PDP Chieftain Withdraws Statement on Jonathan’s Impeachment

senate chamber

PDP umbrella

Our attention has been drawn to a publication regarding a pronouncement by the PDP’s Deputy National Chairman on your website. Kindly allow us to use the same medium to issue a response which is attached as follows.

Should you require any clarifications in future, please feel free to contact us.

Fidel Agbobu


Permit me to use this opportunity to correct the misrepresentation of my statement concerning this issue in my last press briefing on the 26th of July, 2012. My statement was interpreted out of context. What I said and mean was that the difference between the National Assembly and the Executive over the implementation of the 2012 Budget should not be celebrated. I went further to say that people are over-bloating this issue. I did not say that the President has committed impeachable offences.

Apart from the conflict on the implementation of the 2012 Budget, no significant difference has existed between the National Assembly and Mr. President in recent times. The reporting in one of the dailies out of the five that carried the news was not properly presented. I sincerely regret the embarrassment it has caused His Excellency Mr. President.

The current face-off between the Executive and Legislative Arms of government is usual in every democracy. By the time the National Assembly returns from their recess, the nation shall witness a renewed cordial relationship between the arms of government. His Excellency the President is a product of the Party and majority of the members of the National Assembly are also products of the Party. They are both working assiduously to deliver on the Party Manifesto for the interest of good governance. Whatever differences between them are based on principle and not necessarily in conflict with democratic credendum.

The transformation vision and democratic values of Mr. President, His Excellency, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, GCFR, also extends to our Party, the PDP for which he is the Leader. This is also captured in our Chairman’s 3Rs Agenda (Reconciliation, Reformation and Rebuilding) of the Party based on equity and justice. The process of reconciliation has started with the constitution of a Committee to study the Dr. Alex Ekwueme’s National Reconciliation Committee’s Findings and Recommendations.

The issue of reconciliation is taken very seriously by the NWC and efforts are geared towards reaching out and quickly too, to aggrieved members with a view of bringing them back to the PDP family. As stated by one of the past National Chairmen of our great Party, “the PDP was built on a foundation of inclusiveness to accommodate not only people of like minds and identical vision for the development of Nigeria but also people of diverse background who share in the commitment to make Nigeria a great democratic state, a beacon to Africa and the rest of the world.”

In all human endeavours, conflict of interest is inevitable but the ability to reconcile is the finest tenet that sustains the institution or body. The PDP is committed to returning to those principles and values (i.e. justice, fairness, equity, common good of all, accountability, consultation, respect for popular will and the `sanctity of the rule of law) upon which the party was founded.

Dr Sam Sam Jaja,

Deputy National Chairman,
People’s Democratic Party