Stop Misinforming Your Members – Osun Assembly Warns Labour Leaders

The leadership of Osun State House of Assembly had warned the leadership of organized labour in the state, to fight with sense of caution over the issue of the implementation of N18,000 minimum wage, in order not to subject institutions of the state to ridicule in the eye of the world.
In a statement issued by the Press Secretary to the Speaker, Mr. Goke Butika, the House implored the labour leaders to desist from prosecuting the struggle with derogatory language and misinformation, saying that it would not in anyway help the issue at hand.
The House leadership, led by the Speaker, Honourable Najeem Salaam, implored the leadership of the labour unions to stop misinforming their members, adding that some alleged misinformation by the leaders at the workers’ congress was disturbing, just as he asked them to always speak the truth and avoid playing to the gallery.
The Osun State parliament stated that crude statements credited to the leadership of the organized labour in the state, that the government of Osun State was a government of thieves, was unfortunate and uncalled for.
The Assembly said that the minimum wage issue would be resolved eventually, but derogatory languages on the personalities of the individuals in government may not be easily corrected.
On the position of the State Assembly on the minimum wage crisis raging on, the Assembly said, the state lawmaking body would not relent in its efforts to find lasting solutions to the lingering crisis in conjunction with other stakeholders in the state.
The lawmaking body noted that the interest of the state should be on the minds of all parties in the minimum wage debacle, noting that it would be anti-climax, to think that government is existing for the payment of salaries and wages alone.
It then appealed to the workers to digest the position of the government, as regards the proposed salary table, saying that industrial dispute could do anyone no good at the end of the day.

Libyan Rebels Gathered Gadaffi Out of Tripoli

Libyans celebrated on Sunday night after hearing that Gaddafi’s son Saif al-Islam was captured by rebel forces [EPA]

I was told by some friends from the National Front for the Salvation of Libya (NFSL) that Gaddafi’s regime would be dead by the end of August. Today I can say they have given me the heads up, and they are right. I had some doubts – I have since the outset of Libya’s uprising believed that Gaddafi’s end was near, but not quite so soon.

Today Libya’s epic triumph is nearly here – zero hour, as some leaders have called it. Libyans are about to breathe freedom, and Libya’s sweet air as never before, without Gaddafi.

As Libyans prepare to pull the curtain back to one side, sweeping away their vile dictatorship, they will be opening up an arch of possibilities, domestically and regionally.

Libya’s double-Eid

What a time to ditch Gaddafi’s rule into history’s dustbin. It will be Gaddafi’s last Ramadan – at least at the helm. Libyans, when Tripoli finally surrenders, will be celebrating two Eids, the end of the fasting month and the end of an era in which they have for 42 years been starved of the oxygen of freedom, agency, self-government, and saw the country’s massive wealth squandered on everything – especially armament and misadventure – but the Libyan people’s welfare.

There will be jubilation next door in Egypt, where the Eid returns without Mubarak. And Libya’s eastern and western neighbours – Egyptians and Tunisians, respectively – will be joining in the celebration in what has to be the best Arab Eid since the 1973 Ramadan War.

Delivering freedom is more difficult than delivering people from colonialism or authoritarianism, as illustrated by the disappointing national stories of Arab nation- and state-building from Libya to Yemen.

In order to deliver freedom, their challenges will be particularly awesome – once Libyans’ victory sinks in and the guns fall silent. But it will be the reconstruction of a democratic Libya will be Libya’s greatest battle in the post-Gaddafi era.

The demands of reconstruction

Reconstruction in any era in any land must decide the fate of the evils that shackle a given people’s freedom. Post-World War II reconstruction decided the fate of fascism, post-Soviet the fate of totalitarianism, and before that, the American and French revolutions ended slavery and monarchical absolutism.

Libyans know Libya best. They, and not any other force on earth, can dictate how they go about reconstructing a land that has unrivalled riches in their region: resilient and steadfast people, a repertoire of struggle against fascism and now authoritarianism, a rich and diverse history, the vast land, a maritime coast, and huge gas and oil reserves.

Three immediate demands must top the agenda of reconstruction.

When the people say their final word, recover Tripoli and unite all Libyans from all tribes and all regions in their moment of triumph, they must turn their attention to reconciliation. Recrimination, retribution and punishment must be restrained by the more overriding urgency of seeking legal recourse, protection, and a vista into a new era where it stands as their arbiter in peace and for good. All must rise above short-term gratification from vindictiveness and blood-letting. This will be a tough test.

Generosity of spirit in triumph is a must. The end of Gadaffi is a moment to share, and demands collective ownership. All Libyans, according to their available resources, and in varying degrees, have made this moment possible. Singularity in claiming victory and seeking gain for one region, group, ideology or authority over others will sour the moment. The NTC played its role, especially under the stewardship of Mustafa Abd Al-Jalil, an honourable man, who has not been motivated by self-gain or self-empowerment.

Mr Abd Al-Jalil has the moral courage to know what to do when the NTC’s status and role come up for either expiry, or temporary renewal and enlargement for handling caretaker tasks in the immediate period of Gaddafi’s collapse. There are now several groups who have been reconstructing themselves for this moment, including the NFSL, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Democratic Party of Libya, amongst others.

There is urgency for solidarity, partnership and synergy for the purpose of steering Libya out of this period of fluidity and power vacuum into the safety of collaborative, representative, legal and ordered reconstruction of state and people, up to the moment of electing the constituent assembly, as envisaged by the NFSL, the Democratic Party of Libya, the Muslim Brotherhood and the NTC itself. 

A triumph against Gaddafi without triumph on these three fronts will mean an incomplete achievement.

What happens in the immediate period of regime collapse gives a flavour of how Libya’s new caretakers will approach the challenging task of reconstructing the great Libyan people into a productive and self-governing human resource ready for the travails of sustainable, democratic, equal and peaceful development. John Stuart Mill is right here: there is no development, democratic or economic, without an educated citizenry.  

Gaddafi’s reign wasted not only money, but also invaluable time: 42 years of inertia. The time left is for reconstruction and not destruction.

A league of Arab democracies: Nabil al-Arabi

Regionally, the hearts of most Arabs pounded for the courage of the Libyan people. Now the League of Arab States has a rare opportunity to reconstruct into a League of Arab Democracies. Not long ago the Saudis invited the Jordanians and the Moroccans to join the Gulf Co-operation Council. It is still not clear what motivated such a move, other than monarchical affinity.

The moment right now favours democratic synergy. Nabil Al-Arabi, the Arab League chief, should be inspired by the Libyan people’s coming victory to restructure the organisation he presides over, even if he creates a second chamber for the purpose of the greater sake of co-operation among the Arab world’s new democracies.

Libyans did not begin the Arab revolution. However, they are about to close one link in the Arab revolutionary chain: three neighbouring countries with a total population of 100m Arabic-speaking people, covering a surface area of more than 3m square kilometres, are free. That is how it must have felt when the colonists left Algeria to join Morocco or Tunisia, or when the free officers came, one by one, to ditch monarchical rule in several Arab states.

The three countries should experiment with open borders and the free movement of people, goods, and ideas to show that the dawn of Arab democracies will not have any semblance to the era of Gaddafi, Mubarak and Ben Ali. Mr Al-Arabi has a golden opportunity to make this a reality. Just as Arab youth are steadfast in the struggle for freedom and democracy, their elder statesmen should meet them halfway in helping reconstruct a better Arab world.

Tunis, Cairo and now Tripoli: the call of freedom

Green Square, Tripoli, impatiently waits to join Tahrir Square and Habib Bourguiba Boulevard in an epic call for freedom across Arab geography. Tomorrow it will be the turn of Marjah Square and Yusuf Al-Azm, Syria, as the circle gets wider, and the dance for freedom louder, drowning out and silencing the guns of brutality for good.

Larbi Sadiki is a Senior Lecturer in Middle East Politics at the University of Exete

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily represent Al Jazeera’s editorial policy.

Armed robbers waylay Senator Salami along Iwo/Osogbo road

Senator Adebayo Salami narrowly escaped death from suspected armed robbers who laid ambush for his car along Osogbo-Ibadan road on Sunday morning.

The Senator who went to represent Governor Rauf Aregbesola as a Guest of Honour at the programme, however, escaped unhurt alongside his entourage who came under a hale of bullets at about 10.30 am.

Salami, who represented Osun Central Senatorial District between 1999 and 2003 at the National Assembly was travelling to Iwo town to attend the 2011 edition of an annual Ramadan lecture organized by Arabic and Islamic Propagation Centre, Iwo.

Senator Salami’s car was about to enter Songbe town from Iwoye village which was about 30 kilometers to Osogbo, the state capital when the 20-man suspected armed robbery gang opened fire on the black-coloured Toyota Sequoia jeep with registration number Lagos TX 494 AAA.

Apparently aiming at demobilizing him, the robbers who were described by eye witnesses as Bororo Fulani herdsmen reportedly fired about 60 bullets at the right side of the jeep where the former Senator was seated.

The robbers had successfully halted the advancement of Senator Salami’s two-car convoy at gun point and began raining bullets on him.

One of the robbers who was reported to have drawn his dagger knife unsuccessfully attempted to break the windshield.

The convoy then made a successful detour by reversing the drive for more than three kilometers and returned to Awo, the headquarters of Egbedore Local Government to report to a detachment of the Nigeria Police who then led the Senator and his entourage to the robbery point.

Before the police arrived the scene, one of the motorists who got to the point was not so lucky as he was found in a pool of his own blood arising from the injuries he sustained from machete cuts on his shoulder.

Curiously, the robbers operated very close to where the Fulani cheese sellers were selling their wares along the road and were unaffected by the heavy gunfire from the automatic weapons fired by the gang.

However, the robbers had fled the scene before the police team who responded to the distress call made by Senator Salami.


Aregbesola Perfoming umrah Lesser hajj: From L-R, House of. Rep. member representing osogbo/olorunda/ orolu/irepodun Engr. Lasun Yusuf, Osun state Governor Mr. Rauf Aregbesola and Senator Mudashiru Hussain rep Osun West Senatorial District at the Haram Makkah mosque, Saudi Arabia performing lesser hajj today Sunday 21st Agust, 2011

Aregbesola During Umrah

The report by a newspaper (Nigerian Compass) that the Governor of Osun State, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, is down with cancer is a complete falsehood.
Governor Aregbesola is in Saudi Arabia where he is performing the lesser hajj, Umrah, and will return at the end of the programme.

Governor Aregbesola has never hidden his state of health. He made it public after the general elections in May this year that he needed medical rest and proceeded to observe the rest for two weeks abroad. He returned to the state to energetically resume his functions of office. He has been in company of family, aides friends and members of the public who can attest to his convivial mien and glowing spirit.

It is therefore most uncharitable to allege that he has cancer. The hallmark of responsible journalism is to follow the truth and report facts, not fiction. It is generally accepted in all cultures as evil to bear a false tale on the state of another man’s health. It amounts to playing God. It is a most egregious invasion of privacy in the devilish attempt to create confusion in the minds of the public.

This latest attempt by the Nigerian Compass to bear evil report on the state of the governor’s health is part of the orchestrated campaign by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), using a discredited section of the media. Reporting on health matter is not and has never been a subject of speculation. This must be fact-backed with an incontrovertible medical report, even if obtained from confidential sources. Of course, our speculative journalists and adversaries have no respect for truth and dishing out falsehood in order to score a cheap political point and relieve themselves of idleness has become a fair game.

It will be recalled that immediately the governor announced that his medical rest trip abroad, the PDP and it discredited media began speculating that he collapsed and had to be rushed abroad. The report turned out to be false.

Again, they attempted to make an issue out of cabinet but were profoundly shamed when the list of commissioners and advisers came out and turned out to be the best the state ever had.

They have also been going about, evidently out of idleness, to rubbish the creation of 20,000 jobs through the OYES, but the scheme turns out to be a phenomenal success.

Given that the PDP has earned notoriety for being a nest of killers, the party’s death wish on Governor Aregbesola is a Freudian slip and true to type of their apt description by Prof Wole Soyinka.

Governor Aregbesola is undaunted by the campaign of calumny against his high flying and well-acclaimed administration. He is totally dedicated to the cause of his people, in or out of town. The report of ill-health is no doubt the handiwork of mischief makers and should be shunned in its entirety.

Semiu Okanlawon,
Director, Bureau of Communications & Strategy,
Office of the Governor,
Osogbo, Osun State
Tel: 234-1-8023139893


By Olanrewaju Ajiboye


‘Incorruptible by money; the root cause of all evil; impervious to body weaknesses; and though generously endowed with presence and magnetism, there is an uncanny ability to resist their allures for mundane gains, no wonder the overflowing grace of patience , virtue and Godliness. What rational human being would encounter this ’Jewel’ and not appreciate and embrace it? Only those who appreciate the value of ’Kola nut’ wrap it in preservative leaf, goes the adage in Southwest Nigeria.’ 

Procrastination is a virus, it is a clog in the wheel of progress, and it is humanity’s enemy next only to the devil. It can even be qualified as an agent of the Devil.

Defined simply as the act of “…putting off or delaying… something requiring immediate attention”, Procrastination is worth more than that cosmetic definition. It is an act that can deprive an individual of most his or her life wishes ; denial of success, opportunities, progress, pursuit of happiness on one part and gnashing of teeth, regret, bemoaning, stress and nostalgic feelings are all its residual effects in a victim.

Psychologists observe low sense of self worth, self defeating mentality and conscientiousness associated with dreams and wishes of perfection or achievement instead of realistic appraisal of their obligations and potential as the causes of Procrastination. David Allen posits that Procrastination is not a bye product of laziness, but rather as that of anxiety, and goes ahead to categorize the anxiety into two. First as”… things too small to worry about…” and second as “…things too big to control.” Allen gives two examples of the two categories. The first example he gives is  in having a cluttered room to be organized to represent  “things too small to worry about”. And the dilemma  of adult siblings who are contemplating the best living arrangement for their parent whose health is deteriorating represents “things too big to control“.

At this juncture it is ideal to appropriate the experiences of procrastinations in the past to our individual lives. As young students, we usually see role models either in our schools or elsewhere. We start to dream these role models’ lives and we aspire to live them. This is what Paulo Coelho alludes to as “principle of favorability” and “Personal legends” and Daniel R. Castro urges us to live the lives of heroes by bringing a force to the table, he goes further to say that “the force is you.” The foregoing references are contained in their highly inspirational books titled ‘The Alchemist’ and ‘Critical Choices that change lives’.

For example, a physical education teacher announced that he wanted to assemble a team of athletes and asked those who thought they could perform to sign up in his office. The announcement was made on the assembly ground and when the teacher was talking, you knew you had the inner ability to make up the team but you were lethargic and went procrastinating about it until the team was formed. The team went on series of inter- school competitions and talents were discovered and taken to next level. So many years later when Procrastination had denied you your natural talent, and muscles had become weak, you were telling stories to your kids about how a particular successful athlete used to be your friend  in your secondary school days. That during amateur contests among students in those days, you used to out-run him on your school’s field. That story to your kids is mere story, it is regret, and it is nostalgia because you had the chance to be in that position but Procrastination took dominion over you.

We can draw another example; when you got admission to the tertiary institution, you had already figured out who your choice of spouse would be after graduation and after you must have seen signs of financial security. Right in front of your nose, providence dropped your dream girl at your doorstep because you were pursuing the same course but all along  you were a vicarious admirer, you were lethargic, you were procrastinating. You were dying of your affection for her but was unable to make a move whether you would succeed or fail, yet her thoughts never ceased on your subconscious at all times. You could not concentrate on your academic activities. Instead of talking, you were stalking harmlessly. At the end, another guy with same feelings as you jumped at the opportunity and won. You were supposed to earn a first class by virtue of your brilliance but because of accumulated crises occasioned by Procrastination, you ended up with a third class, a double jeopardy; you were unable to initiate a move for the girl and you also lost a good academic attainment caused by your accumulated feelings that were never promoted. It took you several years in search of a dream girl after school, you even made efforts to know the status of the very lady you wanted in school happenstance she could still be available or at best you were looking for another with similar qualities.  Mummy  started to pester you in demand for a grandchild as the first child and your junior siblings had already met their own dream spouses but out of respect, would want you to perform the marriage rites first. In frustration and desperation you  chose to settle for  the expediency. Even though you knew she was not your choice, you were still possessed with Procrastination in telling your mother your true feelings and the lady in question. Eventually you settled for a compromised marriage.   You were now caught in a quagmire of the sayings that goes thus, “In seeking what we wanted, we were given what was good but if what was good was not what we desired?” Your situation would continue to be that of someone who uses bowl -shaped mortar as a sleeping pillow; such shall never have good sleep.

What about you whose mother put her all so that you could get it right in life? The breadwinner died when you were an infant. Mama went through many difficulties to raise you.

She hawked stuffs, fried cake beings, did cleaning jobs and ran errands for others just to give you a chance in life. She did not desist from trusting God and fasting regularly to seek God’s mercy and kindness on you. God answered her prayer and you were successful in life. Mother was living in the village and you had become married with your own children who were not lacking in all the good things of life. Yes, you were always sending money and groceries to Mama in the village, but Mama made a single request of you, “Please my loving son, since the village is not far from your city, please visit me at least once in two months, I thank you for the food and money, but your physical presence makes me happier and gives me warmth, besides there are many things to talk about as the thoughts come to my mind.” You promised Mama you would be doing more than she requested but instead, you kept procrastinating on your promise of visits only to hear that Mama had passed on one day.  You were able to give her a befitting burial but you would have to carry a moral burden for a very long time to come and you would have to deal with the verdict of guilt that would continue to assail your conscience especially if the allures of social club gathering held you back all these while she had been earnestly calling on you to come.

Are you the type that suffers from the relaxed type of procrastination where you abandon your responsibility at work but not missing out at your club house where you facilitate things? If this kind of lethargy had cost you your job in the past, it is time to avoid accidental burns the second time, wake up and seek help.

Is your own Procrastination the tense afraid type? Are you  easily overwhelmed with pressure? Do many goals run riot in your subconscious and you are unable to focus? Do you  fantasize on giant but unrealistic plans that are capable of making you to end up as a failure? Help yourself by  seeking help. Help yourself by looking at the mirror and see who you see. Who you see is you and the destiny to change things are in the body and the soul of that person you see in the mirror. The time you wake up is your morning. Do your part and let God take control.

A nation in the hand of a procrastinating leader is bound to suffer consequences; owner of business who loves to delay will soon be overtaken or be forced out of business by those who are on parallel lines with Procrastination, ditto for a pilot who procrastinates on flying check lists errors; he would only end up endangering the lives of his passengers.

Have I been a victim myself? Yes, on a number of occasions.
Procrastination has robbed me of a dream that God in His infinite mercy thrust on me without paying a dime. I shall forever appreciate the little period I lived it and bemoan forever, its slipping away from me.

The message is; do not delay till tomorrow what you have the capacity to do today because there may be no tomorrow and please do not misconstrue procrastination as an act of destiny. Destiny comes to play when you have attempted what you can do today and you failed, perhaps God has a different plan or wants to save you the agony of unpleasantness associated with that efforts.

“.. that when you focus on problems, you will have more problems. When
you focus on possibilities, you will have more opportunities.”

Osun festival gathers momentum as Aregbesola orders tarring of grove road

In preparation for this year’s edition of Osun -Osogbo Festival coming up on Friday August 26, Governor Rauf Aregbesola has directed immediate facelift including tarring of the road leading into the ancient grove.

Lighting the traditional 16-portal lamp has been scheduled for Thursday night while Iwopopo (trekking through the major street) took place last Monday.

It was reliably gathered that the project which was being carried out as a direct labour task was designed to improve security and access into and out of the grove.

The governor also directed that a car park be constructed to hold more than 500 cars in addition to a walkway within the leading to the Osun shrine.

Another phase of the project was also designed to include the installation of an exit gate to facilitate effective crowd control among worshippers and tourists to prevent stampede.

Governor Aregbesola also directed that the construction and beautification work must be done to ensure preservation of existing cultural icons along the shrine so as not to affect the historical value of the grove.

At the time of filling this report, heavy duty equipment were seen compacting the road from Isale Osun junction into the grove while a massive gate been constructed at the entrance to the sacred forest.

LAUTECH Transformation Group Denounce Alumni Misrepresentation

Dear Editor/Correspondent,

Kindly find attached a press statement by LAUTECH TRANSFORMATION GROUP. LAUTECH TRANSFORMATION GROUP is a group of alumni of LAUTECH, Students Leaders and activists. LTG has made press releases in the past and we are unhappy about recent happenings in the School. We want to affirm our support for the sacking of the last management, Joint ownership and we equally want to dissociate ourselves from the comments credited to the Alumni president in the dailies today.


18th August, 2011


Our attention has been drawn to the crisis that erupted in LAUTECH on 17th August, 2011. We gathered that some politicians monetarily induced the leadership of NASU especially those of Ogbomoso extraction to cause chaos.

This development is a sad one, especially considering the fact that the Institution is just breathing the air of peace after so many months of crisis.

We want to condemn this needless and senseless act in strongest terms and also dissociate ourselves from the comments credited to the Alumni President in The Sun, Mirror and Vanguard Newspapers. The people of Oyo and Osun States have co-existed for a long period of time. They are brothers and sisters and should not be separated for parochial and political interests.

We want to thank the Nigeria Police who promptly drafted her men to the scene and implore her to be more alert and committed at securing lives and properties within LAUTECH and the Ogbomoso communities. We equally charge them to bring the perpetrators of this retrogressive act to book.

Once again, we want to call on the Governors of Oyo and Osun States to as a matter of urgency to do the following:

1. Set up a Visitation Panel that will unravel and find solutions to myriad of problems confronting the school.

2. Allow the joint ownership continues so that LAUTECH can be great again

3. Provide conducive environment for the Ag. VC Professor Gbadegesin to carry out the cleansing of rot which has bedevilled the University.

4. Return the medical School and her students to Osogbo and get other courses accredited.

In conclusion we want to affirm our earlier support for the continuous joint ownership of our great alma matter.
We want to state that the document signed on October 26, 2010 been referred to as agreement of ceding LAUTECH to Oyo state was simply a framework which was aimed at initiating a disengagement process but never saw the light of the day .We however wish to challenge the former Governor of Oyo ,Otunba Alao Akala and his Osun state counterpart Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola to publish to the whole the agreement they both claimed to have been signed and the evidence of paying off Osun State by Oyo State..

We are so resolute in ensuring that crisis rocking the University comes to any end in no time.



Odeleye Adesina Adebayo Adeyinka.


1. The representatives of Oyo and Osun States met today, the 18th day of August, 2011 to discuss the issues relating to Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso

2. The meeting noted with regrets the crisis that erupted at the University yesterday and sympathized with victims of the crisis while promising that such will not occur again

3. The meeting agreed that adequate security measures are being put in place to ensure safety of all students, staff and properties of the institutions both in Osogbo and Ogbomoso

4. The meeting agreed that a Technical Committee of the two states should be constituted immediately to look at all issues pertaining to the institution and submit their reports within 4 weeks from the date of commencement of sitting

5. Pending resolution of issues in contention, the 2 sates should honour their commitments with reference to payment of all salaries and allowances of all Staff of the University and the Teaching Hospitals

6. It was agreed that salaries of the University and the Teaching Hospitals will be paid by the Osun State Government effective Friday, 19th August, 2011

7. In the meantime, Students in Clinical classes , that is 400 to 600 Levels, are being advised to return immediately to the Teaching Hospital in Osogbo to resume classes. This is necessary in the interest of the Students to prevent unnecessary elongation of their programs.

8. Similarly, the Lecturers are also urged to resume academic activities at Osogbo in the interest of the Students and the general public

9. The 2 Owner States will jointly pursue accreditation of the Teaching Hospital in Ogbomoso and re-accreditation of the Teaching Hospital in Osogbo immediately

10. Finally, the two Owner States hereby appeal to both Oyo and Osun indigenes to embrace peace in the spirit of our forefathers whose dream of founding the University is to educate our children. It should be noted that our founding fathers believed in the historical, cultural, social and economic heritage that bind us together. This s an heritage that we must all jealously protect.

Fergie Puts Faith In Youth

Sir Alex Ferguson has revealed a transfer fear over the future of young starlet Paul Pogba is one of the major reasons he has turned his back on Wesley Sneijder.
Ferguson has insisted on several occasions that he is not interested in Sneijder. There has been evidence to the contrary, with chief executive David Gill hinting there had been discussions at some stage, Sneijder claiming there had been unofficial talks and Ferguson himself being quoted as saying it was make-your-mind-up-time for the Dutchman, even if the United boss distanced himself from that demand.
However, with the Premier League about to get underway, Ferguson highlighted the faith he has not only in the youngsters who dazzled at Wembley in last Sunday’s Community Shield but also in Pogba.
Signed as a 16-year-old from Le Havre in 2009, the tall midfielder has made a big impression at Old Trafford and was part of the side that lifted the FA Youth Cup last season.
Ferguson does not need any reminding that Gerard Pique and Guiseppe Rossi made a similar impact on their arrivals from Spain and Italy respectively but eventually left, frustrated at a lack of first-team opportunities.
“The young boy Pogba is showing great promise,” Ferguson said. “We are quite positive about him. If we hold him back, what is going to happen? He will leave in a couple of years’ time when his contract has finished.
“We have to give him the opportunity to see how he will do in the first team. He has great ability. He has the physique and athleticism. He is a possibility. We have Darren Fletcher to come back and Michael Carrick tends to develop more from November onwards, so when you take that roll call of players, I am not looking to add to it.”
Not that Ferguson is scared of reminding his inquisitors about the statements he has been making.
“I have been saying it for weeks,” he said. “Everyone has been writing differently. We are just carrying on with our business. You can forget anyone you like. I am happy with the young players I have got.”

Osogbo Residents Cry Out To State Govt

Osun State government and the Ministry of Works have been prevailed upon to look into and come to the aid of some streets in the state capital; Osogbo so as to avoid a situation where such roads would be rendered unusable.
These streets, according to a cross section of residents, had been left without maintenance for some years and it had resulted into the gradual wearing away of the asphalt surfaces.
Some residents also disclosed to OSUN DEFENDER COMMUNITY NEWS that some of these were poorly constructed and no amount of maintenance could salvage them.
A visit to some of the streets, which included Ade Festus, Ajobo, Jaleyemi, Oduntan, Araromi streets and Girls School Road revealed the poor state of the roads.
A resident of the Ade Festus, Bimpe Adegunju observed that the reason for the neglect may be connected to the fact that the authorities might not be aware of the location of the streets.
She asserted that her street had been without asphalt for so many years.
She disclosed that except on some few occasions, state and local government officials never came to the streets.
“They only come to Ade Festus occasionally; like during the recent house numbering exercise”, she said.
A pastor of Christ Apostolic Church on Araromi Street also explained that because of the bad state of the streets, cars coming into the streets could not assess it to the end.
The clergy man disclosed that the open compound of the church was sometimes used as public car park.
He however revealed that rehabilitation work had been embarked upon some months ago.
In his words, ‘some months back, the government took some steps towards rehabilitating Araromi and some surrounding streets. It was a good step, but more still needs to be done”.
Residents interviewed commended the efforts of the Osun State government for coming to the aid of Osogbo residents in clearing the many blocked drainages surrounding the state capital.
Ajobo Street located some metres away from the popular CatholicHospital, Jaleyemi had all the entire portion of it eroded.
A landlord; Mr. Adebayo urged the authorities to help residents of the area.
He revealed that the undulating nature of the road had rendered the extreme end of the street unusable and impassable.
According to him, whenever it rains, “the water usually flows downwards towards the end of the streets.
The landlord attributed the bad state of some of the streets in the neighbourhood to bad engineering works by the contractor and supervision by the authorities.
“The state of some of the streets are mainly due to the bad engineering works by the contractors, who constructed them and because also during the period of construction, government supervisors too were not doing their jobs as expected”, he lamented.
Mr. Adebayo, who disclosed that he had resided on Ajobo Street for close to forty years, however revealed that things took a turn for the worse within the last eight years.
He disclosed that many representations were sent to the government during the last administration, but none of them was treated.
He also pleaded with the residents to exercise patients as he believed that the government of Mr. Rauf Aregbesola would effect a positive change in the area.
The landlord pointed out that the actions of Mr. Governor in the past months were a pointer to this.