PHCN, Please Give Us Transformer At Egbeda

K I N D L Y p r o v i d e me a space in your widely-read newspaper to appeal to the Osogbo District of the Power Holding Company of Nigeria
(PHCN) to please help provide Egbeda and other adjoining streets at Odi-Olowo area of Osogbo with a s e p a r a t e transformer with a
view to alleviating the sufferings residents of the area go through, as a result of inconsistent power supply occasioned by the only available
ageing transformer. Most of the residents, who rely on regular electricity supply for their means of livelihood, have on several occasions had to
move to other locations across the state capital, where power supply is much regular. At the moment, the only transformer serving the whole
area, which is located at Matanmi Market area, has already started malfunctioning as a result of old age. On most occasions,residents of the area
have had to spend most of their nights without electricity, aside the regular l o a d – s h e d d i n g , which has become part of their daily nightmares.
I would also like to bring to the notice of the PHCN authorities that most cases of burglary and other criminal activities reported in the area are usually committed on most nights when electricity supply might have been cutoff. There was a time residents were assured that a new transformer was about to be allocated to Egbeda Street and all efforts were put in top gear by the community youths and leaders to erect a platform on which
the transformer would be mounted. The platform is still there till date with the hope that one day a transformer would be placed on it.
The residents still pray that a day would come , which they believe would be very soon, when all the concerned PHCN authorities would be moved by the plights of the residents of Egbeda Street and a transformer would be installed for their use.