Oyinlola And The Fleecing Of Local Councils

It is an incontestible fact today that the local councils in the state exist only by name. They are grossly found wanting in terms of performance and meeting the expectations of the grassroots people. Since the inception of Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola’s administration in 2003, the local councils have bocome irritatingly deficient in terms of service delivery.

The reason for this is not far-fetched. Lack of quality people within the rank and file of the ruling Poeples Democratic Party both at state and local levels is the greatest undoing of the PDP as a political party. Thus, the reason why the PDP has failed to provide good leadership at the state level is also partly responsible for the non-performance of those at the helms of affairs at the council levels.

The performance of the council chairmen leaves much to be desired. It is glaring that chairmen of councils in the state today are people who lack, even, the rudimentary knowledge of good governance. They seem not to know what it entails to represent the people at that level which is the closest tier of government to the people. Surely, no one can give what he does not have. The only thing that interests them therefore, is fattening of their pockets at the expense of the grassroots people they claim to represent. To them, the conception of government is to enrich selves with the tax payers’ money.

But beyond the afforementioned, the penchant of Governor Oyinlola for fleecing council funds has also been greatly attributed to the inability of council chairmen to deliver dividends of democracy at the grassroots level. As if it is a curse, Oyinlola revels in attenuating the purses of these councils and render them handicapped through huge deductions from their monthly federal allocations and as such, hardly can they engage in any meaningful developmental project.

Not satisfied with siphoning state funds into his personal account and those of his lackeys, Oyinlola has turned local councils into conduit pipes through which funds meant for the development of the councils are transported into private pockets. This is a condemnable act indeed. Despite denials by the governor and his spokesmen, facts on gruond point to it that this development continues unabated. It therefore, stands to reason that little blame should be placed on the doorsteps of these councils for their failure to deliver once they are being financially crippled by the almighty kleptomaniac dictating the affairs in the state.

Birds of the same feather flock together as a saying goes. On the part of the council chairmen, the scenario could rightly be compared to the case of the proverbial habitually dirty housewife who said that she has not had her bath since the demise of her husband. Please, ask her-when last did she put water on her body, even before the death of her husband?

Essentially, the elements being imposed by the PDP to man the local councils are only interested in fattening their pockets. They are not there with the intention of addressing the basic problems confronting the grassroots people. So, ab-initio, nothing good could really be expected from them . Coupled with that is the fact, they are “lucky” to have a governor whose kleptomaniac tendency provides an excusable alibi for them to justify their non-performance.

On the part of Oyinlola, it is no doubt clear that he has completely fallen into the class of those African leaders who are aloof from the interests of their subjects. Since he is less concerned about the legacy to leave behind after years of sojourn at the corridor of power, his administration will, no doubt, go down in the history of this state as the most execrable one to have ever ruled over our people.

To our people who are generally at the receiving end of both Oyinlola’s thirst for primitive accumulation and PDP’s inept and visionless leadership, we say “WEEP NOT CHILD … “. The era of good government is surely imminent. The days are close by when we are going to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The only thing that is permanent in life is change. The change which we have all been craving for is close by because very soon, PDP’s wall of Jericho shall collapse.

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