Repair Ila-Orangun To Ora-Igbomina Road, Residents, Commuters Plead

DUE to the bad state of the road linking Ora- Igbomina, Oke-Ila and Ila-Orangun, towns in Ifadayo and Ila Local Government Council Areas of Osun State, commuters and residents have called on the concerned authorities to swing into action and put the road back to shape, as the gradual deterioration of the road will cut of the Igbomina part from the rest of the state. Commuters, who bared their minds to OSUN DEFENDER COMMUNITY NEWS, revealed that the road which connects Ila- Orangun and Ora- Igbomina is a vital link with some important towns in Kwara and Ekiti states. Investigations conducted by this medium revealed that vehicles bound for the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) and other parts of the Northern states used this road on daily basis and as a result of the increased traffic on the road occasioned by the neglect of the use of the Ilorin-Jebba and Akure- Lokoja express roads, the road had begun to experience wear and tear. It was gathered that the road, which was last rehabilitated by the Chief Adebisi Akande-led administration, was in dare need of rehabilitation. Residents noted that the road remains a vital link between Ila-Orangun and Oke-Ila and different farm settlements like Oyeayegun, Oye-Adunni and Ominla. Apart from the road serving as a vital arterial road, it was also an important link between these towns and the Ajaaba Market. Ajaaba, which is also the main market in Ila- Orangun and Oke-Ila part of Osun State, was a major market for the sale of farm produce. It was learnt that buyers from different parts of Osun State patronize this market. They blamed the state of the road on the neglect by the past administration of Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola, who they accused of being partial in the way the maintenance of the road was handled. They stated that the road was neglected because of the no-love relationship between the former governor and Chief Adebisi Akande, who was from that part of the state.

Students of Osun State College of Education, Ila- Orangun also admitted that the portion of the road from the campus of the college through the Mobile Police Force (MOPOL) Training School, through the Osun State Water Corporation (OSWC) Water Works, Ora-Igbomina, apart from being narrow, had the most potholes, making it the most dangerous portion of the road more prone to accidents. It was however revealed that accidentswere rare on this road because most of the drivers, who ply it, were aware of the nature of the road. Similarly, the only bridge linking Oye-Adunni Village to Oyeayegun had been reported collapsed. With the collapse of the bridge, Oye-Ayegun village had been severed off from the rest part of the state.

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