Predictably, the many Houses of Fraud erected by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) have begun to collapse like stacks of inelegantly assembled cards that they were. However, only the shameless votes-stealing PDP and its rigging arm a.k.a the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) would feign surprise at the turn of developments. Given the promises and the resolve of the judiciary to cleanse the electoral Augean stable, we are not in the least surprised. Only those with incredibly bad sensory organs would fail to anticipate that the Houses of Fraud would not endure.

With two of PDP’s Houses of Fraud — in Kogi and Kebbi — already demolished by the tribunals, and with a dozen more likely to cave in to judicial hammers, the chicken is finally coming home to roost for the humpty-dumpty electoral machine, whose final disintegration is imminent. Even in Rivers State where the PDP hatched its trade mark agenda of impunity in substituting a validly nominated candidate for another that did not even feature in party primaries, it has earned itself an ignoble thumbs down from the highest court in the land; the apex court sacked the usurper, Celestine Omehia and went ahead to order the swearing in of the lawful candidate, Rotimi Amaechi.

The nation, it appears, is finally set on the course of coming to terms with the grand electoral heist of April; the enterprise to dismantle the appurtenances and the symbols of that ugly experience in electoral brigandage, may have reached the point of no return. What the vote robbers took away on April 14 and 22, the courageous electoral petition panels are beginning to restore, even if, piecemeal. Those whose specialty is stealing the people’s votes with added desperation in keeping the loot must have reckoned by now that their days of revelries are soon to be replaced with moments of melancholy.

The masterminds of violence and the apostles of intolerance in political contestation, have a lot to worry about now with the clocks ticking by- with justice only around the corner. The Nigerian electorate should consider themselves clear winners from the developments. The PDP should bury its head in shame for putting the country through the odium.

Back home in Osun State, we have no reasons to waver in our conviction that the good people will soon breathe a fresh breath of air from the suffocating grips of the emperor currently lording over them. Most likely, the emperor and his cohorts will continue in their brazen acts of repression against people that they claim to serve. They have done well in their pastime of pillaging scarce resources that would have otherwise gone into the development of the land and its people.

There cannot be any question about it: the dawn of every new day brings the people closer to the fulfillment of their yearning for the leadership of their choice, and the disrobing of this emperor and his subalterns in the market square. The people have made it clear that this cabal means nothing to them; it neither has their mandate nor does it enjoy their confidence. In short the people say that they are tired of them because they did not elect them.

We cannot accept that the people deserve the imposition. It is only condoned because the people have one last mile to go to reassert their freedom and dignity, that is, the electoral tribunals.  While we urge patience, faith and courage on the part of the people in the testy days ahead, the usurpers are well advised to brace up for the shock treatment as the Judgment Day draws near. Surely, the judiciary has given the people fresh hope.

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