It is a very big surprise that the Osun State Governor, Mr. Olagunsoye Oyinlola continues to deceive Osogbo indigenes and the good people of Osun State. Before coming to power in 2003, the governor promised the people of Osun State many things including Osun State University to be located in Osogbo, the state capital.

After three years, the same governor said Osogbo indigenes should provide N26 million. Later, the same governor of Osun State said the

university was not going to be created again and if Osogbo people did not vote for him, they could vote for another person they like.

Later, he begged that people provoked him to say so. After the incident of Oroki Day, when their (PDP) plan failed, a secret meeting was held, and at the meeting, Tajudeen Oladipo, the Commissioner for Finance and four other commissioners and a leader of PDP in Osogbo Local Government told the governor that he should prepare for N2 million.  That they are going to use the money to deceive people of Osogbo and the entire people of Osun State in general that they are going to create the university to get their votes.

Oyinlola replied them at the meeting that there was no money but Taju Oladipo said the amount was not too much to get the vote of Osogbo people.  Oladipo said after the election, they would stop the project and tell Osogbo people that the state capital cannot have two universities. Because NASFAT has located its university at Osogbo. The governor approved the plan.

The question now is as follows: have they (the Oyinlola Government) collected the two billion naira from Osogbo people? Where did he get the N2 billion? Can this man continue to deceive us? The election is approaching now, it remains only 90 days, can PDP and Oyinlola finished the university before the elections?

The Aregbesola Victory Group will not like the Osogbo indigene and the whole Osun State people to deceive themselves. This Oyinlola government can not do anything better again. The PDP government knows that they have failed.

On January 6, 2007 at an Open and Close Forum, Oyinlola said Aregbesola wanted to come from Lagos to rule Osun State. Has he forgotten that he also came from Lagos to rule us? The Lagos people know and call him GOVERNOR NO BITUMEN. He used the Lagos government money to build 13 petrol-stations for himself. All the Petrol Stations was located at ALIMOSHO and AGEGE Local Government areas.

PDP is a good for nothing party.

If you can remember, Oyinlola is a former soldier, and soldiers are not born to rule. They are born to destroy, sorry some of them are good about 20 per cent. The Governor said at the same last Open Forum that he knew that he had made a mistake by disgracing some of their members out of the party, people like Pa Shuaib Oyedokun, former leader of AC and others and he has gone to beg them.

These people are the founders of PDP and they (Obasanjo and Oyinlola) have hijacked the party from them. We, the Aregbesola Victory Group appeal to the good people of Osun State to come together and SWEEP the PDP out of Abere and Government House in this coming election.

ADEMOLA is  AVG State chairman, Osogbo.

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