Randy Senator Tricks Call Girls

IT is believed that a senatorial seat in the upper chamber of the highest lawmaking body attracts the word, ‘distinguished’ because the occupant of the seat is seen as above the board; contrary to this, a senator from one of the South-Western states of Nigeria, has been found wanting, as he reportedly ordered his “bouncers” to beat some club girls he had earlier picked, for his weekend ‘sauce’, into pulp over an allegation of theft.

OSUN DEFENDER impeccably gathered that the fun-loving senator, who had earlier served as a governor of his state, fairly tall, fair complexion and known for his flam buoyant dressing habit; while coming home from Abuja picked some night girls of easy virtue to spice-up his weekend in his country home.

Having enjoyed their (girls) bossom till Sunday from Friday night, the prodigal politician allegedly devised an antic that would make the fair-weathered ladies lose their pay and that worked like magic.
According to a source within the premises of the sprawling country home, the ‘randy’ senator declared his money missing coincidentally when the ladies had kithed up in their bare-it-all bikini, mini skirts and hot pants, in anticipation to smile out with their pay.

It was learnt that the senator, who had played nice suddenly lost his cool, reportedly ordered his bouncers to strip the girls naked in order to find out what made his purported stolen money to develop wings.

Before the ‘rock-bottom’ ladies could decipher what befell them, the bouncers had pounced on them, tore their pint-size dresses into rags, frisking them to the public ‘hallow chamber’.

Information has it that, the bouncers at the instance of the extravagant politicians could not find anything, but that did not persuade the senator, who further asked them (bouncers) to throw them (girls) outside the premises.

It was further found out that the fun-fricked senator has the habit of drinking to a state of stupor, flirting around with ladies of easy virtue and living a reckless life.

OSUN DEFENDER has also observed that the senator had always been very reluctant in engaging in any intellectual task in and out of the chamber, a situation that made him a mere bench-warmer in the National Assembly.


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