fraud.

Who am I to condemn or speak ill of the ‘honourable’ members because they are ‘super human’ and I am a mere mortal, but considering the peoples’ feelings, the Home Truth is left with no choice.

LET us draw from the little experience. One Laide Ajibola, amongst them reportedly withdrew his first CDF tranch, and what he got to show for it was that busy scrambling for stolen vehicles, amassing houses and other landed properties, before he was caught by the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), that treated him like a money-miss-road that he is. As a fact, when he was mandated to refund the money by his party, the extravagant lawmaker could not produce more than N5,000 out of N5 million. Where is the credibility of such an opportunist called a lawmaker? The answer is in the air.

I know one of the opportunists called honourable lawmakers, who got his own portion, and started amassing ladies of easy virtue, automobiles, and whetting the appetite of the PDP chieftains in his constituency, suggestive of a move to cultivate ground for changing of party in due course for his future ambition.

So, the argument of these lawmakers of AC extraction that outcries from their various constituencies drove them to crawl before their adversaries in order to get the already budgeted CDF, could not hold water because they did the whole thing with suspicion to the utter disappointment of the political observers; they even arm-twisted their party, let alone the electorate.

Hear the AC lawmakers: “We decided to take the Constituency Development Funds because our constituents asserted pressure on us and we have no option because they are the ones who voted for us”

Truly, the AC lawmakers are chameleons of sort. When they wanted to refund the first controversial phase, they went on air, shouting their ‘holier than thou’ on the rooftop, only to quietly went abegging, collecting the largesse clandestinely, like thieves in the midnight. May we never see their tribe again (Amen).

Now that we have known that the majority of the lawmakers are drivern by their ego, greed and get-rich quick syndrome, the hope of getting quality debate over issues that are affecting us has been dashed. And I urge the electorate to please mark them for future references.

Honestly, when a political observer told me that the zeal of the electorate to change the Oyinlola administration in 2007 polls led them into electing some liabilities, hungry fellows and ‘we must get rich personalities into the state parliament, I thought it was a political statement. Now, I have known the truth and “thou shall not command my respect again.” What about you?

Pardon me, if I am taking you down the memory lane. The same constituency fund was used as a weapon by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) under Mallam Nuhu Ribadu to effect the illegal impeachment of some state governors under the watch of the former President Obasanjo. The pathetic cases of ex-Governor Joshua Dariye and DSP Alemiesiegha are still fresh in our minds.

IMAGINE, if a king who recognizes proverbial Joseph is no more, would these good-for-nothing ‘Omo-Osan’ not go to jail? Yours sincerely, these lawmakers are anti-people, conservatives and truly disappointment of the millennium.

I am aware of their kite and alibi, they were telling their sycophants and some gullible party leaders, who are being controlled by their perpetually hungry stomachs, that they took the money, because the EFCC operatives unbraided them for rejecting the funds in the first place.

If truly there is anyone among the embattled AC lawmakers who truly bought the dummy, may the god of thunder strike his mouth. Because, how would someone tell me that he was encouraged to do the wrong thing, stealing our collective patrimony via personal salary account. It is nauseating, disgusting and disappointing.

Remember an orange tree, while growing up will enjoy its peace and progressive growth until it starts to produce fruits, when people will start throwing different weapons like clubs, pebbles, stones and long sticks at it.

This could be understood with the lesson of the AC governorship candidate, Engineer Rauf Aregbesola’s last weeks home coming. An eye witness account informed me that the colourful politician came to Ilesa unannounced for a social function and people still trooped out to solidarise with him as usual. What this taught us is that people know what they want and they do not care about the attitude of the compromised chameleons called AC lawmakers.

I read one story from one of the national dailies that the AC lawmakers collected the funds to spite Aregbesola, who, the report said is in firm grip of the party structure. If this is true, then it is another sad story for the dishonourable ones because “a fowl that defecate inside pot of soup, is only defacing its grave”.

On a final note, the philosophical submission of a journalist, whose name is not readily given will sooth the frayed nerves of the masses, who demanded for my reaction: “Some people create room of emotional failure for themselves by cultivating an attitude and approach to issues; they fail because they do things; which will make them fail easily.

See you next week.