OSUN State Action Congress (AC) governorship candidate, Engineer Rauf Aregbesola has alerted the people of the state not to take the incumbent Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola serious on the establishment of the state university, saying it is an act of deceit. Aregbesola who was answering questions on a programme organized by the state council of Nigeria…”
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March 11, 2007 9:24 pm
OSUN State Action Congress (AC) governorship candidate, Engineer Rauf Aregbesola has alerted the people of the state not to take the incumbent Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola serious on the establishment of the state university, saying it is an act of deceit.

Aregbesola who was answering questions on a programme organized by the state council of Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), Osogbo on Tuesday noted that it was unthinkable for Oyinlola to lure the people of the state with the establishment of a university when his administration was already on its way out.

His words: “How can a responsible administration start a university at the twilight of its tenure? It is a deceit. He (Oyinlola) knows that what he cannot do. I, Rauf Aregbesola will do it. I will build a virile and functional university while all the tertiary institutions in the state will become degree awarding institutions.

“I went to school and I was never taught an art of deception. It is only at the Defence Academy that deception is being taught. Whoever does not pass it will not be allowed to graduate. They are professionals in the art of deception. It is only the military that put on camouflage, civilians don’t”, Aregbesola said.

The AC governorship candidate who hinted that currently Osun State ranks third from the bottom in public examinations pledged that his administration would introduce functional education in the state.
He said all dilapidated public school structures would be rebuilt within two years of his assumption of office, adding that “as from August 1, 2007, three teachers would be appointed tutors-general (equivalent of permanent secretary) in the state”.

Aregbesola, who said he was supremely comfortable with the incoming election, lamented drought of visionary leaders in the state since its creation.
He said: “It is true that my being a commissioner in Lagos State has exposed me to the nitty-gritty of politics. It is painful that Osun State has not have effective governance for quite some time now, except during the leadership of Chief Bisi Akande and the late Chief Bola Ige and the late sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo in the old Oyo State and old Western Region respectively.

He recalled the fact that Oyinlola is not resourceful, disclosing that his internally generated revenue when he was Lagos State administrator was N200m monthly; which Marwa, his successor raised to N600 million, adding that “Governor Ahmed Bola Tinubu raised it to N6 billion.

“No administration has ever succeeded in doing what we have done in Lagos State. We have done more than 15 major roads among others. We are rebuilding the entire roads in the business central district of Lagos. We remain the only government that can challenge some myopic and egocentric national leaders who don’t have the interest of the people at heart”, he said.

The candidate who accused Oyinlola’s government of being lethargic and puerile, challenged the government to a street walk contest in any part of the state including Okuku, his town and see whose crowd would be larger.

His words: “Oyinlola ruled Lagos for three years, were he to have performed well he would have attracted meaningful people to himself. Oyinlola is simply  unpopular.

“Hunger will be banished and life will be more abundant. If I stand in front of your establishment (NUJ Council) for 10 minutes, there will be a traffic hold-up because I radiate love and my personality generates love”, he said.

Aregbesola hinted that President Olusegun Obasanjo has retrenched over 3,000 workers within the last one year.

“In May 1, 2006 I made a declaration to employ 20,000 workers. Oyinlola absorbed only 1,000 retrenched staff. I will absorb the remaining and convert their period of retrenchment to leave.

“How can Oyinlola account for billions of naria he collected from Abuja from 2003 to date? Chief Bisi Akande did not collect up to one quarter of the revenue collected by Oyinlola so far,” he explained.

The AC candidate said the present leaders of this nation were self-serving, adding that “we know those who are building hotels, mansions and petrol filing stations across the state. The bane of this nation today is that we have misfits as our leaders. People are the deciders of their own fate”.

He promised that he would create more jobs for the people of the state saying, “I, Rauf Aregbesola, I am not a job snatcher, I am a job creator”.

Setting the record straight over an allegation in some quarters that he was a religious fundamentalist, he said: “I am a devout Muslim and I don’t joke with it. I am, however, against religious bigotry”.

The AC flagbearer who also spoke on sports and sporting activities said: “We shall have football viewing centres. We shall build a befitting stadium in the state with establishment of miniature stadia across the state. Callisthenic will return to the state within the first six months of our administration,” he promised.

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written by Wale Adewumi, March 14, 2007

Many cheers to gubernatorial candidate Raufu Aregbesola and his vision of a better Osun State. As for the incumbent governor, there is little to show for four years of tenure in our state. Speaking of which: Didn’t Oyinlola promise to build a University of Osogbo when he campaigned for the post in 2003? No sooner had he assumed office than he began to find excuses for why a univeristy could not be built in Osogbo. Sure, we all know it takes money to establish a virile institution of higher learning, but if Pa Awolowo could build the University of Ife (now OAU) with such meagre fair, why couldn’t Oyinlola build one with all the excess allocations coming to the state. What he failed to accomplish in four years, he is now promising to do in the remaining three weeks of his tenure. What we have seen in Osun state in the last four years has been nothing but an erosion of the gains made by Oyinlola’s predecessor in office. To put it in the words of our great legal luminary, Gani Fawehinmi (SAN) following the shooting to death of Kunle Adepeju by the Nigeria Police Force back in the late sixties, Oyinlola’s administratition, like that of the then UnIbadan Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Lambo, is “guilty of adminstrative inertia.” This man has brought Osun state to a standstill and because of his “baba n’gbejo” his assets are yet to be probed by EFCC. Abeg, time for a change. Oyinlola must be voted out. Osun indigenes will use the power of the ballot to boot out corruption and gross ineptitude in the state. Let’s all turn out on election day to cast our vote in favor of change and progress in Osun state by voting for a man with integrity, vive and experience, Engr Raufu Aregbosola. Osun A Gbe Wa O!

Aregbesola Dun Jo Oyinlo
written by Akano M. Ademola, March 14, 2007

The fact about Aregbesola as acandidate is that he is adequately qualify to become the governor. He has all that it tke to perform excellently well having been tutored by Asiwaju Bola Tinubu for good eight years.

I have been in Lagos before 1999 but now I can see the difference in the road construction and reconstruction.

Aregbesola has been in charge of this wonderful work in Lagos state.

I have been following his Campaign he discusses issues but not person. He is up to the task of defeat Oyinlola in the coming April election.

written by Prince Akinjide Akinyooye (08028275739), March 15, 2007

It is very disappointing that Alhaji Rauf Aregbesola failed to sell his own programmes to the people of Osun State. Instead, he was critising laudable establishment of Osun State University, at Osogbo… An attempt which no other government has initiated since creation of our state. Mr. Aregbesola should remember that his party leader (Chief Adebisi Akande) had opportunity of governing our state with constant song of “impossibility” when it comes to establishment of University by the State Government.

If Mr. Aregbesola doubt the possibility, reality and successful implimentation of the new University. He should conjoin the people of Osun State by declaring support for Oyinlola`s return for second term. Hence, we shall all have opportunity to re-assess Prince Olagunsoye at the end of his second term.

Importantly, we have genuine confidence in capability of our performing Governor. Indeed, Aregbesola and his team should limit thier politics of grudges and biterness to Lagos State, where they shall return after democratic rejection through gubernatorial election.

written by Alejo, March 15, 2007

It seems to me you are not being objective with this issue. YOu are clearly being biased towards “your” Governor. You should remember though, your Governor was forced to start the UNIOSUN project by the “people and the opposition” .

written by Richard, March 18, 2007

I can frankly tell you that there hasnt been any development since the beginning of this present administration. Why that programmes used in 2003 to lure the people of Osun State was just a month to the end of this current dispensation been embarked upon? It was never done like that. The Uni of Osogbo, the dualisation of Gbongan Road are all a case. Isnt this same state with Kogi, Abia and Anambra created same year. They all built an ultra mordern university as well as a good dualization of major roads in there respective states within a dispensation.
This same project the PDP assured us about during the former campaign and failed and now having the guts to re-schedule it again this year as campaign strategics. Im telling you the people of Osun State, other states will be very sorry for you.
I see no reason why if come to think of it, if a party fail that another party can’t be make do with the next time whether going to serve you well or not.
The people of osun state, please lets be wise. Thank you.

a new begining
written by harlex, March 25, 2007

We can not continue to deceive ourselves, i am a citizen of Nigeria fron Osun State, in past years i have been visiting the state and my local government, and still have not seen any changes in the way of life of the people of the state, talk of good roads,education system, standard of living, security, the issue of security is so bad that the citizen provide for themselves security, our Osun state is not bringing towards itself profitable investors, every secondary school student wants to leave the state, because they can’t even get a part time job even at the completion of their waec examination.
PDP! why must it be this time! your educational reforms, trying to provide us an unrealistic 10,000MW of electricity, why this time?if u had tought all this couldbe possible in less than a year, then why have you waited till the end of your tenure, maybe, they are all for campaign purposes. People deceiving people. Its about time we began to see new tings happening in the state, living should be made easy for people, sure i love the introduction of the Osun state university, but, should it have been at this time? why not 2003,2004,2005, why is it coming at the end, and the verge of election, what’s the probability that it will even be completed if the present government is being re-elected to office come may2007, because, its as if the government is giving out something, and expecting something in return. Nigeria is blessed, Osun state is blessed, and i pray for a new and a better Osunstate, Osun is our home, i don’t have to be in power to lift my state, am proud of Osun and proud to be who i am. I love Osun state.

Stop those Rubbish Mr Alejo………………………
written by Ayo, March 29, 2007

Ohhh Mr Alejo as regards to what you said, nobody is being baised here. No one force the governor in 2003 to make the university as one of the campaign promises. So now that we have another dispensation that the governor is using this same strategic to campaign that he was being froced. Probably may be you are one of those the governor has dashed some wherewithal in order to be on his side. And why wont you say we re being biased. Isnt this so easily seen that its all for campaign sake in which thereafter the university project will be abandom. Better lets all say no to Oyinlola’s comeback or else you will be no 1 on the list of those who will fall victim of the governor’s trap.

Prince and Ayo your consciences are there to………………………..
written by Akano M. Ademola, March 29, 2007

People are saying the truth and you are saying another thing. Is it not clear that this government is not and can’t do anything. Prince said in one of his write up that he came from Orolu-Ifon and that no state government impact is felt in the area and he is aware that the same happened in Irepodun-Ilobu nothing to point to.

Why can’t we be honest to ourselves has Oyinlola done anything tangible with all the money he has collected on behalf of the state?.

April poll will justify us because people are now wise. The thugs that this people are now engaging in attacking opponents at their rallies cannot stop the wish of God and the people.


U got me wrong!
written by Alejo, March 31, 2007

I am with the progressives and the agent of positive change. My statement was addressed to the apparently biased (partial) position of Prince Akinjide Akinyooye’s post. smilies/wink.gif

Stop deceiving Osun state people PDP
written by Taye Adesoye, April 02, 2007

I was schooling in Lagos State when Oyinlola was controlling the State and very sure to say he did nothing. I told my people when he was to be elected in 2003 that he will fail Osun State people and I know he has leave to my expectation. Please for God sake if you go to Lagos and see what Engineer Rauf Aregbesola has done as far as roads is concern during the time he worked with Tinubu then people will accept with me that he is our best candidate in Osun for now. Please oyinlola leave Osun State alone we are tied of your deceit, enough is enough periods. I am from Odo-Otin Local Government Area and I can say it loud and clear that Oyinlola is a failure let us try Aregbesole.Osun people don’t allow anybody to use religion to deceive us ooo.

Insincerity from Oyin’s Face
written by Engr. Akano M. Ademola, April 02, 2007

Wait gentle men have you tried to look straight at Oyin’s face while talking to the people?. Please what do you normally see?. Honestly speaking I always see insincerity but I have not discussed it with anybody until this weekend when friend from Abuja asked me this above question. The guy said he always sees insincerity in Oyin’s face in fact I was short of words because we have never discussed it before.

My friend tried to justify this claim and again the same with my view of Oyin’s promises in 2003.

You can also hear this:Where is dualization of Gbongan/Okuku/Konta road?
Where is the aerodrome?
Where is the Central Bank?
Where is the Federal Secretariat?
Where is the free edecation when we buy everything after paying school fees?
Where is the State University after four years?

Did you notice one thing again that he used federal projects to campaign can’t he think of meaningful state projects. This man lack the required capabilities to move Osun state forward.

The differece is clear between Aregbesola and Oyin. Aregbesola is visionary while Oyinlola is not.

This is why people have resolved that, come April 14th, they are going to vote enmass for a change symbolised by Aregbesola.


written by Ajayi, April 04, 2007

I feel sorry if there are no other crediable people in Osun state expect the two Elephant fighters.Beware of sugar quoted promises.

written by otunba s.o faleye, April 04, 2007

We are tired of you oyinlola ….we need to make a change,pls go and sit down and see what our man AREGBE will do………Our osun and your osun will be a paradise!

written by Omolangidi Gabriel, April 05, 2007

I wonder when these politicians like Oyinloa etc will stop deciving the gullible population of Osun state.
This state need a selfless, incorruptible governor to make things work. I visited Osogbo and the nearby Ilesa where my parents hail from recently and all I can see is the same dust covered rusted rows of buildings that I knew as a child 50 years ago.
God save the people of Nigeria from themselves!

Oyinlola again!
written by Joseph Zakari, April 10, 2007

Don’t u think is high time u go and rest after a fruitless effort during your present tenure,it’s obvious that ur tenure was a gross failure , judging by the sufferings of the people of the state .I suppose u give credible people the chance to take the people to the promise land.Enough is enough for ur deceit.i look forward to a change person solong that u have fail on your part.

oyinlola ile to lo
written by adefiranye tolu, April 12, 2007

its high time we know the differences between a boy and a man and seperate the wheat from shaft.the people of osun state can now identify clearly who is an achiever and a proclaimer.we’ve seen the extent oyinlola has taken the state so far but its a pity …. he has NOTHING to show for it and he has NOTHING good to offer us again because he has done his best and should PLEASE leave the rest for Aregbesola to do the transformation and reconstruction of osun state,we are all tired of the deadly stings from you (oyin).

PDP and Her Thugs.
written by Engr. Akano M. Ademola, April 12, 2007

Usually when an election is about to happen the incumbent government is more confortable than any other party in a democratic system. This is because it must have envisage the election challenges and give the people the best during its administration.

In Osun state and Nigeria as a whole PDP has failled and it is unconfortable any more. The president said “it is a do or die afairs” and true to his word he has done a lot to achieve this by wanting to ban Atiku at all cost he declear two days holiday not minding what it will cost our economy, expelling Ararume and decided not to presenting any candidate for governorship in Imo state, protect a rouge like Alao-Akala in Oyo state, promoting Ribadu to AIG, sending EFCC to Mimiko etc.

In Osun state PDP has been threating people not come out and vote if their are going to vote for any other party and not PDP is this the type people we want to lead us again. A party that is ready to kill those they intend to govern if they (people)decide not to vote for it. A party and people that are full of deceits and propagandas.

When you kill people today because they don’t want your candidate who will vote for you next time and this is why many people are leaving the party because people now know the party is more dangerious to them than any other party in the country.

All over Osun state today people want Aregbesola and they have done this to Oyinlola in 2003 why can’t Oyinlola remember that these same Osun citizens can call on him tomorrow for another thing instead of him resulting into killing of anybody that decided not to vote for him now.

I have listen to Oyin several times and I have found out that he did not love Osun state and her citizens but he should remember that only God make leaders and the voice of the people is the voice of God.

As at this coming election Aregbesola is the man and God will answer the prayers and yearnings of Osun state people.


“oyinlola is an ingrate L G Chairmen “
written by adewale razaq, April 13, 2007

what can gov. oyinlola say about thls…..
THERE is serious battle of wits going on in Osun State over an alleged bid by the local government chairmen in the state to have their tenure extended beyond the March 31st terminal date
we the chairmen took the case to the state governor, Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola, for consideration.
But the governor, he told us to take the case to the state House of Assembly.

youths : we are tired of your cunny personality – Oyinlola
written by adewale razaq, April 13, 2007

Gov Oyinlola promised to build a University of Osogbo when he campaigned for the post in 2003? but when he assumed office he began to find excuses for why a univeristy could not be built in Osogbo . and later along the way swallowed his words in a publication on politics by the Nigeria Tribune which goes thus :

Question ” Your critics said the university established by your administration was an afterthought. How true is this?
Answer That insinuation is false. It was part of our priority all along though it was at the bottom of the scale. And now, this administration has fully attended to it. ”
How can the construction of a standard state university be at the bottom scale of a government who really wants to establish a university at the end of her tenure (a duration of 4(four) years in office)… isn’t this priority an illusion , a fiction , a fallacy ….
people of osun state dont let us fold our arms and keep mute its time for a new beginning , a new era , a new turn around , a new government , a new osun state . vote wisely …. Aregbesola ni jooo

written by Teslim Adewale, April 13, 2007

No time for randanranda in this state again look at this man heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnnn
when he was elected in 2003, he promised safe environment, revolution in the agriculture, pipe-borne water and many more. and he refused to delivered on all these counts. In education, he promised to re-absorb all the teachers sacked by Bisi Akande he did not.

Also, he said that he will opened up rural roads to enhance movement of agricultural products. my people he did not.he said he will invested in rural electrification to boost the state’s economy, nothing.

So on the university, my people of Osun state he want to use this university to win his vote in osun especially in Osogbo also he if we look at this plan we will realize that he did not like osogbo he take management courses to his own town where he know that management student are more plenty than science students please my people don’t let us wasted our time especially our future let us vote for someone that can capable, that can changed all this, even though like me i wish to school in my city. ma/sir please don’t forget that we are the leader of the tomorrow. oyin is time (Ileyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa)

oyin oleeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
written by Akanmu taorid, April 13, 2007

oyin oleeeee ni ema dibo fun ole
moje omo ilu Ada ni agbole atanda ni oja oja oba ilu ada moje omo odun metadinlogorin mi ole ko mi ole ka amo mo le gbo dada mo si leri.
Ibanuje oni bawa le kan si eyin agba ewoooooo boyin se n pa awon omo wa kilode to ri ibo to ri owo ejeka se pele kale fe ro lori oron ro ka mo eni toye kagbade bolori to ri to ba do jo iwaju ka won oma wa le yan ki won le sure fun wa eyin obi ejowo emi oni ba won je ije kuje Aregbe daaaaaaaa lopolopo te ba gbagbe ni i bere oro mi mo ni mi ole ko mi oleka amo mo gbo mo le so.
ni odun meta seyin ni ti mo lo se eko ile ogbon mo ri bebe koda to ba fo na koya lori gada gbigbe ni mo be re wipe ta lotun se eleyin won ni omo kan ni to ruko ren je Aregbesola Adesoji Rauf ni mo bi won lere wipe omo ilu wo ni ninu ipinle eko won lailai omo eko ko omo ipinle osun ni eru ba mi mo ni ipinle osun ilu ti mo tiwa tabi mi si oju timi lojoyi.
mo wa gbojusoke mo gbe olorun oba. Oba to laye tolorun to le se ohun gbogbo mope pelu omije loju wipe iru eniyan ba yi olorun wa fun wa ni ipinle osun wa yi .haaaaaaa adura ngba amo kole gba dada eje ka dibo wa fun adesoji rauf omo dada ni ewo igba kan ti awon akeeko omo ile iwe giga ti Esa-Oke tan ba nkan je tan ni kan sanwo Aregbe se tan ati san owo na amo kogba opolopo ni omo ti kole tesiwaju nigba na. ewo eyin eniyan mi emi oni ba won je nkan ti oda motiloyin mo ti layo eje kin wo Aregbe naaaaaaaa.
Eyin Alade esora fun ije kuje ije wobia……… eranti ori ade eranti wipe eyin lolorun gbe ilu le lowo ema gbagbe wipe olorun nwo yin esssssseeeeeerrrreeeeeeeeeeeee……

People Deceive People
written by adefirany tolu, April 13, 2007

People Deceive People

Papa Deceive Pikin

People Deceptive Party

Power Drunk People

Osun peoples should have leaned by now
written by tony olaiya, April 15, 2007

I have been to osun state several times before i left the country and i know oyinlola and aregbesola,,there is no way you can compare the two ,aregbesola is visionary and atticulate while yoinlola is just trying to save face,,,The time is up for him to go,

oyinlola is a successor
written by olawale, April 30, 2007

the fact that he is able to provide you people a university is enough to praise him. do you know how long you had suffer for this? and he is the only governor to deem it fit since the creation of the state.kudos to you oyin.

written by adeolu adegbola, May 09, 2007



written by k.o.g, July 25, 2007

i just want to know when the post ume for uni osun will be.anyway we have no choice than to manage oyinlola for the main time.thanks

let us quote the bible
written by oluwaseun immanuel, July 26, 2007

we scientist discover that how you appear shows your manner.In the case of oyinlola, how he appears shows his manner.the bible says they that sows in tears shall reap in joy meanwhile aregbe has sows in tears therefore he is going to reap in everlasting joy.And the bible says that they that sows sparingly shall reap sparingly and they that sows bountifully shall also reap bountifully. No more democracy in nigeria and record shows that democracy is a trial in nigeria.

Oyinlola Baba isale awon Oleeee!!!!!!!!!!!
written by okola taofeekl, August 21, 2007

those article being writting there is a fantastic word because mr Oyinlola dessarve to be calling mr thief ole and his father obasanjo onikun elede to fi owo Nigeria ra Air condition si ogba elede ni abeokuta ni ogun state .

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