Facts Behind Compromise Of Osun Police Command

Osun State Police Command’s level of rottenness, gross indiscipline and less on integrity, has turned the police institution in the state into an object of manipulation in the hands of politicians, as findings have grossly indicted the force’s leadership in some cases that border on the fundamental rights of the citizens of the state.

According to an investigation conducted by OSUN DEFENDER in conjunction with one Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), Committee for Good Governance (CGG), despite the fact that most men in the state command are dutiful, the leadership has not only sold out, but has also cultivated the habit of pushing men and officers to carry out hatchet job for politicians.

Findings showed that the disgraceful acts of some officers who have constituted themselves into a cult within the state police command, that has brazenly been abusing human rights and doing dirty jobs for the unscrupulous politicians in the state, it could be traced to the power from the above.

Investigations also showed that the State Security Service (SSS) under the watch of the erstwhile director, Mrs. Mary Ombu was cleverly dragged into compromise, before the service redeployed her and warned her successor against partisanship of the service.

While the SSS has since maintained its integrity, having smarted from indignity, accidental discharge of Ombu, the state police command under the watch of Commissioner John Moronike has fallen so badly below the line.

Findings further revealed that when the Kwara State born police commissioner was newly transferred to Osun State, after a big mess-up of his predecessor, Mr. Suleimon Fakai, he (Moronike) was more determined to save himself from the partisan posture of the police impression by Fakai.

Employing his gentle mien and honeymoon of a new posting, the incumbent police boss in the state invited all the political stakeholders to a meeting, intimating them about his plan to adhere strictly to the rule of law and professionalism.

It was learnt that the political parties’ leaders poured out their minds, and expressed confidence in the new state super cop, promising to give him unalloyed support.

However, Moronike failed the first litmus test, when some big guns of the embattled ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the state reportedly started dangling carrot of different sizes and aroma before him.

It was gathered that the police commissioner mistook the ‘Greek-gift for appreciation, unknown to him that politicians have a way of luring stubborn police officers, and by the time the establishment reportedly brought him into a grand plan to equip the state command, unsuspecting that the implied import was to call his tune and tie his apron to the strings of Olagunsoye Oyinlola, the embattled state governor, Moronike’s flank had completely blown open.

Realizing that Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) notoriety had been exposed to the world by the members of the opposition through media reports, the establishment, tasked the state police boss to create another notorious squad that could help the PDP gladiators do their dirty jobs.

Necked-deep in the power brokers’ trap, Moronike could not resist the demand for the creation of Eagle squad, according to the findings, to violate human rights and humanity.

Meanwhile, the officer in-charge of operations in the state command is another police chief that wields power of life and death, and the political gladiators in government and the ruling party would always fall over one another to serve his meal, OSUN DEFENDER leant.

Information has it that he is so cooperative with the politicians in power that, when he was once transferred, several millions of naira went into lobby to bring him back to the state.

Though his closet is closely guarded from the eagle eye of the press, it is understandable that he is in the know of the repression of the opposition in the State.

Investigation also indicated that SARS is another dreaded machine in the state command, with the SARS men more interested in domestic political issues, than facing the men of underworld.

OSUN DEFENDER gathered that at the Eagle Squad, an average bank would be made to green with envy, as money for bail depends on the level of crime and hour of arrest.

It was also gathered that spending a day at the dreaded Squad’s detention, is like spending eternity in hell, as cutlasses, fist gun butts and other dangerous objects are freely used on the naked body of a suspect.

Information also has it that another police officer who has fed fat on the police hatchet job for the politicians is one Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) in the state police command.

OSUN DEFENDER gathered that the skinning police officer has won his relevance through the controversial Osogbo explosion saga, a scenario that has reportedly fetched the Kogi State born police officer, a house in his state and posh cars from his paymasters.

Opposition Leaders, Activists Marked For Illegal Arrest In Osun

Worried about the growing popularity of the Action Congress (AC) Governorship candidate
in the last April 14 2007 election, Engineer Rauf Aregbesola, facts have now emerged that the Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola-led Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is now strategizing on how to render the AC flagbearer politically irrelevant in the state.

Information made available to OSUN DEFENDER revealed that the state wing of the PDP has been holding series of meetings on how to silence the AC flagbearer finally and make impossible for him to participate in any other future elections in the state.

A source disclosed that at one of the meetings that had the Governor and the chairman of the party in the state Prince Ademola Rasaq, in attendance, the issue of Aregbesola’s growing popularity was raised.

Lamenting on the issue. one of the PDP chieftains stated that despite all their antics to destroy Aregbesola’s ambition of becoming the governor in the state, he has remained undaunted growing from strength to strength.

The consesus of the opinions at the meeting was therefore that Aregbesola and his party be caged realising that the party has being the major opposition party to the government.

It was reliably gathered that the PDP chieftains pleaded Oyinlola to lead the battle against the opposition, believing that he is the only one that can manipulate the government machinery in the state to do and undo.

OSUN DEFENDER was also informed that the recent arrest of the two AC leaders, Mr. Layi Oyeduntan, Ex-Commissioner for Health and the state AC Director of Research and Strategy, Mr. Sunday Akere was part of the concluded arrangement at the meeting to silence the opposition leaders on trumped-up charges.

Findings also revealed that the two AC chieftains only topped the list of those to be arrested, as plans are underway to release their onslaught on other leaders of the party both at the state and local levels, over forged allegations like breach of peace and public disturbance.

It was also stated that some people have been given a contract to remove all Aregbesola’s bill-boards throughout the state so as to deceive the masses into bellieving that that Aregbesola is no more interested in the Governorship race.

It was gathered that while the Oyinlola is awaiting the ruling of the Appeal Court over the last April 14 2007 election, members of his PDP were looking forward to the 2011 polls.

Many of the party members interested in the future elections were reported to have put pressure on Oyinlola to take quick and immediate action, as it appears he is only concerned (Oyinlola) about the ruling the appellate court.

An impeccable source also revealed that some activists and leaders of some civil liberty groups, have been slated for arrest as is government is believed to have declared total war against opposition in the state.

Rewarding Brigandage

That Osun State is a theatre of terror and violence is no longer news. That there is also an imbalance of terror that swings precariously to the side of the state is a platitude. As events before, during and after the April 14 2007 ill-fated gubernatorial elections have shown, all manner of psychopathic vagabonds have attained unbelievable prominence in the corridors of the Osun State power apparatus.

It would be recalled that a year to the elections, at around may 2005 along an Ilesa main road, notorious Wale Oni, whilst in a state of reckless inebriation, in the company of four other vagabonds of his ilk, riding in a Toyota Tercel station wagon branded with posters of General Oyinlola and his deputy, Erelu Obada, left their own side of the road and smashed almost head-long into the vehicle belonging to a Lagos lawyer and friend of Engineer Rauf Aregbesola, who, even at that time had been marked as a potential instrument for the dislodgement of the evil government in place in Osun State.

Wale and his gang had been running from a scene where they vandalised the Toyota bus which conveyed friends and associates of Engineer Rauf Aregbesola to mark his birthday at Ilesa.

The crude and garrulous demeanour of these miscreants in whose wrecked car was found charms, machetes and some weed, was not out of character for anyone familiar with the Osun State PDP . What will continue to amaze all those who witnessed this ugly incidence was the alacrity and braggadocio displayed by the culprit, Wale Oni, as he boasted in the presence of the police officers at Ijamo Police Station, Ilesa that his invitation for questioning was futile as Erelu Obada would sort him out.

The week to the 2007 gubernatorial elections, Wale Oni leading a band of PDP thugs unleashed mayhem on opposition AC candidates in several attacks at Ilesa which left a mobile policeman dead, and the communication equipment mounted upon a campaign vehicle of the opposition AC candidate for a public office in mid-town Ilesha severely damaged

A few days before the April 14 elections, unknown gunmen launched a vicious assault on Ayinke House, Osogbo headquarters of Oranmiyan Movement, in which the editor of OSUN DEFENDER, Kola Olabisi narrowly escaped death. The central character fingered in this heinous act was a PDP stalwart who fraudulently parades himself as an American-trained medical doctor.

Oroki Day 2006, Osogbo is an unforgettable day in history. That was the day AC gubernatorial candidate, Engineer Rauf Aregbesola missed death by the whiskers when thugs and policemen in uniform opened a staccato of gun fire upon his black vehicle as he hurriedly departed from that hostile environment. In the wake of his departure and that of all his supporters who were chased out of the venue, a Toyota lite-ace branded with Oranmiyan could not be driven out by its terror-stricken driver who had fled for dear life.

Footages of the incident telecast on several TV stations showed a hefty woman standing in authoritative akimbo, while supervising the vandalism of the Oranmiyan lite ace vehicle. That woman is none other than Mrs Sade Abon.

In Oyinlola’s Osun State, it is impossible not to be noticed if you have such capacity to dispense maximum violence as persons mentioned above.

Wale Oni’s propensity for bestial violence is well appreciated in high places. He is now the PDP Chairman for Ilesa East. As for the Amazon of violence, Mrs. Abon whose imposing physique dominated the footage of the Oroki Day saga, she has been rewarded with membership of Osun State Women’s Empowerment Board

Perhaps, the most embarrassing of all of Oyinlola’s appointments is that of an Osogbo Islamic cleric, Mallam Lere Yusuf whose house was reportedly used as armoury before and during the gubernatorial elections 2007. He has bagged a position in the governing Board of the Osun State College of Technology, Esa- Oke.

The point must be made here that political leaders need to exercise visionary caution in dispensing patronage and positions, more so, with regards to the governing board of learning institutions. Proven track record as an intellectual or educationist. Or as an eminent citizen of impeccable moral credentials should always form the criteria for selection. Children especially adolescents, are very impressionable. They readily emulate and boast of their Parents, next their teacher, and then, the school they attend.

And if these do not suffice, they would flaunt the name and credentials of one or two members of the governing board of their school.

By appointing such a character as Mallam Lere to participate in governing the affairs of a school, Oyinlola has demonstrated utter disregard for the principle of appropriate mentoring,

The students of that school have, due to no making of theirs, become victims of lopsided role modeling

It is perhaps, too late to advise ‘the guv’ to reverse these appointments as time is running out for his evil regime as they count the days the people of Osun State can rest assured that such people as Sade Abon and Wale Oni, and even Mallam Lere shall be consigned to the dung heap of history.

• This piece, first published in the Monday August 18 2008 is repeated due to public demand.

LP, Ondo Govt. Lock Horns Over Car Loans

Labour Party (LP) Ondo State Chapter and the state government have stated another quarrel over the allegation that Dr. Segun Mimiko and his aides, while in government failed to refund the car loans they obtained.

Mimiko who was the Secretary to the State Government (SSG) in Agagu’s first term, however, has denied the allegation.

He said he had fully repaid the loan, adding that non of his aides were indebted to the government.

Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP) publicity secretary in the state, Chief Yemi Adedipe in a press release in Akure, urged Mimiko to ask his aids to refund the loans.

The release said it was amazing that Mimiko was defending himself rather than calling his aids to repay the loans, about three years after leaving office.

Those listed by Adedipe as defaulters include; LP’s Director of Press, Mr. Kola Olabisi; Publicity secretary, Mr. Ranti Akerele; Mrs. Cecilia Fayose and Mimiko’s special Assistant, Pius Osunyikanmi.

LP’s Guber candidate had last week engaged Agagu over an allegation that he was yet to repay a N3.5million car loan.

He alleged Agagu of playing to the gallery, saying that he had a receipt to show that he had repaid the loan.

Mimiko advised Agagu to face his case at the Appeal court instead of engaging him.

LP’s press secretary, Kola Olabisi demanded an apology from the state government for lying against Mimiko.

Olabisi gave the state government 14 days ultimatums or else he would institute a libel suit against it.

He adds: “If anybody owes, it is Agagu who has refused to pay severance allowances to all those he is now trying to denigrate following his loss at the Election Petition Tribunal which mollified his election at the April 14, 2007 governorship election.

“While not trying to dignify Adedipe with a response, there is the need to put the records straight. This spurious allegation is baseless, untrue and another fly-in-the-ointment tactic.

“For three harrowing years when some of us served his administration, what Agagu gave with the right hand as car loans, he took back via huge monthly deductions.

“So huge were these deductions by Agagu in his bid to retrieve his loans back that a whole commissioner then took home less than N8,000 monthly while special assistants and other aides got less than N4,000 as monthly take-home.

Agagu has taken his loans back and if anybody owes, it is Agagu because the law is settled that once a political office holder spends more than two years in office and he is not sacked, he qualifies for severance allowance.

“Besides, most of us left voluntarily and our letters of registration were accepted with thanks. Did Agagu pay those who served under his predecessor, Chief Adebayo Adefarati, not to talk of those who served him and later resigned for better opportunities? So who owes whom? This is the question Agagu must answer and not denigrate us.

“Let him go to court if he feels we owe him and he will meet us there”.

Need For A Refined CP In Osun

Kindly permit me a space to air my views on happenings in Osun State concerning the activities of men of the police force but first let me commend your team’s effort at ensuring that the people are well informed.

These days, I wonder whether there is still a commissioner of police in the state.

Last month, the police in Ede arrested a woman accused of stealing in her friend’s house and instead of taking her to court for prosecution, the mother of a new-born baby was allegedly killed by the police.

Up till now, nothing has been heard concerning the perpetrators of the acts.

Two weeks ago, the police in Osogbo, at Ata-Oja Police Station detained a mechanic that went to their station to report his stolen tools. The police denied him bail, when his relations visited their station, only for them to turn around later in the day and informed his relatives that he had hanged himself in their cell.

During the week, men of the Eagle Squad of the in the state invaded Gbongan town in a manner that reflected the police as lawbreaking agents rather than law enforcement agents.

The same thing goes for the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) as they present themselves like notorious bandits instead of a disciplined elite corp.

I think somebody needs to remind the Commissioner of Police, Mr. John Moronike on the need to wake up and be responsible. He should leave executive duties for Oyinlola and Moronike should realize before it’s too late that his roof is on fire. He should better take care of his problem before the fire consumes his entire house.

The Assistant inspector-General of Police, Zone 11, should endevour to intercede on behalf of the people. He should not forget the constitutional responsibilities of the force; he should call the men of the Eagle Squad and SARS to their senses, let them realize that the force is not meant for thugs but disciplined minds, who are willing to lay down their lives in service to their motherland.

I believe the force needs to address the issues of detainees mysterious death in their cells if they want to gain the confidence of the teaming populace of Osun State.

Group, AC Condemn Osun Opposition Leaders’ Arrest

Osun State Chapter of Campaign for Democracy and Workers’ Rights (CDWR) and Action
Congress in the state have jointly berated the recent arrest of two opposition leaders in the state, saying that the arrest was questionable.

A former commissioner for Health in the state, Mr Layi Oyeduntan and AC Director of Research and Strategy, Mr Sunday Akere were arrested and detained at the Eagle Squad office of the state police command Ota-Efun, Osogbo, the state capital.

The two opposition leaders were arrested last weekend by men of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, led by Deputy Superintendent of Police, Mr Ayuba Adekunle.

According to a press statement signed by the CDWR chairman in the state, comrade Waheed Lawal, and made available to OSUN DEFENDER last Monday, the arrest was morally wrong, stressing that the police should desist from arresting opposition leaders.

The group called for the immediate release of the detained AC chieftains, maintaining that the suspects were innocent.

It was learnt that the arrest and detention of the AC stalwarts was not be unconnected with the controversial explosion on June 14, 2007, at the state secretariat, Abere.

An impeccable source, who witnessed the arrest of Oyeduntan, last Saturday, said the armed policemen, who came to arrest the former commissioner shot sporadically when they stormed his residence.

The soruce added that Oyeduntan Alsatian dog in the compound was shot by the police, maintaining that Oyeduntan was dragged out of his room and bundled into a waiting police vehicle.

It was also gathered that Akere was arrested in his car, while driving along the road last Sunday by the same police team and was also detained at Eagle Squad, Osogbo.

Condemning the arrest, Mr Gbenga Fayemiwo Media Assistant to the AC governorship candidate in the 2007 general elections, Engineer Rauf Aregbesola, called on the state police authority to release the detained AC leaders. Fayemiwo stressed that the accused persons have not committed any crime to warrant their arrest.

“We demand the immediate and unconditional release of Oyedutan and Akere from the untenable detention”, said Fayemiwo.

Aregbesola’s Aide Berates Osun Govt On Gbongan-Osogbo Road

Action Congress gubernatorial candidate in Osun State during the April 14, 2007
governorship election, Engineer Rauf Aregbesola, has warned the state Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola, not to commission the multi-million naira, Osogbo-Akoda, dualisation road without full completion.

A statement issued by Aregbesola’s media aide, Mr. Gbenga Fayemiwo, and made available to OSUN DEFENDER last Monday, also slammed the shody job being executed by the contractor handling the dualisation of the road, warning that Oyinlola should shelve his plan to commission the “badly executed project.”

According to the statement, some completed portions of the roads had become death traps before commissioning, reiterating that some deadly potholes exist between Akoda and Abere, which had led to numerous road accidents that also claimed innocent lives.

At the flag-off of the dualised road in 2004, the governor promised the people of the state that the project would be completed within nine months, but up till now, the road is still under construction.

“Rather than concentrating attention on the Osogbo bye-pass project, started by the defunct military and Bisi Akande’s administration, Oyinlola demolished the age long warehouses, which made Osogbo the commercial centre of the old Osun Division, since the pre-colonial times.

“To the dismay of all residents of Osun State, the promise made by the governor has not only been unfulfilled, the road has today become a death trap causing many avoidable auto-accidents with attendant casualties and facilities.

“Worse still, the road has been executed in a shoddy manner to the extent that no sooner than the asphalt tarring was done, ditches and potholes emerged,” the statement added.

Furthermore, Aregbesola stressed that the Osun bridge which should make this road project complete has not only been defectively constructed, its construction has stalled up till now.

“Many residents of Osogbo, who live around Makson/Old Governor’s office area, suffered in calculable damage from the resultant flooding.

“The Oyinlola-led administration in the state neither showed concern nor empathy for these helpless citizens in their ordeal”, he added.

The statement added that any attempt to commission a road that has failed all conditions stipulated in its civil, mechanical, structural and topographical designs, is nothing but aggravated fraud and treasonable felony.

“It is like sentencing the people of the state to death on the highway,” said Aregbesola.

However, Aregbesola called on the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE), the Federal Ministry of Works and the international community to show active interest in the interest of peace and orderliness on the road project.

Oyinlola Under Fire Over 750 Aides

The Action Congress (AC) the Osun State chapter has condemned the resolve of the state PDP-led government to spend N37.5 million monthly to pay salaries of 25 executive assistants for each local government area.

The governor had created 25 political appointments in all the 30 local government areas and the area council and each of the appointees is to earn N50,000 monthly.

The AC in a statement signed by the Director of Research and Strategy, Mr Sunday Akere said that the decision was “nothing other than another drain pipe aimed at impoverishing the people continuously, providing jobs for the boys and promoting indolence.”

It would be recalled board appointments crisis hadalmost tore Osun State PDP apart as some party leaders who felt neglected in the scheme of things have been threatening to make the state ungovernable for the Oyinlola led-administration.

The idea of creating political appointments at the local governments was reportedly sold to the governor by some local government chairmen in the state as a measure to douse tension among the aggrieved members and in the interest of the party.

The State Assembly had also ratified a proposal by the executive to enable each local government council appoint between four and 25 executive assistants.

The release said: “While Osun AC is not against creation of jobs and legal engagement of qualified hands for viable enterprise, we will not subscribe to any ploy that is aimed at recognizing brigandage and violence while also promoting hooliganism.

“Osun AC as a party made provision to create 20,000 jobs within the first 100 days of the Rauf Aregbesola administration one of its cardinal six-point agenda while campaigning for the 2007 governorship election and we have not reneged on that promise.

“PDP being what it is – an inept party that is bereft of any positive idea-will prefer to spend a whopping N37.5 million monthly to service 750 executive assistants across the 30 local governments who have no specified duties to perform other than being willing hands (tools) in the hands of the devil. They intention is to intimidate and perpetrate violence in the various localities so as to continuously foist and prolong PDP’s misrule in the state.

“A government that cannot make sufficient funds available for the accreditation of courses at the two state-owned polytechnics can afford to commit a whopping N450 million annually to pay salaries to executive assistants to local government chairmen who are just a tip of the numerous worthless political appointees being engaged daily.

Reading to the statement, the Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party in the state, Mr Yinka Adeojo disclosed that the AC should join hands with the PDP to develop the state

“The AC is a failed party. The House comprises of AC and PDP members and they all approved the demand by the government. They are being insincere”

Reacting to the development, the chairman of the National Conscience Party (NCP), Osun State chapter, Alhaji Waheed Lawal condemned the decision of the PDP administration in the state, describing its various policies as lacking human face.

Lawal state further that the government lacked ideas on how to create employment for the growing unemployed graduates in the state, instead it resolved to creating political appointments for their party thugs.

He stated that no one was against creation of job for the people of the state but this one is not acceptable, adding that people are suffering at the grassroots yets Oyinlola would commit N450 million of council funds to paying salaries to the PDP “errand boys”.

All Nigerian Peoples Party state chairman, Alhaji Sule Alao in his reaction berated the House of Assembly for ratifying such proposal which he said was not in the best interest of the general public.

He lamented the spate of underdevelopment at the grassroots, adding that now that additional burden has been added to the one on their shoulders, they have an alibi for not performing.

Alao disclosed further that the people have had enough of Oyinlola’s recklessness, adding that he should find a better way of alleviating the people’s suffering and provide dividends of democracy for the people.

‘We Are Tired Of You’

•Rights Groups, Opposition Parties, Citizens Condemn Osun CP For Compromise

Osun State Commissioner of Police, Mr. John Moronike appears to have exhausted his goodwill on the altar of compromise, just as human rights groups, opposition political parties and senior citizens have unanimously passed a vote of no confidence on the state super cop.

Findings have shown that the good goodwill earlier enjoyed by the CP, after a disastrous departure of his predecessor, Mr. Suleimon Fakai; got deflated when the stakeholders at the opposite of the divides, started perceiving him as a compromised police officer.

It would be recalled that Fakai came to the state after Alhaji Audu Abubakar’s redeployment to another state, and he was driving his men well, until he was allegedly bought over that compensated an untoward role he reportedly played in the last year’s controversial general elections in the state.

Investigations conducted by OSUN DEFENDER revealed that Fakai’s earlier determination to give Osun State Police Command an independent role of protecting the lives and properties of the citizens, irrespective of their political affiliation, crumbled when the state establishment which was hell bent at dictating the tune showered him unsolicited Greek gifts.

Despite his shortcomings and naked compromise, Fakai still allowed a good sense of judgment to prevail in some of his dealings and one of them was the way he handled the explosion that rocked the state secretariat last year 14 June.

The ex-Osun commissioner of police was among the first security officers that spirited to the scene, where a victim was torn into shreds.

Fakai, in company of the state deputy governor, Erelu Olusola Obada promised that the police would not allow the raging political upheaval in the state to affect investigation by the ballistic department.

Few weeks after a war of words between the warring Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and Action Congress (AC) in the state over the controversial explosion saga, the interim report of the ballistic department of the command reportedly allayed fear of an organized crime, as it attributed the explosion to an accident of rock-blasting explosives device.

Several posers were raised on the intention of the victims and suspected perpetrators, as people demanded to know why a man would decide to bomb himself with an explosive device loaded in a car with a registration number.

However, when Moronike took over the mantle of leadership of the state police command, he slowed down the oppressive state machine on ground which had hauled a number of AC leaders into prisons, premising his action on the need to follow the rule of law.

Recently, the rule of law matter of the leading cop has turned sour in the ears of the right groups and opposition political parties that feel the insincerity in the policing gospel of Moronike, as they have a bone to pick with him.

The leadership of the Coalition Against Corrupt Leaders (CACOL) alleged the embattled CP of flirting with the state establishment with the aim of suppressing the dissenting voice in the state. Hear the national coordinator of the coalition, Comrade Debo Adeniran: “I heard Mr. Moronike telling the press men inside the premises of the state high court, Osogbo, when he personally led a team of armed policemen to arrest us during our peaceful rally, and saying that the press men were the ones writing rubbish about the governor. The import is that the man has sold out to the establishment.

CACOL charged the Inspector General of Police, Mr. Mike Okiro to redeploy the state police boss, disclosing that the petitions on the atrocities and compromise of police institution under are numerous and powerful to be ignored.

Besides, Lagos State chapter of AC has called on the super cop in Abuja to call Moronike to order before he helps reduce the state to rublles. AC in Lagos noted that the recent clampdown on the party leaders, which was effected by Moronike’s men, was a pointer to a wicked compromise.

In a statement signed by the Lagos State chairman of the party, Chief Dele Ajomale, the Osun Police boss has declared his partisan stand and he should be allowed to drop his uniform in order to join partisan politics.

In the same vein, Osun State chapter of Alliance of Collaborating Political Parties (ACPP) has also called for the head of the embattled police commissioner, maintaining that he has demonstrated enough double-face in his actions and reactions.

According to a statement signed by the duo of Messrs Waheed Lawal and Rufus Oyatoro of National Conscience Party (NCP) and Labour Party (LP) respectively and made available to OSUN DEFENDER on Tuesday, the CP should start preparing his bag for his days in Osun State are numbered.

“We shall write to the IG about his compromise and the untold brutality of his men against the harmless politicians, and as stakeholders; we shall urge Mr. Mike Okiro to save us from his (Moronike’s) suspicious role lately.

Meanwhile, some opinion leaders, who spoke to OSUN DEFENDER under strict condition of anonymity, for security reason, expressed their disappointment in the embattled police boss. They however, expressed their reservations over his relationship with the PDP.

Some of them agreed that his imminent career somersault in the state could not be divorced from inducement and irresistible overtures from the state, declaring that his endorsement as touching the creation of ‘Eagle’ Squad for the whims and caprices of the establishment was a clear case of a sell-out.

It would be recalled that some armed men, suspected to be policemen stormed the residence of a former commissioner for health, Alhaji Layi Oyeduntan, where they violently killed his Alsatian dog on night guard before taking him away.

The same gang waylaid the state AC Director of Research and Strategies, Mr. Sunday Akere along Osogbo West-By-Pass and whsked him to the Eagle Squad in Osogbo.

Reacting, the state chairman of the Joint Action Forum (JAF), Comrade Aderemi Ayanlade condemned the uncivilized way of getting the people behind the bar with the unalloyed support of the police, stating that his group had long passed a vote of no confidence on the CP.

“We have heard about Mr. Moronike’s habit and how he enjoys the company of the PDP members. It may be true or not, but such a man does not stand for a principle, and he is not fit to lead an institution like police force” Ayanlade.

Renewed Clampdown On Opposition: Appeal To NSA

The fascist regime of Oyinlola is at it again. On Saturday 18th of October 2008, an arrest was made of an AC chieftain, Mr. Lai Oyeduntan who was also a former Commissioner for Health during Chief Bisi Akande’s administration, in the most suspicious manner suggestive of assassination attempt on him. That the arrest was nocturnal and the killing of his dog in the process further justifies this suspicion. And the following day, which was Sunday October 19, Mr. Sunday Akere, AC Director of Research and Strategy was equally arrested.

The latest arrest of these two AC chieftains has further exposed the zero tolerance policy of Oyinlola’s administration for opposition. It is really a pity that the situation we are dealing with in Osun State today is a case of a small fascist state existing within a larger entity called Nigeria where, generally, there ought to be respect for all shades of opinions and where no one should be persecuted for his opinion as guaranteed by the constitution. The Osun case, as far as the experience of the opposition is concerned under the ruling PDP, is a travesty of President Yar’Adua’s avowed commitment to the principles of rule of law and social justice.

The experience of opposition in the state, especially the AC, has been traumatic, to say the least – being the most vibrant and most critical of Oyinlola’s inept administration. Indiscriminate arrests and detentions of members of opposition on trumped-up charges have been the orders of the day and the deuce of the whole scenario is the way the state apparatus is being employed to oppress and silent the opposition.

The way security officials in the state have made themselves willing tools in the hands of the ruling PDP to hound and criminalize opposition leaves much to be desired. It is therefore high time the National Security Adviser waded into Osun matter with a view to calling Oyinlola and the security officials in the state to order. Otherwise, the consequence of the likely maelstrom that may arise as a result of all these acts of criminality on the parts of the government and the security agents may really be difficult to handle.

Osun State today, under ‘governor’ Oyinlola, has no doubt, been turned to the Paleolithic state when life was nasty, brutish and short.

We see the renewed clampdown on opposition as a condemnable act that has no basis other than a further attempt to continue the harassment and intimidation of opposition elements, especially, those perceived as being very vocal in terms of condemning the anti-people and anti-democratic posturing of ‘governor’ Oyinlola and his co-travellers.

We are all aware of how critical Akere has been of Oyinlola’s misgovernance so far, being the strategic spokesman of AC. And for Mr. Lai Oyeduntan, his arrest could not have been unconnected with the interview he granted recently to the Managing Editor of this paper, Mr. Kola Olabisi in which he carpeted seriously the lacklustre performance of the ruling PDP in the state.

However, in want of reason upon which to hang their arrest, the state police command had to uproot the June 2007 purported bomb blast case. A case that has gone beyond the realm of Osun State police – already being investigated by the force headquarters in Abuja based on IG’s directive. If we may ask, what moral or constitutional authority does a unit of the Nigeria Police has to overrule or attempt to overrule its parent body?

As we condemn in strong term, the callous arrest of the two AC chieftains, we strongly appeal to the National Security Adviser to the presidency, in person of Alhaji Sarki Mukthir to please wade into Osun case urgently in the interest of peace.

A vibrant opposition as it exists in Osun State today is a sine qua non to the development of our nascent democracy. A situation whereby the ruling government views opposition as an enemy to crush by all means is barbaric and anti-democratic and it cannot help our march to democratic greatness.

Even the Honourable Speaker of the Osun State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Adejare Bello affirmed in his recent interview with this paper that opposition helps to keep the government on its toes.

While calling on the NSA to wade into Osun matter, we also call for the immediate release of the arrested opposition members and our appeal further goes to all well-meaning Nigerians, human rights groups especially, to rise against the dictatorial and fascist government of Oyinlola in Osun State. Enough is enough.

After failed assassination bid, Osun Police arrest, release, re-arrest Layi Oyeduntan

A few minutes past eight o’clock on the night of Saturday October 18, 2008, gunshots were fired sporadically into Alhaji Layi Oyeduntan’s residence at the Oroki Housing Estate behind the residence of Senator Simeon Oduoye by initially unknown gunmen.

In the panic that followed the shooting, Oyeduntan made several save-our-soul calls to his friends and neighbours. One of such calls was made to Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola alerting him of the invasion of his residence by unknown gunmen. At this time, Oyeduntan did not know that he was seeking help from the man who ordered his arrest in the first place.

These calls led many of the neighbours to gather and decide on what could be done to rescue him.

Apparently realising that they have been discovered, the gunmen who were later found to be policemen gained entrance and took Oyeduntan into custody for what was said to be in connection with the June 14, 2007 Abere Explosion saga.

The armed policemen believed to have been drawn from the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) led by controversial DSP Ayuba Adekunle shot and killed Oyeduntan’s Alsatian dog.

We are left with no choice than to conclude that were it not for the courage and vigilance of Oyeduntan’s neighbours who raced to the scene of the incidence, the gunmen had a clear motive of killing the AC chieftain.

This would have led to another massive clampdown on the opposition who would have been blamed for the dastardly act.

We want to place it on record that top officials of the Osun State Government and the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) have recently subjected Oyeduntan to intense pressure for him to abandon our great party and defect to the PDP.

He was promised several perquisites and benefits if he acceded to their demands for him to join PDP or face dire consequences. A particular PDP chieftain whose names we are keeping secret for now even mocked Oyeduntan for lacking necessary funds to complete his Osogbo Country home pledging that if he crossed over to the PDP, he would be made comfortable and affluent.

All these entreaties for Oyeduntan to abandon AC and join the PDP have gone unheeded; a situation that has made him to draw the ire of Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola’s administration and ruling party.

The plan appeared to have been hatched in the direction of eliminating Oyeduntan but it is logical to conclude that when DSP Ayuba Adekunle’s team found this task as impossible, the fiercely loyal and bold guard dog was shot and killed.

While neighbours gathered to behold the gory spectacle, the former Commissioner for Health and Water Resources was cleverly taken into custody and detained for what police sources linked with the well-beaten Abere Explosion saga.

We have advised the Osun State Police Command several times in the past that it should be wary of its association with the ruling party and Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola so as not to soil its garment of neutrality and professionalism.

Police investigations have been conducted. Among the discoveries made by the inquiry were the telephone lines of the suspects. Simple logic demands that the call logs of the telephone lines of the suspects were adequate to reveal the identities of those directly or remotely connected with the explosion.

Rather than follow the dictates of professional policing, the Osun State Police Command appeared to have been helping the ruling PDP to suppress the opposition by hounding all notable chieftains of the Action Congress (AC) and other political parties into detention and silence. Some have been forced to go underground since the clamp down began. The entire Osun State executive council of the AC has been crippled by DSP Ayuba Adekunle forcing them to go out of reach while those who have not been arrested are only waiting to be picked up at any time.

The wave of arrests have moved from the State AC executive members to legislators of the State House of Assembly including the Minority Leader, Hon. Timothy Owoeye who was arrested by DSP Ayuba Adekunle for Abere expolsion after signing a petition to the EFCC on the fraudulent Constituency Project now being investigated. Other top flight leaders of the opposition have not been spared. Those who have not been linked with the Abere Explosion Saga have been branded “Troublemakers” by Governor Oyinlola in his recent letter to the Director-General of the State Security Service (SSS).

We are now forced to think that the intentions of DSP Ayuba Adekunle and his sponsors in the Government House are to ensure that the opposition is destabilised and rattled into silence so as to discourage further expositions of corrupt and criminal activities of the Oyinlola administration that has become a negative reference point in official sleaze.

We demand the immediate unconditionally release of Oyeduntan from untenable detention . Membership of the ruling party should not be secured by the use of brute force and bestial crudity as it is being done now in Osun State. The basis of the 1999 Constitution is being threatened by Oyinlola and his co-travellers in the bus of the unattainable one-party Hobbessian state of nature.

We also call on the Inspector-General of Police, Sir Mike Okiro to probe the activities of DSP Ayuba Adekunle and his unholy romance with the ruling PDP before the public image of the force under him is shattered to irretrievable smithereens.

By Gbenga Fayemiwo
Media Assistant to the Gubernatorial Candidate of Action Congress in Osun State, Engineer Rauf Aregbesola