Oh God! May PDP lose Ekiti

By Ikenna Emewu (e-mail: [email protected])

Saturday, April 11, 2009
I have a little prayer to offer to you dear God. Don’t ignore my prayer this time, I really know I am a Nigerian and sometimes, the things we do here make your angels stand afar. In fact, the dead bodies we leave in the streets unattended to are enough to make them skip coming here.

Yes, nobody that knows the Bible will prove me wrong. You asked the children of Israel to cover their waste with earth in their camps because if your angels walking in their midst sees mess, they will turn away.

If that (excrement) could make your angels stand afar, dead bodies that put even man off in our streets can make you delete Nigeria from your books. But you are merciful. Even when we no get shame, as a tradition you still hear our prayers.

Therefore, oblige me this one request once again. You well know that you gave PDP an opportunity to manage Nigeria, and that they turned into managing themselves and damaging and mismanaging Nigeria. I know in ten years, your stock of patience may have worn thin, especially with their impunity.

They do multiple wrongs and boast they will rule us forever, and worst of all they have admitted they no get shame. That is a sign they are never contrite, but rather stubborn and vehement in evil. It means they are ready to continue the same way. Please, don’t allow them any further.

But I want to remind you that you have started stripping them in the village square, and may you never leave them alone until the final power wresting from their hands is complete. They have used all the opportunity you gave them for mischief. Please, God, give them no more, in fact, take the one they have.

You can see how fat their tummies are with our oil they drank – crude, refined and imported. See how they have developed all manner of ailments, including boils and distended cheeks as a result of excess liquidity of the nation they carry in their pouches. Remove all these from them so that we can take back what belongs to us.

Father, I am not praying against them because I am AC member. No, I am not. I am just a newspaper reporter, but I feel the pains of the evils of PDP in my bones, and I have a feeling that since we have tried PDP and seen they no get shame, we shall be given the opportunity of trying another party, especially in Ekiti State now.

In the Ekiti situation, there are signs they did not win in 2007 because if AC will have 13 of 26 members of the House with all the atrocities Chief Olusegun Obasanjo’s PDP committed there, PDP is persona non-grata for certain. Don’t also forget that at about two times Obasanjo went to the state, the people protested and told him he is their enemy. May you never let the enemy of Ekiti people rule them again. Amen.

Again, the 13 members of the Ekiti House have shown they know opposition. They are not longa-throat like many other politicians in Nigeria who would have migrated to PDP for the chop chop.

Again, there are some credible things about AC. They produced this good man in Lagos called Babatunde Fashola, the governor. They also produced another good man, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole governor of Edo State. They have Ahmed Bola Tinubu who pushed back those that used PDP politics to kill their fatherland in Lagos.

Teach Fashola, Oshiomhole, Tinubu and others to also go to Ekiti and campaign since those PDP people who should have been busy in Aso Rock could leave the problems of the nation to come to Ekiti last week for campaign because they no get shame.

Since Ekiti people tried their best to say no to PDP in their votes and have sustained their call that they don’t want anything to do with Obasanjo because he hates them, like he hates all Nigerians, may you not give Ekiti what they don’t like. Don’t allow their enemy to rule them. I am not from Ekiti, but I know if they maltreat them they will also maltreat me in Ebonyi State as they have been doing already against all Nigerians.

If the PDP plans to do evil and win in Ekiti, may they stumble and fall and be exposed. For every innocent person they kill in Ekiti to rig, may you kill a dozen of them. Even AC, let them not succeed in planning and carrying out evil in Ekiti. Let us for once have what could be called an election and start from there to get it right.

God, I must tell you that we are already tired of PDP, and may you also be tired of them and help us chase them out of town. They kill, trample on us and still have no remorse as they plan more evil. Don’t forget that all the victory you allowed them have in the past they have used them against your children.

Don’t allow them win in Ekiti, afterall, they never won anywhere before in a clear contest. There is end for evil reign and this is the end. Amen.

But I also know there are few good people in PDP. They are good just as individuals because you created them good and such people include my own governor, Martin Elechi of Ebonyi State. He is doing good things in my state for the people, and I have also seen that Sullivan Chime of Enugu State is fixing things in Enugu. May you one day pull them out of that house of crisis and evil rulership called PDP.

Before the day INEC and PDP will move to Ekiti to execute their rigging, may you send a heavy rainfall and thunderstorm to pull down their houses and tsunami to carry the debris into the Bar Beach so that they will not see those their rigging materials to do the usual atrocity they are known for.

I understand many people in churches and mosques have been praying for PDP for a long time to change and treat Nigeria well, so since they defy the prayers and remain worse in their impunity, planning to reign forever, destroy their plans in Ekiti and put all of them to shame even though they say they no get shame. I am happy you have heard my prayer. Amen.

Re: I no get shame
I have been inundated by responses from readers since last week I wrote on the above topic. It was so alarming that most of the responses remembered to include “I no get shame”.

I have decided to publish just a few of the responses this week while promising to take more next week for the delight of the senders either through e-mail or SMS.

I read your write up in the Saturday Sun newspaper captioned, ‘I no get shame’, I was amazed by what you wrote there. You portrayed exactly what we are suffering in this country called Nigeria. It keeps reminding me of a statement made by one white man I met on one of my business trips to Lagos. Can you imagine this man proclaimed that God blessed Nigeria very well but punished her with bad leaders?

When I asked him why he said so, he just asked me to accept it like that because he knows what is happening here.

I don’t understand what Prof. Maurice Iwu is still doing in INEC after all what he has done to the helpless masses of this country during last elections, upon all the tribunal ruling in some states of the country. My brother I really commend you for that piece. Keep it on, more grease to your elbow bye.
From Prince Ken, Onitsha Anambra State.

Your piece on ‘I no get shame’ is quite thoughtful. It captures Nigeria’s core problems. But are you sure Baba Iyabo and his People Destruction Party (PDP) have any shame at all. 08084148621

Mould the word ‘shame’ to an angel, our leaders will still defeat him. Whatever works anywhere in the world does not work here. Then why do we exist? To suffer and die? 08033543659

My sake, ‘I no get shame’ na bomb. I love it so much. Obj no get shame. Likewise his ilk. De no get shame. God will soon shame dem and they will get shame by force. Ezeh Ik. 07061153233.

Mr. Ikenna, your write up titled ‘I no get shame’ was interesting. You hit the nail on the head. I laughed (It wasn’t supposed to be comic) because I no get shame. Denedo, Lagos 08023226421

Walai these people ‘ I no get ten kobo shame’ sam sam. One day, however, their waterloo shall be catastrophic. Walaitalai! From Boye Oyewole, Isashi, Lagos. 08099517230

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