Jega Must Sort This Mess Quickly

By Peter Claver

The stunning revelation that the Independent National Electoral Commission lacks a central server that will be able to detect incidences of multiple registrations in the ongoing voter registration should worry every Nigerian who has invested tremendous faith in both the Jega led INEC and the present registration exercise to redeem us from the clutches of perennial electoral roguery that has adversely rubbed off on the quality of our democracy these past twelve years. It was the Action Congress of Nigeria, in its usual incisive self that alerted of the absence of this critical facility. Although it was denied by INEC spokesman but the reports in most of the papers the following day revealed that indeed, the ACN was right and that the present tedious registration exercise may be a farce if nothing is done to remedy this critical deficiency.

I will not detain anybody here with details of how the appointment of Prof. Jega has gone a long way to lift the state of near complete disdain the Nigerian electoral system was mired in, especially since the buccaneer rape of April 2007, which went to best a similar bazaar in 2003 in infamy. It is a given that many Nigerians have decided to give INEC another chance and a second look on the belief that Jega comes with the needed credibility to lift INEC from the doldrums it has sunk in recent times. Even with the limited time he had to operate, he was able to command the respect and confidence of Nigerians to restore credence to the system and give Nigerians an election that could give a fair assessment to the leadership the people genuinely want. He has made the right noises and has adopted the right swagger among that still sways the people to his side despite several hiccups that have attended his tenure.

The present registration has tested the preparedness of INEC for the coming task. If the initial challenges that trailed the exercise were anything to go by, then the Jega INEC has performed poorly. But then, I remained firm and stoic in the belief that INEC will pull through the next election. Granted the exercise was riddled with widespread complaints ranging from inadequacy of materials, lack of competence on the parts of the handlers of the registration machines, allegations of manipulation of the exercise by politicians and in some cases, with the connivance of INEC officials, poor logistic judgment, failure of the machines to perform or perform at an abysmally low speed, among so many other allegations. That INEC was able to address these problems, especially those bordering on availability of registration machines, competence and speed of the machines was commendable. That it requested for and got the license to extend the exercise by a further one week, shows that it is fast imbuing the shocking lessons that bugged the exercise at the early stages and will improve on the main task. I want to still give it to INEC and I believe most Nigerians believe that INEC will get it right, despite the initial flaws experienced during the registration period.

As the registration draws to a close, most Nigerians expect the critical works to be done at the impending analytical stage where the grain will be sieved from the chaff. The details from the Direct Data Capture machines will serve as critical rough data for INEC’s work at this stage. This is the stage where the authenticity or otherwise of the exercise will be proven. It will show if the exercise will lead to a rejuvenation of our collective national hope for a sane electoral order or just another huge wastage that will merely serve as a precursor to another illicit harvest in April. At this stage, it is expected that registrations from each polling booth will be cross checked against the names, the details given, the fingerprints, the photographs so as to ensure that there are no mistakes and most importantly to detect and eliminate incidences of double or improper registration. Having vetted that, the authentic figures and the accompanying details should be stored in software. Going from there, the software from each of the booths in each ward would be merged and at this point, incidences of faulty and double registration within the ward could be detected and eliminated to give the authentic details of the actual registration in each ward which will be stored in software for each ward. Having collated and vetted the ward registration figures, the emergent software from all the wards in each local government should be merged to eliminate incidences of double or faulty registration in the local governments and having done that, the actual figure and the accompanying details should be developed in a local government software that should be 774 in number, which is the total number of local government councils in Nigeria.

The software from each local government in each state should be merged to detect faulty or multiple registration in each states, after which they are developed into a software for the state. The 37 software from the 36 states and Abuja should be merged together to detect and eliminate cases of faulty and multiple registrations and after this develop a software for the entire country. From this data base, it will be easy to detect any person that engages in faulty or double registration in any part of the country but in its absence, all it takes for someone to do is to move from one registration center to another, one ward to another, one local government to another and one state to another and do as many registrations as possible. To detect such cases, I believe, was the work a central server would have done but with the revelation that INEC, either intentionally or unintentionally, did not make provision for a central server that will serve as a date base for the registration, there are worries that the entire exercise may not be fool proof but will be as compromised as previous efforts which led to mangled elections.

After the general election, these data bases at the federal, state, local government and ward levels will be handy to prove cases of electoral malpractices especially as they concern multiple registrations. With this, the incentive to take advantage of the system through fictitious registration and voting will be eliminated and our electoral system will be greatly sanitized.

From the response so far given by INEC, its capacity to detect multiple registration is very limited and may be restricted to the booths or at best, the wards. Its registration machines are not networked and they are not fed into a central pot, which makes it possible to manipulate the process. Its promise to ‘collate’ and detect multiple registrations at whichever level is tepid and unconvincing and more than anything, warns Nigerians that INEC did not do detailed studies before this registration. Its promise to punish those that engaged in multiple registrations is suspect and with each day, desperate politicians are poaching at this soft underbelly of the ongoing registration and are mobilizing their members and supporters to engage in as much registration as possible.

With the report that parties are now exploiting these loopholes to mobilize for multiple registrations, there is need for INEC to brace up and ensure they are frustrated. It will have no excuse if after spending over N100 billion for this exercise, we still end up with another mashed register that contains doubtful figures and doubtful information. That will be a tragedy. I will be surely shocked if Jega never thought out this imperative to have a central data base that will deal with the serious incidences of multiple registrations that certainly marred previous elections, then he is short sighted and ill prepared for the heavy task ahead. His initial showing at the voters registration exercise has instilled fear in the minds of his supporters that he might not just be up to the demand. But I won’t believe he is not competent to conduct this critical election but as I was wont to advise him, he must sit up and work harder and far ahead of time to meet the expansive expectations of Nigerians.

For now, INEC must work harder to tackle the present challenge and give Nigerians a credible voter’s register for the coming general election. It must work to find solution to the present problem of lack of a central server that will serve as a final check point against multiple registrations, an evil that has bedeviled previous registration efforts. It must quickly find solution and prove to Nigerians that the options adequately deal with the problem. This means it must work extra hard and it must ensure the data is preserved and put to use even after the coming general election. But Nigerians need convincing reason from Jega and his team that this coming election is not planned to fail as previous ones did and the most convincing way to do this is to quickly work out the best way to identify and fish out multiple registrations in the ongoing voters’ registration.Peter Claver Oparah.

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Nigeria, Switzerland to conclude migration partnership

By Daniel Osunkoya

Switzerland and Nigeria will formally conclude a migration partnership in less than two weeks, Andreas Baum, the ambassador of Switzerland to Nigeria, has said.

Mr. Baum, at the inauguration of a new factory by Nestle Nigeria in Ogun State on Thursday, said the partnership will be concluded during the planned visit of Odein Ajumogobia, the foreign affairs minister, to Berne on February 14.

“The memorandum of understanding on a migration partnership has a pioneering character which will bring cooperation between Switzerland and Nigeria to a new level. The partnership, which is designed to acknowledge both the opportunities and challenges of migration, is the first of such agreement between Switzerland and an African country,” he said.

“It became clear that both Nigerian and Swiss partners were aware that capacity building – including in the field of training and education – should be an area of joint cooperation,” the envoy further said.

Mr. Baum said the Swiss Embassy looked into private initiatives and training projects by business operators and found Nestle’s Nigeria Technical Training Centre in the Agbara factory an excellent opportunity to build upon because it targets at developing young people and contributing towards the growth of Science and technology in Nigeria.

“I am, therefore, happy to make a formal announcement that Switzerland has decided to establish a scholarship for five students annually at the new Nestle’s Nigeria Technical Training Centre,” Mr. Baum said, adding that the scholarship will provide vocational training in the field of Electo-Mechanical-Automation Engineering.

“The sponsorship is one of the key outcomes of the exploratory talks the Embassy initiated with Swiss companies operating in Nigeria,” he said.

Furthermore, the five best students from each promotion will have the opportunity to participate in an additional training module of several months in Switzerland, in the framework of training programmes of Nestle’s headquarters.

Meanwhile, at the inauguration of the new factory, which was also attended by Namadi Sambo, the nation’s vice president and Gbenga Daniel, Ogun State governor, the chief executive officer of Nestle South Africa, Paul Bulcke, reiterated the company’s continuous contribution to Nigeria.

“Nestle has been operationally present in Nigeria for 50 years, bringing meaningful value to society at large. This latest investment is proof of our commitment to Africa,” Mr. Bulcke said.

With an investment of N12 billion, the new factory, Flowergate, is Nestle’s 27th in Africa and is key to its growth in Nigeria. Nestle’s activities in the country is worth about N59 billion, with over 3,000 employees.

Court truncates Daniel’s bid to upstage Obasanjo



From By ABEOKUTA – A Federal Court sitting in Abeokuta Friday truncated the bid of the Governor Olugbenga Daniel faction of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party [PDP] to stop the Independent National Electoral Commission [INEC] from recognizing the candidates of the former President Olusegun Obasanjo group in the recently concluded primaries of the party.

The Daniel faction with Prince Gboyega Nasir Isiaka as its governorship candidate had yesterday approached the Federal High Court seeking an Ex-Parte order to restrain INEC from recognizing the Obasanjo faction with Gen. Adetunji Idowu Olurin as it governorship candidate.

Counsel to the Daniel faction; Dr. Yemi Oke prayed the court to restrain INEC from recognizing the other faction and from substituting the name of the candidates submitted by his faction with other names from the other faction.

But while moving the motion; Counsel to the Obasanjo/Martins Kuye group, Mr. Ajibola Oloyede called the attention of the Presiding Judge, Justice Rita Ofilli-Ajumogobia to an application he had earlier filed challenging the jurisdiction of the Court to entertain the suit.

In her ruling, Justice Ofilli-Ajumogobia noted that the matter involved only a single political party, directed that the appellants must be properly served and a proof of service should be brought before her.

According to Justice Ofilli-Ajumogobia the Ex-parte was capable of creating confusion in the judiciary adding “I will like to avoid confusion on this matter. This is a matter that affects a single party and other parties in the matter have to be put on notice.

“As soon as they are put on notice and a proof of service is secured. The court will fix the date for further hearing”.

Reacting to the development, the Counsel to the Obasanjo/Martins-Kuye faction; Mr. Ajibola Oloyede described the step taken by the other faction as an act of dragging Judiciary into political confusion saying that it wanted to “turn judges against one another”.

Oloyede further stated that Joju Fadairo-led faction miscalculated by taking their case to a judge that knows his onions by putting them in their place, by quickly dismissing their application”

In his own reaction, the Counsel to Joju Fadairo-led faction Dr. Yemi Oke lamented Ajumogobia’s position on the application saying that the application was to restrain INEC from taking further actions by substituting other names contrary to the ones earlier forwarded to it (INEC) and duely signed by National Chairman and the Secretary of the party.

Has The PDP Federal Government Given Up?

By Muritala Agboola

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The primary function of any government is to protect life and property. Government came into being in the first place by individuals surrendering their rights to a person (monarch) now an agency to protect their collective rights. It is a fundamental function that must be performed by all governments. Modern governments owe it a duty to protect their citizens wherever they reside. If there is threat to the lives of citizens, in other countries, the government evacuates its citizens as a measure of protection.

In Nigeria, the federal government has abdicated this fundamental objective. Recent events in the country give room for much concern. Violence erupts frequently in the North especially in Jos, Plateau State, Maiduguri, Borno State and sometimes in Bauchi, Kano and Kaduna States. The macabre in Jos seems to have defied any federal government’s solution. Some analysts have described the killings in Jos as cultural, others say it is religious. Whatever it is, the government is utterly clueless. A State of emergency was declared in Jos during the regime of Mr Joshua Dariye by the Former President, Olusegun Obasanjo. Major-General Chris Alli was appointed the administrator for a period of six months. From available evidence; nothing was achieved. For the past two weeks there have been killings on daily basis without any clue to the solution. Top police brass has been deployed for their inability to contain the situation. The police and the secret service do not seem to have any solution.

In spite of all the security apparatuses available, the government is not doing enough to counter the violence. As if the havoc caused in the plateau is not enough, the violence in Maiduguri and Bauchi gives room for serious concern. The Boko-Haram has taken over effectively in the Maiduguri metropolis. Governor Ali Modu Sheriff is as helpless as his counterpart Mr Jona Jang in Plateau State. The leader of the Boko Haram was killed by the Police last year after he was captured and handed over to them. The police were not able to extract vital information from him which could have assisted them to know the root cause of their anger before killing him extra judiciously. Policemen have since become their target.

Now that the brother of the sitting Governor, Alhaji Modu Fanami Gubio of Borno State murdered together with the All Nigeria Peoples Party’s candidate of Borno State one hopes that both federal and state governments would do something serious about it. The President, who was away to the African Union Conference in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, ordered a high powered investigation into the dastardly act. Bauchi State is not left out of the violence conundrum. Whenever it happens, the government easily explains it away. The government sets up panels to unearth the causes of the problem, yet nothing tangible comes out. In the case of Plateau State, both the federal and the state governments set up commissions, the outcome of which was not comprehensively implemented. If we cannot unearth the fundamental cause of the crises in the trouble spots, then it would not be out of place, if we solicit the assistance of security officials from Britain or the United States of America (USA).

The Niger-Delta problem was not handled properly by the previous federal governments especially the Obasanjo regime before it degenerated to kidnapping. The government is neither proactive nor sensitive to the problems of the masses. The masses would eventually react negatively if pushed to the wall. We should learn lessons from what is happening in Tunisia and Egypt. Governments, both federal and states should be ready to spend money on what causes frictions in the states. It is when this is done that the real solution can be found. The Independence Day twin bomb-blast was not properly handled by the Presidency. There was an alert by the Movement for the Emancipation of Niger Delta (MEND) that bomb will be detonated.

True to the alert the bomb went off at the Eagles Square killing some people and injuring others. The first reaction of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan was to absolve of complicity MEND. It later turned out that, two people; a brother of the Mend leader Charles Orkah and one other member are now facing trial in Abuja in respect of the Abuja twin bomb-blast on Independence Day. On would have expected that the President would be circumspect about the bomb blast since he is from the Niger Delta.

The way the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has handled violence in Nigeria is not impressive at all. The former Inspector-General of Police, Mr Ogbonnaya Onovo is believed to have been forced into compulsory retirement because of the kidnapping of some prominent journalists in the South-east. Problems are supposed to be tackled at initial stage to prevent them from being overblown. Until recently Jos, the Plateau State capital was a haven of Peace and tranquility.

Little wonder that the sobriquet for the state is peace and Tourism. The climate is friendly and the environment is serene. The Anglo-Jos, a highbrow area of Jos in the 50s was inhabited by the Europeans who mined tin in city. I was attracted to do my university education in the tin-city in the early 80s because of the fame of Jos. That was then; today the serene environment has given way to burn buildings and loss of lives on daily basis. Any time I read the horrible news from the city, I become petrified as if I am there. The Ogbomosho’s have made the city their second home. Footballers like Segun Odegbami and Mikel Obi were brought up in the city not forgetting the talented twin artistes, P Square (Peter and Paul Okoye).

If for security alone, power should be taken away from the PDP. Nigerian voters should try the opposition particularly the Action Congress of Nigeria given the track record of their Governors. Lagos inhabits the largest population in Nigeria. The President as well as the state Governors are entitled to security votes which is expected to be spent on security matter, and which is not subject to legislative oversight functions yet the governments are not doing enough. The PDP federal government can learn from what is happening in Lagos State to the benefit of the country. The government of Mr Babatunde Raji Fashola of Lagos state has brought stakeholders into the loop where they offer advice and contribute monetarily to the benefit of the State. Nothing can be done if there is violence all over the place. Rather than being proactive by intelligence gathering so as to preempt criminals from carrying out their nefarious activities, the security officials wait until the havoc is done. The government sets up as usual “a high-power investigating team to unravel the cause of the violence. With time everybody forgets it and the crime continues. This period offer us a good opportunity to assess presidential candidates on their ability to tackle this primary function of government.

Presidential candidates have to explain to Nigerians how they intend to tackle this cancerous problem. Nigerians would examine their leaders based on how to handle some of these issues which seems to have defied all PDP solutions. We are waiting with bathed breathe. The PDP is living in the past and looks incapable of bringing the expected relief to Nigerians. Nigerians shine your eyes in the next election.

OYES Candidates` Training Begins

By kazeem mohammed

Indications have emerged that the training of shortlisted candidates for the Osun State Youths Empowerment Scheme (OYES), an initiative of Governor Rauf Aregbesola of the state aimed at empowering 20,000 youths within his first 100 days in office, would begin this week.

Towards this end, a two-day workshop had been held for the trainers of the candidates that would participate in the scheme. The workshop was held on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Speaking at the two-day training-the-trainer workshop, one of the coordinators of the scheme, Comrade Abiodun Aremu noted that the take-off of the scheme through the workshop was a clear demonstration of Aregbesola’s determination to banish unemployment and poverty in the state.

Aremu, a former General Secretary, Labour and Civil Society Coalition, said the initiative was unprecedented, considering the huge figure of 20,000 youths involved, saying that the philosophy behind the scheme was to place human capital development as a prelude to social and other forms of development.

He said that the co-ordinators of the scheme would do everything possible to ensure that they make the initiative a reality to the satisfaction of the governor aimed at engaging the youths without fair or favour.  

Also speaking on the occasion, the Publicity Secretary of the scheme, Mr Olatunbosun Oyintiloye said that the on-going process was the fulfilment of electioneering campaign promises made by Aregbesola’s administration.

Oyintiloye, who is also the Assistant Director, Community Forum of the Bureau of Communication and Strategy, Office of the Governor, said that the government would continue to explore all possibilities to raise the social and economic profile of the people.

Addressing the trainers, one of the facilitators, Engineer Bimbo Daniyan pointed out that the workshop was aimed at inspiring the lead instructors and their assistants to inculcate in the cadets, the right attitude of hard work, integrity and competence for efficient service delivery.

Daniyan stressed that the criteria used for the selection of the cadets was guided by integrity and fairness, especially in favour of those ones, who can render profitable services to the state.

The train-the-trainer workshop has 93 support instructors, and 31 lead instructors drawn from the academic, public and private sectors.

Osun NUT Lauds Aregbesola Over Bonus

By Titilade Adigun

Governor Rauf Aregbesola of Osun State has been commended for the payment of the 2010 Christmas bonus to workers in the state.

According to the teachers, “the magnanimity of the ACN government under Aregbesola deserves praises”

The teachers went down memory lane and could not remember ever enjoying such largesse in the nineteen years’ existence of the state.

In a chat with OSUN DEFENDER, some of the teachers in the state who preferred anonymity noted that they could not believe their ears at the rumour of the state government’s intention to pay the ‘Christmas bonus’ at the end of the year 2010..

Speaking in the same vein, another teacher observed that teachers, as stakeholders in the education sector, are heaving a sigh of relief because of the unfolding events in the sector.

A case in point is the proposed Education Summit slated for early February 2011, while observing that the summit, no doubt, is a pointer to the fact that education in the state is ready to witness a new dawn.

While educationists agreed that the summit would look into the problems confronting the sector with a view to finding lasting solutions, they made bold to add that teachers who are to direct the implementation of education policies of the government should be adequately represented.

They also opined that the erstwhile governor of the old Oyo State, the late Chief Bola Ige would forever be remembered for his noble step of equipping schools with metal lockers and chairs which are still being used in some schools today.

They therefore urged the governor to formulate policies that would outlive his administration.

Presidency Probes Senator Omisore Over Fresh Bribery Scandal


At the time Ile-Ife, Osun State-born Senator, Iyiola Omisore was accusing Appeal court justices of collecting bribe to install Rauf Aregbesola as the validly elected governor of Osun state, iReports-ng can authoritatively report that the recidivist businessman-turned politician was actually impersonating the boss of Nigeria’s anti-graft police, EFCC to collect bribe from an embattled Managing Director of Nigerian Railway Corporation, Seyi Sijuwade.

According to a presidency source, the lid was blown off the scam over a week ago when Sijuwade who was being investigated by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) over alleged graft sent words to one of his contacts in the Presidential Villa that he had sent N10 million to the EFCC boss through his kinsman and uncle, Senator Omisore.

These words were said to have got to the office of the National Security Adviser which immediately initiated a discreet enquiry into the allegation.

A painstaking probe into the matter was however said to have revealed that Omisore merely dropped the name of the EFCC boss to extort money from his own kinsman who was in deep trouble then. iReports-ng gathered that Sijuwade’s contacts in the villa got through to him last week to inform him that his uncle, Omisore, merely capitalised on his predicament to drop the name of EFCC boss to extort money from him as he had no contact or any relationship with the EFCC top official.

After the briefing, an infuriated Sijuwade had threatened to meet Omisore and demand the refund of his N10 million.

Several attempts to meet the Senator have been frustrated by Omisore who got wind that the NRC boss was looking for him to seek for a refund of his money.

It was further learnt that between last week and now, Omisore has refused to pick Sijuwade’s calls or reply his text messages.

This has prompted the young Ile-Ife prince to report the Senator to all known friends and relations.

The embarrassing scam was said to have been brought to the attention of President Goodluck Jonathan who directed that security operatives in the NSA office to comb for some concrete evidence before handing over the Senator who is the chairman of Senate Committee on appropriation to the EFCC for further investigation and possible prosecution.

iReports-ng had in November last year blown the cover off a well-planned multi-billion naira bribery scheme coordinated by Omisore to sway members of the appeal court panel sitting on the 2007 Osun governorship dispute by offering them N15 billion.

The furore generated by the expose put paid to the scheme and Omisore’s PDP eventually lost the case to the rival ACN, a development that sealed Omisore’s age-long ambition to govern the state of the Living Spring in 2011.

•Culled from www.iReports-ng

Playing Dirty Politics With Osun Destiny

By Kola Olabisi

It is worthwhile for mortals to be extra-careful about their activities as history is being recorded on daily basis. Whatever one does toady becomes history tomorrow. Unarguably, history is one of the most important subjects as much cannot be learnt about today without having an insight on the past; the same way sun would set on the future for it to become both the present and the past. Whoever underrates the importance of history will also become part of history where same is awaiting him to be consigned into the dustbin of the same history. Some of us who were not born in the forties and fifties are able to keep abreast of happenings of yesteryears through the golden grace offered by history. The crisis that erupted in the parliament of the defunct Western Region which subsequently resulted into the needless military intervention into the nation’s polity is still fresh in the memory of discerning minds through the study of history. The involvement of some of the actors in the crisis is recorded in black and white for the consumption of both existing and generations unborn. The inglorious showing of the recently sacked impostor Osun State governor, who loves to be dressed in the garb of a prince, retired Brigadier-General Olagunsoye Oyinlola, in the political theatre of the state of the Living Spring, is enough lesson for those who are toying with history to desist from doing so forthwith.

There was nothing that was not said in order to advise Oyinlola not to head for bottomless pit in his rabid desire to foist himself as the head of government in Osun State where he knew point blank that he did not win any election. But as a dog that would get lost would refuse to listen to the whistle of the hunter, Oyinlola chose the way of perdition and ended up in attracting a monumental humiliation to himself. The sycophants of yesterday had since gone back to their cocoons where they have been strategizing on how to penetrate the new government in the state. The sycophants who are ubiquitous are busy day and night on the modality for accomplishing their targets. Theirs is any government in power. They were visible in the unpopular and illicit administration of Oyinlola. The new governor, Mr Rauf Aregbesola, should be wary of such characters to enable him achieve his contractual political pact with the people of Osun State.

An independent-minded person was analyzing contemporary political issues with me few days ago and his submission was that he was convinced just like other discerning minds that Aregbesola actually meant well for the people of Osun State but the highest percentage of those surrounding him were only with him in the body while they have compromised spirit. It was his observation that some of these people who are closer to Aregbesola still hold nocturnal meetings with the reactionary elements in the state with a view to scuttling the many programmes of the governor. The late sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, who was Premier of Western Region between February 1952 and December 1959, was able to make his mark through his populist programmes. The high priest of true federalism was loved by his people and hated with passion by the reactionary elements who bestrode the nation’s political landscape like feriously hungry lions. Unfolding political events have however shown that it was the same way that the reactionary elements were strongly opposed to Awolowo that they have been ganging up against Aregbesola in his efforts to bail out the people of the state from its state of abyss into which it had been sent during the inglorious administration of Oyinlola who was running government by intuition.

It was Awo’s display of high level of good governance and relentless pursuit of his dreams to transform and modernize Nigeria that orchestrated the Aregbesola administration to identify with the erudite leader of men in commemoration of 59th anniversary of assumption of office of the late sage in 1959. Another genuine unrepentant follower of Awo, Professor Sola Adeyeye, who exposed the financial excesses of members of the National Assembly when he was a member of the lower chamber of the assembly between 2003 and 2007 when infamous President Olusegun Obasanjo was hell-bent in using the lawmakers to rubberstamp his tall but bungled ambition to have a third shot at the nation’s presidency against the provision of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, reeled out activities of the state government to identify with the late sage who turned Western Nigeria into a model during his era. Professor Adeyeye said: “Next week is the 5th anniversary of a unique brand in the history of the Nigerian Republic. On February 6, 1952, Chief Obafemi Awolowo assumed office as the head of government business in the then Western Region of Nigeria that comprised eight of Nigeria’s current 36 states. From that day onwards, and until he left office as Premier of Western Nigeria in December 1959, Obafemi Awolowo governed Western Nigeria in a manner that made it a pacesetter in Nigeria, the African continent and indeed, the entire so-called developing world. The government spokesperson made an allusion to the controversial N18. 3 billion loan applied for and assessed by Oyinlola at the twilight of his administration, adding that similar venture was thwarted in Ogun State when Governor Gbenga Daniel opted for a bond which would have added to the needless indebtedness of the Gateway State. The scuttling was made possible in Ogun because of the joint efforts of the Omoluabi therein who resisted it with everything they had.Feast of Return to signal the renaissance of our Omoluabi heritage. Second, Osun is convoking an educational summit for the purpose of rescuing our education sector from its multitudinous besetting woes”.ipinle Omoluabi, Professor Adeyeye said: “No culture is purist. America is what it is today because it has learnt how to accommodate different cultures. For example, cleanliness was sacrosanct among the Yoruba before the advent of the colonial masters. What we are trying to do is to go back to sacredness of neatness without the interference of the health officers. In America, if dogs are kept in some of the schools where our children are being kept in Nigeria, it would attract prosecution. We are going to comprehensively evoke our culture to transform our society. It is a culture in Guyana that all houses must be repainted every three years. The whole thing is about social engineering which must be rooted in the culture of the people”.

“Osun people recall the years of Awolowo with deep nostalgia. We crave for a return to the Awolowo brand in which committed leaders are afforded the federalist space to foster our own progress within a united Nigeria. Therefore, Osun will seize the opportunity of the anniversary of the Awolowo revolution to do two things next week. First, Osun will publicly reclaim its past as a means of rescuing, safeguarding and uplifting its future. We shall stage a

Harping on the need for the return of Osun as

The real kernel of this piece is that it is unthinkable that a group of members of Osun State House of Assembly could still be a willing stool against making qualitative governance available to the people of the state all in the name of playing of dirty politics. It is on record that some members of the assembly have collected money from a serving disenchanted senator in the state whose desperate aspiration to govern the state through the back door has been scuttled, to make the state ungovernable for Aregbesola with the aim of denying the people of the state comprehensive contents of the governor’s pact with the people. If Awolowo could prioritize populist programmes which Aregbesola wishes to emulate hook, line and sinker, one sees no reason why some so-called lawmakers decided to make the destination of their own history the trash can. As the screening of members of caretaker committees to man all the councils in the state in the interim was being made to face hiccups through frivolous legal impediments, the people are watching with rapt attention. Judging from history, I have a foreboding that some of these compromised lawmakers who never won election would soon be arraigned in the court of the public. Some of them may not escape the boiling rage of the common men who are utterly denied feeling of governance at the grassroots because of the ambition of an individual. The affected lawmakers and their mastermind with active connivance of some disgruntled monarchs have refused to learn from history. If they are too lazy to read, public uprising going on in some of the countries in the Middle East is a pointer to the fact that one day is for the thief while everyday is for the owner. Half a word is enough for the wise. Bye.

Osun Ready To Re-enact Awo`s Years – Osun Deputy Governor

Osun State Government is set to re-enact all the ideologies of the late sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, which consist of hard work, dedication, good brotherliness and respect for cultural values, hence its rebranding the state as “Ipinle Omoluwaobi” tomorrow.

The deputy governor of the state, Otunba (Mrs.) Titilayo Laoye-Tomori made this known at a press conference, which took place at the executive chamber of the Governor’s Office located within the state government secretariat, Abere in Osogbo, the state capital last Wednesday.

The deputy governor stated that the decadence and corruption currently prevailing in the country was fallout of the military long years of ruling, which had eroded the essential fabrics of the society.

Tomori added that the need to stress the positive values of our culture as a Yoruba nation was essential at this point in time in the history of the state; hence, the state was set for rebranding.

In his own contribution at the media briefing, Professor Sola Adeyeye recalled with nostalgia, the era of Awolowo as the Premier of the Old Western Nigeria, which presently comprises of eight states in Nigeria, including Osun State.

According to him, the then Western Region was a model, a research station  for designing, testing and engineering new socio-political paradigms for lifting Nigerians above the assaults of ignorance, diseases and poverty.

He continued that the greatest goal of Awolowo Government then was providing liberty for all, while making life more abundant for citizens that entrusted him with the responsibilities of leadership and that Osun was set to repeat such feats.

While responding to questions from journalists at the event, Professor Adeyeye said that the cultural and social values of the people would take the front seat, as the culture of Yoruba nation stressed the ideal of hard work, good brotherliness, respect, cleanliness, love and mutual trust, which were needed for socio-economic development.

Adeyeye reiterated that the bastardisation of Yoruba culture has resulted into loss of values held too dear by the people, hence the need for the rebirth of “Omoluwabi concept”

He added that the scope would involve all aspects of human lives.

Also in his address on the occasion, Professor Adeyeye said, Osun State was set not only for rebranding, as according to him, the state, come next week, was convoking an educational summit, for the purpose of rescuing the educational sector from its multitudinous besetting woes.

The attendance at the media briefing included Dr. Ademola Onifade, Alhaji Adegboyega Oyetola, the Chief of Staff to the Governor, Kunle Famoriyo, Elder Segun Akinwusi, the state Head of Service and Mr Semiu Okanlawon.

Fresh Trouble For Omisore

*As lawyers vow to prosecute him over his attack on judiciary

Sequel to one offensive newspaper advertorial placed by the embattled Senator Iyiola Omisore with a calculated attempt to expose the leadership of the Court of Appeal to ridicule recently, some lawyers have expressed their readiness to cause a petition that would lead to the prosecution of the controversial lawmaker.

It would be recalled that Omisore had earlier granted some interviews in some newspapers, where he cast aspersions on the integrity of the leadership of the Court of Appeal and Justice Clara Ogunbiyi, who led the five-man panel that declared Governor Rauf Aregtbesola the duly-elected governor during the April 14, 2007 governorship election against the declaration of ousted governor, Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola by the electoral umpire.

Investigation revealed that a consortium of lawyers, who claimed to have watched the ugly scenario right from the outset, stressed that they would not spare anything to bring the controversial senator to book on the matter, unless he is able to substantiate his allegations of corruption against the leadership of the Court of Appeal and the panel that sat over Aregbesola’s suit.

The consortium of lawyers, which called their group The Conscience argued that Omisore has invited the wrath of law on himself by discussing issues he knows nothing about, saying a busybody like the embattled lawmaker should be taught a lesson he would never forget in a hurry.

Besides, the National President of Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), Barrister Joseph Bodunrin Daudu, has refuted a statement credited to him in the same newspapers sympathising with the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) that he could not vouch for the credibility of the leadership of the Court of Appeal, noting that he could not have said that as the mouthpiece of the lawyers’ association.

According to him: “I have no position on the matter for now, I have personal views. When you are the President of the NBA, you keep your personal views aside and ensure that you take aggregate opinions of the NBA, before you express your personal position.”

However, a lawyer, who pleaded anonymity, said the antecedents of Omisore are very well known to every Nigerian; “he is as cantankerous as he is controversial. The problem with Nigerian political system is that those who are supposed to be in prisons have found their ways into the legislature and the Nigerian society permits them to continue these kinds of things.

“The very judiciary Omisore is castigating saved his life from the hang man when he was alleged to have murdered the then serving Attorney-General of the Federation (AGF), Chief Bola Ige (SAN). It is because of the judiciary that Omisore is walking free today, and was even elected from detention. It’s a shame”

Besides, the former President of the bar, Mr. Olisa Agbakoba (SAN) has said that if Omisore could not prove his allegations of corruption against the leadership of the Court of Appeal, some sections of the criminal codes should be deployed to prosecute him.

“If Omisore has alleged corruption in the Osun appeal, it then behoves him to be held to account; we must stop generalising in the media. Where is the proof of these allegations?” Agbakoba demanded.

Don’t Overstretch Your Luck – Politician Warns Osun Assembly

By Goke Butika

Osun State House of Assembly has been enjoined to support Osun State Governor Rauf Aregbesola without attaching conditions that could impede functions of the state.


In a statement issued by a former senatorial aspirant, Dr. Olatunji Dare, the state parliament would be causing the state disservice, if it continues to hold the governor to ransom on some key appointments that could make the government to resume operation at full throttle.

According to him: “The conduct of the state House of Assembly has not been very pleasant since Governor Rauf Aregbesola’s assumption of office, and that might cause some slow pace of work as against the rapid response the people of the state are yearning for, and the continuation of that unpleasant habit can be described as disservice to the state.”

It would be recalled that the opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP)-dominated House of Assembly has been giving the governor some conditions before performing their official duty, saying that the conduct would not fetch any harmonious relationship between the executive and the legislature in the state.

Dare said: “It is unheard of that the state parliament could be giving the governor conditions before allowing him to constitute local government council caretaker committees that would oversee the affairs of the councils in the interim, why not giving such conditions to the ousted governor when he wanted to constitute caretaker committees prior to the 2007 elections? It shows that some people in the House are up to something.”

Reacting on the attack on the Court of Appeal by the embattled Senator Iyiola Omisore, the medical practitioner-turned-politician stressed that the controversial lawmaker was a misfit in the upper chamber of the National Assembly in the first place, noting that Omisore has no credential to be in the lawmaking chamber, let alone having the intellectual capacity to drive issue that is as sensitive as law.

“Omisore is not among the first eleven in the political class in Osun State. It was the rigging machine of the PDP that brought him to the upper chamber of the National Assembly, because he could not be counted among the intellectual political class in Osun State. It is unfortunate that such a man could be called a Senator, because his credentials and antecedents are not impressive,” Dare reiterated.

Speaking on the effect of the attack of Omisore on the integrity of the leadership of the Court of Appeal, the medical doctor explained that the embattled lawmaker might be suffering from fatal shock of the victory of Governor Aregbesola.

“I have carefully perused what could be the reason for the behaviour of the embattled lawmaker, and all I could understand is that Omisore is still suffering from fatal shock of the defeat of his party after seven and a half years in power. But I know that if he does not come out of his self-inflicted political coma, he may be consumed by his post-judgment trauma,” Dare argued.