Oyinlola And Global Economic Recession

That there is a melt-down on the world economy presently is no longer news. Thus, this is apparently not the best of time for ‘governor’ Olagunsoye Oyinlola, the usurper on the governorship seat in Osun state. This would be so because for a ‘governor’ who majors in junketing around the world with alibi for sourcing foreign investors-thereby wasting billions of naira on this account; the current economic recession will no doubt keep in check, his useless and extravagant tours.

With the current global economic crisis, there is apparently no surplus in the economies of the West which could be brought down here for any investment as every nation is a victim of the economic quagmire.

Thus, in the face of the world economic insecurity, it is indeed logical to argue that, the so-called foreign investors would prefer to hold on, pending the rebirth of a more economically viable environment. It would therefore amount to self-delusion for Oyinlola and his ilk to still engage in ‘Ajala travel’, in the name of foreign investment drive.

To say that one thing Oyinlola is mostly famous for, since he assumed power through political corruption, is junketing around the world in the name of wooing foreign investors, is to state the obvious. For Oyinlola, governance is pastime, while traveling round the world has taken the place of primary assignment.

As he relishes in wasteful junkets, hundreds of millions of naira are being wasted on these needless foreign tours while infrastructure suffer neglect and the people wallow in abject poverty. Osun State under Oyinlola is in a motionless state. Still, our ‘misgoverned governor’ continues to gallivant around, sponsoring advertisements-both in the print and electronic media to show-case cosmetic, if not pseudo achievements. But our people are no fools. They know better, and they are not oblivious of the fact that the whole essence of Oyinlola’s tours is purely a gimmick to siphone and squander the people’s resources.

All we need in Osun state to be able to know the number of billions that have been wasted on foreign tours by Oyinlola to look for pseudo-investors is a man of dignity who can play the role of Dr. Idi Hong, the supervising Minister of commerce and industry who just came out with another expose on the shenanigans of foreign tours in the name of wooing investors.

How the sum of $10 billion have been spent at federal level on foreign investment drive with less than $1 billion investment inflow into the country. Dr. Hong has made the Nigerian public to know amongst other things that “$10 billion was wasted in the search for foreign investors and not even one billion dollars worth investment came into the country. Investors won’t come because they know you have come to engineer stories to them’’.

This startling revelation has further given us insight into the shenanigans surrounding the so called foreign investment drive, being embarked upon by the likes of Oyinlola.

The global economic recession therefore, should, for one, keep Oyinlola at home and put a stop to his needless, wasteful and fruitless junkets. We challenge him to face the business of governance squarely and focus on providing at least, some form of democracy dividends to the people, since one can not really expect any super performance from him going by his antecedent in public service.

To make good use of power to bring about positive changes is unarguably beyond the ken of Oyinlola. His years in Lagos as military administrator during the inglorious era of his brutal master, the late General Sanni Abacha were a story of woes as non-performance characterized his reign, earning him the appellation of ‘No bitumen’ . The scenario of non-performance has been repeating itself for over five years that Oyinlola has held sway in Osun state. Governance has been at the ebb due to lack of vision on his part, and on the parts of his co-travellers at the corridors of power.

Before being conquered by the inevitability of exit from power which, of course, is imminent, it is hoped that Oyinlola will use this period of economic recession to stay at home, do something concrete and put a stop to fruitless foreign tours in the name of foreign investment drive. He should, in the words of Dr. Idi Hong, ‘’ prioritize his programmes by creating efficiency on how to rebuild dead industries’’.

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