Our God; Our Refuge

Glory be to God in the highest, for He has sustained us this far and we all have not been consumed by the siege of our adversaries. It is true that we were overwhelmed, it is God that has been there for us that we have persevered and despair has not overtaken us till date.

It is not our making that the symbol of our common struggle is still a living being even though our enemies wished that he be dead so that the followers can scatter like the sheep without a shepherd. Our enemies have been confounded that what they have seen in us is resilience unprecedented. It was in their plan that we became depleted, but to their chagrin, we are multiplying on daily basis because those who hitherto have sat on the fence have suddenly woken up from their slumber and progressively, they have become dogged about the determination to see to the end of fascism in Osun State.

To Engineer Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola; I say congratulations; more grease to your palm and more power to your elbow; and to all the compatriots; bravo, and well done.
The journey has been tortuous. Many souls have been felled by the weapons of the evil geniuses whose skills and artistic abilities only motivate them to wantonly kill and flagrantly disregard rules and guidelines to prey on our scarce resources, leaving the vast majority to in endlessly wallow in squalor.

They are very skillful in discordant tones which they sing to deride us thus: “BAMUBAMU LA YO; A O MO B’EBI NPA OMO ENI KOOKAN, BAMUBAMU LA YO.” Truly; they eat and drink, and are full to stupor. They stunt in public places with their vomit and shamelessly expose themselves to ridicule and scorn. They did not work for the money in their possession and so such is meant to be lavished indiscriminately on “partying” and “merrying”: Because they withhold more than is required of them, they easily lose their senses to baseless and unconventional expenditure with outright subjection to poverty – not of treasure and substances; but of ideas, of decorum, of sanctity and of sanity.

This is in line with the word of God about instruction and piety. It is true that we did not feel unconcerned. We did not hold our peace as we doled out instructions and words of counsel; but they have always turned deaf ears hears. “Poverty and shame shall be to him that refuses instruction: but he that regards reproof shall be honoured”: So says the word of God in the Holy Scripture. They have always disregarded wise counsel and so they are due for destruction according to the word of God.

They were not voted for; and they knew abinitio that it was so. They would have thought it that peradventure God wanted them there at the corridor of power and so have a plan to better the lot of those they have been made overseers upon with the abundant resources God has endowed us with. They instead decided to turn profligate and began to squander our resources on the platform of drunkenness and gluttony – forgetting the word of God that says “The drunkard and the glutton shall come to poverty”.

They have spent billions of naira on drinks in the past six years and thereby drained the treasury of the state of the living spring to penury, and drowsiness has now clothed them in rags-rags of glory and goodliness. The other time I was told about how the deputy governor got so inebriated that her boyfriend (who was deployed from the state media outfit and young enough to be her son) had to carry her shoulder high, out of the “party arena” to complete the show of shame in the deputy governor’s official quarters; thus following themselves like those the holy bible called vain persons who shall have poverty enough.

It is quite unfortunate that while they inflict themselves with poverty of ideas, decorum, sanctity and sanity, they have inflicted millions of people in Osun State with poverty of resources and substances. They have failed to make hays while the sun shined. Indeed, sun of abundance has shone on Osun State when a barrel of oil was selling for well over $140 bench mark.

I counted it “malodorous in the ear” for Governor Oyinlola to tell Sandra Robinson, the U.S. ambassador to Nigeria who had an official visit to Osun State on Wednesday March 25 that Osun State has highly plain, arable land that is exceptionally cultivable which the U.S. government can invest in. He never considered it ludicrous that he has failed to be exemplary. The Yorubas will say that “the benefactor can only be encouraged to carry a child who is proactive by lifting up his/her hands”.

I wonder what audacity Oyinlola was displaying when he himself has failed woefully to be wise enough to invest the huge resources available to him in the time of boom and bloom to prepare a buffer against the time of gloom that is being experienced presently the world over. He has played a similar role like the prodigal son that traded away his future and his hope. He has evil eye that enlists him among those hasting to be rich; forgetting that a building, which erection was done through saliva shall collapse under the influence of dew. Poverty has indeed fallen on the blue blooded man and his co-pilots. As for us; we have our God who is our Refuge.

They seem to have drunk and forgotten their poverty and misery; I want to assure you good people of Osun State that the time is here when their shame will cause them paralysis and make them stunted, our ordeal of severe tribulation will transmute to our abundance of joy shortly, while our foisted poverty will soon overflow in wealth; and they will entreat us to lavish crumbs on them out of generosity. We only need to be patient.

The persecuted 24 (headed by comrade Waheed Lawal and Israel Oyagbile) are currently cooling it off behind bars at Ilesa prison for no just course. In a civilized society, the best way to show displeasure and it will not even be considered as mere misdemeanour by any serious and rational mortals, is to carry placard to show inscriptions that give the impression to the public about a grouse.

It will not be considered inclement if it does not involve violent protest and there will not be any arrest in that it portends no danger to the society and the general public. Surely, we are in a state of anomie where there is no social or moral standards in place to guide our conduct. Those in the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria are disregarded under the toga of immunity-making an almighty out of ordinary mortal who will soon wither and fizzle out like straws in a molten magma. These are the heroes of the present struggle.

As the saying goes: “he who laughs last laughs best. Those in gaol of emancipation struggle should indeed be regarded as heroes and they should be according heroic welcome back to the fold of rational humans, from the gallows humour of Oyinlola’s unpleasantness. They must be heralded into the fresh air of godly human emancipation where we should not expect such inhuman humiliation again: But should it appear to be rearing, it must be repudiated at all cost because it constitutes open display of insensitiveness and insanity.

As we hope to have it blissful henceforth, I enjoin all and sundry to remain watchful. We have seen societal decay that must not be allowed to persist. Our eagle eye must not close to sleep. Wide open must it remain because the “plunderers” are still lurking. They wont let go because their ultimate goal is to keep us in perpetual impoverishment and slavery. We are free born-not in any way less fanciful or inferior to any self styled rare blue blooded individual whose stock in trade is poaching and plundering.

He may tell us he has constructed so many roads with asphalt laying but we must ask him how many times over he has budgeted for them and how much has gone down the drain. We must ask him what his worth was in 2003 before he became the governor; to know whether such a worth could have the weight and value of transmuting him to a big time motor dealer-considering the number of vehicles he has forced on all government ministries, agencies and parastatals in Osun State, apart from the local government councils that he has turned conduit pipes meant to siphon public funds beyond measure.

We must ask him why he is so skillful in making millionaires and billionaires out of the rank and file of the giant, killer party called PDP which the members often shamelessly refer to as the biggest party in Africa, when in fact if they can be honest, it will be convincingly seen that the numerical strength they are laying claim to is the augmentation of few heartless human beings with numerous naira, dollar, yen, liar, pounds (etc) notes that are fleshed to become human beings in party registers in all the states of the federation.

Oyinlola must be proved of his innocence in the chambers of public adjudication. I am sure he will be found culpable and guilty. His successor must dissipate little, affordable energy on his proof to show to the whole world how disparate Oyinlola is to Chief Bisi Akande whom he (Oyinlola) has often called all manner of names that are uncomplimentary. This comparison will be imperative for posterity to learn from: It will at least teach a black kettle how not to call pot black.

It will also teach those coming behind how not to be a hypocrite as well as inculcate in them how to keep faith with mandate promises and pledges in the over all interest of the masses and for the young ones also to imbibe cultural ethos; not as apocalyptic as Oyinlola has done to our value system in his capacity as the governor of Osun State.

Men aspire to get to enviable positions in life. That is the way God has designed it, and it will be a misnomer for a man to garnish his name with LIMITATION or RETROGRESSION. Though there is enough-tinder in the best of all men to light a fire that shall burn to the lowest hell, unless the sparks are quenched as they fall; most mortals still identify with societal norms that will not dent them as deviants.

That is why it is needful to tame self-confidence that may cause men to lose focus of goals and vision that may contribute positively to societal dynamics, when the stakeholders are trying to move away from archaism that only guarantees minimal subsistence for survival. In our society here, the code of practice is “service to humanity”, and it is acceptable to all. It is unfortunate that the custodian of a common wealth could get so immersed in aberrations as Oyinlola has done against the people of Osun. God is the ultimate and supreme JUDGE.

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