Partying Duo, Grieving State

If you ever wanted a modern-day Roman Nero fiddling with ecstasy while his empire burns, then look no further than Olagunsoye Oyinlola and his deputy, Olusola Obada, as they party to no end, while the state in their charge badly bleeds.

After imposing themselves on our helpless people, no thanks to the travesty that were the April 2007 elections, it has been, for both of them rapture unlimited, while like oxen violently ridden, the people gripe in pain and despair.

Perhaps, no major party happened in town or even beyond without their excellencies-in-vanity making the show. At the burial of the mother of the fellow vote riggers in the South West, the prince of Okuku broke all protocol, the way he dug it to the tune of the Owambe musical ensemble! The other VIPs, including his gubernatorial colleagues, who swayed it nice and easy, were scandalised!

Strictly, it is no crime relaxing once a while – after all, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. But it is the Oyinlola penchant to party often and work seldom that makes this disputed governor appears a mere toy, when with the massive problem Osun State has, it is hardly given that a workaholic Jack would make a dent!

That this stack reality is beyond the ken of this gubernatorial duo beggars belief indeed. Each day, it is as if this pair has diarised what, in youth-speak, they call “happening places”. Whenever and wherever it happens, they just must be there. To them, Hedonism is one god they can’t afford to toy with!

This, to say the least, is bizarre, given the paralysis that Osun State has become. Nothing happens in this state except the huge contract racket of the governor and his cronies, by the governor and his cronies, for the governor and his cronies! No wonder then, the PDP parasites shamelessly exhibit their loot to the anger and consternation of the helpless populace.

Former governor, Chief Adebisi Akande, had limited means. In fact, what Oyinlola collected from the Federation Account for his first one year beggared what Chief Akande collected for the whole of his four-year term.

Yet, from the little Chief Akande collected, he judiciously spent. The Osun State Secretariat, Abere, and Bola Ige House, the ultra-modern monument all Osun people are today proud of, are testimonies to Chief Akande’s prudence and foresight. But he even did more than that. He attempted to put the state on an irreversible path of sustainable development, by trying to restructure its economy. He also tried to fix the educational system to respond to and deliver on the felt needs of the state.

If Governor Akande had been able to complete what he had started, Osun today would have been a completely different place. But alas! Negative and cynical publicity, from the then opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), scuttled all that.

But what our people have got is this unmitigated disaster: A government that did virtually nothing in its first four years, brazenly stole the vote and thereafter, still continues to do nothing!

The roads are in shambles. School buildings are tumbled down. The school feeding project has virtually collapsed simply because this government does not seem to know or care a hoot about the value of education. The local economy is dead – except, of course, the “contract-ocracy” of Oyinlola and Cronies Osun Unlimited.

It is the cynical celebration of this illicit fortune, which has turned clear misfortune for the people, that makes Oyinlola and his deputy junket from one party to another. But who would blame them? The people did not vote for them. But they are there, anyway and they would do anything to sneer at the people on the impotence of their so-called votes!

All this nonsense must stop. But, of course, it won’t until these vote robbers are uprooted and the sacred mandate of the real winners of the April 2007 elections is reclaimed. Despite the travesty of the Thomas Naron election tribunal, we still fervently believe that the judiciary will do justice in this matter.

That, for Osun State, might just be the thin line between prosperity and penury; and between the present retardation and a future progress.

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