Be Prepared To Follow Up Cases, DPO Urges Public

By Murtala Agboola

Residents of Osogbo in the state of Osun have been called upon to be prepared to provide information to the police on any crime as well as follow up cases till it gets to court.

The Divisional Police Office (DPO), Mr. Clement Agbemoroti, a Superintendent of Police, gave the admonition at the monthly meeting of the Police Community Relations Committee (PCRC) held at the station recently.

The police chief said sometimes when residents report crime to the police and the culprits are apprehended, the victims are not willing to follow it up to the court.

He, however, stressed that without cogent evidence from eye witnesses, the case may end up at the station, or if it eventually ends in court, it is thrown out for lack of credible evidence.

According to him, in the two cases, members of the public attribute the lack of continuation of cases to either inefficiency on the part of the police or that they have compromised on the ethics of their profession (Agbemoroti cited instances of cases where victims have refused to come up with evidence against culprits arrested by the police.

He equally advised members of the PCRC that all crimes should be reported to the police and not settled at home because of the likely consequences.

In response to a question, the DPO said all builders being extorted should report to the nearest police station. He said thugs masquerading as land speculators for extorting money from people putting up buildings should contact the nearest police station to the area of construction.

The chairman of PCRC, High Chief Gbadebo Adeyemo JP corroborated what the DPO said by stating that the office of Kabiyesi, HRM Oba Jimoh Olanipekun, is on top of the situation.

He asserted that anybody that run foul of the law by harassing anybody putting up a building will be made to face the full wrath of the law.

Adeyemo said the monarch frowns at the activities of miscreants disturbing builders at their sites and would not relent in ensuring that their excesses are checked permanently.

New police officers posted to the station were introduced to members while members were asked to co-operate with the police.

PCRC members were asked to be up and doing in terms of prompt attendance of meetings and payment of levies.