PDP Plans To Attack Opposition In Appeal Court, Ibadan, Uncovered!

We have uncovered plans by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Osun State to mobilise bus loads of thugs to the Court of Appeal, Iyanganku, Ibadan on Monday February 2, 2009 so as to launch attack on members of the opposition Action congress (AC) and other political parties.

Chairmen of the 30 Local Governments in Osun State have been directly instructed to provide funds for the operation just as tough necks from South West States are to be moved into the Court as early as 5.30 a.m. today to ensure that opposition politicians are not able to enter the court premises.

As they would be waiting outside, the PDP thugs have been directed to pounce on politicians from the AC and other opposition political parties and dehumanized with dangerous weapons.

We also learnt from highly impeccable sources that the thugs have been given the instruction to murder any of the top AC leaders who may attend the Court of Appeal, Ibadan sitting today.

Since the appeal processes began last year, members of the Action Congress (AC) have been attending the court sitting with ho incidence.

Now that the Court is set to deliver rule on the crucial issue of the MTN Call logs evidence that alleged that members of the Election\petitions Tribunal and Counsel to the Respondents engaged in illegal secret communing, the PDP is trying to pervert the course of justice with brazen violence and lawlessness. We call on the Oyo State police Command and the Inspector-General of Police, Sir Mike Okiro to step into this matter immediately and prevent any attempt by anyone to violate the law.

The Police must not allow the impression that the Nigeria Police is working or tolerating illegalities by the ruling party (PDP) to continue to spread and fester.

Gbenga Fayemiwo


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