An Absentee Governor

Embattled Governor Oyinlola of Osun StateThe sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo observing the difficult situation the country was in 1979, vowed that if he was elected he would not travel out, neither would he receive visitors. This will enable him to carry out the much needed repair work on the country’s economy. The avatar constantly opined that you do not invite visitors to your house, when renovation work is going on.

This position, eminently sensible, is characteristic of a man whose deep thinking, capacity for sustained back breaking hard work has gone out of history, into legend. In this lascivious ‘anything–goes’ time, such seriousness of intent will no doubt be dismissed as taking things too far. The dedication to duty, meticulous planning and implementation which made the Western part of Nigeria, a benchmark for good governance has since been replaced by indolence and sheer ineptitude.

No one can possibly characterize this culture of indolence, more than the present impostor Governor of Osun State, the fun-loving, happy-go-lucky Okuku prince, Olagunsoye Oyinlola. In view of his antecedents, not much was to have been expected. This is because as governor of vastly endowed Lagos State, Oyinlola was so inept that his governance became a reference point for maladministration.

Lagos State virtually grounded to a halt under his watch. At that time, the joke was that you needed a jeep to navigate yourself through the deplorable roads. If he couldn’t administer hugely endowed Lagos State, frankly what’s the fellow to do in poor Osun State?

Acknowledged an under-achiever though he is, the fellow just keeps getting more inept. Lacking the wits, application and imagination the fellow has embarked on a flight of fancy. Unable to handle the work at home, Oyinlola’s latest indulgence at enormous cost to the beleaguered treasury is to gallivant all over the world in search of an illusion.

Patriotically concerned, the Osun State chapter of the Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM) had to issue a statement berating this absurd diversion. As the DSM has pointed out, the fun-loving governor has made 77 trips in the last five years at a cost of over a billion naira to the state.

The cost/benefit of this escapade beggars the mind imagination. It would be interesting if the fun-loving governor could give a detailed account of the benefit which has come the way of Osun State as a result of this frenetic activity. This cannot be a sensible way of spending state money for which there are other more important competing priorities.

We fully endorse the apprehension of the DSM. The group in its statement noted that: “We keep watching Governor Oyinlola making 77 trips to China and America, thinking that something will come out of it. The only result is the mass importation of China brand of vehicles, distributed to our politicians at our own expense to the advantage of the governor’s auto dealership business. We make bold to say that, this is a perfect example of how not to govern a state.”

The culture of impunity in which the governor can treat the state’s resources with such laxity will only stop when the elections petitions tribunal shove the impostor aside. He has clearly being on a roller coaster ride, taking the people of the state for a ride. The people of course are innocent, they didn’t vote for the indolent usurper in the first place. It is beyond reason that any sane electorate will jettison Rauf Aregbesola, a superbly prepared, fine administrator for Oyinlola who clearly does not have a clue as to what administration is all about.

It is a crying shame for the standards set by Awolowo et-al is far too high for the nonsense that is going on in Osun State. The people of the beleaguered state, can only hope that help will come soon to put an end to their misery.

Aregbesola Awaits Justice, Wont Join Issues With Oyinlola

Engr. Rauf Aregbesola Symbol of HOPEWith the conclusion of hearing into the appeal we filed against the judgment of the Justice Thomas Naron led Elections petition Tribunal, we shall not be stampeded into joining issues with Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola henceforth.

We, as responsible and disciplined citizens of Nigeria have resolved to make our claims before the Justice Victor Omage-led Appeal Panel without playing to the gallery.

That Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola decided to defer his mandate after the case was closed at the Appeal Court smacks of desperation and fear of the expectant Justice as opposed to arbitrariness.

We enjoin members of our great party and teaming supporters to remain calm peaceful and assured that justice will be done over the electoral heist committed against the people of Osun State on April 14, 2007.

We have absolute confidence in the judiciary that the days of technical justice which gave Governor Oyinlola Judgment at the lower tribunal are gone forever.

In this era of substantial Justice, only the guilty are scared stiff of the current wave of courageous pronouncements of the third Estate of the realm. Only those fugitives who are afraid of justice will run commentary on a case after final submissions in the court and before the verdict is delivered. To join issues with a fool at a time like this is to become a fool oneself.

We have made our case and rested same at the doorstep of Justice and we are calmly awaiting Justice with abiding faith in the 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Only the fugitives of the law will do what Governor Oyinlola has done by attempting to usurp the roles of the judiciary.

Engineer Rauf Aregbesola has presented his case in the best tradition of advocacy devoid of deceit and untruthfulness.

He is expecting justice to roll down like water and righteousness like an ever flowing stream.

The probative value of evidential justice should be allowed to wheel justice in an unfettered manner as we await the dawn of hope and rejuvenation in Osun State.

Aregbesola is too cultured and law-abiding to be drawn into any contemptuous commentary about the temple of justice.

Signed By Gbenga Fayemiwo

Media Director For Engineer Rauf Aregbesola,

Appeal Court Fracas: PDP Council Supervisor Led Thugs To Ibadan

Governor Oyinlola and his AidesIn the on-going appeal of Engineer Rauf Aregbesola against the judgment of Thomas Naron-led Osun State Governorship and Legislative Houses Tribunal which upheld the election of Olagunsoye Oyinlola at the Court of Appeal in Ibadan Division, the whole world witnessed the typical brazen act of brigandage from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Osun state who threw caution to the wind by causing pandemonium as a reaction against the acceptability of the petitioner’s evidences which were earlier refused by the judgement given by the Osun State Election Tribunal led by Naron.

In a press release issued and signed by Personal Assistant to Aregbesola on Media and Public Relations. Mr Oyintiloye Olatunbosun, The PDP council chairman of Olorunda, Igbona, Osogbo believed to have sponsored his supervisor, Hon. Oyetunde Babatunde Solomon who led the gang of thugs to the court premises in order to disrupt the on going court session at Ibadan on 11th march, 2009.

The 22 PDP thugs were however unlucky as a team of heavily armed policemen swoop on them and were taken to Iyaganku police headquarters for further interrogation. The arrest made included already mentioned serving supervisor in Olorunda Local Government Area Osogbo under the aforementioned council Chairman, a prime suspect in the mischievous confrontation that took place in the court premises.

The PDP who deliberately orchestrated violence at the court of appeal, and unleashed terror on AC supporters with thugs, hoodlums and miscreants clearly led credence to the fact that the recent victory of Dr. Olusegun Mimiko and others progressives at the Appeal Court is a corollary of the fact that this coterie of reactionaries and the Osun PDP cabal ostensibly demonstrated their discomfort and disdain over the numbers of declaration being made in recent time in the Appeal courts.

It will be recalled that time without numbers our Party’s Action Congress in Osun and his governorship Candidate have suffered harassment, intimidation, hounding, embarrassment, untoward mischief and brazen act of brigandage in the hand of this Cabal and Osun intransigent interloper who carried their thunderous show of shame once again to the Court of Appeal at ibadan.

The Osun PDP should exhibit a modicum sense of sanity; desist from act of acrimony, bickering, bloodletting and destruction of lives and properties which has characterised their idiosyncrasy.

Signed by

Oyintiloye Olatunbosun, Personal Assistant on Media and Public Relations

Osun Govt Is Tyrannical

‘Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God’Jefferson.

‘There is a report of a battle where there is no fight and a complete silence where hundreds of people have been killed, this gives me an impression that the concept of truth is fading out of the world.

Going by the definition of democracy according to Abraham Lincoln -it is the government of the people by the people and for the people. It was succinctly averred to be all for the people. However, in Osun State, the other side is just the story. Democracy is only in the name than in operation. The government in Osun State is tyrannical in nature.

Meanwhile, government by tyranny is maintained only by the use of force or by various acts of repression and oppression against those who disagree with or are critical of tyrants or dictators. Obviously, during the military era, Nigerians without mincing words experienced brutal force and other coercive control.

Killings and maiming characterized the then military in power so as to deal with the opposition. There were silent killings everywhere in the country. It was the period of inglorious military regime that Alhaja Kudirat Abiola, Alfred Rewane, Alhaja Suliyat Adedeji, Ken Saro Wiwa and others numerous to mention were brutally assassinated. Some were maimed while others were sent to exiles peremptorily. The economy crumbled and the international credibility was seriously eroded.

It was over this hallmark that Nigerians took it upon themselves as a matter of imperativeness to have engaged in fasting and prayers for the transformation of the country to civil rule. The prayer which was believed to have been answered by the supreme being and the Nigerians smelt the arrival of our nascent democracy in 1999 through the sacrifice made by the late acclaimed winner of June 12, 1993 election, Chief MKO Abiola, of the blessed memory.

Osun State could still be running up against the old repression and oppression. It irks the intellectual public when ponder over misfortune of Osun State in the hand of once upon a time a khaki man. It exhibits the fact that once a military man, always a military man, no amount of civilian toga put on, it is bound to reflect. The habitual posture that made up the government of former President Olusegun Obasanjo, on the introduction of do-or-die affair syndrome into our politics.

It is when this freedom exists that man can grow into the self-reliant and fearless creature that God intends him to be. But the situation was made to dissent in Osun State as the present controversial Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola is fathomed of being foisted on the people by powers that be in the state. This was displayed through the spontaneous reactions of the masses in the state against the INEC declaration of controversial Oyinlola as the winner of April 14, 2007 gubernatorial election.

As against the collective psyche of the generality of the people in the state, the old repression and oppression could still be in our amidst in spite of democracy agreed to have been in existence in the country.

By and large, any person or group of persons who wishes to become a menace to the people will be resisted. This is because regardless of the level of repression, human beings will always kick against all forms of dictatorship. Sooner than later, the repressed, oppressed and tyrannized people will fight for their liberation.

•FOLARIN LAWAL 08038093912 Ile-Ife, Osun State

Emergency Rule Looms In Ekiti

•3 Die In Political Attack PDP Thugs Unleashed Terror on Campaign Trail

EKITI State may be heading towards another emergency rule as the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) continue to attack members and supporters of the Action Congress (AC) ahead of the fast-approaching re-run election in the state.

Findings by OSUN DEFENDER’s correspondent revealed that no fewer than three people had been confirmed dead, while several others were receiving treatment at various hospitals across the state following continued attack on opposition members by the PDP thugs.

The violence erupted following attempts to stop the AC gubernatorial candidate in the re-run election, Dr Kayode Fayemi‘s free health scheme, which reportedly angered some PDP chieftains in Oye-Ekiti, who felt slighted feeling that the programme would further endear AC into the heart of the people.

Earlier, before the incident, the AC gubernatorial candidate had mobilized four senior and junior doctors, led by Dr Wale Omirin to the town to provide free medical services to the people at the town’s Multipurpose Hall, which the party had booked a week ealier.

However, the area’s serving senatorial candidate Senator Ayo Arise was said to have announced on Sunday evening that PDP members should come to the same venue for a meeting same day and time earlier scheduled by the opposition party.

The situation reportedly degenerated, when members of the Action Congress coming from Ido/Osi Local Government Area to Ikole-Ekiti for the party campaign rally were attacked by the PDP members, who insisted that the AC members must not pass through the town.

Suspected thugs in Senator Arise’s house were reported to have shot at the AC members, hitting a farmer simply identified as Hammed Sadiq and a seventy year old woman Mrs Oladunjoye.

At least five vehicles loaded with armed policemen were deployed to Arise‘s house to prevent reprisal attack from AC members, who were accusing the senator of master-minding the violence. Angry youths in the community later protested the alleged plan to disrupt the free medical service.

Meanwhile, the State’s Acting Governor, Hon Tunji Odeyemi has imposed a dusk to dawn curfew on Oye Local Government Area, saying this became imperative because of the political crisis that led to the death of the innocent people in the town.

According to the acting governor, the state government can no longer tolerate anybody or group of people, who would want to turn the state into a battle-ground.

Odeyemi, who described the political crisis in some areas of the state as unfortunate, vowed to ensure that Ekiti State was not plunged into another state of emergency.

He promised that anybody in possession of illegal arms would be treated as a criminal and armed robber.


Ondo Speaker Hijacks Mace

THE Speaker of Ondo State House of Assembly has forcefully and illegally removed the mace from the State House of Assembly Complex. The Speaker, Hon. Taofeek Abdulsalam and some principal officers of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) were reported to have earlier gone to the Complex to remove the the State’s Legislature’s symbol of authority.

According to investigation conducted by Osun Defender, their action was not unconnected with the face-off between the State’s executive arm of government and some aggrieved PDP lawmakers over the dissolution of the 18 Local Government. Councils in the State.

OSUN DEFENDER reliable gathered that action of the Speaker was borne out of his desire and some aggrieved legislators to cause trouble by initiating moves to impeach the governor
The House had adjourned since March 3rd and was supposed to resume last Wednesday as a result of some lingering crisis in the House.

On the recent lockout of the Speaker and some principal officers of the House, the opposition legislators in the House revealed that the action had become necessary with a view to preventing the lawmakers from performing what they termed some funny things as the day in question was a public holiday.

In a press statement released and signed by the State Police Public Relations Officer, ASP. Aremu Adeniran, the police denied the Speaker’s claim that the State Commissioner of Police prevented him and other lawmakers from gaining access to the Legislative Chamber, as reported by some newspapers, as being untrue and baseless.

According to the release, the Police Command would not allow anyone rub its name in the mud and warned the lawmakers to avoid fomenting trouble, as this will be strictly resisted, the release concluded.


Osun AC Accuses PDP Of Fomenting Trouble In Ekiti

OSUN State Chapter of the Action Congress (AC) has accused the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ekiti State of trying to intimidate its members ahead of the ordered re-run election in the state by invading the party’s (AC) campaign venue, killing one of its members and injuring others.

The party in a statement issued by its Director Research and Strategy, Mr. Sunday Akere, warned the PDP of consequences of not allowing the re-run election ordered by the Appeal Court, in a peaceful and fair atmosphere.

According to the release, the party wondered why alleged thugs of the PDP armed with guns, cutlasses and other dangerous weapons were allowed into a campaign venue of the rival party after it had sought and collected the police permission for the rally.

It also stated that what the PDP intend to do was to create a state of anomie, so that a state of emergency may be declared to allow the re-run election hold under a semi military environment.
AC further accused the party of deliberately orchestrating violence in the state, so as to whip-up unnecessary tension through its scripted policy of invading AC rallies with ‘miscreants and ragamuffins’.

The release further called on President Umar Musa Yar’Adua to do something urgent to arrest the present situation in the State before it escalates and become another catastrophe for the country.

“For President Yar’ Adua to convince Nigerians about his genuine commitment to the rule of law and order, something urgent should be done today to stem this gradual descent to anarchy, because its tickle-down effect will be catastrophic to our nascent democratic experience”, said the statement

It also berated the long list of names released by the party to ensure its return to power, describing it as an unnecessary deployment of state apparatus to serving a parochial political interest.

Osun State also stated that Ekiti people and the entire Yoruba nation would not succumb to the type of blackmail and tomfoolery the PDP was trying to plunge her into.

The statement further urged the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to make itself part of the change, blowing across the nation by providing a level playing-ground for all the parties in the coming re-run election in the state.

It also charged INEC to make public, the number of voters in the disputed wards and, also allow the people know the scores of the two candidates in the remaining 113 wards, which results were upheld by the Appeal Court.

According to the statement, the police should arrest and prosecute anybody for any reason that disrupt, invade or obstruct legal and official political rallies of rival rallies, saying that it would help instill discipline in the political system.

“The ability of the police to effectively curtail excesses of politicians before Election Day will go a long way in making policing the election easy and lessen the job required to be done to conduct a free and fair election, “said the statement.


Ekiti Re-run Election: Rights Groups Warn INEC Against Rigging

AHEAD of Ekiti State governorship election re-run, 15 human rights groups in Osun State have warned the controversial Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) against election rigging and manipulation of election results in favour of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party in the state.

It would be recalled that a Court of Appeal sitting in Ilorin, Kwara State, had few weeks ago ordered for re-run of the governorship election in 10 local government councils areas of Ekiti State, following a suit filed by Action Congress (AC) governorship candidate in the state, Dr. Kayode Fayemi against the declaration of the ousted governor, Engineer Segun Oni as the state governor by INEC in 2007.

The groups, under the aegis of Osun State Civil Societies Coalition Against Corruption and Rights Violation (OSCARV) called on the INEC to drop the idea of the alleged printing of two electoral documents with a view to using it secretly to the advantage of the ruling party.

According to the groups in a press statement signed by the Coordinator of Peoples Welfare League, Comrade Biodun Agboola and Osun State Chairman of Labour Party (LP), Comrade Rufus Oyatoro, the electoral commission led by its controversial chairman, Prof Maurice Iwu, has been using the method of printing two electoral documents to sabotage all the re-run elections in the country.

OSCARV also challenged the INEC to come out with a categorical statement on its official that was caught in a classroom in Ekiti State, while deleting names of eligible voters on the computer.
“The attitude of conducting elections to suit some individuals’ ego, whims and caprices should be jettisoned for the noble aim of nurturing and sustaining democratic norms and ethos, as it is obtainable in the developed countries.

“Political parties that are taking part in the election should shun all acts of election rigging such as ballot box snatching, multiple thumb-printing, violence and other electoral malpractices.
“All stakeholders in Ekiti re-run election must avert all past vices that are discovered to be the bane of the country’s journey to electoral success and has been an albatross to our claim to true democratic governance.”

The group further pleaded that, “INEC should play its assigned role of an impartial umpire in the electoral process as that is very essential to the credibility of the process.

“INEC should not assist any of the parties to have undue advantage in the electoral process to the extent of providing them with extra ballot papers and other electoral materials and helping them to re-write election results.”

Besides, the human rights groups noted that Ekiti re-run election is very strategic and important and should not be taken as business by the security agencies, which has been pandering the wishes of the ruling party.

It charged the security agencies and the INEC to do their jobs dispassionately and with a mind that they own allegiance to Nigeria as a country and not the individuals in the ruling party.
“Stakeholders should reckon with the fact that the people of Ekiti State, by virtue of their education, exposure and experience, are capable of making the right choice of who governs them and will resist any attempt to rig the electoral process in favour of anybody in the re-run election” the groups added.


Oyinlola Lobbies Atiku Over Cold War With Presidency

RUNNING around of the embattled Osun State Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola for face-saving as touching the titanic legal battle at the Court of Appeal over the 14 April 2007 electoral heist that gave victory to the retired army officer turned politician appears to have turned to a wild goose chase.

Investigation revealed that the face-saving passage has drawn prominent monarch, who is unofficially regarded as the big patron of the embattled Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the governor out of the state, with a view to starving-off the plausible legal ‘tsunami’ that has swept away some South West Usurpers out of the power.

OSUN DEFENDER gathered that the fear of going down with a drowning party has so gripped the partisan monarch, that he has reportedly reached out to powerful political dynasty in Ikene, Awolowo’s home in Ogun State, and Abuja to help him press some springs that could swing the appeal suit filed by the State Action Congress (AC) governorship candidate and Oyinlola’s arch-rival, Engineer Rauf Aregbesola in favour of the second respondent,

While the clandestine meeting between the troubled aged-monarch and the Awolowo matriarch is yet to be unfolded, findings have revealed that the governor had sought the assistance of the former Vice President Abubakar Atiku on the running battle he has with the power brokers in the presidency.

It was learnt that Oyinlola, on getting to know about the ‘Operation Oyinlola Must Go’ on the card of the ‘Katsina Mafia, quickly arranged a meeting with Atiku so as to discuss the fall-out of his (Atiku’s) meeting with his former boss, Obasanjo which he facilitated.

OSUN DEFENDER gathered that after the Governors’ Forum’s meeting in Abuja, the Okuku-born governor spirited to Atiku’s residence, where he held a close-door meeting with him on his tribulations at the presidency, telling his new-found political mentor that he would need his assistance in fixing the problem.

Information has it that the embattled state chief executive again brought his nightmarish legal tango with Aregbesola over the petition at Appeal court, saying that the former Lagos State governor, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu was choking him through Aregbesola in the State.

A source close to the meeting revealed that Atiku expressed his reservation about the request of his guest, saying that he would speak with some of his friends on behalf of Oyinlola at the presidency to know the depth of the story, but evaded the Tinubu issue.

It would be recalled that on learning about the treachery allegedly concocted by the former President Olusegun Obasanjo and Atiku, which Oyinlola reportedly midwife, some powerful men, popularly known as ‘Katsina mafia,’ who are making things happen met had reportedly blacklisted Oyinlola as a threat to the presidency of Alhaji Umar Musa Yar Adu’a.

Meanwhile, the closeness of Tinubu and the president has become another source of worry for Oyinlola, who is said to be blaming the relationship on the loss of some governors at the South West at the different Courts of Appeal


Oyinlola Threatens Market Women

Governor Oyinlola and his AidesOSUN State Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola has been observed to be as petty as he recently complained of not being hailed by market women along major roads in Osogbo whenever he was passing through their areas.

This observation was made recently in the state capital by some roadside traders who had during the week, been summoned to a meeting by their leaders. According to them, the state helmsman had, openly complained to the leadership of the state’s Market Women Association over the way their members pretend not to notice him anytime he passes through their markets especially those within the state capital.

The state governor had, during the meeting, unequivocally told the gathering his displeasure over the market women’s attitude and wondered why despite his open-handedness towards their association, the members could still continue to treat him with disdain.

To drive home his point, Oyinlola was reported to have mandated the Chairman of Osogbo Local Government Council area of the state, Teslim Igbalaye to immediately ensure the erection of the People’s Democratic Party’s (PDP) flag at the Oke-Fia Roundabout area of the state capital.

A source at one of such meetings reliably informed the medium about how the state helmsman’s complaint was trivialized as those at the meeting reportedly burst into uncontrollable laughter as the governor was accused of being too petty.

However, the market women were then reminded how callous the state number one citizen could become, should they continue to treat his complaint with the wave of their hands.

Bomb Blast: AC Chair, Scribe, Aregbe’s Aide Admitted To Bail

Action Congress (AC), Osun State, NigeriaTWO weeks after they were remanded in prison custody, the Chairman, Osun State Chapter of Action Congress (AC), Alhaji Moshood Adeoti, the party’s Secretary, Prince Gboyega Famoodu and Mr Gbenga Fayemiwo, a media assistant to the party’s governorship candidate, Engineer Rauf Aregbesola, were granted bail last Tuesday by a magistrate court.

The AC chieftains were ordered to be remanded in the prison custody on February 23, 2009, by the presiding Magistrate Olalekan Ijiyode on their alleged complicity in the controversial explosion that rocked the state Secretariat, Abere, on June 14, 2007.

Ruling on the bail application, Ijiyode maintained that putting the accused persons in the prison custody would amount to abuse of judicial discretion, adding that all the grounds of objection to the bail of the suspects raised by the police prosecution counsel, Mr Ayuba Adekunle, were not substantive.

According to the magistrate, acceding to the objection of the police prosecutor would be a wrong step, saying that the allegation against the accused persons was bailable.

Ayuba, who was absent in court last Tuesday, had earlier on the first day of arraignment opposed the bail of the AC stalwarts, saying that the offence leveled against the suspects had to do with the state security.
The deputy superintendent of police asserted that granting bail to the AC chieftains would jeopardize police investigation and that there were other suspects who needed to be arrested in connection with the controversial bomb blast.

However, defence counsel to the AC chieftains, Messrs Biodun Olaide and Tiamiyu Adegboyega, said the charges against the suspects were frivolous and bailable.

Olaide and Adegboyega urged the court to be cautious in remanding the accused persons, adding that the court should not be intimidated and used by the police and the power-that-be.

According to the counsel, the police and the state government have not been able to open their case against the accused person, who had earlier been incarcerated in connection with the blast.

However, the magistrate granted bail to the AC chieftains in the sum of N500,000 and two sureties each, adding that the sureties must be residents within the state.

He stated that one of the sureties must be a director of a registered company or a top political office holder and the other sureties must be a blood-relation to the suspects.

The case was adjourned till April 01, 2009 for mention.

Besides, thousands of AC supporters and relations of the accused person had stormed the court for solidarity just as shout of joy erupted after the court’s ruling on the bail.