I am a fan of  OSUN DEFENDER, to the extent that it has become my tonic. I must confess to you that your tabloid has been very instrumental towards the ongoing efforts of the progressive elements to liberate the people of the South West particularly Osun State.

In the light of this, I shall crave your indulgence into the raging crisis between the teachers in Osun State higher institutions of learning and Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola.

I could recollect that Oyinlola in one of the interviews granted to a daily newspaper recently on the high school fees of University of Osun State said that his government wanted to give the lecturers the best motivation, so as to get the output from them.

I am compelled to ask whether the same condition does not attach to the lecturers of the existing schools. Or is he saying that the best could not be obtained from them? From the look of things, Mr Governor appears to have lost touch with real governance, because I could not figure out why a man who claims to be in charge would be begging the traditional rulers to settle his case for him.

Honestly, the salary scale structure presented by the lecturers is obviously low to what their counterparts in other states are earning. And they patronize the same market; where their counterparts’ go. So, why must their case be different?

Lo and behold, the peculiar case of Osun State lecturers has succeeded in telling us that the UNIOSUN project is a mere lip service, because the state of the existing higher institutions would have informed us about the UNIOSUN project.

With all intents and purposes, our lecturers in the state deserve honour and accolade not knocks from the governor. I mean, how can their best be obtained if we don’t motivate them.

Meanwhile, I do not blame Mr Governor, he knows that he was not voted-for in the 2007 election but only wriggled himself in, as a result he did not plan for real governance, but to quarrel with his workers. We all know that it is only a bad workman that quarrels with his tools.

Lukman Akinsola, Esa-Oke.

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