Oyinlola Should Stop Criminalising Aregbesola With False Security Reports

Engineer Rauf AregbesolaWe have received highly impeccable information about plans by some security opertives to submit a damaging but false security report to the Presidency in Abuja about the Governorship Candidate of the Action Congress (AC) in Osun State, Engineer Rauf Aregbesola so as to facilitate several unsuccessful attempts to criminalise him.

The security operatives who are believed to be working for Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola were said to have concluded plans to write that Aregbesola, a devout Muslim, was planning to import some Islamic fundamentalists to cause mayhem in Osogbo during the time he would be honouring the invitation by the Osun State Correspondents Chapel of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ).
As part of the plans, some hired tough necks have been slated to attack the crowd of Aregbesola’s supporters who may be gathering to welcome him in Osogbo during the visit. Already, dozens of Okada operators were ran summarily arrested last week and detained until it was clear that Aregbesola was no longer coming into town to honour the invitation of the journalists.

We are compelled to say that this plan, is to say the least, dangerous and undemocratic as it is capable of inciting religious disharmony. It is not a sin for Aregbesola to be a Muslim. We find it objectionable that some people will sit down in a dark corner of officialdom to concoct lies and delibrate false hood to injure an innocent citizen and deny him his fundamental rights.

Aregbesola has all the rights of a citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. His rights cannot and should not be re-defined by the Olagunsoye Oyinlola’s regime and its dog handlers.

A situation whereby Islam, the faith which Aregbesola professes with pride and loyalty, should not be employed as the noose to hang his dog politically.

We are not unmindful of several ploys by Brigadier-General Olagunsoye Oyinlola since Oroki Day, 2006 to hang a crime on Aregbesola’s neck. We have always operated within the scope of the law since the begining of our efforts to constitutionally wresle political power from Governor Oyinlola democratically.

That the PDP adminisrtation which sent a desperate petition to the police as soon as it got wind of aregbesola’s visit has lost every moral right to govern Osun State is no longer debatable. However, we warn that Oyinlola should stop blaming and criminalising Aregbesola over his loss of public acceptance arising from his record of abysmal failure as Governor since 2003.

We also call on all relevant security agencies to beware of the snare of Governor Oyinlola’s anti-opposition stance and dedicate themselves to loyal and patriotic service to Nigeria as a precondition for the preservation of our nation’s democratic process.

Gbenga Fayemiwo
Media Director to Engineer Rauf Aregbesola, Governorship Candidate of Action Congress (AC) in Osun State

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