Oyinlola Should Quit If Found Culpable –Tinubu

Asiwaju Bola Tinubu - thorn in the flesh of electoral criminals in NigeriaFORMER Lagos State Governor Asiwaju Bola Tinubu has challenged Osun State Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola to resign if found culpable of electoral malpractices. The Action Congress (AC) 1eader also urged President Umaru Yar’Adua to insist on the supremacy of the rule of law for the conduct of the Ekiti State gubernatorial rerun.

Tinubu spoke against the backdrop of allegations that Oyinlola promised to kit thugs with fake Army uniforms to facilitate the rigging of the April 25 rerun.

Tinubu, who was responding to’ reporters’ questions in Abuja at the Institute for security Studies where he delivered a paper entitled: “The roles of political parties in consolidating democracy and development, said the most honourable option for Oyinlola was to vacate the office, if found guilty of planning to provide fake uniforms to party supporters.”

His wards: “One of the governors has revealed how he won his election through fake soldiers, police uniforms and intimidation of opponents and if it is proven, he must be called to resign.

“This is because what do you do if you give people fake uniform? What do you do with them after the election? You unleash terror on your own• citizens; innocent people are exposed to danger; you can’t nurse them any longer you can’t maintain them any longer they become armed robbers, killers and menace to .the public tomorrow.”

He however linked the development to the problem of leadership that should not be condoned. Tinubu, who stressed that the rule of law being preached by Yar’ Adua must be brought to bear on the Ekiti rerun, said he believed the call for the deployment of soldiers in Ekiti does not enjoy the blessing of the President.

“As long as the President is not talking about them, I feel the rest talks from the National Assembly, other people because of the fear of defeat. They know they will fail, they know they cannot do without stuffing the ballot box, they know they cannot do without intimidating the people, they are afraid to fail.

Confirming that he is active in the build-up to the rerun, Tinubu said: I am very active for my party and I believe the election must be free and fair; I believe it must follow due process. It must be consistent with the rule of law. The President is an advocate of the rule of law and I am not going to comment on any military assumption yet because there are no two commanders in a ship, we have one.”

•Culled from THE NATION

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