Our Leaders’ Responsibilities

It is not only disheartening but also irks the collective psyche of the generality of the people over the unsatisfactory treatment running up against some Nigerians living abroad most especially, in some African countries.

The recent sickening incidents in Gabon, where a Nigerian had been brutalized by Gabonese police and the xenophobia in South Africa as reported, had confirmed the continued living in fear and trembling of Nigerians in some neighbouring countries.

When the news of pathetic misery of Nigerians in the hands of Gabonese police and that of xenophobia in South Africa were reported, it not only sends bad signal to us here at home about the excruciating pain the Nigerians are undergoing in those countries but also acquaints us with the fact of undisclosed same meeting with by Nigerians in some other countries of the world.

This certainly contends that the topmost hospitality Nigeria as a country, extends to aliens here has been diametrically opposed to Nigerians in other countries on this noble earth.

Despite a hostile attitude towards Nigerians’ in foreign lands, Nigerians could still be ready and willing to seek refuge in those countries. To my understanding, the appalling economic condition of our country believed to have been the major factor forcing people to seek economic refuge in other countries where hopefully, their living standards could be ameliorated.

The truth is that our leaders should take cognizance of the fact that it is their responsibilities with a view to taking dauntless step to address the critical issues at hand regarding our ghastly economic condition. At least, our leaders are going abroad and they do see things themselves. They should imitate good things by using our endowed human and material resources judiciously so as to better the lots of Nigerians.

As a mater of fact, the way and manner Nigerians are being slapped around in those countries is not fascinating taking into consideration the recent exasperating happenings in Gabon, where a Nigerian could only be exposed to brutal violation of human rights and that of xenophobia in South Africa. It has become perpetual news in our National Dailies the can of worms confronting Nigerians without necessary papers in other countries. For instance, a reported case in United Kingdom when a little girl mistook some firemen who knocked on the door for Immigration police, the ugly situation that led her father perhaps without required documents to have jumped from eighth floor apartment and died instantly.

There are avalanche of reported experiences of Nigerians in those countries in their mission to seek economic refuge in other lands.
Upon the odium, Nigerians could still be in the zeal to go to other countries in other to improve their living standards not minding inauspicious consequences of their actions in the hostile countries.

To make matters worse, a situation where some Nigerians prefer to be jailed abroad than to be a free man here at home calls for serious efforts on the parts of our leaders to urgently do something to put a stop to this trend.

And truly, when we talk of the zeal of the people to go abroad, we should realize the fact that people are able to be on easy street in those countries because their leaders have managed the resources of their respected countries judiciously.

Of course, until we are prepared to allow competent and serious minded people to manage the affairs of our dear nation and if only genuine efforts are seen to be made by the government to considerably reduce the present high level of hunger and grinding poverty in the country and most especially, the creation of job opportunities for young graduates, it is doubtful whether those who are eager to travel to other countries in a state of some trepidation for their daily breads could be effectively stopped.

FOLARIN LAWAL, [email protected] 08038095912, lIe Ife, Osun State.

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