Oyinlola And His Stolen Mandate

Governor OyinlolaKINDLY endeavour to allow me express my opinion on the jugement on the last election results in Osun State. That Governor Oyinlola did not win election on April 14th 2007 is very visible and clear. The election which was fraught with malpractices also recorded deaths in Ikirun, Igbajo, Ile-Ife and some other areas. Nigeria is indeed sick. If not, how does the system allow somebody to bulldoze himself to power only to use the state resources to fight his opponent at the expense of development.

For the first time in the delivering of election judgements, the National Television Authority, (NTA) did not pick the faces of judges giving the verdict. Can you please let me know why that of Osun State is different from Oyo, Edo and other states where the live telecast showed the judges giving the judgment.

Also, I want to be properly informed whether the case has ended at the tribunal because I read inside Nigeria Tribune and THE SUN where the Chief Press Secretary to the Governor, one Lasisi Olagunju stated that the chapter on election has closed. Is it really true that the AC candidate, Engr Rauf Aregbesola cannot appeal against the judgment?

Please enlighten me because as far as the people of Osun are concerned, Oyinlola did not win the election. Food and drinks were served on the day of the judgment in the court premises. If Oyinlola and the PDP were not privy to the judgment before the D-day, would they have prepared for such?

If truly Oyinlola had won the election the mood of the people in the state would have reflected that. There was no jubilation anywhere in the state not even in Osogbo. And I learnt from a friend of mine who is a stalwart of the PDP who said the governor is threatening to deal with the opposition. Is that how a good leader should behave? Agree that he is holding a stolen mandate but is that why he should threaten us? He said he would deal with the opposition ruthlesslly. He vowed to put aside his “agbada’ and put on the military uniform to deal with the opposition just like he did to the people of Somalia.

Oyinlola should note that the era of destruction is gone for good. The era of Olusegun Obasanjo is also gone forever. The new era is democracy and he cannot deal with anybody except through the rule of law.

Oju Oja, Ikirun.

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