Aregbesola Perfoming umrah Lesser hajj

Aregbesola Perfoming umrah Lesser hajj: From L-R, House of. Rep. member representing osogbo/olorunda/ orolu/irepodun Engr. Lasun Yusuf, Osun state Governor Mr. Rauf Aregbesola and Senator Mudashiru Hussain rep Osun West Senatorial District at the Haram Makkah mosque, Saudi Arabia performing lesser hajj today Sunday 21st Agust, 2011

Aregbesola During Umrah

The report by a newspaper (Nigerian Compass) that the Governor of Osun State, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, is down with cancer is a complete falsehood.
Governor Aregbesola is in Saudi Arabia where he is performing the lesser hajj, Umrah, and will return at the end of the programme.

Governor Aregbesola has never hidden his state of health. He made it public after the general elections in May this year that he needed medical rest and proceeded to observe the rest for two weeks abroad. He returned to the state to energetically resume his functions of office. He has been in company of family, aides friends and members of the public who can attest to his convivial mien and glowing spirit.

It is therefore most uncharitable to allege that he has cancer. The hallmark of responsible journalism is to follow the truth and report facts, not fiction. It is generally accepted in all cultures as evil to bear a false tale on the state of another man’s health. It amounts to playing God. It is a most egregious invasion of privacy in the devilish attempt to create confusion in the minds of the public.

This latest attempt by the Nigerian Compass to bear evil report on the state of the governor’s health is part of the orchestrated campaign by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), using a discredited section of the media. Reporting on health matter is not and has never been a subject of speculation. This must be fact-backed with an incontrovertible medical report, even if obtained from confidential sources. Of course, our speculative journalists and adversaries have no respect for truth and dishing out falsehood in order to score a cheap political point and relieve themselves of idleness has become a fair game.

It will be recalled that immediately the governor announced that his medical rest trip abroad, the PDP and it discredited media began speculating that he collapsed and had to be rushed abroad. The report turned out to be false.

Again, they attempted to make an issue out of cabinet but were profoundly shamed when the list of commissioners and advisers came out and turned out to be the best the state ever had.

They have also been going about, evidently out of idleness, to rubbish the creation of 20,000 jobs through the OYES, but the scheme turns out to be a phenomenal success.

Given that the PDP has earned notoriety for being a nest of killers, the party’s death wish on Governor Aregbesola is a Freudian slip and true to type of their apt description by Prof Wole Soyinka.

Governor Aregbesola is undaunted by the campaign of calumny against his high flying and well-acclaimed administration. He is totally dedicated to the cause of his people, in or out of town. The report of ill-health is no doubt the handiwork of mischief makers and should be shunned in its entirety.

Semiu Okanlawon,
Director, Bureau of Communications & Strategy,
Office of the Governor,
Osogbo, Osun State
Tel: 234-1-8023139893

10 thoughts on “REPLY TO PDP COMPASS CANCEROUS RUMOURS: Aregbesola hale and hearty”

  1. It will be good if Ogbeni Raufu is in a good state of health. It will be good for him to be sincere in tellin Osun people his true state of health so that we can approve his medical leave without fear of impeachment. We don’t want ‘Yar’Aduastic’ phenomenon in Osun and only the living can rule. We want Ogbeni to stay full-time in his office for serious business of governance. Osun a dara!

  2. Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola is human, he is prone to sickness like any mere mortals. It is wrong for the Compass to carry this type of story without proper inquiry.It might be termed to be invidious if there was no attempt to find out the truth before the story was published. I understand that ailment is hidden like a taboo in our political system ala Abacha and Yar A’dua, but rumour of political opposition’s sickness is not in the best intrest of the electorates who willingly gave the mandate to Ogbeni.Even if Ogbeni is sick,as long as his ability to discharge his duties are not impaired after all, President FDR ruled the most powerful country while on a wheelchair. I will try to check the validity of the story from the new M.D of compass.

  3. B4 Gov. Aregbesola became a commissioner in Lagos State, he did not have cancer. When he was a commissioner, he did not have cancer… Now that he’s a Governor, it is rumoured that he (God forbids) has cancer. Why are enemies so jealous and apprehensive of his phenomenal rise? Why did he suddenly become a victim of calumny? Why are his enemies so consumed with insatiable power lust? If there are people hiding under any guise to subjugate the wishes of Gov. Aregbesola, FOUL! He’s one of the chosen few by destiny to serve. Therefore, any evil tongue raised against him, his household or administration shall backfire on those who pronounce such. It is written…

  4. For long time now a friend of mine who was a member of PDP who has now switched to ACN bcos he thinks he can get something but to his utter amazement told me that Ogbeni is gravely ill. I told him it was not true as I met him here in London when he came to Southwark. As a physician I knew this rumour is not true but I saw that the governor was exchausted after the election. Now he looks more energetic after a desrved rest.

    Mr Aregbesola is a good visionary leader and Osunites are lucky to have him as our governor, we should support and pray for him so that he can live long to move our state forward. With our supports Osun shall be great! Let us build him up and not destroy him!!

    OSUN A’DARA!!!

  5. People like to carry unfounded rumour abou other person they don’t like. People should remember that when you point one finger to a person the rest four fingers are pointed to you. Never wish anybody ill health no matter your relationship with him/her. What willPDP as a party gain from carrying unfounded rumour about the state Governor, e tu Brute PDP?
    I am not suprised about the rumours being carried about by these enemiies of progress, they have said something worst to Chief Obafemi Awolowo during his life and after his death.
    I am a Yoruba man from Ikire, i think the stock in trade among some Yorubas is to run down people they don’t like with the worst rumour that one can ever imagine. For how long are we going to continue in this peculiar mess?
    Yorubas need to think and wish other people well no matter their political leaning.
    Death is necessary end and will come when it will come according to Shakespear in Ceasar, why are the enemies of progress who call themselves PDP are carry rumours about ill health of the Governor? What are they going to gain if the Governor is not well? The state Governor needs the prayers of all and sundry to take Osun State to the promised land of our dream.

    Somebody was at the helms of affairs in Osun state for nearly eight years and Osogbo was facing perenial flood problems without any genuine efforts to address the issue. Ogbeni Aregbesola can be ill like any other human beings and he is entittled to seek for medical help wherever and whenever he wants. It is time for the state to remain focus and stop carrying unnecessary rumours in times like this.
    Musa Olaiwon is a native of Ikire in Irewole Local Government.

  6. My Governor, the man of the momeny just go ahead with your laudable and promising efforts to revamp our economically and politicaly ailing state to that which conforms with your dream for an egalitarian society where milk and honey shall flow.
    The 19k minimum wage is another unexpected achivement for a state best considered as proletariat.

  7. we will all understand in due time. sick or not. all the citizens want is good work and we are not blind. while partisan people go pro and anti, actual work on ground will be the guide of the ordinary populace.

  8. I think it is time you change the name of this paper to Aregbesola Defender of ACN defender. If you want to live up to your name i think you should be objective in your report and carry balanced news
    Osun a dara O

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