Osun State Government Secretariat, A Disgrace

Kindly permit me in your widely read newspaper to express my opinion on an issue which bothers me. The secretariat is the seat of government in every state. By this, I mean where the governor, his commissioners, political advisers and the civil servants work. The civil service is the engine-room for every government because while politicians go and come, the civil servants are the permanent employees of the government.

The Abere secretariat just like the Alausa secretariat in Lagos welcomes a first-time visitor to Osogbo, the state capital. The secretariat constructed by the Chief Bisi Akande government is unarguably one of the best of such edifices in Africa. The complex which was built without any loan is definitely a beauty to behold.

The secretariat is now overgrown with weeds. One wonders whether the commissioner for environment and his staff have their offices within the complex.

The perimeter fence is overgrown with weeds such that it creates a bad impression of the government and people of Osun State.

If the secretariat complex is such untidy from outside, one can just imagine what impression visitors to the state will have. One should not forget the fact that first impression lasts longer.

The location of the complex should ordinarily give the government the opportunity to beautify the edifice with state of the art horticulture. But rather than do that, the government needs to be prodded to tidy up the place. Or as somebody jokingly said recently, may be they need the Action Congress to show them the way?

The Alausa secretariat which welcomes visitors to Lagos is now beautified with assorted flowers. Our Osun leaders frequent Lagos, they should learn from the Action Governor Babatunde Fashola (SAN) on how to govern a state.

There has been a tremendous transformation of Lagos State since 1999 in spite of the erstwhile President Olusegun Obasanjo’s attempt of strangulating the government. The government should tidy up the secretariat so that they can have the moral courage to discipline citizens when they run foul of the law.

•Bayo Atanda,

Fagbewesa, Street, Osogbo

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