Predictably, the many Houses of Fraud erected by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) have begun to collapse like stacks of inelegantly assembled cards that they were. However, only the shameless votes-stealing PDP and its rigging arm a.k.a the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) would feign surprise at the turn of developments. Given the promises and the resolve of the judiciary to cleanse the electoral Augean stable, we are not in the least surprised. Only those with incredibly bad sensory organs would fail to anticipate that the Houses of Fraud would not endure.

With two of PDP’s Houses of Fraud — in Kogi and Kebbi — already demolished by the tribunals, and with a dozen more likely to cave in to judicial hammers, the chicken is finally coming home to roost for the humpty-dumpty electoral machine, whose final disintegration is imminent. Even in Rivers State where the PDP hatched its trade mark agenda of impunity in substituting a validly nominated candidate for another that did not even feature in party primaries, it has earned itself an ignoble thumbs down from the highest court in the land; the apex court sacked the usurper, Celestine Omehia and went ahead to order the swearing in of the lawful candidate, Rotimi Amaechi.

The nation, it appears, is finally set on the course of coming to terms with the grand electoral heist of April; the enterprise to dismantle the appurtenances and the symbols of that ugly experience in electoral brigandage, may have reached the point of no return. What the vote robbers took away on April 14 and 22, the courageous electoral petition panels are beginning to restore, even if, piecemeal. Those whose specialty is stealing the people’s votes with added desperation in keeping the loot must have reckoned by now that their days of revelries are soon to be replaced with moments of melancholy.

The masterminds of violence and the apostles of intolerance in political contestation, have a lot to worry about now with the clocks ticking by- with justice only around the corner. The Nigerian electorate should consider themselves clear winners from the developments. The PDP should bury its head in shame for putting the country through the odium.

Back home in Osun State, we have no reasons to waver in our conviction that the good people will soon breathe a fresh breath of air from the suffocating grips of the emperor currently lording over them. Most likely, the emperor and his cohorts will continue in their brazen acts of repression against people that they claim to serve. They have done well in their pastime of pillaging scarce resources that would have otherwise gone into the development of the land and its people.

There cannot be any question about it: the dawn of every new day brings the people closer to the fulfillment of their yearning for the leadership of their choice, and the disrobing of this emperor and his subalterns in the market square. The people have made it clear that this cabal means nothing to them; it neither has their mandate nor does it enjoy their confidence. In short the people say that they are tired of them because they did not elect them.

We cannot accept that the people deserve the imposition. It is only condoned because the people have one last mile to go to reassert their freedom and dignity, that is, the electoral tribunals.  While we urge patience, faith and courage on the part of the people in the testy days ahead, the usurpers are well advised to brace up for the shock treatment as the Judgment Day draws near. Surely, the judiciary has given the people fresh hope.


The National Association of Osun State Students (NAOSS) is the umbrella body that represents the interest of the entire students of Osun State origin studying in Nigeria and Diaspora. The association operates on two fronts namely; i) The indigenous/township students association in towns and local Government areas in Osun State; ii) The school chapters on campuses across the country and beyond.

Overview of the university: On October 1, 2006, the state governor, Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola announced the creation of UNIOSUN through his deputy, Mrs Erelu Obada. The National Executive Council of NAOSS and some stakeholders of the association reciprocated this monumental project by paying a Thank you Visit to the Governor on Tuesday, October 31, 2006.

Following the creation of UNIOSUN was the inauguration of the Implementation Committee, headed by ex-Executive Secretary of the Nigerian Universities Commission (NUC), Prof. Peter Okebukola and some notable individuals within and outside the state.

People’s expectation was high, as the governor had always reiterated his intention to bring education to their reach at affordable fees. The Implementation Committee further corroborated this by promising us a university that will compete perfectly with its peers around the world, but we are confused.

Funding of the university: The governor purportedly declared the commitment of N2 billion to the commencement of this project from the state’s cover.  Also, the Osun State House of Assembly mandated in February 2007, the 30 local government areas in the state to invest 5 per cent of their monthly allocation on the project. It is on record that since then, average monthly allocation to all local government areas in Osun State from federation account is about  N1.6314 billion, excluding oil booms. Till date, about N0.75billion accrued from the local government area covers alone to the university.

Also, the sale of over 124,000 application forms at N3,000 each, scratch cards at N500 each and about  42,000 pre-degree forms at N5,000 each would have translated to N644million and by implication, the committee would have realized over N3.394billion for the project. We hope this threshold amount   is far enough for a committee that pays zero kobo for land acquisition to start with.

Shortcomings of the committee and state government: At this junction, it is important to re-emphasize that establishment of a university should not be premised on political inclinations nor for money-making purpose but a step towards sky-rocketing the educational potentials of a state. We strongly believe that this purpose has been defeated.

Per capital income in Osun State: Throughout the country, Osun State Government adopts the least salary scale for her workers with a minimum wage of N6,500 monthly.

The standard of living is low as people are wallowing in abject poverty except the political class that flash around with exotic cars. Government spends more on volatile projects rather than investing in the people. We wonder how a top class worker could sponsor just one child to this university with a fee of over N220,000.It is a sheer error on the part of government and the committee to have underestimated people’s average income before jumping into conclusion over the fees. We therefore condemn in clear terms, this uncomplimentary attempt to frustrate helpless people of Osun State.

Screening exercise/admission: After series of classical exploitation, inconsistencies and optimal irregularities surrounding the imaginary screening exercise, Prof. Olu Aina, chairman admission committee came out with a submission on partial resumption of some successful candidates this year while the bulk of them resume next year for the same academic session. Please, our amiable professor, we are not bunch of fools. This epileptic starts is nothing but 419.If the university cannot take off this year, next year is not too late.

Physical structures: The essence of screening exercises for staff and students are not yet known when classrooms and offices are not in place. September 21 seems impracticable for resumption. Student records are not safe. Maybe, they will be kept inside their cars. What about the lectures, practical and other academic activities? We hope to see whether they will commence under trees or arboreal. The exalted office of the Vice Chancellor is yet undefined in term of structures, portfolio and other paraphernalia. This is absolutely unprecedented in the history of any university.

School fees: For this university project if purpose-driven, there should be at least relative correlation between people’s income and the tuition fees. Sincerely speaking, it is unfair for government that pays least salary to overcharge its citizens. No civil servant, irrespective of his level could afford payment of N225.000 fee for just one child talkless of the helpless masses that dominate the state. The fact is that Prince Oyinlola and His kitchen committee designed the project only for their acolytes with a private structure.

Even the fee is incomparable with that of some private universities like BOWEN, MADONNA, and others that pay less. Babcock University and those in its category pay a comparable fees with UNIOSUN that is a public school. Our fear is the brutal extensive effect this would confer on other higher institutions in the states and beyond. Definitely, their school fees will rise exponentially to unbearable level come session.

Priority for Osun indigenes: That Osun indigenes deserve 95 per cent quota in students’ admission and staff recruitment is nonnegotiable. It is an acceptable norm all over the world. We urge the committee to follow this trend to the letter in order not to defeat the purpose of  UNIOSUN’s creation.
Victimisation of students’ leaders and infringement on their fundamental human rights: It is on record that Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola has always launched brutal attack on innocent students’ leaders who defend the right interest of their fellow students.

We cannot afford to forget the suspension of Alofe Babatunde (Agbakoba) former students’ union President, OSCOTECH, ESA-OKE and other stakeholders for two academic sessions. The ugly experience of Comrade Government (Former Secretary General of the students’ union OSUNPOLY Iree) is not different. While merciless matcheting of innocent students of Osunpoly Iree  towards April polls still poses physical challenges on the affected individuals.

The proscription of students’ union government in Esa-oke is another landmark achievements of Oyinlola’s administration while undue intervention in students’ election has become part of Oyinlola’s packages to students. Oyinlola’s overwhelming influence in reducing student bodies particularly, National Association of Osun State Students to government appendage is no news. We urge His Excellency to mind his business and desist from strangulating students’ activities in the state.

Bursary award: We seize this avenue to appeal to our amiable governor to reverse our local government bursary back to base. The ongoing central system of payment has denied students’ access to this ridiculous N2000 annual bursary. The snatching of the payment from Local Government has paralyzed activities of our association at local levels. We have always discussed with His Excellency, the inconsistencies, irregularities and non-payment in many schools. It is unfortunate that Oyinlola is an unyielding leader.

Since year 2005, each of the 30 local governments in the state has contributed N3 million annually to the state purse in the name of local government bursary for Osun students. This has accrued to N270million and obviously, there is nothing to show for it. It is on record that since 2005 Oyinlola has paid the bursary just once stretching from year 2005 till date. Your Excellency, where is our money?

The state bursary for final year students is another means by which Oyinlola loot the state’s treasury. For the sake of clarification, we urge His Excellency to publish and make available to our association, the record of his ghost beneficiaries and how much he has spent so far. We called on the Osun Sate House of Assembly, EFCC and ICPC to investigate this matter thoroughly.

Our demands:

•Immediate removal of Prof. Peter Okebukola and total dissolution of his committee for gross misconduct, breach of trust, inconsistencies and misapplication of public funds.

•Instant Reversal of UNIOSUN tuition fees to N7800 per student. This represents the mean annual income of an average Osun worker.

•Refund of unduly collected application fees to unjustly disqualified candidates.

•Completion of all primary physical projects before the commencement of any academic work.

•Stoppage of infiltrations into students’ activities by Oyinlola and further victimization of  student  leaders.

•Payment of outstanding 2005 and withheld 2006 and 2007 bursary to all schools especially, OSCOTECH, Esa-Oke, OSCOED Ila-Orangun, Adeyemi College Of Education, Ondo,
Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU),  Ile-Ife and many other denied schools.

•Implementation of UNESCO prescribed 26 per cent of the revenue allocation on education

Conclusion: We call on His Excellency, Prince  (Dr) Olagunsoye Oyinlola to respond to this matter promptly by coming out in clear terms on the viability of this university.
We advise him and his kitchen cabinet to tread the path of his Yobe State counterpart if the project is not feasible, than beating around the bush as UNIOSUN is not a private project. We seek the prompt intervention of our revered royal fathers, religious leaders, political parties, and other stakeholders.

While we commend the enduring passion of our parents at home, we salute the courage of our members who at one instance or the other, have fallen victim of Oyinlola-Okebukola-UNIOSUN’s syndrome. To you all, sky is the limit.
by: Jimoh muhali adekilekun

Adekilekun is the National President, National Association of Osun State Students (national body).


The people of Osun State held Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola to his electoral promise in his first tenure on the establishment of a university in the state. I remember a man was verbally and physically abused for daring to ask the governor of his promise at Osogbo. When the governor suddenly announced his readiness to float a university only few people were surprised since announcement came few weeks from his second term election.

Being a clever one, he enlisted Professor Peter Okebukola, the former Executive Secretary of the National University Commission (NUC) as the chairman, implementation committee in order to use him and his connection and make him an errand boy who will facilitate the approval of the university. With the speed of lightening, all necessary documents were given to the governor last December by the current NUC Executive Secretary, Professor Julius Okogie. The governor was beaming with smiles on the mission accomplished.

It would be recalled that Professor Okebukola championed the stoppage of some courses at various universities across the country including the law programme at the University of Ibadan and Obafemi Awolowo University, among other universities, claiming they lack facilities and manpower. Now he surrendered himself to be used by a politician seeking for a second time. Quickly, he jumped at the offer placed before him and he started lobbying his former colleagues at NUC.

Immediately, sales of forms began with fees as high as N350,000. Coaching centres across the country were giving forms to sell, at the end of which more than N300, million was realised. No clear information was given to the candidates on the cut-off mark; the only information was that candidates must also collect JAMB form. Being a newly established university, they thought it would be less difficult to secure UNIOSUN’s admission so they rushed its forms as the management kept on printing the forms for hapless candidates.

Professor Okebukola is not a rank and file member of his church, The Apostolic Faith. He knows that all unrighteousness is a sin but he chose to be part of the dirty politics going on in Osun State by letting academic excellence, probity, sincerity and faithfulness to be offered on the altar of dirty politics.

It was after the candidates wrote UNIOSUN post-UME that they knew that those scoring below 200 would not be able to check their post-UME scores.That an example former NUC secretary and governor Oyinlola have laid down for us in Nigeria?

Adeyemi Oluwole, Ilorin, Kwara State


It sounds so imponderable, almost unconscionable, that the man who today prides himself as the philosopher king of the Obasanjo concept of education as an item of trade is none other than Professor Peter Okebukola, an otherwise highly regarded academic. He is today the greatest theoretician, indeed, a zealot of those that see education-ala the Breton Wood institutions-not as a social service but one that must be paid for through the nose, even by those who have, and be completely taken beyond the reach of the children of the poor.

It is such a cruel irony that those who should facilitate access to higher education for the greater majority of our youth are the very ones now snatching it from the reach of the children of the poor. It reminds one of Margaret Thatcher, the milk snatcher, who thought nothing of denying little kids of that essential product.

Of course, Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola has proved time, and again, that he is not a great fan of the under privileged. But nothing can compare with the fees regime he has now approved for his Nobel prize-targeting university, one which ranges between N150,000 and N200,000.00k, depending on where you come from and what course of study.

Even without conducing a series of open-ended interviews or having the privilege of access for an intensive study of their executive memos which must have sought of justify these totally unreasonable fees in a so-called state university, it is only too obvious that the Osun publics, like the parents whose wards were unconscionably fleeced of their hard earned money, are today not offering Oyinlola any roses.

Whatever their claims to expertise in this area, both in its multi-campus structure and the punishing fee regime, the Osun State University as conceptualized by its Implementation Committee is a study in how not to run a university especially in a largely agrarian and preponderantly poor environment. It would have made more sense if Professor Okebukola, as Executive Secretary of the National University Commission, had partnered with Governor Oyinlola to obtain a license from the Obasanjo government to own a private university even if it would be sited in Osun State.

Look around the entire country, nothing compares to this man’s inhumanity to man, the one germinating in Osun State where the sing-song for the governor’s first four years was that there was no money to establish a university.

At the Osun State University, students shall, in addition to the excessive fees, also pay for games (can you imagine), ICT, library, examination, hand-book and damage, in what would essentially be an off-campus institution. I think Prince Oyinlola must get these people to invent more ways of making a bank of a university.

Writing in her EDUTALK column in The Nation of 6 September, 2007, Kofoworola Belo-Osagie has the following to say “Thousands of potential students are weeping, weeping that after making so much effort to gain admission into the newly created Osun State University, Osogbo, they are back to square one and the poorer for it’ She went on to describe how what looks to me like a typical 419 scam was hatched. A university whose Implementation Committee must have programmed to admit less than 6000 students in all the way to sell application forms to close to 100,000 candidates at a princely sum of N3,000.00k.

If ever there was a scam, this was it. And since the NCC would not have allowed this to pass if committed by any of Communications companies, I think the NUC must get Osun State to vomit and refund this unearned bonanza.

It is stealing by style. On top of this, each candidate was made to pay N500.00k for a scratch card which hardly guaranteed access to their website and as if these were not enough indignities, many of the candidates had to bribe lower cadre staff to finally obtain application forms that had been paid for in the first instance. On top of all these too, the candidates hadn’t the slightest idea of what type of fees the university would inflict on them.

If they do not know it yet, these people have succeeded in giving Osun State a bad name. But the worst was yet to come. It came in the form of a you-can-go-to-hell admonition on their website where they insulted the poor candidates and their parents as follows: ‘APPLICANTS WHO DO NOT SHARE OUR VISION OF A WORLD CLASS UNIVERSITY through payment of our published fees are NOT compelled to enroll in UNIOSUN. This, coming from a people who lay claims to being educated is a big shame indeed.

They now went on to give some 419-like psyching: “After few months of pioneering experience from September 21, you will hold your head high anywhere in the world as a student of Osun State University’ and in 25 years, they would have produced a Nobel prize winner. Pray, how much did Professor Soyinka pay at the University of Ibadan?

What exactly are they going to do here that Covenant University to  which Professor Okebukola gets routinely invited has not done thousand times over? Is he going to replicate his state of the art facilities in every town and village where they have their campus?  If yes, can they not see the unnecessary duplication in men and materials? And if they were going to charge these fees why not have one campus? Before I get lectured on dividends of democracy, what exactly has Ire gained from its Polytechnic apart from tears, blood and mayhem? What manner of administrators are these?

I lay no claims to any expertise here, but I have been privileged to drink at the feet of the very best and this is no ego tripping: Oluwasanmi at Ife and Akinkugbe at Ilorin. These are academic giants and administrators with whom I worked directly. One thing I came away with from each of them was their total commitment to the cause and welfare of their students. Even with a punishing back-ache, Oluwasanmi would ensure they had the best and as pioneer Vice-Chancellor (Principal, University College, Ilorin), Professor Akinkugbe spared no effort in ensuring the comfort of the young men and women under his care. Not for them a take-it or leave-it, heaven-may-care pronouncements as they now gleefully tell us in Osogbo.

And lest they be carried away by fancy, these Osun people should not be led into thinking that they’re going to replicate Covenant or the Redeemer universities in Osogbo. Or are they also going to pay a professor in excess of N13m as Covenant does? These are institutions the Holy Spirit laid on the hearts of the men pioneering them and for them there is a clear vision. Academics, I know, go to certain universities, not for money, but for the incomparable academic standing of that particular university’s leadership. There in Osun, I cannot see any of that for now nor would a serious academic not think twice before taking up an appointment with a government that recently treated medical doctors like filth. So where are their Nobel Laureates coming from? After all this is a state institution with all its predilection to cult related and partisan political activities, adept as the proprietors are, at manipulating these young minds.

For all that I can glimpse of UNIOSUN for now, it is nothing more than the brainwave of an experiment-loving academic who successfully sold his pet idea of a university to less than calculating political office holder with the prospective students no better than guinea pigs. To make any significant impact therefore, the university, its structure and its underpinning philosophy, must be completely reworked.

One hopes their large egos would permit.

By: femi orebe

Culled from THE NATION.


The outrageous schedule of payable fees recently  rolled out by the management of Osun State ‘Universities’ has only brought to the fore, once more, the earlier suspected deceitful and ill conceived intention of the Governor Oyinlola government in setting up the university in the first instance.

It will be recalled that the governor, perhaps acting in good faith then, by alleging financial insufficiency, had earlier resisted all entreaties calling upon him to honour his campaign promises by establishing the university
All of a sudden, however, financial ‘sufficiency’ appeared from the blue and the governor, in one fell swoop, established the university just few weeks away from the governorship election of April 14, 2007.

Hence, the apparently deceitful after thought decision did not only strike many as a surprise but also attracted fierce criticisms, arising from the reasonableness or otherwise of the six multi campuses nature of the university.

Ever since the ‘establishment’, however, the unsuspecting and helpless Nigerian students have become the victims of extortions for which the processes of getting admission into the university have become.

The first avoidable extortion was to make over a hundred thousands of students obtain the application forms for not more than five thousand vacancies.

Following this was the compulsory sale of N500 scratch card to the same students in their thousands at the screening centre for the purpose of subsequently checking the result of the applications they had earlier paid N3000 each for.

As if these were not enough, the management has just rolled out a schedule of school fees ranging from N182, 500 to N192, 500 per academic session depending on course of study and indigeneship status of the student.

This, to say the least, is outrageous, callous and quite contemptuous of the economic reality of Nigeria in general and Osun State in particular.

After all, the university is a state-owned institution where ready subsidy and good will are already presumed. Even in Lagos State, the economic hub of the entire country, the Lagos State University only charges as far less as ranging from N20,000-N30,000 only for both the indigene and non indigene students respectively.

As a matter of fact, there is no any other state-owned university in Nigeria today that charges as outrageous as it is proposed at the ‘universities’ of Osun State.
Even at the states-owned Ladoke Akintola University , Ogbomoso, where Osun State is a managing partner, they charge as less as between N20- N30, 000 per academic session. These UNIOSUN fees can, in fact, compete favourably with those at some of the private universities in the country.

Meanwhile, the craze for funds by all means and in all manners by the Osun State Government via its agent/management of UNIOSUN can be attributed to the fact that the university obviously had neither structural facilities (save its six landed sites) whatsoever nor certified funds for its take-off as at the time  license was hurriedly obtained for it. This, has no doubt, called into question the integrity of such people as Professor Peter Okebukola amongst other promoters of the ‘Universities’ of Osun State.

All the above therefore have given rise to some salient questions the Osun State Government must honestly answer now. Did or does Osun State have the financial wherewithal to establish a mono campus not to even talk of a multi-campus university?

If the governor’s answer is positive, then, why would the state make the helpless admission hungry Nigerian students and their impoverished parents to outrageously bear the burden of establishing the university?

Of what purpose is the mandatory monthly deduction of five per cent from each of the 30 local governments in the state for the singular purpose of the same university? Honest answers to these questions amongst others, will no doubt, shed some lights on the raised issues.

LATEEF, Misbau Alamu, Faculty of Law, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State.


Osun State Action Congress (AC) governorship candidate in the April election, Engineer Rauf Aregbesola, has enjoined the Federal Government to ensure that the new naira redenomination policy made is beneficial to Nigerians.According to him, the only way by which this can be achieved is for the government to quickly arrest the disquieting specter of mass poverty, unemployment, rising crime wave, urban decay, insecurity, threat to democracy and the rule of law, that the present administration inherited.

Aregbesola, who gave the admonition in a statement issued by his Media Assistant, Mr Gbenga Fayemiwo, said though the desire of the Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Prof. Charles Soludo, was patriotic and well intentioned, various unintended consequences should have been attended to from the beginning. He said: “The policy, however attractive it may be, should have been preceded by a decisive revival of the nation’s comatose macro-economic fabrics. The Federal Government ought to have ensured that the local industries are producing at full capacity.”

Aregbesola expressed regret that till date, the commercial banks have not supported small and medium scale enterprises up to a level that could guarantee the economic security of Nigeria. “Already, the existing inter-bank rates are outrageously high; the cost of funds, sorting of currencies for commercial banks, interest rates are still too high. Worse still, the nation’s foreign exchange market is over-subscribed thereby making Nigeria an import-driven economy”, he said.

The engineer urged the government to do a careful study of various cases of the now repealed Exchange Control Anti-sabotage Decree, adding that “Nigeria should not return to a situation that led to the ignominious importation of 53 suitcases of loads of naira notes during the military era in 1984.”


“A whiteman who is bound to vacate office, would definitely defecate on the chair before leaving.”
A trustworthy person is like an immaculate white which has no space for stain, while a liar represents a filthy rag. According to a satire written and produced by Muyiwa Ademola, a popular modern day playwright, a story of one man called ‘Arike Ariyo’ was very instructive.

According to the character, Ariyo is an embodiment of deceit lies, shortchanging and ‘abracadabra’. He was an artful dodger and pretender of no mean magnitude. One day,  Ariyo on the expectation of his intermediary between him and his new found love, took his chair outside, enjoying himself with chicken leg.When his friend, an intermediary came visiting, he saw Ariyo in a bright mood with a biscuit bone of chicken in his hand and he (intermediary) expressed his pleasure for the jollification of his friend, demanding an equally delicious meal from him.

Ariyo, in a fake opulence, told his friend that he was late. Arike, as his moniker said he ordered his neighbour to prepare pounded yam and roasted chicken vegetable soup for him and that after eating to his satisfaction, he asked his neighbour to go with the left-over, saying he could not eat such a staple the next day.

While the discussion was on, a woman led his child to Arike’s house to demand for the reason that made him seize a chicken leg from her child. Ariyo was overwhelmed with shame and consequentially lost a friend, a marriage intermediary and finally a wife.

Now, let us relate the story to what is happening in Osun State . The occupier of the Okefia Government House as the character who claimed that he had the peoples’ mandate. The mandate is just like the roasted chicken vegetable soup. And that he was voted for massively in the last electoral fluke called general elections because of his five-star performance, only to be disowned by the same people.

Just like that, the Election Petition Tribunal threw Oyinlola’s application out and people were jubilating in all parts of the state. Mind you, just like Ariyo, the Okefia tenant has lost eight out of nine prayers already. This is significant, very very significant.Please, cast your mind out of the story, let’s come back to this week discourse. Have you seen how the Osun State chapter of Action Congress(AC) chieftains were summarily thrown into prison by style, for the charges that have catapulted hundreds of people in and out of prisons for weeks and months? Do you call that victimization of political opponents?

Did you see the difference between the two magistrates handling the case? Now, open your mind. Let it be known that the whole scenario is a desperation cum terrorism against the political opponents of the Okuku heir apparent  from the beginning and the ongoing clampdown cannot be divorced from it.

On the decision of Magistrate Jide Falola to hear the substantive case in October, it is a pity I am not a lawyer, let alone being part of the legal team that is representing  AC leaders. If I were one, I would have settled for magistrate Ayo Ajeigbe, the courageous woman who was to handle the case ab initio.

I know Ajeigbe a bit and my investigations revealed  that she is so principled that nobody including her husband, who is a PDP stalwart could influence her decision for whatever price, unlike a magistrate elsewhere. I had watched a proceeding in her court some years back, where some people suspected to be members of Oodua Peoples’ Congress (OPC) were dragged to her court by the police.

Then, it was an unpardonable sin to be a member of OPC. So, government was interested in keeping the men. Against all odds, Ajeigbe heard the fundamental human rights.
But, the deed is done, the magistrate with finesse has disqualified herself from the case and thank God, the ‘real’ man has done it again and to the AC leaders, journey mercy to the prison, at least till the bail application is heard.

I must confess to you that if democracy, according to Abraham Lincoln, is a government of the people, by the people and for the people, I make bold to say: it is lacking in Osun State . But if what we are currently experimenting is monarchical where the king or queen rules the people as subjects? Then, it is a bit close. Why? The reason is not far fetched, the Okefia Government House tenant is a prince and he was so fricked that he titled the inauguration address he read at the State House of Assembly as: “The message from the Throne.”

But, in an honest appraisal, the current regime has also failed the litmus test of monarchical rule because nobody dares query the king or queen for any wrongdoing in a monarchical rule and that is not the case now because the opponent has picked the gaunlet in form of petition to the Election Petitions Tribunal to retrieve the controversial mandate of ‘Olori Oko’.

So, looking inward about the clampdown on imaginary and real enemies, infringement on the press freedom as currently being experienced by OSUN DEFENDER newspaper in the hands of the State Security Service (SSS), killings, maiming intimidation and harassment by the retired General Olagunsoye Oyinlola government, the current administration in the State of the Living Spring could be likened to ‘Bashorun Gaa Republic .’

For a good Yoruba man, the story of Bashorun Gaa of  the old Oyo Kingdom is not new; for the sake of those who are not familiar with the story, I shall briefly tell it.

Bashorun Gaa of sad memory was the head of ‘Oyomesi’, the legislative arm of the kingdom, but he was so extra-ordinarily powerful with supernatural powers of fetish. History has it that Gaa had the power to change from human-being to any wild animal of his choice.

Intoxicated with awesome power, Gaa was removing and installing kings at will. He would reel out orders side by side with the king and any king that wanted to assert his authority would be dealt with by Gaa’s Army.

There was a time a king in Oyo was said to have beheaded his father-in-law for the ‘mouth diarrhoea’ committed by his daughter, the wife of the tyrant king. Cashing in on the wrongdoing, Gaa, in conjunction with other kingmakers, forced the monarch to the evil forest to embark on the journey of no return. In order to appease Gaa, the new king thereafter gave his precious daughter in marriage to Gaa, but when Gaa was in need of an animal called ‘Agbonrin’ (deer) and he couldn’t’ find one on time, he ordered that the daughter of a king who bore the similar name, Agbonrin be slaughtered instead, and that climaxed his atrocities.

A petition in form of a plea was filed by Alaafin, the great king before the powerful Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) known as ‘Generalismo’ Aare Ona Kakanfo. There was a civil strife between the two powerful men, but Gaa caved in by decoy. He changed to an inanimate object in a bid to escape the wrath of the people he had traumatised.

Aare Onakankanfo through his mystical power, uncovered the decoy, reverted Gaa back to a human being and disarmed him completely. The Generalissimo handed Gaa back to Alaafin for appropriate sanction and the king who was still bitter about the misconduct and abuse of office and power of Gaa, recommended that Gaa be sentenced into instalmental killing.

See what is happening now, political office has been abused; people were killed, maimed, harassed. Political opponents were run out of town, jailed, name it. Recently, the government, through its trigger-happy security men has launched a massive manhunt against the only newspaper (OSUN DEFENDER) that is speaking for the poor.

With OSUN DEFENDER newspaper, the woman who sells pepper at Igbotente Village in the state or a hewer of firewood in Iyanfoworogi, another  village, is assured of adequate and balanced information. But the modern day Gaa is saying no. What more?

God who arrested Gaa (The Power drunk) with His Mighty power is alive!

by Lukman Suomi

Osun Defender,I know even in a twist of time things can be change but God is your strenght.Do not relent the selfless services even if Aregbesola comes inn which we are all praying for and behave insimilar manner.Please for God sake,do not hesitate to expose him.

As for the Basorun Gaa of our time,he will soon face the music when God gave back the power to the appropriate person.Do u remember,Alhaji Nuhu Ribadu?(Anti corruption watchdog)he will be the Generalismo in this battle and recover all our stolen money for us.Let just be prayerfull and be hopefull as well.

by Tunde Ayoade,

good work.
keep on this.

God shall pay him back ..
by service to the people

He, Bashorun Gaa of osun State will sure reap all he sowed in the course of wanting to hold on to power. God will surely pay him back in his own coin… it is a matter of time..



The convoy of Osun State Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola was last week held hostage in Osogbo by students in the state secondary schools.The incident which occurred some metres after Odo-Osun bridge, Gbongan-Ibadan Road, Osogbo, while Oyinlola was returning home on his only familiar route after the day in the office, had students in a large number calling the governor unprintable names. Sachets of  ‘pure water’  were also rained as missiles on the convoy.The students accused the governor of playing politics with the state qualifying exams for the West African School Certificate (WASC) examination due for the 2006/2007 academic year.

They claimed that sitting for the qualifying exams annually organized by the state government is the government’s standard for a student to become a registered candidate and beneficiary of  its payment for the actual WASC exams.

OSUN DEFENDER learnt that the qualifying exams in out-going school year was scheduled to hold in the daylight in the respective schools but the state government deliberately chose to extend the exams timetable to the dusk without notice to the affected students vide their school authorities.
According to the students, the untoward attitude of the government was to deprive many students the opportunity of sitting for the qualifying exams that ended last week in order to reduce the government expenses on the registered candidates for the WASC exams.The  differential in the amount of money which the government earmarked for WASC exams and what is actually paid on the WASC exams, the students reasoned, “would be embezzled by a few within the corrupt-ridden PDP government in the state.”

Further investigations by OSUN DEFENDER revealed that question papers arrived late to the examination centre at Fakunle Comprehensive High School, Osogbo due to paucity of fund.The more reason the examination which was slated for 8.am could not be made available until 5.00pm after majority of the students had left the centre.
It was learnt that while the aggrieved students were ruminating over their plight at a spot close to Osun River., Oyinlola’s convoy was coming from Abere, the seat of power.

A source close to the scene explained that the aggrieved students started calling the governor unprintable names and pelted his convoy with satchets of ‘pure water’.
“It was at this juncture that security operatives in the convoy of the governor arrested some of the students, carried them to Abere where they were beaten to stupor,” he said.Further investigations also revealed that the three principals of three secondary schools within the premises of Fakunle were quizzed over the incident.
It was also learnt that the government was planning to demote the affected principals with a threat that the Oyinlola administration won’t pay for NECO examination of the affected schools as he pledged during his campaign.

Meanwhile, the government, last week, hastily invented pre-degree programmes to be run in the University of Osun (UNIOSUN) and put the cost of admission forms at five thousand, one hundred naira only (N5,100).Students in the state and beyond prospecting for admission have expressed that the cost of the pre-degree forms is outrageously on high side and threatened to vandalize the pre-degree forms advert banner hung on a commercial bank opposite Fakunle Comprehensive High School I, Osogbo, remarking that the governor is only interested in extricating further the economically depleted prospective students of the university that is structurally yet to take off.

Investigations revealed that the government had earlier collected three thousand naira (N3,000:00) from well over 100,000 prospective students who already obtained the UNIOSUN entry forms besides the cost of JAMB form which was also borne by the cursory prospective students unsuspicious of the cupidity of the state government.
It would be recalled that this newspaper recently reported that UNIOSUN was taking off fraudulently to enable the government repay the much publicized N2bn allegedly borrowed from a commercial bank for the university project.

The huge loan, OSUN DEFENDER learnt, was allegedly divested to railroad Oyinlola back in the Bola Ige House, Osogbo, through the April 14 election that is still being contested at election petitions tribunal currently sitting in Osogbo.

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i need my result in 2007
written by kweku banahene, August 09, 2007

please i am justice from tarkwa and i want you please to inform me when the result is in please SCHOOL NAME GOLDEN AGE SCHOOL COMPLEX IN TARKWA PLEASE CANDIDATE NUMBER 404073076 SCHOOL NUMBER 404073 PLEASE HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU AS SOON AS THE RESULT IS IN PLEASE HELP ME.

Attension please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!
written by penny, August 18, 2007

what the hell of u doing about osun state university.i have been checking my result for a long time ago and i can’t check it.pls do something to it.

written by damola, August 19, 2007

pls help us do something to your website we have not been able to access our results.


OSUN DEFENDER man, Bunmi Akintayo last week had a chance meet with Professor Sola Adeyeye who spoke on sundry topical issues concerning the nation at large and Osun State in particular. Adeyeye is the senatorial candidate under the aegis of Action Congress (AC) in the election which result is being contested at the Election Petitions Tribunal, Osogbo.

It is two months now that elections were held and results announced. But peace remained elusive in Osun State. Why is this so Prof?

The absence of peace in any society is directly correlated with the absence of justice. What we saw in April 2007 was a naked abuse of federal might to subvert the mandate of the people in Nigeria, particularly in Osun State. The people are severe prodding of terror and tyranny. And the tyrants are doing everything to break the spirit of the people. But we thank God that they will not succeed.
Only recently, the PDP too started to place paid advertorials in the media to portray the AC as the masterminds of political crisis in Osun State. All along it had been the AC accusing the Governor-Oyinlola-led PDP as the architect of oppression and terrorism as well as the aggressor. How do you view this latest twist?

I pray to God that very soon in His omnipotent, he will expose the lies of the PDP. The truth of the matter is that, the AC did not and presently does not have the apparatus of power in Osun State. So the AC is in no means positioned to terrorize the PDP. What we have had before, during and after the election has been the use of the apparatus of State to intimidate, harass and hound our people all over the place. People who are innocent are being arrested over concocted charges. People are even being locked up before they are charged. People are being wounded physically and the truth of the matter is that the PDP knows that its members are the aggressors. The party knows that it is the terrorists. It knows that its members are breaking the laws of God and man. And by the grace of God, it would not be long that God will recompense them in full measure.
In 2003 when Oyinlola was declared the winner of the gubernatorial election to unseat Chief Bisi Akande, there was no noise. Why do we have so much noise and rejection from the people in 2007, four years after because Oyinlola is returned to office?

The truth of the matter is that there is a pattern throughout the Yoruba land. In our history as a people, it has become the norm that if you rig elections the first time, the people are usually taciturn; they usually give the system that benefit of the doubt to self-correction. But when you go further to inflict the same pain on the people a second or third time, it a natural human tendency to say, we have had enough.
Particularly, the people of Osun State have had the opportunity to compare four years of the administration of Akande with the four years of Oyinlola. And quite frankly, the people, throughout the length and breadth of Osun, have found Oyinlola to be very wanting.
And therefore with their thumbs, overwhelmingly, the people rejected continuation of Oyinlola in office. They trooped to the polling booths, they voted for the AC gubernatorial flag bearer, Aregbesola and other candidates. But unfortunately, the PDP used the apparatus of incumbency to pervert and thwart the election process.
But we are confident in God and in the process, that the election petition tribunal will soon do that which is right. So, personally, it is easy for me to understand why the cup of iniquity of the PDP, having run over, makes our people to boil with righteous indignation.
And yet despite that, our people have maintained a posture of peace, believing that it is in our own interest to allow peace to reign, except that the PDP forgets that peace never reigned in a society that is run on the platform of injustice.
The PDP is predominantly conservative and the Yoruba South-west has all along being the base of the progressives. But in 2003, the conservatives made an inroad into the South-west politics. Many believed that the tide would change in April 2007, but the PDP held on to all the states in the zone except Lagos. What is responsible for this? Can we conclude that the Yoruba have bidden progressive politics the final bye?

Absolutely no. What we have right now is a fraud. What we have right now is an imposition and quite frankly, what we have is a civilian coup. It is the use of the instrument of terror to subvert the electoral wish of the people. But I don’t think it will stand. And I have always told my people to be patient and allow the tribunal to run full course. But I am confident that the overwhelming lesson of history is that on the long run, no matter how tortuous the journey may be, the tyrants always meet their waterloo.
You see, there is something in man, an indefatigable spirit that makes him the image of his creator. The spirit will always attract itself, always rise to challenge and triumph over all forces of tyranny and oppression. That is why I am not entertaining any doubt that when this process would run full course, the PDP would have found itself the loser, not only in Osun State, I believe, in the vast majority of the South western states.
The leadership of the security agencies in Osun State had come under severe criticism of members of the AC. Specifically, the leadership of the State Security Service (SSS) and the Police was often accused of aiding and abetting the Oyinlola administration to victimize the opposition. In two quick successions, both the SSS director and the Police Commissioner were moved. What does their exit portend for Osun State?

I hope it is the beginning of a ray of hope, though it is too early to say. But as for the removal of the Commissioner of Police, all I can say is that it is good riddance to bad rubbish. While he was in Osun State, the Commissioner of Police reduced the Ngerian police to PDP police. For four years, I have the pleasure and with responsibility of representing the people of Ila/Ifedayo/Boluwaduro Federal Constituency and I can tell numerous tales of the harassment of the opposition.
In effect, the Commissioner of Police tried to reduce Osun to a one-party state. of course, he would give you a semblance of not being partisan, but when the chips were down, there was no question that the Police Commissioner in Osun State was partisan and was far from being fair to the people of Osun State, especially to members of the Action Congress.
Almost every member of your party is relying on the election petition tribunal for justice. What gives you the confidence that what the INEC denied you through the ballot would be given to you in the court of the tribunal?

My confidence is that in the last 18 months, we have seen ray and beams of hope from the nation’s judiciary that it cannot be teleguided. That it cannot be turned into engine of victimization and harassment. That it cannot be turned into an appendage of the executive to impose the will of a cabal on the nation. I am praying to God that the judiciary will live up to this most glorious and inspiring trend that we have seen of late. That’s what gives me the confidence.

But how long will this struggle go? Won’t the expectations of the people wane?

It would go for as long as it will take. John F. Kennedy long ago said that those who made peaceful change impossible will make violent change inevitable. I subscribe to the doctrine of the Prince of peace, my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I am a good student of the Great Dr. Martin Luther King Jnr. who preached social change through non-violence struggle.

But I am also a student of history, and I know that dialectical processes can never be circumvented. So if these power mongers, the cabal that hoisting their evil machinations throughout the length and breadth of our republic continue to do so, it is a matter of time, before they will create a vortex that will carry them to their own doom.



Confronted by a possible defeat of Osun  State incumbent Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola by the Action Congress Aregbesola at Election Petition Tribunal sitting in Osogbo, the state capital, the state government has embarked on antics to frustrate incoming administration when eventually sworn into office.

This forms part of an extensive investigation conducted by OSUN DEFENDER on the plans of the current administration in the state if eventually ordered to vacate office by the Election Petitions Tribunal.

A senior political functionary who spoke to the medium on strict condition of anonymity revealed that the administration would comply with the tribunal’s pronouncement but certainly not without a fight.

According to the source, the fight has already started as the administration is currently engaged in discussion with management of some commercial banks with a view to securing loans to finance some phoney development projects across the state.

The loans, the source further revealed, run into several billions of naira and the primary purpose for seeking it is never for any meaningful developmental project but as a means of putting any in-coming administration into a financial mess on its assumption of office.

Discussions on the said loans with the concerned commercial banks have reached advanced stages as money may be released to the state government any time from now.

These loans are in addition to the ones already being serviced by the State Government under   Oyinlola which sources say also run into billions of naira.

The state’s allocation from the Federation Accounts and some of its landed properties in Lagos, Abuja and Osogbo have been tendered to serve as collateral for the loans, the state’s political functionary stated.

To cover its tracks and avoid being accused of financial mismanagement by the opposition in the state, the Oyinlola administration has decided to expend all the money on the newly–established Osun State University (UNIOSUN), and some other minor projects, the source emphasized.

The administration was emboldened to embark on this reckless financial venture by a recent report exposing some immediate past state governors, leaving mountain of debts for their individual successors to contend with, the source maintained.

In addition to this, Osun State Government has also concluded plans to present its list of candidates for the posts of commissioners to the State House of Assembly where the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) lacks the mandatory two-thirds majority required for the passage of the list.

Since the elected AC members have refused to attend any of the House sittings in protest of arrest and detention of their colleagues by the Oyinlola administration, no major decision has been taken by the House.

Despite this short-coming, the state government is still reported to have resolved to go ahead with the presentation and ensure its passage by the legislature without the required two-third majority.

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written by OLAOLU BABALOLA, July 09, 2007

Let the interim Governor continue squandering the peoples money, it is sure that he will cough it out.

all oyinlola(ole osun)secret will soon expose
written by mandela, July 09, 2007

I bellieve he will caugh one day with all his bad developer including commissioner of police,some bad oba’s e.t.c

Oyinlola Is A Rogue
written by Engr. Akano M. Ademola, July 09, 2007

I have always been saying it that mere looking at Oyinlola’s face you will be able to read a lot of his characters. He IS A ROGUE.

In 2006 my Cousin and a friend (OSIEC-EO) who are a prominent PDP members have told me what Oyinlola promised them to do for opposition especially Aregbesola that he is going to make use of all his 30 years millitary experience to suppress them and this is a man that will go on TV and be saying he is peace maker.

If he likes let him go and borrow from IMF and World Bank Aregbesola will still perform because his vision transcient monetry limitations.


It is pristine debate whether leaders are born or made. Those who take the first position argue that a leader is destined by the gods to be so and no matter his or her circumstances, that leader must emerge. They strengthened their argument with the notion that a leader is actually sent by the gods to deliver his or her people.

A typical example was Moses in the Bible whom God sent to deliver the Hebrews but which circumstances conspired against to frustrate but which still emerged and overcame tremendous challenges and opposition before him to fulfil his mission. Of course, history is strewn with personages whose emergence on the terrestrial level could only have been divinely ordained.

The converse would be argued that leaders are made through hardwork vision and discipline. It has been canvassed that every human being has the potential to be a leader, the difference being the circumstances of birth and the individual’s discipline in the pursuit of purpose. Both positions are right. Leadership is a divine appointment nurtured to fruition.

This is perhaps well illustrated in the life of Engineer Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola, the governorship candidate of Action Congress (AC) in Osun State in the April 14 election. When he launched Oranmiyan, the political association that managed his governorship campaign in 2005, it was like a Moses has come to his own.

Engineer Aregbesola was born exactly 50 years ago to Ijesa parents in Ikare in Ondo State where he also had his primary and secondary education. His leadership potentials began to emerge at The Polytechnic Ibadan as a student of Mechanical Engineering when he was elected Speaker of the Students’ Parliament in the 1977/78 session. Between 1978-1980, he was also the president of the Black Nationalist Movement.

This was the period he cut his ideological teeth in the political economic school. Undoubtedly, this school exposed him to the role of an individual in political emancipation and mass mobilisation for group locomotion.

Secondly, it equipped him with the tools for en effective praxis. It is a daunting task that could weary the faint hearted. Perhaps this is where the divine enabling leadership theory becomes relevant in his case.

Articulating his conception of power to an audience which included this writer during his election campaign, he argued that political power in society must be acquired for certain noble purposes. He states further that the full potentials of power can only be attained when it is used to develop the human condition.

For him, power becomes corrupted if it is not used for the purpose of human emancipation and stands the risk of throwing society into chaos. He believes that the elite and the custodians of political power stand the grave risk of neglecting the human component of society by converting power for personal use, since the underprivileged and victims of personalised power are veritable sources of threats that will turn round to haunt their oppressors.

This is deep. It sets him apart as a philosopher aspiring to be king, thereby approximating Plato’s recommendation for the ideal society. Our society is in trouble largely because we are ruled by brutes who exercise power devoid of philosophy, making their conception of power close to that of the caveman.

Aregbesola’s adoption of the Oranmiyan concept is apposite here. Oranmiyan was a philosopher king, an intrepid warrior, a man of valour and a true leader. These are the traits Aregbesola has been exhibiting since his foray into public leadership.

As a pro-democracy activist in the heady days of the military, he held his own at Alimoso area of Lagos where he functioned as an authentic political leader. Till this moment, he is still regarded as their leader. Likes will always attract as he took up a directorate in the Bola Ahmed Tinubu Campaign Organisation. He was one of the pillars of the election of governor Tinubu in 1999 as his Alimoso division delivered one of the largest votes that took the then Alliance for Democracy (AD) candidate to the Government House in Alausa.

Governor Tinubu must have seen the leadership potentials in him by giving him the headship of the Works Ministry. It will be recalled that the military bequeathed a massive public works and infrastructure liability to the incoming civilian administration. This makes the ministry a pivotal agency of governance. It is conceded that the entire administration takes glory for all the achievements; nevertheless credit should be given to the headship of the supervising ministry that midwifed a particular project.

Those that are familiar with Lagos would find it difficult to believe that places like the Lagos Central Business District, Oregun’s Kudirat Abiola Way, Ikorodu’s Ipakodo bye-pass, Alimoso’s Ikotun-Igando Road, Itire-Lawanson-Yaba Road, Awolowo Road, South West Ikoyi and Adeola Odeku Road in Victoria Island have been reconstructed in a most befitting way. These roads will for a long time remain a glorious epitaph to visionary leadership of Asiwaju and his executioner, Aregbesola.

This commissioner rehabilitated 841 roads (as at the last count) through the Public Works Operation Tax Payers Money in Action and over 600 roads through the Works Ministry Operation Patch it Well.

It is also interesting to note that his ministry pioneered the Independent Power Project that produced and added 270 megawatts to the national grip long before other states’ eyes opened to the idea. There is no doubting that he was an integral part of the Tinubu’s success story in Lagos.

Just like the legendary Oranmiyan, his governorship aspiration in Osun State, his place of origin, was meant to be a replication of his success story in Lagos. This is in contrast with the outgoing governor and his opponent in the election whose tenure as the military administrator in the same Lagos State was adjudged to be a dismal failure, perhaps the worst in the history of the state.

Aregbesola’s emergence in the politics of Osun State was to the people a fresh taste of wine after crossing the desert. They’ve had their fill and want more. To them, he is the symbol of true leadership and progressive governance that has eluded them in the past four years. They gave him their maximum support. They trooped out on April 14 to vote for him. They braced murderous army of occupation and conscienceless brigandage to assert their liberty and reclaim their mandate. Their resolve to follow him till the end is unflinching, solid like the rock of Gibraltar.

INEC has spoken. The people have also spoken. Fifty is for gold, ride on and claim the victory due to you at the tribunal. Dele Giwa is inimitable – the triumph of evil over good can only be temporary.