Oyinlola’s Latest Fraudulent Transaction

IF Osun State still had anything resembling a state legislature, by now articles of impeachment would have been submitted. Just as one is tempted to think it cant get worse for the long suffering people of Osun State, another of all scams pops up!

Even in the theatre of the absurd, which Osun State has become, it is difficult to work out any connection between Olagunsoye Oyinlola, pretender ‘governor’ of Osun State and matters relating to culture.

However, in the constant search for misfortune, the halpless governor has put his inglorious foot in again. Nigeria’s greatly cherished Nobel Laureat the inestimable patriot Prof Wole Soyinka has threatened to sue former President Olusegun Obasanjo over his presidential library’s alleged appropriation of the personal archives of German arts scholar Ulli Biere and wife Georgina as part of its collections.

As Professor Soyinka has pointed out, impostor ‘governor’ Olagunsoye Oyinlola, giving scant regards to the interest of Osun State as usual, has with reckless abandon appropriated intellectual property which belongs to the people of Osun State to the Obasanjo library. This is of course in line with the irresponsible and cow-a-liar-attitude to public property associated with the Okuku-born prince and the court of jesters over whom he presides.

It will be recalled that in the recent past, Oyinlola’s wife suddenly became the ‘owner’ of her pet projects property financed with a N50 million donation from the state in addition to sundry donations from the state’s local governments and a myraid of the beneficiaries of inflated Osun State government contracts. Inspite of justified public outcry, they think they have gotten away with this heinous crime, so the serial looters have moved on to another looting project.

Thank God, the eagle-eyed, Prof Soyinka is adamant that they wont get away with the latest scam. Qnite rightly too! In the words of the Nobel Laureate: “If there is justice left in this country, some should be in the dock, it is the property of Osun State, Oyinlola has no right to donate. “Oyinlola will have cause sooner rather than later to explain his role in this unsavoury business. The funds of the people of Osun State were used to obtain the papers and articfact. The proper abode for them is in Osogbo the Osun State Capital. Oyinlola does not have the moral, political or legal right to transfer them to Obasanjo’s personal library. This is a fraudulent transaction and it must be reversed immediately!

To butters the point, Prof Soyinka has pointed out that the paper before the UNESCO on the transfer of the archives had been manipulated to reflect the Obasanjo Library as the institute to house them. This is a grotesque misrepresentation of the truth. This is because the original Memorandum of Understanding between Ulli Biere, his wife and the Federal Tourism Ministry never mentioned transferring the archives to Obasanjo. This being the case, what we are witnessing is a fraud, for as Prof Soyinka has pointed out the MOU between Bierre and the government is that the archives would be housed at a new centre in Osogbo called the Ulli Bierre Foundation, which should be managed by a board made up of representatives from Osun State government, the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife and the University of Ibadan.

Prof Soyinka has confirmed that Ulli Biere has confirmed that there was no time he gave his ascent to a transfer to the Obasanjo Library project. The people of Osun State must rise up and use every constitutional means to checkmate this fraudulent attempt to transfer a key state asset.

For one, tourism funds will be lost forever if the artifacts are transferred out of Osun State. Surely Osun State needs every source of internally generated revenue. If Olagunsoye Oyinlola wants to express his gratitude to Obasanjo for foisting him on the hapless people of Osun State, there is a lot of ways he can do this. He can transfer his family’s personal assets artifacts. He will however not be allowed to play Father Christmas with Osun State assets. Enough of this nonsense!

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