Remembering The Fallen Heroes!

Death, the inevitable end of man can, no doubt, be painful, most especially when it occurs at the untimely period. And whenever we lose our loved ones, we definitely feel sad as humans. However, God, as the merciful one do sometimes uses death to protect the deceased. For, who knows, if the deceased were to be alive, an occurrence worse than death might be his lot. This being the reason why the Yorubas do say that ‘to die is better than to live an ignominious life.’

Again, death may be melancholic thought; it becomes enviable when it is glorious. Death becomes glorious when the deceased died for a just and noble cause. The history of man is replete with people who had paid the supreme sacrifice either through willingly laying down their lives or meeting death by accident in the course of defending a right cause. Those who have fallen in this category are never regarded as dead. They live on in the minds of the people. They are never forgotten because they were the valiants the world ever produced. They are ever remembered for their heroic submission while they are being referred to as ‘martyrs’.

It is in the light of the above that we remember with deep feelings the passing away of two democrats from Obokun local government who lost their lives recently in a ghastly motor accident on their way to Lagos.

We salute their courage in participating in the struggle for the enthronement of justice and true democracy in the state of the Living Spring. As active participants in the change process initiated by the ebullient and visionary democrat, Rauf Aregbesola, our fallen heroes from Obokun will for ever live in the hearts of the people as martyrs of democracy in this state just like the others who fell to PDP’s bullets in the course of performing their civic responsibilities.

It is really sad that since this process of change began in Osun State, a lot of people have met their untimely deaths. No thanks to the ‘do-or-die’ policy of the PDP. Retrospectively, the causalties that have been recorded directly or indirectly in Osun State and beyond owing to the introduction of this wicked and anti-human policy of a party that harbours ‘a nest of killers’ are not small in number.

We recall the untimely deaths of AC agents brought about by the lethal activities of agents of the thieving swines who bulldozed their ways to power by shedding the blood of patriotic and innocent citizens. The gruesome manner through which Ayo Oni and others were murdered during the last year’s April general elections in the state remains a festering sore. More so, the fact that the perpetrators of the heinous crimes have not been brought to book while the beneficiaries of that electoral banditry are still gallivanting around the corridor of power as leaders of the people. And to add insult to injury, the judges who were in the position to redress the injustice done to the people also compromised their integrity for filthly lucre, making them to torpedoe justice and declared as ‘hearsay’ the massacre of those innocent citizens.

All these are a slap in the face for the good people of this state. But we are sure that if men fail to do justice, it is just a matter of time for the wrath of God to come down heavily upon the evil doers.

Though the two democrats from Obokun, Titilayo Azeez and Adepegba Fajuyi died in the struggle for the liberation of Osun people from the hands of predators in power, their names do not die and their contributions to the struggle towards the evolvement of a new dawn in the state shall for ever be remembered. They have no doubt entered the list of martyrs of democracy in Osun State and their names will definitely be accorded the deserved honour in the history of the liberation struggle in this state to be read by the coming generations.

As we mourn the Obokun two, we are also constrained to urge the bereaved to take solace in the fact that their people died honourably. Theirs were a gallant exit. Rather than dying as cowards, they died as heroes.

Cowards, according to Shakespeare, do die many times before their deaths, while the valliants will taste death but once. The Obokun two have contributed their quota to the liberation struggle in the state and God called them for rest at the expiration of their times. May their souls rest in perfect peace.

To the thieving swines at the helms of affairs in Osun State who are under the illusion that they are winning now, they will definitely ‘cry last’ because no injustice ever stays unredressed. With our absolute faith in God, we believe that the cause for which the Obokun two died shall soon be achieved. May God give their families the fortitude to bear the loss.