Pastor Threatens El-rufai Over Religious Bill

President of Omega Fire Ministries, OFM, Apostle Johnson Suleiman, has rained curses on Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna State, over a bill aimed at substituting the Kaduna State religious preaching law if passed into law. The bill is directing that pastors and churches must be licenced to preach.

The Senior Pastor of OFM, in a video being circulated on the social media, warned the governor to “revoke your law or die!”

Recently, Governor El-Rufai reportedly sent a bill to the State House of Assembly to regulate religious preaching across the state.

The bill titled: “A bill for a law to substitute the Kaduna State religious preaching law, 1984.

“It is also aimed at banning the usage of loudspeaker for religious purposes, other than inside a Mosques or Church and the surrounding areas outside the stipulated prayer times (8:00pm).”

Government wanted the Assembly to enact the law that will stop the playing or circulating of, “all cassettes, CDs, flash drives or any other communication gadgets containing religious recordings from accredited preachers other than inside one’s house, porch, Church, Mosques and other designated place of worship.”

The bill seeks to ban sales or playing of any cassette containing “religious recordings in which abusive language is used against any person or religious organisation or religious leaders (past or present).”

The bill, if passed into law, will prohibit sales of religious books, usage of abusive and derogatory terms in describing any religion. The bill proposes that any person found guilty of preaching without a valid licence and other offences under the law “shall be liable to two years in prison or pay a fine of N200, 000.”

The Apostle, commenting on the bill, said it is not applicable in Nigeria, hence, will not be enacted.

He said, “They will appoint their own who will make it hard for the church but easy for the mosque. When it comes to the mosque, they give them a very good area but when it comes to the church, they gives bad areas. We are not trouble makers. Don’t trouble us.

“I want to warn the Governor of Kaduna state. I have read on papers many times how he abused Jesus. I have read many things and Christians came after him, he said they are joking, nothing can happen.

“We have become men of God before you became Governor.

“I am talking to the Kaduna Governor. Listen, I am not against sanitizing the state but if you say people should get license for preaching, it is not applicable in Nigeria.

“Even a herbalist does not get license for practicing herbalism. Why not tell witches that they need licence to fly?

“When you say license for preaching, you are standing against the Constitution that says freedom of worship. I have no problem, we can test powers now. There are certain laws that cannot happen in this country, not when Nigeria is under God.”

He asked the Governor to stay off his plan, “unless you want your cabinet to reduce; people may just sleep without waking up,” he added.

“If need be over this matter, heaven will intervene.

“I am saying this to the Executive Governor of Kaduna state, Nasir El-Rufai, revoke this law or die!”