Peacemaker Abroad, War Monger At Home

Embattled Governor Oyinlola of Osun StateFor the embattled Olagunsoye Oyinlola, who is holding on to his gubernatorial loot with virtually his last breath, it is a grand paradox: he war-mongers at home but makes peace abroad. But that is within the basic concept that the “governor” is idle – has always been.

But there is even a more pressing reason: the one who brazenly stole the vote on 14 April 2007 is scared stiff the end is near. That is why he manifests this acute contradiction as the days wear on.

With the booting out in Ekiti of fellow vote robber, Segun Oni, and the sword of justice, like that of Damocles, threatening to slash down on the other renegades viz Adebayo Alao-Akala (Oyo), Gbenga Daniel (Ogun) and of course, the Osun pretender to the throne, it is not the best of times.

With the tragic unravelling of the Ekiti house of straw, both Oyinlola and Daniel have become hyper-active. The duo was prominent in the comical bid to conscript Ayo Fayose, the man determined to take his pound of flesh from Oni and the fissured Ekiti PDP, knowing vengeance is sweetest when served cold!

Oyinlola, of course, was among the idle peacemakers who disdain the most rudimentary rubrics of justice, yet kid themselves genuine peace is possible. He was prominent in the bid to bring Fayose to heel. But, of course, everything has collapsed: Daniel virtually took flight in a rented chopper; while Oyinlola melted away when the heat became unbearable.

Blessed are the peacemakers, says the Bible. But what if they promote war and blind injustice at the same time? Would they then be accursed?

As Oyinlola goes on his endless sorties promoting peace abroad, he makes sure everything is arranged to assure deliberate and consistent crisis at home. Could it be a case of dullness? Or is it a case of being rattled? Whatever it is, it is almost predictable that the bogus blast at the Osun State secretariat has always provided the convenient reason to throw innocent citizens into jail.

As the Ekiti peace sortie beckoned, Oyinlola and the heavily compromised Osun Police Commissioner, John Moronike and a subverted Magistracy made sure the Action Congress (AC) triad of Moshood Adeoti (state chairman), Adegboyega Famoodun (state secretary) and Gbenga Fayemiwo (media expert to the Aregbesola Oranmiyan Movement) were under lock and key.

They have been released on bail after two weeks. But that in no way indicates that would be the last time they would be illegally detained – since it was not the first time.

But what might plague a man so much, bite his heart so acutely that he is never at peace until innocent and unarmed citizens are thrown into the can for no just cause? It is paranoia of the most virulent type. It is tantamount to the Macbeth equivalent of murdering sleep. Thane of Glamis has murdered sleep, William Shakespeare coined those immortal words, so the Thane of Cawdor shall sleep no more!

Macbeth committed regicide by killing King Duncan, his host and benefactor and seizing his throne. Oyinlola and his gang violently abolished the electorate in what will yet prove a futile bid to grab power. He suffers the costly consequences now – and the sight is not pretty!

As Oyinlola gets consumed by the viciousness of his own contradiction, his sure ruin would be a lesson for generations to come. You don’t steal the people’s vote and live happily ever after to enjoy your loot.

With the wind of change blowing through the South-West and uprooting the renegades, it is only a matter of time before Oyinlola meets his own comeuppance and Osun State , like Edo and Ondo before it, is set free.

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