Oyinlola Is Not A Peaceful Man

That illegal occupant of the seat of power in Osun State, Olagunsoye Oyinlola will soon be brought to book like his counterparts in Edo and Ondo states. Oyinlola being a competent student of the military school of deceits and a member of the garrison (PDP) has been running helter and skelter to find means of retaining himself in the position he occupies through rigging of election brutality and killing of the innocent masses.

Among the tricks of “the Prince of Okuku” is that he tries to make himself the acclaimed peacemaker by settling the scores between the immediate past President (his master who rigged the election for him i.e. his partner in crime Olusegun Obasanjo) and the presidential flag bearer of Action Congress who incidentally is also the immediate past vice-president; Atiku Abubakar. Oyinlola championed the cause to settle the dispute to avert being removed by the appeal court sitting on the judgment of the first Osun State election petitions tribunal. He did that to portray his good image before Atiku on one hand and also to lure his master Obasanjo to assist him not to be removed by the appeal court through his tricks and his (Obasanjo) known actions of subvention of justice.

Oyinlola has forgotten that any child of peace never engages in peace making for his own selfish ambition, Oyinlola is not a Prince of Peace because he is self centered on the issue. He, Oyinlola has also forgotten that history will judge him, a prince of peace never rigs an election, he never engages in brutality and killings of people as he has done in Ilesa and other places in the State, where people who had been tired of his oppressive style of administration passed vote of no confidence on him and he made them to pay the price of voting him out of power by brutality and killings.

Furthermore in an attempt to save his humiliated companion or partner in crime, Olusegun Oni of Ekiti, Oyinlola also invited Ayodele Fayose, the former Governor of Ekiti who had being a victim of the oppression of the garission (PDP) (despite being a member) to beg and negotiate with him on how again to rig the election of Ekiti State which is ordered to be re conducted. But I think Ayodele Fayose would have learnt his lesion and would not once again want to see the wrath of God and that of humanity.

Oyinlola house is not el1ioying peace at the moment and it is logical that he puts things in order in his own house before he turns himself to an Apostle of peace.

One thing is cystal clear, the wind of change currently blowing across the South- West will sooner consume Oyinlola. He should prepare to be the guest of EFCC just like Agagu, who once portrayed himself as the most transparent Governor. The rented crowd that usually cheer him up at different forums will not be available to pity him when he reaches the end of the road. A Yoruba adage says “Bi iro basa lo fun ogun odun, ododo yoo ba lojo kan” Truth will eventually prevail as the light always appear at the end

of the tunnel. Omo Olokuku, it’s time you start campaign for your Senatorial ambition “for Oke-lia house, is for Aregbe!” The People’s Governor!!

•Hon Kabir Adepoju, Ward ‘5’ Olorunda Local Government Counci; Area.

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