Oyinlola Deducts N4.5b LG Fund Again

THE illegal deduction from the 30 Local Government Council Areas of Osun State by the Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola-led administration has taken another dimension, just as the governor has allegedly diverted N4.5 billion Excess Crude Oil allocations from the federation account to the local council area to finance the moribund Airport Project in the state.

The governor, who was yet to respond to series of petitions to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) against the illegal deduction from the local government allocations by the state government, has allegedly directed the 30 council chairmen to donate the money to finance the project.

However, the opposition political parties in the state under the aegis of Alliance of Collaborating Political Parties (ACPP) has said that Oyinlola has chosen to use the airport project as another drain-pipe of his profligate regime after the federal government has branded it ‘unviable’.

In a statement signed by its Secretary and Assistant Secretary, Comrade Rufus Oyatoro and Comrade Waheed Lawal respectively, ACPP challenged the governor to attend to many projects that are crying for attention rather than grinding the local government treasury to dubiously punish the people of the state.

The statement read: “There appears to be no bestial infraction against the Nigeria Laws under the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)-controlled administration in the state, as Oyinlola administration decided to divert the N4.5 billion excess crude oil allocation paid to the 30 local council areas from the federation account.

“As soon as this huge sum of money meant for the development of the grassroots administration was prepared, Oyinlola had dubiously directed chairmen of the council areas to jointly donate the money to finance a moribund project.

“The governor, who has not answered the posers we raised in a petition to the EFCC over illegal deductions of council funds has in clear disregard for the Nigerian Law, ordered that the 30 councils areas should donate their revenues from the federation account to finance the white elephant project of an airport solely owned by the federal government.

“This project was branded “unviable” by the federal government a long time ago and abandoned it in view of the non-profitability of similar project in Akure, Ilorin and Ibadan. “It was this project which the almighty federal government was discouraged from executing that Governor Oyinlola has chosen to serve as another drain-pipe of his profligate regime”, ACPP revealed.

“Up till now, the N2.4 billion criminally diverted to the execution of the failed “Honey-Comb” project has not been accounted for. All the 30 council areas in the state were made to pay for this untenable and unrealized 90-kilometre road project.

“If Osun State is in need of an airport, it is criminal to compel local government to fund a federal government project.

“Within the state capital and other major towns and villages, there is complete absence of government, but Oyinlola wants to have the luxury of an airport so that when he is returning from his unprecedented globe-trotting, he would be landing in Osogbo without undergoing the agony of travelling by road from his destinations”, ACPP lamented.

The opposition parties then called on the anti-graft commission to investigate the illegal appropriation and diversion of the local council funds and correct the inhuman activities and lootings by the PDP-led administration in the state.


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