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opon imoGovernor Rauf Aregbesola of Osun State recently launched a set of 150,000 units of specially adapted computers aimed at enhancing learning in schools, particularly at the secondary level. The initiative was introduced to a gathering of civil servants, traditional rulers, and politicians.

Known as ‘Opon-imo’, Yoruba for tablet of knowledge, the device is actually a handheld tool fitted with an e-library, a virtual classroom, and an integrated test zone.

The scheme works by storing contents of prescribed textbooks, past examination questions for the last ten years, model answers to each examination question, and other materials. The scheme is to ensure equal access to prescribed textbooks by all school children; and answer to pains of parents who cannot afford all textbooks for all subjects or deal with replacements for those lost in or outside school compounds. It will also create equal access to a new information technology tool instead of the current situation where only children of middleclass families enjoy it. A corollary benefit is expected to arouse creativity in children in the vast and widening information technology highway.
The scheme appears not to have been discussed and agreed upon by all communities. The decision to buy into it was taken when the governor went into a shop in South Korea and was instantly fascinated by a cheap and versatile computer. It’s easy portability and weight is probably equivalent to children’s school bags. He may also have recalled huge sums of money expended in purchasing textbooks for implementing the free education policy across the state. One such leakage was suggested by a case involving Universal Basic Education Commission’s textbooks for schools in Niger State being illegally sold in markets in Anambra State. Prices of books are either inflated or books are not delivered at all, despite huge claims made on the state’s treasury. Various actors in the education sector become sucked into a corruption network which callously sacrifices the future of children whose parents had voted for a government that promised them change towards a better delivery of social services.

Cynics may accuse the Governor Aregbesola of latching on to yet another publicity stunt in a season of electoral rhetoric and the run-up to the next general elections. It is, however, more useful to join in a constructive consideration of a novel scheme which seeks to improve education from its critical base. At a time when various state governments have failed to collect funds from UBEC (because they cannot account for previous allocations) for supplying books, repairing leaking roofs of classrooms, purchasing or maintaining quality furniture, laboratory and sports equipment, it is noteworthy that a state government is actively involved in ensuring equity in quality access to learning material. It is also an important move because analogue’ teachers would now be encouraged to embracing a computer culture that will guarantee availability of quality lesson materials.

For too long, publishers abandoned the creative development of their industry through a parasitical dependence on earning huge amounts of money by marketing only school textbooks. This has led to the desperate practice of self-publication of poorly edited works. Accordingly, only writers who live outside Nigeria publish works of some appreciable quality. Foreign publishers and their local agents have been the biggest offenders. The Osun State initiative marks a calling of these publishers’ bluff and throwing a line of survival for Nigeria’s writers in various fields, including architecture and engineering. This is where the ‘Opon-imo’ challenge lays, encouraging local development of software to continually update the devices, at real time and on time.

Computers, even as simple as the ‘Opon-imo’, must be kept and recharged to keep them in good condition.

Source: Daily Trust

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  1. Osun state, tablet of Boko Haram. If you doubt me, here are the facts: Alhaji Aregbesola introduced the wearing of islamic hiqab in Osun schools, Alhaji Aregbesola introduced islamic New Year holiday in Osun state, Aregbesola conducts official state bussines on Sundays, turning Sunday, the new Monday in Osun state, Aregbesola proposed creating “ministry of north,” Aregbesola consults with sultan of Sokoto, Aregbesola changed the state slogan from state of the “LIving Spring” to state of the “virteous” because islam refers Mohammed as virteous, Aregbesola advocated for the amnesty of boko haram Aregbesola is planning to introduce sharia legal system in Osun state…and the list goes on and on and on. Conclusion: Alhaji Aregbesola is a boko haram governor who is gradually turning Osun state into the 13th islamic sharia state.

    1. Udam or what is your name, anyway u are free to ur opinion but u are not sincere and if u are going d way u are going u cannot great in life cos a lot of people we pull u down

      1. Ignorance! There is no connection between a computer with school learning materials and Islam and Boko Haram? Many people cannot distinguish between what is helpful and what they have been programmed to parrot around.

  2. @ Udam Ochiaghandigbo, Ur submission lacks credibilty and all ur accusation of Aregbe do his plan to do this is senseless and cannot be verified.Somebody is changing the face of state to a newlife after many years of Neglet of PDP and u are there running ur mouth like . let me ask u a question what is ur concern about what happening in osun state ?is it ur state ,so u what to instigate violence in state of osun like u have unrest in southeast true kidnapping

  3. Udam Ochiaghandigbo or what you call yourself your better stop pretending as Igbo,you useless sponsor pdp yoruba boy,a boy with tabularaza prove your stand with concrates evindence. OSUN A DARA O.

  4. @ Deledayo

    Am I not a Nigerian? Is Osun state not in Nigeria? Also, am I not a Christian? So, what happens in Osun state VERY MUCH concerns me. Osun state before Aregbesola used to be a state where both Christians and moslems live peacefully together until Alhaji Aregbesola wants to surreptitiously convert Osun state into islamic state in line with boko haram 12 northern sharia states. Why would Aregbesola create an islamic holiday in Osun when none existed before? why would he require Christian girls in Osun schools to wear hiqab? (Christian girls should wear mini skirts to show off their beautiful bodies) Why would he conduct official bussines on Sundays instead of Mondays? All these actions are meant to gradually turn Osun state into an islamic state, so that’s why I care even though I am a Rivers Igbo.

  5. koranti pe eniaba fori re faghon kii duro jenibe kogba ladura koma janfani ijoba yi pelu idile re titori pe ijoba na kose dada fara ilu

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